Đồng nghĩa của sumptuous

Alternative for sumptuous

Tính từ

Soft and shaggy
lavish luxurious opulent palatial plush costly deluxe expensive extravagant gorgeous grand magnificent rich ritzy splendid lush resplendent Babylonian imposing impressive Lucullan Lucullian luxe luxuriant luxury palace plushy posh princely silken splendiferous superb awe-inspiring beautiful dear de luxe elaborate elegant grandiose luscious pompous prodigal profuse spectacular swank swanky swish ultra upholstered lavishly appointed out of this world fancy majestic stately classy ostentatious fine ornate stylish regal upmarket noble showy monumental glorious august pretentious high-class striking proud exquisite palatian dignified fashionable upscale massive imperial magnific royal distinguished chic epic exclusive heroical baronial Homeric snazzy fit for a king glitzy heroic kingly flash smart dazzling stunning handsome breathtaking flashy brilliant towering gallant great splashy flamboyant fit for a queen sublime marvellous marvelous first-class sophisticated modish tony exalted ornamented fancy-pants arresting gaudy splendacious magnolious well-appointed awesome select choice immoderate courtly superior graceful sensuous commanding overdone baroque dashing remarkable embellished trendy lordly lofty well appointed glittering tasteful refined sensational excellent exuberant comfortable splendorous sensual cultivated quality sybaritic peacocky glamorous indulgent epicurean snappy sharp voluptuous dramatic terrific chichi decorated elevated extraordinary special transcendent aristocratic lux fussy jazzy sovereign busy overwrought decorative florid adorned rococo tawdry schmick meretricious heavenly divine solemn valuable precious statuesque pleasurable queenly over-elaborate eye-catching abundant affluent gratifying amazing tremendous sightly wondrous profusive delicate aesthetic discerning hedonistic loud garish polished intricate with-it dainty rare intense recherche cultured urbane illustrious charming lovely self-indulgent swell classic pleasure-loving suave glaring screaming tinsel histrionic frilly super comely radiant spiffy detailed cool in the lap of luxury outstanding bright esthetic ornamental affected dicty powerful up-market upper-class prime smashing fab a la mode prominent OTT notable wedding-cake admirable over the top stirring palatine stupendous celestial considerable prodigious fabulous formidable ominous staggering colossal spacious large-scale swankish priceless champagne scintillating coruscating vivid snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty elitist snotty persnickety snooty snobbish pricey loaded wild poised appealing attractive high-born no-expense-spared velvet riotous comfy brave splendrous unreasonable exaggerated excessive wasteful unrestrained ravishing finest stuffy inestimable invaluable colorful thriftless intemperate copious improvident fit for a prince magnifico fit for a princess solid gold effusive unstinging over-the-top profligate openhanded colourful well-off gracious beyond price high fashion upper-crust ample happening voguish fresh in supercool hip slap-up with good taste magisterial maestoso resounding sonorous Olympian portly venerable brash penetrating absorbing pampered eloquent high-flown portentous formal conspicuous splurgy dynamite large ambitious unreal haughty first-rate something else eminent very good easy vulgar garnished mind-blowing ceremonious sensory tasteless obtrusive skilful skillful au courant swishy theatrical kitsch with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles artistic pleasure-seeking fleshly carnal kenspeckle bodacious noticeable noisy grabby pronounced bold superfly catchy marked emphatic tinselly bling-bling complex complicated gingerbread extreme devilish sensorial bacchanalian affective pleasing bedizened overdecorated gingerbready gingerbreaded flowery fanciful profound froufrou fancible custom beautifying unusual cushy highfalutin overelaborate high-wrought bedecked aureate decorous nice far-out astonishing fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated inspiring startling arrestive surpassing incredible phenomenal fascinating electrifying confounding perfect fleshy exciting sensualistic deep passionate physical aesthetically pleasing primrose jewelled metaphorical glossy wordy superficial fancily decorated sparkling verbose coloured gilded jeweled flaunting embroidered variegated highly wrought colored genteel debonair high-quality stylized well-designed well-dressed well-bred swagger sprauncy plummy larney high-toned la-di-da top-drawer chi-chi exorbitant premium extortionate high-end overpriced high-priced high-cost big-ticket high-ticket high spendy ultraexpensive big-budget overindulgent steep highly priced pricy decadent over the odds lotus-eating stiff prolific plentiful wealthy worth its weight in gold fat hedonic dissolute well-heeled well-fixed fast-living outrageous inflated well-to-do inordinate big cher self-gratifying fantastic egotistic high-falutin' high-flying highly-priced insane yuppie plenteous comfort-seeking elite executive top libertine debauched prestigious licentious well-resourced well-furnished luxury-loving voluptuary an arm and leg unfathomable cosmic impenetrable overwhelming fustian bombastic purple vast costing the earth costing an arm and a leg daylight robbery costing a bomb dissipated prosperous full bountiful immodest audacious cherished prizable prized treasured irreplaceable valued treasurable prestige cosmopolitan parsimonious effete miserly greedy overambitious unrealistic far-reaching on a grand scale well-situated worth a king's ransom of inestimable worth of incalculable value of immeasurable worth of incalculable worth of immeasurable value without price of inestimable value monied moneyed recherché imperious disproportionate overflowing ballsy adventurous zealous flush an arm and a leg very expensive pretty penny at a premium well-equipped deep-pocketed bad daring moving influential impassioned ridiculous primo momentous like wow crazy far out hunky-dory wonderful groovy dandy delicious rousing touching thrilling affecting unbelievable fat-cat silk-stocking well-endowed overextravagant

