Đồng nghĩa của glorious

Alternative for glorious

Tính từ

Having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration
splendid celebrated distinguished famous illustrious magnificent noble excellent renowned eminent famed grand honoured acclaimed beautiful bright great majestic noted outstanding sublime triumphant august baronial brilliant dazzling divine elevated epic gallant gorgeous grandiose heroic heroical Homeric immortal imperial imposing impressive magnific massive monumental proud regal royal shining stately superb supreme effulgent radiant resplendent splendiferous unforgettable adored esteemed exalted gratifying honored marvellous marvelous memorable notable preeminent remarkable time-honored venerable well-known dignified lofty prestigious prominent striking palatial important awe-inspiring fine sumptuous respected opulent kingly princely influential leading legendary noteworthy superior luxurious honourable powerful spectacular honorable lionized pre-eminent revered elegant rich commanding lavish lordly reputable notorious lionised foremost well known awesome extraordinary pompous significant admired glittering highly regarded conspicuous admirable signal large exceptional wonderful stunning high-powered luminous big considerable dominant towering ritzy respectable major splendacious magnolious posh mighty storied worthy top high-ranking recognized big-time aristocratic queenly popular star solemn breathtaking swanky arresting big-name of repute formidable seminal recognised of high standing feted puissant shiny high-level major-league lauded big-league vast sovereign transcendent terrific prodigious tremendous statuesque chief glowing much-publicized gleaming peerless of distinction of note well thought of predominant splendorous deluxe refulgent pivotal lustrous beaming heavy high-profile senior potent plush vaunted irradiant ambitious glossy acknowledged estimable showy visible iconic premier first-class clear portly authoritative eventful splashy high profile valued substantial colossal superlative redoubtable laureate something else principal highly rated astral extravagant historic all-important good number one resonant world-class highest top-ranking stirring ominous major league glamorous hallowed exquisite sensational heavy-duty heavenly big-shot big league coruscating costly venerated scintillating exemplary handsome intense sparkling creditable sunny high super haughty incandescent lucent unreal imperious ceremonious cosmic remembered huge Olympian lambent classic shimmering staid smashing fab sterling praiseworthy far-famed magisterial star-studded paramount ostentatious mega consequential pretentious goodly sizable sheeny lucid bedazzling candescent fulgent eloquent first-rate landmark large-scale momentous fateful applauded hefty dramatic staggering prevailing prime fabled infamous overwhelming flashy well received superstar celeb prized capital reputed mind-blowing alpha trusted portentous high-minded meaningful flamboyant much touted high-flying fit for a king well-connected eye-catching marked serious material uplifting grave name distinctive incomparable VIP especial special pleasing far-reaching overblown up there strong weighty palatine stupendous celestial having made a name for oneself fabulous amazing vital heavyweight top-drawer first sightly wondrous vivid mythological classical courtly ravishing high-born rarefied godlike fit for a prince fantastic glitzy celebrity fit for a queen fit for a princess dynamite ornate expensive highfalutin' tall in the saddle all-star tinselled reverenced numero uno fancy ample elaborate singular swish brave plushy splendrous swank maestoso top-level head controlling classy tinsel familiar very good worshipped resounding sonorous palatian intellectual of influence high-up integral historical oratorical upper cogent four-star successful phenomenal deciding upper-class nonpareil salient burnished flash high-flown formal accomplished recognizable enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless time-honoured ageless effective magnifico baroque long glistening polished forcible extended essential energetic key dynamic central instrumental trendsetting dominating regnant big-wheel hot-dog winning big-gun governing solid gold unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic purple egotistic high-falutin' cool big name talked of sacred decent reverend sage in the limelight top-notch extolled recognisable established arduous Herculean moving exciting satiny self-important immodest exaggerated highest-ranking excessive marathon wise flaming blazing something to write home about one for the book sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped twinkling sleek rubbed satin buffed out of this world commemorated larger-than-life very long very great very large main primary glacé groundbreaking fulfilling magnanimous talked about much publicized redoubted glinting waxy in spotlight in limelight widely known triumphal idealistic learned paragon genius satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded well-thought-of cheering pleasurable overbearing unparalleled dainty gifted matchless arch prior primal unexcelled aesthetic immaculate tasteful flawless decorative unequaled very nice unequalled lovesome first rate zingy lovely stylish delightful delicate arch- slick perfect of the first rank unsurpassed esthetic greatest sunshiny illuminated cloudless ablaze luminescent lighted lit much headline noticeable preponderant severe obvious earnest rare earth-shattering cardinal impactful deep high-priority forceful decisive urgent keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous burning milestone conclusive glaring fundamental front-page extensive unusual extreme pronounced unordinary ponderable climacteric newsworthy pressing appreciable particular critical crucial emphatic earthshaking flashing glowy unclouded splendent radiating healthy immense fair leviathan mammoth hulking monstrous oceanic giant gigantesque enormous largish vasty walloping titanic humungous outsized supersize whopping jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish mountainous astronomic elephantine supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar gigantic pharaonic bulky planetary husky oversize bumper cosmical tidy cyclopean outsize oversized herculean galactic pleasant sunlit clement summery king-size king-sized Brobdingnagian super-duper king size Himalayan

