Đồng nghĩa của far fetched

Tính từ

Difficult or impossible to believe
incredible unbelievable unconvincing unthinkable implausible improbable inconceivable unimaginable far-fetched impossible questionable absurd astonishing astounding extraordinary fantastic outlandish preposterous fanciful fantastical incredulous doubtful dubious staggering unconceivable unrealistic breathtaking unimagined uncompelling fishy phenomenal ridiculous tall untenable incogitable insupposable labored laboured strained uncredible unsubstantial beyond belief hard to swallow highly unlikely hard to believe hard to take rings phony scarcely credible not in the least likely not able to hold water out of the question cock and bull cock-and-bull unlikely flimsy wild suspect strange unreal bizarre crazy illogical unreasonable weak remote extravagant irrational weird ludicrous nonsensical romantic debatable slight whimsical poor dubitable not likely foolish sensational unapt spectacular odd thin amazing fabulous unworkable incongruous problematic impracticable curious illusory unfeasible rare mad slim faint wondrous visionary off the wall iffy chimerical doubtable farfetched false non-viable too much unsound suspicious difficult to believe stupendous peculiar vague queer feeble insane imaginative outrageous wacky reachy imaginary shaky cockamamie small chimeric disputable impractical equivocal unattainable far out won't wash negligible won't hold water full of holes slender make-believe uncertain unviable tiny distant unrealizable infeasible outside out of the ordinary capricious off hare-brained silly out of this world hopeless offbeat half-baked crackpot marvelous unpersuasive exaggerated beyond the bounds of possibility obscure puzzling fabricated lame misleading unsatisfactory inadequate remarkable specious awesome surprising shady elaborate invalid singular wonderful distorted eccentric pathetic senseless unreasoning inconsequential fallacious artificial vain prodigious contradictory unimpressive grandiose farcical unreliable illegitimate inconsequent nonrational comical oddball marvellous laughable unachievable undependable untrustworthy zany unobtainable mind-boggling arguable funny unheard-of incoherent dodgy marginal unreasoned undoable mythical full of it eye-popping potty insuperable insolvable unsolvable erratic off-the-wall unexpected suppositious minimal for the birds insoluble futile flakey flaky cock-eyed unconventional useless quixotic problematical outside chance inaccessible poetic shonky speculative theoretical hundred-to-one frail dreamlike quirky fragile phantasmal phantasmic meagre inconsiderable ivory-tower blue sky meager floating not kosher on cloud nine contrived caricatural trifling transparent shallow ineffectual forced ponderous unplausible left-field contrary untoward divine splendid superb terrific glorious enigmatic harebrained reaching unreachable unwinnable kooky phoney scatterbrained cockeyed lamebrained screwy phony less likely minuscule exiguous moot unicorn incomprehensible out there romanesque glamourous glamorous unique exceptional mootable unusual insignificant not convincing starry-eyed mind-blowing jaw-dropping undecided unconfirmed unsettled unsure tenuous uncommon little up in the air under suspicion idealistic deviating faraway far outlying scarce flawed utopian unworldly perfectionist delusory gonzo open to doubt past belief stunning notable striking momentous miraculous on thin ice touch-and-go long shot fat chance unforgettable eye-catching arresting special unwonted uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous faulty nebulous unsubstantiated inconclusive weird and wonderful exceeding uncanny extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial unco atypical preternatural unaccustomed abnormal aberrated aberrant freak anomalous tremendous out-of-the-way overblown not applicable naive gone nonrealistic not sensible unfamiliar amazeballs unsustainable unsupportable sketchy irreconcilable indefensible spurious groundless hollow heavy flash gnarly forby embellished dishonest untruthful untrue excessive underhand shifty mysterious never to be forgotten hyperbolic airy nutty fatuous unfounded off beaten path murky crooked bent dark disreputable overdramatic high-flown overdone sensationalized embroidered histrionic stupid perverse loose full of hot air ill-tempered vacant inconsistent all wet bad-tempered stroppy thoughtless reasonless wrong arbitrary self-contradictory expressive inflated overstated blown up creative unserviceable inoperable ill-considered ambiguous irregular not quite right devious complicated nonpractical ill-thought-out unusable uncivilised inordinate unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized fresh dreamy exotic original nonviable inspired artistic