Tính từ

Extremely or exceedingly abundant
superabundant excessive extra in excess overabundant profuse surplus abounding a dime a dozen alive with ample aplenty bounteous bountiful copious crawling with extravagant extreme exuberant fulsome galore generous immoderate lavish liberal lush luxuriant no end openhanded opulent overflowing plentiful plenty prodigal profusive prolific riotous superfluous swarming teeming thick with unstinting abundant gushing effusive unsparing open-handed unrestrained gushy inordinate over the top rich abundant in munificent abounding in luxurious moneyed plenteous cornucopian inexhaustible rife flush infinite full bumper lank considerable large great replete comfortable countless numerous heavy voluminous innumerable thick on the ground many thick a gogo huge myriad extensive substantial manifold productive multitudinous several handsome well-provided in abundance fertile filled fruitful multiple flowing sizeable various commodious well-supplied awash rank legion multifarious fraught packed thronging crowded incalculable lousy numberless boundless brimming unlimited fat frequent rampant uncountable populous quite a few bushy no end of fecund multifold umpteen untold repeated dripping whopping innumerous overrun proliferous brimful fructuous stuffed recurring crammed vast complete uncounted beaucoup thronged sundry generative congested endless prevalent unnumbered big overfull persistent jammed overloaded recurrent overcrowded saturated immeasurable limitless constant broad wealthy affluent habitual chock-full cram-full regular reproducing breeding proliferant spawning sufficient spilling over jam-packed incessant continual running over all kinds of crammed full plenitudinous perpetual stinking with in plenty full to bursting full to overflowing packed like sardines common lousy with reiterated lots of bulging at the seams no end in sight millions of loads of a great many very many bursting at the seams heaps of masses of full to the gunwales dozens of hundreds of thousands of wild well-stocked immense tidy princely flushed swamped mucho flourishing rolling fructiferous deluged spacious respective roomy expansive capacious unrestricted thumping stink with stinking crawling multitudinal whacking dense decent proliferative knee-deep diverse varied assorted impenetrable condensed concentrated compact enough and to spare large number of measureless multiplied fruiting progenitive competent swimming appreciable enough improvident multiplicity of impassable serried jungly reproductive generating yielding high-volume multiplex high-yielding propagating fruit-bearing childing universal typical miscellaneous large-scale incomputable motley mixed disparate unremitting unbounded unnumberable heaps divers demonstrative stacked prevailing wordy prolix verbose laden loaded enthusiastic unreserved bursting inundated close-packed predictable usual natural ebullient gorged lined chockful stocked cramped a thousand and one weighted overwhelmed permeated occupied suffused padded plethoric chockablock overfilled covered burdened day-to-day mundane quotidian everyday monotonous wonted daily filled to the brim filled up touchy-feely uninhibited a mess of full up full to the gills full to capacity filled to capacity up to the hilt jammed full wall-to-wall full to the brim up to the rafters chock-a-block full to the top topped up a lot of plenty of piles of emotional unconstrained outpouring overflowing with loaded with rich in rife with bursting with replete with stacks of a shedload of scores of infinite numbers of a great deal of billions of oodles of a swag of a bunch of zillions of an abundance of gazillions of a profusion of a multitude of a multiplicity of bazillions of a slew of bags of quantities of a quantity of tons of a great number of scads of coming out of ears periodic overloaded with brimful with awash with well stocked with teeming with crowded with jam-packed with charged with solid with chock-full of fraught with well provided with crammed with chocker with brimming with chock-a-block with swarming with jammed with stuffed with packed with well supplied with vociferous perennial continuing chronic familiar periodical eternal successive steady free-flowing OTT reiterative iterated intermittent all over someone a good many quite a lot of occurring often non-stop overpeopled overpopulated choked torrential scaturient inundant inundatory like Piccadilly Circus like the Black Hole of Calcutta more than enough