Tính từ

Having a striking beauty or splendour
marvelous marvellous wonderful delightful excellent fine pleasurable enjoyable heavenly lovely magnificent spectacular sublime superb amazeballs amazing fantastic gorgeous great incredible smashing stunning super terrific tremendous divine dreamy fab fabby fabulous grand sensational stellar ace awesome bosting brill brilliant fantabulous magic peachy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beaut bonzer capital champion corking dandy jim-dandy neat ripping wizard beauteous beezer frabjous goodly keen spiffing splendiferous swell top-hole topping wondrous splendacious splendid splendorous out of this world outstanding cool first-class remarkable beautiful first-rate exceptional cracking extraordinary superlative mean superior groovy wicked phenomenal impressive phat radical top-notch mind-blowing boss perfect dope exquisite tip-top prime sterling unsurpassed good boffo supreme bully choice mega stupendous hot dynamite noble famous quality slick crackerjack admirable supernal top-shelf prizewinning primo top dazzling gilt-edged pleasant nifty pleasing classic high-class immense breathtaking topflight notable banner peerless bonny par excellence gilt-edge bang-up out-of-sight blue-ribbon top-of-the-line bodacious rad A-OK bumper frontline gangbusters gangbuster righteous matchless down prize astonishing peachy keen agreeable charming blue-chip first-string five-star magical number one hype numero uno crucial brag bonnie brave gone on fleek striking enchanting gratifying satisfying captivating prodigious awe-inspiring delectable astounding nice far out four-star def blissful thrilling ideal very good spanking sound marvy lank kif exciting unbelievable eminent unparalleled fascinating jolly imposing unrivaled delicious unrivalled rapturous too good to be true bad delightsome congenial happy eye-popping mind-boggling distinguished formidable welcome staggering incomparable special pre-eminent noteworthy majestic rare unique jaw-dropping consummate world-class sovereign felicitous transcendent entertaining idyllic alluring illustrious schmick joyous enthralling accomplished unreal fantastical preeminent crack dulcet exemplary darling blessed blest pretty entrancing standout miraculous skilful skillful of high quality of the highest quality of the highest standard unforgettable colossal outrageous worthy lofty bewitching premium grateful attractive of the first water singular greatest chillin' masterly sik select exo belting pearler applaudable renowned barrie A1 intoxicating rewarding high-quality arresting high-grade scrumptious engaging fun exhilarating moving enchanted dramatic topnotch hypnotic high class exalted enviable virtuoso best momentous to die for savoury savory unequalled elite celebrated laudable radiant elegant luscious palatable surpassing sweet optimum deluxe beguiling unexcelled cheerful unmatched inspired solid tasty commendable cheery amusing memorable unequaled overwhelming inspiring refreshing without equal fairy-tale beyond compare portentous of the first order eye-opening out of sight historic important hunky-dory tiptop spellbinding valuable festive elevated mesmerizing premier signal top-level exclusive desirable invaluable mesmeric seductive dreamlike joyful serene ravishing adorable inviting noted advanced crowning vintage dominant fancy meritorious priceless estimable praiseworthy faultless unbeatable flawless spiritual likable celebratory tops untouchable saintly effusive highest extreme winning excessive coruscating superhuman inflated exaggerated worthiest really good expert picturesque fairylike masterful able glad paradisal diverting mesmerising mighty euphoric competent ambrosial yummy lush august awesomesauce proud crazy red-letter out of the ordinary humbling A-1 resplendent stately deft adroit ridiculous ducky bosker too much banging startling stirring solid gold likeable of the highest order of highest order intense never to be forgotten fine and dandy powerful heartwarming very pleasant monumental above and beyond very agreeable way-out far-out mind-bending heart-stopping something else surprising out-of-this-world comfortable gee-whizz reliable certified tasteful mint legit positive copacetic top-of-the-range titillating amiable replayable paradisaic paradisic sunny convivial balmy cordial weird outlandish bizarre jovial leading genial cream star uppermost quintessential extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant theatrical lead promising optimal ka pai awing flagship stupefying better improved enhanced royal very nice refined top-class unco eloquent agitating zero cool most top-grade top-tier the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout paragon fly sup rior model all very well well and good prize-winning award-winning awe-striking confounding to your liking well-favored highest quality very best top-drawer strong first class