inventive fancy originative flighty highly coloured inept otherworldly nonfunctional unpractical won't fly incompetent no go inapplicable unbusinesslike clueless unwise abstract inefficacious nominal isolated artful brilliant freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen slim and none not expected unheard of ideal innovational far-out unorthodox head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality vivid revolutionary blue-sky Promethean astute forlorn insurmountable last straw out of bounds fancied made-up dicey fractional imperceptible diminished minute irresoluble risible legendary paradoxical irresolvable pretend invented fictitious fantasied phantom fictional notional mythic imagined imaginal fairy-tale impervious inexecutable impassable irrealizable shadowy pie in the sky aerial fairy tale kinky pipe dream fictive castles in the air ambitious hardly possible not to be thought of not on not possible no-way not a prayer not worth considering beyond one way out no-go like herding cats beyond you contrary to reason illusive barmy different daft extreme hallucinatory outré out of sight outstanding great deviant impressive untypical quaint rum unparalleled sublime off-centre unnatural bizarro awe-inspiring out of the way significant novel idiosyncratic dramatic overwhelming way-out eye-opening mystifying weirdo unaccountable whacky superior funky kookie wacko distinctive startling shocking baffling perplexing queerish off-kilter spaced-out inexplicable cranky magnificent imposing considerable signal memorable intense important prominent incomparable marked excellent monumental superlative powerful uncharacteristic supreme major stupefying grand eerie unordinary spooky particular portentous jarring magical divergent distinguished indescribable strong noticeable unknown peerless substantial unequalled something else awful alien dazzling massive unpredictable daggy foreign towering unequaled new matchless big acute unrepresentative unrivalled distinct jolting flabbergasting profound exciting creepy fascinating famous deep paramount monstrous unearthly perfect bewildering unforeseen droll unrivaled surpassing meaningful commanding individual outre enormous surreal unutterable alternative grotesque supernatural super huge aberrational dumbfounding deviate eminent transcendent thrilling consequential unmatched vast blindsiding historic infrequent unexampled large nonconformist interesting emphatic bold pronounced material beyond compare exquisite unanticipated sizeable superhuman sizable formidable inimitable unsurpassed dumfounding consummate out of the common immense celebrated pre-eminent solid typical ample characteristic high appreciable without equal sudden gee-whizz lavish unpredicted majestic stellar perverted transcendental extensive exorbitant smashing red-letter distinguishing showy non-typical weighty electrifying splashy flamboyant catchy refreshing salient renowned classic top ultimate unexcelled beautiful off-key groundbreaking nonstandard noisy bodacious cool hefty substantive famed colossal astronomical record nonconforming utmost identifying attractive eventful healthy paranormal one of a kind ground-breaking heroic fine without parallel abundant confounding second to none horrendous unknowable newfangled exclusive splendorous untried anomalistic stirring individualistic epic supernormal out in left field specific disquieting steep atypic unsettling magic unconforming essential immoderate stiff heterodox sporadic nonpareil voluminous intolerable landmark kenspeckle grabby manifest supermundane observable ghostly discriminating seldom unfathomable diagnostic symptomatic diagnostical whopping generous obvious handsome giant tidy standout severe respectable off-base arcane quizzical earth-shattering good off-color much madcap moving off the beaten track earthshaking heteroclite preeminent dynamite out of line primo sui generis one and only far-reaching unintelligible from left field newsworthy off-center few and far between in left field alarming incommunicable proud gorgeous royal undreamed of elevated inane resplendent celestial unexplored little known stately luxurious unholy surprise mystical frightening God-awful unusually good lofty differentiating rogue occult best metaphysical disturbing chance informal ungodly scary fluky uncommunicable engaging evident proper undue arrestive inscrutable befuddling profuse wayward unceremonious warped twisted ineffable too good to be true gigantic overmuch bohemian unspeakable unsurpassable plethoric dilly signature frightful tectonic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious recherche dreadful untold headline mystic malformed overextravagant Bohemian enthralling unmistakable personal overdue unnerving devilish illustrious