Đồng nghĩa của not sensible

Tính từ

Not realistic
unrealistic impractical unworkable impracticable improbable romantic impossible non-viable quixotic silly starry-eyed unfeasible unreasonable absurd fanciful foolish half-baked idealistic illogical irrational senseless wild delusory far-fetched perfectionist theoretical unworldly utopian visionary crazy potty floating gone ivory-tower naive nonrealistic nonsensical reachy unlikely unreal blue sky not applicable on cloud nine dreamy idealist quixotical starry optimistic dreaming happy hoping head-in-the-clouds chimerical unbusinesslike speculative otherworldly imaginary idealized unserviceable useless idealised inefficacious abstract Utopian out of touch with reality inoperable fairy-tale unattainable inapplicable infeasible nonviable nonfunctional unusable irrealizable unnegotiable not a prayer no-go won't fly out of the question airy-fairy far-sighted extravagant daydreaming prophetic abstracted radical illusory ineffectual imaginative lofty grandiose ambitious pretentious hopeful nonpractical ivory-towered unwise out there castle-building perfect ideal vague fantasizing airy fantasy dream sentimental dreamlike over-optimistic impulsive fantastical chivalrous fantasising impetuous ineffective arcadian model transcendental supreme pie-in-the-sky ultimate best ideological exaggerated idyllic high-flown fantastic whimsical fictitious made-up fabulous unpractical legendary Micawberish Panglossian unachievable creative inventive inspired prescient insightful innovative perceptive discerning penetrating ingenious intuitive enterprising clever shrewd resourceful sharp gifted wise talented hypothetical exalted astral introspective musing noble original in the clouds with your head in the clouds

Trái nghĩa của not sensible

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