especial better than usual of the best quality better than average absurd strange mad far-fetched wild big lordly adept eye-catching whimsical major paradisiacal unsurpassable second to none inimitable nonpareil paradisiac unexampled merry capable clever spine-tingling a million dollars like a million dollars spesh insane in a class all by itself irie acceptable fetching lekker favorable couthy favourable comforting mooi recreative relishable cheering heartening gladdening transcendental holy sacred uplifting inspirational abstract main red-carpet primary artful dexterous practised dextrous practiced workmanlike delicate gay gladsome ecstatic envigorating the most daring influential impassioned profound deep like wow bold lavish rousing absorbing touching massive affecting luxurious heart-warming bright light-hearted exceptionally good bravura like a dream come true unimaginable sensorial invigorating unheard-of enlivening stimulating empyreal fabled ethereal enlightening fairytale-like dream-filled noticeable one and only uncommon interesting buzzworthy unordinary golden indelible significant haunting of moment ineffable catchy very pleasurable cherished lasting very attractive greatly to one's liking consequential appealing seraphic elated distinctive unfading timeless vivid perpetual everlasting immortal undying notorious eternal treasured irresistible imperishable enduring not to be forgotten observable rapt enraptured stoked beaming magnetic eventful rememberable remembered halcyon idealized intriguing beatific heady peaceful pastoral rustic fixed in the mind entranced charmed bewitched stamped on your memory blissed out charismatic fiendish conjuring rural utopian arcadian Elysian Utopian unspoiled bucolic Arcadian sylvan unspoilt scenic restful relaxing calm idealised tranquil finest prominent chief top drawer honourable honorable world class super-duper principal luxury reputable satisfactory shipshape paramount recherche first OK respectable head creditable foremost extremely good industry leading meaningful precious superfine cardinal super-eminent super-excellent gnarly bigger heavy foxy up to snuff ingenious plush dainty upmarket splashy showy only larger higher predominant conspicuous deserving flamboyant classy not bad venerable greater posh ritzy apex chic unprecedented complete number-one considerable extraordinaire weighty worthy of admiration worthy of commendation hip a cut above the rest best possible best ever top-flight the dog's bollocks all right unblemished grander more tough world entire unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged whole intact sharp quick osm smart agile upscale rocking juicy well-known handy apt stylish well-designed natty convenient spruce rockin unmarred cooler largest creative ultimate central key hundred-proof cat's meow top-quality aces unparagoned alone all-time solid-gold chur really nice above average slap-up of a high standard classical baller nang No. 1 virtuous crash hot fashionable unorthodox with it pretty cool A-number-1 mostest worthwhile eximious grade A imaginative meritable dream unchallenged prestigious beyond comparison number 1 unusually good hotshot skilled compleat versed demon veteran educated proficient experienced master professed one in a million in a league of their own commanding emphatic innovational innovative top of the line top of the range Grade A undefeated choicest unbeaten one-in-a-million crown dominating record-breaking big-time sans pareil up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu sumptuous tip top biggest marked uncanny arrestive genius innovatory pronounced opulent rich palatial expensive enterprising original inventive senior elder up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty honest decent believeable organic well-thought-of salient hunky dory talented gifted resourceful costly virtuosic batting a thousand salt of the earth not too shabby cat's pajamas lovesome flashy affable photogenic hunky clear mild tempting fair glamorous presentable arch- plushy Lucullan dollish glossy snazzy taking aesthetic showstopping drop-dead good-looking glamourous in order dishy relief comely knockout pulchritudinous statuesque cunning cute zingy soothing hospitable sightly prettyish persistent Lucullian swish luxuriant palace silken fancy-pants swanky pricey luxe swank loaded Babylonian of genius passable telegenic elating copasetic esthetic paradisaical calming acclaimed palatian well appointed much touted fat of high standing doozie of repute essential material well thought of to the max something mondo highly rated well received of distinction unusual citable mentionable different namable nameable of particular interest worthy of note worthy of mention serious murder splash manifest major-league the end worth mentioning utmost underlined stand-out patent evident worth taking a look at high-profile of note most excellent most important