hippy out of place specialised awkward unmerciful critical touching boundless overweening suspenseful baroque boho attention-grabbing unthought of supranatural specialized pioneering impenetrable perceptible unhinged demented disparate titanic mammoth private hulking hypothetical numinous humongous forceful vital large-scale mythological dissimilar theatrical fab few inspiring best ever above average crucial major-league goodly out-of-this-world par excellence august uplifting fateful better than expected occasional buzzworthy influential urgent front-page first-time thin on the ground principal imperial undreamed-of largish steady of note pivotal out of the blue awe-striking opulent palatine avant garde in a league of its own swell elegant regal palatial first-rate in a class of its own hair-raising princely magnific without warning recondite solemn kingly swanky beyond the realm of reason sumptuous first-class queenly statuesque splendiferous noble uninvestigated heavenly heroical venerable ominous very great sightly baronial Homeric very unique immortal bigger than life very unusual odd strange leading finest chief foremost confusing other inexpressible determining blinding unbeaten offhand out-there unsocial cherished seldom seen other-worldly maverick topmost star loner providential imitation concocted ersatz staged discordant wandering representative slang disconcerting perturbing esoteric straying digressive rambling without peer egregious nondescript asinine pointed wonderworking defective transgressing deviative rummy dotty unharmonious copious breaking new ground captivating humorous humbling reasonable upsetting exhilarating colourful whopping great what unhealthy unbalanced touched old-fashioned faultless flawless immaculate impeccable flustering devastating extra special eccentrical vagarious changeable teratoid fitful shock psycho mental disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent unexplainable out of keeping only excentrical corrupt off-beat the utmost exemplary model prototypical quintessential disproportionate unannounced astronomic gargantuan unnormal heteromorphic off the rails errant larger than life very different altered imported variant ready dope sick legit enjoyable mind-altering beat inapprehensible raving antisocial whacking lunatic tense intriguing psychic fortuitous unforeseeable unlike one-off irreplaceable fat titantic bugged out whacking great immeasurable can't miss it undescribable the foreign-looking unrestrained disorderly surpassing belief random like nothing on earth not prepared unblemished insupportable beyond possibility festive all your own psychedelic bountiful goofy mercurial what great streets ahead unparagoned heart-stopping godlike deranged not understandable beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams rad oversize decent loony infantile imbecilic crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo funny peculiar wicked maximum imcomprehensible happy maniacal featherheaded external enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine beyond your ken bad ill imprudent derisory foolhardy puerile balmy pure gripping riveting lively Herculean herculean fundamental unacceptable offensive undiscovered topical extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful archetypal in a class by itself not normal clear-cut visible nasty late horrid unseemly atrocious spesh hidden uttermost inexplainable abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding world class graphic climactic citable mentionable namable nameable red-carpet primary main celebratory drop-dead clear over-the-top OTT beyond reason extremely difficult to believe daring impassioned groovy dandy delicious absorbing affecting like wow hunky-dory rousing wildering omnipotent bionic irresponsible plentiful oversized bulky outsized outsize biggish maximal from abroad extramundane non-rational hypernormal unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded very good relevant shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady forcible heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up limitless unrepeatable unrepeated of particular interest worthy of note delightful admirable ostentatious gilt-edged telling charming jazzy compelling cogent gratifying studied bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason spectral zero cool worthy of mention murder splash boss hot underlined stand-out patent high-profile nameless never before encountered little-known unrenowned golden beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer portly discrete diacritic decisive milestone breath-taking purpose-built without precedent once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind separate highest greatest beyond human intensified fairy invisible