Đồng nghĩa của crowded

Alternative for crowded

crowds, crowded, crowding

Đồng nghĩa: group, mass, mob, throng,


Packed or filled tightly
packed full busy congested cramped crushed jam-packed overflowing swarming teeming thronged chock-full mobbed stuffed overcrowded populous overfull brimful brimming bursting chockablock chock-a-block chockful crammed fat filled jammed loaded overpeopled overpopulated wall-to-wall chocker awash clean elbow-to-elbow filled to capacity full to bursting huddled massed sardined SRO thickset bursting at the seams full house full up like Piccadilly Circus lousy with mob scene sold out stiff with topped off bulging at the seams fit to bust full to the gunwales standing room only up to here filled to the rafters up to the hilt heaving replete abounding overloaded thick seething flush packed like sardines rife flooded overrun abundant crawling running over choked overfilled cram-full thronging overwhelmed lousy packed out full to overflowing laden alive inundated burdened swamped plentiful crammed full gorged saturated fraught clogged full to capacity bristling filled to the brim hoatching multitudinous weighed down bustling stacked solid stocked glutted weighted plenteous covered filled up complete lined like the Black Hole of Calcutta overburdened up to the rafters spilling over numerous blocked dense jampacked charged infested encumbered supplied occupied bounteous bulging profuse well supplied well stocked bountiful suffused padded plethoric superabundant level with jammed full full to the gills topped up full to the brim full of abounding in full to the top fruitful topfull overbuilt well frequented well patronized pregnant humming deluged full of commotion overladen groaning permeated well-provided well-stocked frantic bloated satisfied tight well provided copious weighted down overfed lavish luxurious at full capacity sufficient filled with brimming with loaded with heavily populated hopping heavy imbued impregnated jumping populated fit to burst well attended bundled compressed tumid arranged rammed consigned chock wrapped scaturient inundant torrential exuberant inundatory cornucopian pullulating buzzing hoaching hotching freighted cram full completely full packed to capacity plugged obstructed thick on the ground gridlocked blocked-up impeded to the roof thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several various stuffed-up packed to the gunwales stopped closed jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stuffy stopped up solid with people heavily settled chock-full of snarled up full of people overgrown disordered wild liberal generous rich flushed dripping lank lacking overprovided overstocked well-supplied oversupplied overrun by entire fully loaded unabridged overstuffed whole taxed ample knee-deep in abundant in hampered flowing rolling prolific infinite huge inexhaustible large great bumper productive loaded down stinking big luxuriant piled high fully charged knee-deep in plenty


Crowded or packed closely together
compact packed dense thick tight close serried jam-packed solid compressed condensed close-packed impenetrable concentrated jammed tightly packed closely packed crammed compacted impermeable heavy massed packed in abundant congested squeezed firm substantial consolidated jungly impassable thickset lush full deep heaped packed together piled closely set jammed together close-set unyielding hard assembled tiered cramped luxuriant short cropped close together crushed profuse bushy plentiful riotous rich circumscribed confined rank exuberant rampant secure close-grained particular restricted impregnable overgrown husky impervious rigid robust set rugged solidified heavy-going close-knit jungle-like packed like sardines pressed appressed bunched squashed packed close pressed together swarming filled teeming covered overflowing crawling thronged seething choked bursting bristling replete rife awash fraught brimming flush abounding lousy pullulating stuffed thronging great chocker populated multitudinous populous generous chock-full chock-a-block crawling with abounding in full of overrun by cram-full of bursting at the seams chock-full of like Piccadilly Circus like sardines having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of stiff tough hardened sturdy steely congealed inflexible adamantine concrete opaque strong frozen inelastic jelled smoggy murky nonporous soupy cloudy stony really hard unbreakable as hard as stone as hard as iron stout unmalleable foggy rocklike uncompromising stiffened hazy rock-hard rock-solid clouded very hard indurated indurate rocky dark refractory fine-grained resistant gelled walkable jellified incompressible unpliable durable rock-like renitent misty dusky nebulous muddied muddy obscure turbid beclouded overcast louring hazed cynical hard-nosed case-hardened unsentimental hard-headed hard-boiled shrewd realistic practical of high density down-to-earth matter-of-fact hardy cast-iron callous vigorous toughened world-weary inured stubborn hard-edged hard-handed iron lacking sentiment hard-bitten as hard as nails as tough as old boots toughened by experience hard as nails fixed taut blocked sealed immutable unrelenting resolute unchangeable dimensional rigorous unwavering impliable jellied brick wall non-flexible like a rock set in stone