Tính từ

Upstanding, especially law-abiding
solid upstanding honorable honourable respectable noble respected venerable esteemed fair good decent dutiful lawful virtuous civilised civilized distinguished reputable duteous peaceful trusty upright honest notable proper orderly principled great just moral worthy eminent ethical reliable trustworthy peaceable prestigious respectful righteous high-minded high-principled law-abiding morally correct right-minded stand-up well behaved obedient compliant disciplined peacekeeping complying correct amenable docile manageable conformable biddable submissive tractable clean-living straight deferential above board well-behaved regardful nonviolent polite ruly courteous acquiescent pliant devoted decorous reverential attentive loyal faithful well trained well disciplined well mannered well-mannered willing cordial harmonious amicable friendly amiable strife-free restrained controlled well-trained quiet non-violent civil thoughtful considerate meek yielding subservient unresisting observant malleable ingratiating governable accommodating under control obeisant passive mannerly obsequious bootlicking tame calm tranquil pliable servile resigned honoring complaisant sheeplike venerating honouring controllable docious obliging hearsome unquestioning seemly conscientious at peace well brought up cooperative tolerant mindful well-brought-up wrapped around finger in one's pocket on a string in one's power in one's clutches dedicated responsible punctilious at one's beck and call reverent deferent filial pure rectitudinous dignified equitable obligatory binding professional saintlike exemplary admirable saintly godly meritorious lofty laudable incorruptible incumbent on innocent uncorrupted untainted angelic favoring balanced elevated right right-thinking self-righteous incorrupt sinless whiter than white squeaky clean unimpeachable sound scrupulous unbribable pure as the driven snow incorrupted clean praiseworthy lily-white cultivated inculpable irreprehensible guiltless charitable estimable irreproachable blameless anti-corruption sanctimonious favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly straightforward proud