unrevealed superordinary ghostlike secret uncomprehensible concealed predominant ascendant rip-roaring action-packed of substance preponderant cardinal impactful high-priority mighty capital keynote burning conclusive glaring high-level pressing heavy-duty earnest resonant all-important worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum ponderable potent climacteric grave triumphant fulfilling real worthwhile key of moment epoch-making the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at all-time scanty subtile subtle sparse attenuate short light attenuated deficient semioccasional scattered rarefied unfrequent limited firm sturdy sound folkloric soaring cheering shining satisfying honorable exalted pleasurable rewarding bright pleasing honourable epochal heart-warming deadly raging sovereign mortal excelling useful durable valuable heavyweight recognizable apocryphal traditional proverbial superabundant infinite unlimited entire intellectual intuitive absolute inspirational eternal accomplished primordial unequalable transcending whole unconfined intact innate finished mother of all greatest possible distinguishable familiar custom identifiable allegorical parabolic symbolic storied earth-shaking terrifying sky-high sky-scraping multistorey mountainous big-deal horrifying recognisable customised personalised individualised enchanted storybook made up fabled well-known of importance beyond grasp altitudinous Brobdingnagian spine-chilling of consequence of significance independent idiomatic subjective intimate customized patented individualized privy detectable express personalized decipherable ginormous petrifying spiring unmatchable unmeasurable towery skyscraping chilling fearsome blood-curdling scaring appalling forbidding ghastly hairy dread sinister bloodcurdling intimidating dire terrible eldritch horrible redoubtable direful spine-tingling nightmarish fearful hair-curling cliff-hanging causing excitement more than human

Tính từ

Created in a deliberate, rather than natural or spontaneous, way
contrived artificial forced strained unnatural laboured affected elaborate false feigned overdone planned pretended put-on studied assumed bogus factitious fake manufactured mechanical mock phoney phony plastic pseudo sham simulated spurious far-fetched fixed hokey labored manipulated recherche staged unspontaneous voulu overly planned pretend insincere counterfeit faked imitation stiff stilted ersatz fictitious mannered fraudulent fabricated cod make-believe forged awkward dummy hollow synthetic substitute deceptive faux self-conscious wooden untrue invented not genuine made-up man-made put on unreal unconvincing fakey specious ponderous misleading imitative mimic unauthentic constrained so-called inauthentic clumsy overwrought heavy overworked pseud imaginary trumped-up exaggerated tortuous arduous leaden difficult actorly theatrical meretricious laborious reproduction quasi- strenuous snide concocted apocryphal improvised tortured fictional counterfeited overripe over-elaborate posed convoluted pretentious ornate intricate prolix superficial unfounded ham hammy inelegant fallacious campy uneasy professed invalid ostensible queer stagy wrong falsified pirate deceitful avowed trick delusory delusive adopted facsimile replica imitated model toy apish quasi dishonest cooked-up overblown rehearsed apparent seeming surface pseudonymous not fluent unsubstantiated baseless groundless unproven posey manmade derivative adulterine chemical cast mealymouthed framed bum ungenuine conceited playacting melodramatic bent affectated fraud imagined virtual wannabe would-be self-styled purported rigid inflexible grudging bound binding conscripted slave begrudging stringent coercive forcible over-embellished long-winded phoney-baloney phony-baloney reserved inhibited guarded inept weighty hard operose effortful uphill toilsome maladroit incorrect not real not legit not kosher inaccurate complex turgid erroneous without foundation reticent unsound untruthful alleged inexact as it were arty-farty precious distorted hypocritical flawed ungraceful beguiling deluding deceiving simpering camp genteel highfaluting chichi airish conscious artsy restrained tongue-tied distant embarrassed repressed to all intents and purposes cooked up mistaken wreck wired put unglued uptight tight choked taut farfetched uncomfortable gauche graceless unrelaxed fishy faulty not spontaneous imprecise bluffing shammed supposed masked lying impostrous in name only quack charlatan cheating covered concealed dissimulated imposturous counterfactual truthless improper controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof mincing rustic rustical in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope casuistic misrepresentative sophistical colored