Tính từ

Delicious and pleasing to taste
luscious delicious succulent delectable juicy palatable sweet yummy appetising appetizing lush mouth-watering scrumptious tasty toothsome ambrosial savoury choice flavourful flavoursome honeyed rich dainty delish flavorful flavorsome moreish mouthwatering nummy savory scrummy tasteful toothy ambrosian nectarean nectareous yummo adorable divine exquisite mellow moist nectarious piquant rare tempting finger-licking sapid flavorous inviting yum-yum heavenly spicy delightful enticing tender ripe soft full-flavoured nectarous good tangy appealing ripened lekker saporous aperitive plump sweetened mature sugar-coated good-tasting mellowed peng enjoyable pleasant-tasting pleasant well-prepared attractive very palatable very enjoyable comestible satisfying nice delicate flavory out of this world lip-smacking full-flavored fit for a king softened edible agreeable deliciously light deliciously tender gratifying eatable drinkable nutritive titillating pleasing desirable tantalizing tantalising gorgeous fair saporific home-cooking relishing cool passable peachy A-OK magnificent pungent full of flavor zestful finger-lickin' enchanting wonderful melt-in-your-mouth ready well-seasoned heavy seasoned creamy fatty full-bodied buttery fragrant ready to eat aromatic fattening highly-flavoured filling perfumed nourishing cloying calorific comfort nutritious unhealthy oily sustaining scented indigestible highly flavored aromal balmy redolent odoriferous odorous perfumy fragranced sweetly perfumed pleasant-smelling sweet-scented sweet-smelling strong zesty peppery sharp highly seasoned hot tart biting spiced digestible salty fresh wholesome harsh acerb zippy fiery poignant harmless nippy esculent snappy highly-seasoned zingy eating fit to eat fit strongly flavoured engaging sharp-flavoured acid bitter acidic sour ingestible briny vinegary highly flavoured strong-flavored gingery safe to eat consumable pert stinging eatworthy fit to be eaten good to eat fit for human consumption brusque severe well-flavored critical with a kick heady culinary fit to be consumed dietary fit for consumption safe kosher fruity big well-matured robust picante lusty plush bold full deep muscular potent concentrated intense warm powerful herbaceous curried full of flavour red hot well seasoned

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