Đồng nghĩa của dumfounding


Startling, surprising or shocking in an unexpected way
astonishing surprising shocking astounding startling stunning stupefying jolting flabbergasting dumbfounding staggering jarring blindsiding overwhelming bewildering unbelievable unsettling unnerving disquieting disturbing eye-opening jaw-dropping mind-blowing mind-boggling unheard of beyond belief hard to swallow amazing incredible extraordinary remarkable unexpected unforeseen striking confounding unanticipated eye-popping sudden sensational dramatic unusual unpredictable awe-inspiring unpredicted out of the blue from left field without warning outrageous breathtaking impressive dynamite brilliant destabilizing uncomfortable destabilising worrying distressing phenomenal wondrous notable uncommon outstanding noteworthy alarming gee-whizz amazeballs preposterous bizarre strange befuddling outlandish baffling hard to believe perturbing disconcerting flustering devastating freakish freaky awful unthinkable unannounced unimaginable scary frightening frightful upsetting out of the ordinary wonderful spectacular stupendous fabulous magnificent miraculous portentous prodigious awesome sublime marvellous tremendous marvelous imposing majestic grand prominent singular beautiful eye-catching arresting commanding showy dazzling monumental out of this world fascinating electrifying arrestive implausible improbable incomprehensible unlikely supernatural inconceivable difficult to believe admirable profound splendid extravagant transcendent resplendent far-out fantastical out of sight splendorous inspiring great perfect towering sightly sumptuous exquisite surpassing dreamy luxurious lavish unmitigated magnific special humbling glorious intense moving something else noticeable conspicuous obvious marked distinct evident salient manifest unmistakable strong distinctive visible clear-cut kenspeckle memorable drop-dead bodacious splashy catchy noisy flamboyant grabby rare pronounced bold significant emphatic clear perceptible appreciable observable forcible forceful lofty charming telling powerful signal jazzy cogent compelling distinguished


Present participle for to confuse or confound with something surprising or shocking
flooring stunning astonishing dumbfounding amazing bewildering confounding astounding stupefying nonplussing flabbergasting surprising confusing startling staggering disconcerting perplexing shocking throwing puzzling baffling bemusing mystifying flummoxing fazing discombobulating stumping rocking foxing thunderstriking wildering surprizing buffaloing fogging gravelling graveling mazing posing obfuscating discomfiting conquering bowling over bringing up short making someone scratch their head causing to be at a stand taking aback dazing knocking for six overwhelming shaking up blowing away striking dumb shaking leaving open-mouthed knocking sideways taking by surprise leaving aghast knocking for a loop stopping someone in their tracks unnerving rendering speechless discomposing jolting overcoming unsettling dismaying awing aweing numbing electrifying catching off balance knocking out throwing a curve knocking the stuffing out of impressing appalling benumbing alarming upsetting dazzling paralysing jarring abashing petrifying paralyzing knocking over blowing one's mind putting one away boggling the mind hitting like a ton of bricks taking your breath away taking someone's breath away setting someone back on their heels taking the wind out of your sails shattering overawing gobsmacking delighting knocking over with feather striking moving touching affecting rattling consternating overpowering causing wonder putting away making speechless boggling springing something on striking with awe throwing for a loop taking one's breath away hitting muddling outraging horrifying befuddling boggling someone's mind springing on revolting disgusting offending bringing around sickening scandalizing nauseating traumatizing disquieting agitating putting out of action repelling besotting distressing disturbing displeasing provoking perturbing antagonizing angering scandalising traumatising insulting devastating antagonising knocking senseless giving offence to grossing out completely surprising giving someone a turn hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows shaking out of your complacency giving a turn throwing into a tizzy

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