mythical stuck up gone Hollywood non-existent rough-hewn coloured mythic fantastical made up fantastic dud hoax incredible not what it is cracked up to be unheard of make believe copied supposititious illogical misguided unoriginal illusory off chimerical worthless suppositious pirated plagiaristic derived pinchbeck two-faced mimicked plagiarized Hollywood plant brummagem crock off beam full of holes fanciful aped nonnatural notional won't fly soft shell ideal visionary sophistic illegal dicey iffy dodgy trumped up off target way out wide of the mark pseudo- plagiarised illusionary crooked fancied knock-off copycat copy hallucinatory dissembling falsie fictive duplicate fantasied chimeric phantom fabulous phantasmal imaginal phantasmic bad plausible ill-founded hyped up double-dealing out foundationless unsupported nonvalid in error not accurate not exact askew devised nugatory ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative way off way off beam not working practice trial bootlegged repro unqualified non-natural mimetic miniature echoic glib low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior made makeshift constructed machine-made unsatisfactory substandard adulterated delusional duplicated reproduced parodied parroted burlesqued caricatured mocked gingerbread experimental human-made misinformed prepared ostensive semi- nominal illusive near reported engineered knock off lookalike uncorroborated Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide float weak economical with the truth mock-up fantasy without basis unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational erratic fantasized dreamed-up dream erring blue sky pipe dream unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty ostentatious likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle null fluffed illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated seemingly correct wrongly inferred null and void void nonbinding inoperative not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault play-play unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right not binding fantasised amiss uncollectible underhand awry defective abroad treacherous duplicitous crafty disingenuous guileful wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious shady sharp Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious unprincipled unscrupulous tricky fast slim underhanded shifty hollow-hearted rogue double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick devious catchy astucious indirect unreliable wily

Tính từ

Unfair and excessive
unreasonable excessive absurd exorbitant preposterous extravagant immoderate steep undue extortionate extreme senseless unacceptable unwarranted illogical inordinate irrational ludicrous nonsensical outrageous unconscionable unfair unnecessary disproportionate intolerable unjust unjustified far-fetched OTT uncalled-for absonant arbitrary far-out imbalanced improper intemperate overkill overmuch peremptory posh pricey stiff too-too unjustifiable unlawful unprovoked unrightful unwarrantable wrongful uncalled for over the top too great too much way out out of bounds up to here out of all proportion costing an arm and a leg sky-high lavish towering plethoric insane a bit much high overextravagant indefensible overweening needless exaggerated fancy devilish overdue superfluous expensive gratuitous unmeasurable inexcusable baroque unmerciful overpriced dizzying unrestrained prohibitive enormous criminal over the odds profligate wanton inflated wrong inappropriate unpardonable unforgivable prodigal over-the-top severe undeserved unmerited dear overindulgent uncurbed self-indulgent punitive unsuitable ridiculous imprudent stratospheric overboard groundless overabundant out of order unseemly uncontrolled beyond the pale not on costly unrestricted unbridled unbalanced reprehensible profuse huge O.T.T. blameworthy insupportable wild heavy irregular unbounded dissipated without justification without cause without reason high-priced harsh superabundant inexpiable redundant monumental boundless super limitless too many surplus austere drastic egregious disgraceful gross regrettable unworthy draconian incredible objectionable deplorable reckless scandalous unlimited off unyielding monstrous excessively high wasteful grandiose substantial swingeing silly massive ungrounded big indulgent unaffordable premium a bit thick giant recrementitious supernatural extra more epic fantastic unreal out of line out of proportion precious fanciful unequal unbending iniquitous censurable culpable remiss illegal strict unbecoming violent shocking offensive inconceivable ruinous not cricket ill-advised great penal large exceptionable dissipative debauched incommensurate ambitious fulsome over the fence punishing