Tính từ

Feeling or expressing jubilation after a victory or achievement
triumphant jubilant proud rejoicing exultant cock-a-hoop elated swaggering boastful celebratory delighted gleeful crank crowing exulting glorying joyful joyous prideful triumphal gloating champion dominant happy lucky prizewinning exuberant stoked overjoyed over the moon excited euphoric thrilled ecstatic pleased glad in seventh heaven on cloud nine enraptured exhilarated gay gratified jumping for joy festive blissed out walking on air transported blissful on a high merry cheerful mirthful rapturous rhapsodic rapt frolicsome high content beside oneself with happiness wrapped tickled chuffed thankful fulfilled tickled pink satisfied in high spirits on top of the world animated in raptures triumphalist flying flipping vivacious effervescent buoyant jovial high-spirited wigged out jolly amused jocund blithesome boon hilarious chirpy laughing sunny blithe lighthearted contented exalted on cloud seven enchanted in transports of delight up captivated entertained entranced as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam as happy as Larry like a dog with two tails inspired elevated stimulated uplifted flushed revelling delirious inspirited frenzied hysterical carried away victorious corybantic reveling wowed special congratulatory commemorative turned on wild with excitement delirious with happiness blown away in a frenzy of delight appeased gruntled charmed bubbly pacified jocular jocose bouncy well pleased like the cat that's got the cream gladdened sent diverted smug frolic gamesome enchanté made up very pleased pleasantly surprised like a child with a new toy welcome wonderful pleasurable delightful enjoyable pleasing heartwarming fantastic celebrating cheery amusing optimistic glowing humorous winsome boisterous peaceful upbeat lively gladsome carefree riotous grinning uproarious pleasant larking jumping radiant grooving zippy orgasmic smiley saturnalian paradisiacal beatific sanguine zingy paradisiac rousing well zappy rollicking rosy paradisal rhapsodical untroubled fun hopeful paradisaical rocking beaming paradisaic doing handsprings sportive convivial peppy smiling blessed perky chipper light comfortable sparkling playful blest magical wild intoxicated Panglossian in good spirits in a good mood tickled to death beside oneself with joy feel-good starry-eyed at ease rip-roaring flying high can't complain looking good full of beans as happy as a sandboy light-hearted rose-colored floating on air fun-loving bright jaunty ebullient sprightly genial sparky airy spirited breezy positive happy-go-lucky enthusiastic peart unworried energetic cheering bright-eyed and bushy-tailed entertaining frisky active lightsome good-humoured vital good-humored full of the joys of spring snappy of good cheer full of vim and vigour funny brisk bouncing full of life relaxed animate hearty without a care in the world eupeptic canty good heartening bright and breezy gratifying giddy pert pizzazzy pizazzy mettlesome springy jazzy kinetic zestful heavenly racy satisfying great vibrant spanking enrapt heady promising agreeable encouraging insouciant ludic alert full of hope dynamic serene diverting beautiful vigorous auspicious debonair chucklesome charming comic propitious pleased as punch facetious confident ravished enchanting jokey keen roseate perfect friendly festal at peace willing crazy comical as merry as a grig laughable grateful unconcerned felicitous interested perk golden fresh likely fascinating frivolous fair brash warm devil-may-care go-go utopian complacent cheered uplifting placid easy-going bubbling as lively as a grig cordial tranquil slaphappy scintillating favourable reassuring enthralled flippant favorable appreciative resilient irrepressible easy encouraged enthused lovely eager droll idealistic divine splendid in transports engrossed spry beguiled fine vivid floating energized magnificent engaged mad assured exciting marvelous marvellous cool joshing ludicrous hung up daffy fervent waggish exhilarating delectable zesty expectant dreamy antic energised stirring roused alive and kicking collected composed witty electrified seraphic welcoming comforting unperturbed free and easy unflustered unruffled nice expansive sublime unthinking fascinated desirous enlivening cheerly volatile ridiculous amazing gala aglow farcical gladdening joking concluded achieved effectuated accomplished dispatched actualized obtained executed crowned attained effected compassed consummated matured finished beside oneself craving inclined gung ho elastic outgoing swinging delightsome aroused alive Pickwickian impish avid hungry agog ambitious appetent thirsty athirst solicitous longing amenable restive impatient disposed pining bullish lusty whimsical Elysian deliriously happy turned-on spellbound captivating good-natured bewitched hankering greedy covetous sparkly overwhelmed impassioned refreshing wick bonny killing showy side-splitting occupied absorbed trusting gone full of fun idyllic honored calm activated superb rewarding roguish hoping in heaven brought about carried out made good congenial flip noisy humoristic sidesplitting screaming hysteric comedic rib-tickling priceless lots of laughs mesmerized ardent quick hypnotized self-possessed fine and dandy Utopian engaging passionate flattered skittish risible silly delicious in a frenzy keeping the faith groovy mischievous very happy full of pep looking on the bright side mesmerised hypnotised alluring honoured looking through rose-colored glasses brought to a close zealous intent heart-warming nonchalant poised pacific measured possessed commodious providential sober assuaged laughter-filled casual atingle carnival holiday thrilled to pieces thrilled to bits fun-filled graceful celestial sociable conversible companionable clubby social hospitable unconstrained indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless Christmassy benign exhilarative hushed sedate perf loving it high as a kite appreciatory rakish pleasure-seeking saintly amiable easygoing bucked popping mellow insubstantial unserious grand blissfully happy treading on air determined believing affable sunbeamy back-slapping good-time pushy self-assertive forward presuming supple invigorated in paradise in rhapsodies warming can-do go-getting redeeming backslapping loony chaffing bantering jollying nutty dizzy fanciful relieved consoled reassured comforted effusive puffed up proactive laid back decorated feastful carnivalesque feastly romantic fortunate storybook traditional glamorous dazzling only too happy extremely happy fabulous overexcited athrill in exaltation out frothy agitated gushing full of zip solaced soothed unmarred ravishing superlunary empyrean coltish sassy saucy in transports of joy in transports of pleasure attractive absurd privileged nimble jesting off-the-wall heated fiery forceful agile youthful up and about juiced up fond happy as a lark happy as a clam teasing in fine fettle aware comfy homelike spectacular hopped up fired up set up kittenish sunny side up dashing hyper industrious glass half full spaced-out harmonious vitalized wanton interesting enjoying oneself having fun in ecstasies soul-stirring slapstick gripped tongue-in-cheek prankish fay sportful elfish larky colourful colorful in ecstasy filled with joy smart clever frolicky pathetic derisive derisory preposterous grotesque cockamamie cockamamy zany acceptable commendable fetching peachy couthy mooi intoxicating choice irie darling lekker dulcet recreative relishable thrilling clubbable distracting revered venerated well-pleased esteemed dignified enlivened excitable motivated home-like feelgood imperturbable nonplussed together stoical healthy blooming espiègle ludicrous. laughable derisible in the twilight zone wacky camp flaky joculous gagged up riveted campy flakey boffo for grins held laid-back bursting awakened piqued rowdy euthymic successful copacetic stupid foolish preoccupied geeked hepped up hopped-up likable idealized halcyon ideal romping rumbustious roisterous fairy-tale rose-coloured bold absent dreaming absent-minded abstracted employed busy inattentive taken wrapped up caught up in involved daydreaming enamoured enamored unconscious oblivious moved tumultuous robustious rambunctious sporty devilish pastoral rustic picturesque exquisite level-headed calm and collected full of promise self-controlled committed assiduous restless raring fanatical wholehearted devoted diligent anxious game breathless vehement dedicated voracious pumped habitual nuts antsy obsessed unreluctant diehard ready balmy venturesome trim natty hell-raising unrestrained unruly knockabout cavorting swashbuckling raucous uninhibited spruce doubtless implicit certain clear sure cocksure shining aflame on top of world ray of sunshine rollicksome thumping ripping loud rural unspoiled bucolic arcadian brilliant ridibund undoubtful secure disposed to look on the bright side self-assured in good heart self-confident smitten very funny extremely amusing hysterically funny sylvan unspoilt Arcadian gut-busting riot scream infatuated likeable scenic restful out-of-this-world idealised relaxing a scream killingly funny a hoot too funny for words out of this world realized perfected completed performed reached rewarded under a spell realised put into effect