unhampered unchecked non-essential demanding audacious bold overinflated wicked uninhibited rampant supererogatory tough vast over pricy bottomless unrelenting unmitigated highway robbery indiscriminate increased priceless out of control serious immense not in proportion to out of proportion to prodigious not the done thing zealous unusual overgenerous high-cost impossible costing a bomb relatively too small for relatively too large for tremendous impressive costing the earth humongous astronomical whopping spendy big-ticket high-end valuable ballsy de trop in excess abounding indiscreet below the belt not done overblown over the limit overripe elevated distasteful incorrect out of turn very great untempered troublesome inflexible diabolical stringent illicit going too far burdensome illegitimate upmarket unneeded thick ruthless tyrannical merciless effusive gushy unreserved gushing cruel savage very expensive fancy-pants not quite the thing very too a lot passionate uncontrollable authoritarian crippling crushing exceeding inept untimely underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed unseasonable uncivilised unthinkable appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy very high raw dissolute unhindered tempestuous abandoned runaway extremely high immoral unethical copious significant criticizable unpermissible blamable rude impermissible untenable impolite unallowable hardhanded exacting farcical ungovernable incontinent not required fantastical implausible outlandish unbelievable top considerable voluminous ample unsatisfactory undesirable insufferable out radical inadequate insufficient outré foolish felonious lawless greedy inessential daylight robbery a rip-off crazy bizarre unfounded causeless out of sight over one's head dishonest evil dishonorable uneconomical unduly expensive an arm and leg sizable extraordinary abundant sizeable iron-fisted iron-handed heavy-handed dishonourable avoidable baseless a bit off dire raised unreasoning dispensable brutish nonessential unessential careless substantive desperate uncompromising stern improvident forceful momentous far-reaching boosted infinite immeasurable stupendous astronomic not quite the done thing ostentatious imposing inequitable incommensurable preventing prohibiting forbidding limiting rigid sharp remorseless exceptional consequential mega mighty unfettered mammoth thumping monster extensive mountainous gargantuan colossal gigantic unsupportable assumed not necessary reasonless heightened above average escalated handsome abnormal healthy jacked up intensified major fanatical rigorous immodest downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough absolute remarkable oppressive ferocious disproportionate to super-duper fabulous utter sheer uneven out of the question elaborate magnificent lordly commanding beyond your means financial means conditional showy out-and-out not appropriate for not proportional lacking parity at odds with out of keeping with imperious challenging decadent riotous invaluable hard difficult grand adventurous heroic opulent highly priced luxurious lofty inconsistent unsymmetrical overbalanced asymmetric disparate lopsided top-heavy nonsymmetrical daring unrealistic formidable cherished prizable inestimable splendid prized choice treasured irreplaceable valued treasurable onerous exigent improbable brash idealistic unfeasible herculean worth a king's ransom of inestimable worth pretentious of incalculable value of immeasurable worth of incalculable worth of immeasurable value beyond price worth its weight in gold ultraexpensive without price of inestimable value high-ticket killer unlikely aggressive large-scale difficult to achieve not appropriate to not commensurate with excess Homeric titanic supernumerary spare magnific striking jumbo majestic hulking elephantine hefty resplendent Brobdingnagian bumper oversized heroical outsized princely king-size king-sized surplus to requirements king size tall dramatic imperial ginormous almighty fine regal rash stately glorious baronial additional proud excellent marvellous terrific spectacular sublime oversize expansive superb outsize supersized walloping stunning arresting heedless staggering pharaonic supersize cyclopean bulky royal marvelous exquisite awe-inspiring beautiful wondrous statuesque kingly sumptuous out of hand splendorous amazing sightly strong remaining supreme impetuous expendable useless free unwanted august superior noble stellar leftover transcendent unrequired wide surpassing residuary gigantesque epidemic widespread unconstrained broad pandemic raging rife pleonastic humungous superfluent rampaging exuberant pervasive devil-may-care leviathan overflowing unasked mondo eye-catching full-size cumbersome cosmic overgrown turbulent proliferating