Tính từ

Currently popular, fashionable, or in demand
hot popular cool fashionable sought-after big hip in crowd-pleasing dope fab faddish faddy favourite favorite groovy happening in demand modish must-see neat nifty now pop popularised popularized red-hot trendy vogue voguish culty in favor in favour approved favoured favored in fashion latest super well liked well loved all the rage du jour in vogue the new all the go chic stylish large fly smart with it modern trendsetting current contemporary up-to-the-minute a la mode in style mod up to the minute chichi sharp swanky new swank natty au courant upscale well-liked newfangled in-thing tony swinging fresh up to date exclusive swish swell supercool in thing dashing prevailing usual rakish genteel kicking wanted a go-go snappy kicky customary snazzy latest thing spiffy sassy de rigueur funky posh elegant up-to-date liked designer last word celebrated desirable trig with-it bang up to date on fleek classy prevalent preferred def hep downtown turned-on desired marketable schmick good appealing likeable prominent high-class high-toned glamorous saleable massive styleworthy welcome commercial likable sophisticated merchantable swagger down coveted vendible salable state-of-the-art requested le dernier cri merchandisable well received sought after to die for well-heeled expensive dressy dapper sexy flippant newest youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest passing on trend flash rage exciting avant-garde cutting-edge legendary well-known admired notable renowned accepted plugged-in bang up-to-date leading edge in the mainstream commercially successful successful widespread à la mode acceptable awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to attractive leading lovable beloved notorious sought agreeable enviable covetable valuable pleasant pleasing trending fave famous in the know excellent eligible wantable looked-for longed-for sellable required mass-market corporate like gold dust at a premium in great demand fit trafficable bankable selling profitable for sale sound cosmopolitan gnarly ultra-modern ritzy impressive big thing debonair flashy fancy fine polished fad chi-chi craze bling fancy-pants latest fad dernier cri new look latest fashion latest wrinkle beautiful urbane sleek jazzy ostentatious pretentious steezy slick modernistic dap tasteful showy uptown in with it well turned-out dressed to the teeth dressed to kill on the cutting edge in the latest style

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glorious Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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