generous whacking ponderous good-size good-sized tidy galactic cosmical megalithic sensational licentious thumping great swanky stirring awesome palatine gorgeous super colossal largish divine goodly whopping great queenly elegant spreading like wildfire celestial splendiferous palatial heavenly a whale of a biggish on the rampage whacking great ominous Himalayan solemn sweeping very profitable high-dollar value grandiloquent long Miltonian marked blown up out of all proportion soaring unused unproductive disposable left over waste to spare high-flown bombastic high-sounding distinguished impulsive capricious cavalier ritzy extraneous on your hands multistorey sky-scraping meaty plentiful liberal good plenteous measurable respectable pronounced full bounteous fat bountiful hulky appreciable grievous rough unwieldy outstanding paramount altitudinous bitter brutal rugged grim portly powerful venerable spacious man-size Bunyanesque swelled great big socking great roomy of considerable size deep fair-sized comprehensive husky capacious family-sized family-size brobdingnagian whopper commodious man-sized dirty great massy thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized mastodonic murderous trying excruciating searing rank dominant tumultuous high-dollar egotistic vehement prevalent hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping unconfined luxuriant volatile theatrical overdone unshackled untrammelled spreading clamorous blustering unruly boisterous exceeding bounds rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing furious robust intense undisciplined unimpeded natural unsuppressed overambitious high-falutin' high-flying on a grand scale irrepressible unbound loose unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable dignified unrepressed profound admirable spontaneous frank flamboyant candid impertinent blunt ungoverned saturnalian impotent plenary open untrammeled honourable honorable illustrious carefree astonishing phenomenal fast-paced wonderful eminent gallant oceanic weighty mass notable prominent inspiring startling arrestive fascinating electrifying dazzling solid vasty self-gratifying salacious worthy planetary behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp supererogative mahoosive cumbrous titan special dreamy out of this world confounding perfect fast irresponsible frivolous foolhardy shameless giant-sized larger-than-life jumbo-sized giant-size extremely large extremely big very big Herculean extra-large barn door Cyclopean very large super-colossal renowned authoritative exciting temerarious daredevil slack gadabout louche fast and loose carnal corrupt first-class first-rate more than one can afford more than can be afforded

Tính từ

Ambitious or difficult to achieve
aggressive ambitious challenging audacious bold difficult hard grandiose demanding lofty monumental tough daring extravagant formidable unrealistic exigent impressive onerous ballsy brash herculean idealistic improbable unfeasible fanciful impossible killer unreal unreasonable unlikely far-fetched large-scale difficult to achieve exacting arduous strenuous trying exhausting taxing industrious severe elaborate intrepid toilsome grand visionary energetic stiff hellish pretentious killing magnificent knackering high-pressure grueling gruelling rigorous testing laborious rough backbreaking punishing stressful oppressive back-breaking effortful harsh burdensome daunting torturous tortuous excruciating tedious ponderous wearisome tiring bruising rugged wearying agonizing brutal troublesome grievous moiling draining forbidding harrowing uphill thorny fierce crushing bothersome fatiguing unsparing heavy agonising mighty painstaking hellacious intense stringent extreme colossal unforgiving weighty titanic wearing grim toilful debilitating galling tiresome cumbersome operose upstream vigorous intimidating unyielding grinding sweaty tall painful sapping hairy gargantuan energy-consuming Herculean tricky immoderate crippling merciless immense unremitting staggering gigantic prohibitive imperious murderous really hard very hard intolerable unbearable unpleasant distressing jarring solemn distressful shattering backbreaker depleting exorbitant excessive unfair steep persnickety pressing time-consuming Augean pick-and-shovel dicey awful hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact slavish torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy labored serious no picnic vicious marathon cruel uncomfortable troubling difficile laboured unnerving tough going problem ominous insufferable sticky tormenting not easy worksome like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting stretching hefty thoroughgoing major

Trái nghĩa của far fetched

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