Excessively decorated
busy overdecorated cluttered overdone overblown contrived overstated overwrought baroque convoluted florid fussy labored laboured over-detailed overworked disarranged disorderly elaborate embellished exaggerated excessive flamboyant messy mixed-up muddled ornamented over-elaborate over-embellished over-ornate overripe rococo staged untidy excessively ornamental excessively ornate ornate fancy gingerbread showy ostentatious overelaborate extravagant wedding-cake flowery decorated elegant bedizened gingerbreaded gingerbready decorative adorned flashy rich flash curlicued very elaborate ornamental gaudy sumptuous high-flown strained grandiloquent overembellished aureate euphuistic detailed intricate high-wrought highfalutin bedecked frilly lavish resplendent glitzy posh luxurious sophisticated overornate chintzy precious plush grandiose pretentious impressive magniloquent bombastic oratorical rhetorical orotund high-sounding garish garnished inflated pleonastic purple turgid tumid skillful skilful fustian arty hyperventilated Ossianic gee-whizz with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles highly decorated beautiful classy swish deluxe complex complicated select spiffy quality swanky snazzy ritzy towering extreme devilish superior prime fanciful jazzy special froufrou fancible chichi unusual cushy custom beautifying jewelled superficial metaphorical opulent tawdry gilded luscious glossy bright jeweled flaunting magnificent glamorous sparkling splashy wordy verbose embroidered fine dazzling meretricious colored brilliant coloured variegated high-class high-quality fancy-pants over the top fancily decorated highly wrought OTT bizarre grotesque gilt exquisite hifalutin magnific rhetoric figurative sonorous stylish refined cultivated artistic handsome dignified aristocratic grand chic stately choice delicate redundant prolix diffuse declamatory windy euphemistic swollen palatial gorgeous luxury splendid glittering costly graceful tasteful fashionable attractive elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish plushy lush potty expensive discerning polished pretty classic modish embellishing urbane courtly smart distinguished palatian Lucullan stuffy cosmetic adorning enhancing cultured lovely dashing aesthetic charming majestic nice suave noble decorous nonfunctional non-functional dainty rare comely genteel affected debonair furbishing a la mode august dressy patterned well-designed festooned garnishing accessory setting off heightening decorating well-bred schmick well-dressed recherche decking esthetic stylized for show


Of, relating to, catering for, or visited by tourists


Scattered with a disorderly mixture of objects that take up space
cluttered messy untidy chaotic disordered jumbled confused disarranged disarrayed disorderly littered muddled disheveled dishevelled messed mussed mussy rumpled sloppy slovenly strewed strewn tousled tumbled unkempt piled scattered untidied higgledy-piggledy hugger-mugger topsy-turvy mixed-up pell-mell out of joint upside-down at sixes and sevens disorganized disorganised in a mess in disarray shambolic in a muddle haywire mixed up all over the place tangled in disorder haphazard out of order anarchic orderless wild in a jumble scrambled unsystematic messed up in a state disjointed in chaos out of place mussed up helter-skelter every which way upside down in a shambles straggly tumultuous disrupted upset random unorganized dislocated unorganised all over the shop all over the map all over the lot unmethodical indiscriminate incoherent unruly shuffled uncombed unarranged riotous in confusion in turmoil discombobulated ruffled uncoordinated unplanned undirected unpremeditated lawless unsettled askew awry snarled slapdash deranged turbulent uncontrolled frenzied hectic out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous undisciplined tumult unsystematized unrestrained overturned rampageous purposeless casual in uproar utterly confused harum-scarum like a bomb's hit it screwed up in pandemonium unsorted stirred up unclear bedraggled convoluted irregular matted dilapidated crude neglected rough slipshod inside-out like a dog's dinner like a dog's breakfast broken windswept unfastidious unorderly snafu top upturned luxated unhinged cockeyed upended downside-up windblown ungroomed muddly worse for wear messed-up mussed-up in a clutter tangly systemless out of kilter misplaced displaced tossed knotted out-of-place hit-or-miss erratic careless desultory arbitrary aimless unthinking complex complicated unfocused intricate thoughtless unpredictable heedless designless inefficient unstructured capricious offhand loose confusing blind hasty difficult tortuous badly organized without purpose inconsistent directionless fluky disconnected lax wayward unguided unselective catch-as-catch-can stray unconsidered incidental scattershot lost wanton fitful sporadic unprepared hit or miss without goal without direction irresponsible multifaceted without a goal unregulated fragmented scrappy slaphappy into disarray jumbled up into disorder multifarious manifold uncritical undiscriminating variable anarchical into chaos into a jumble into confusion toppled varied uncertain hit and miss illogical indeterminate whimsical in pieces dragged capsized spilled rambling in total disarray into a muddle kaleidoscopic many-faceted non-linear nonuniform promiscuous entropic fractal stochastic aleatory undiscerning undifferentiating sketchy chancy incalculable tipped over inconstant occasional spasmodic intermittent involved rioting rebellious unstable lawbreaking revolutionary knotty ungoverned misruled misgoverned mutinous off and on involute labyrinthine without law and order cursory perfunctory accidental chance labyrinthian sophisticated byzantine baroque maze-like elaborate devious daedal complicate out of control slack neglectful negligent remiss clumsy hit-and-miss imperfect botched shabby hurried unmeticulous shoddy threadbare unthorough faulty inexact junky inaccurate involuted poor inattentive lackadaisical lazy unprofessional unconcerned spontaneous sudden willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected reckless fluke unconscious awkward tricky intertwined raveled ravelled interwoven slap-happy thrown together problematic any which way any old way


Wide-ranging or extensive
large-scale broad extensive sweeping wide-ranging far-reaching global wholesale comprehensive exhaustive expansive mass wide wide-reaching nationwide universal vast across-the-board all-encompassing ample awash big brimming bulky bull burly capacious chock-full colossal commodious considerable copious detailed enormous fat full gigantic good great healthy heavy-duty heavyweight hefty huge hulking humongous husky immense important intercontinental international jumbo large leading major mammoth massive mondo monster oversize packed ponderous prodigious roomy significant sizable spacious strapping stuffed substantial thundering tremendous voluminous walloping whopper whopping worldwide super colossal a whale of a complete inclusive all-inclusive all-embracing thorough widespread grand sizeable general deep all-round blanket total immeasurable overall indiscriminate substantive profuse boundless astronomical tidy unlimited abundant catholic titanic monstrous all-around astronomic lavish plentiful superabundant plenteous solid oversized monumental whacking extended rangy outright handsome far-flung encyclopedic interdisciplinary multidisciplinary compendious across the board cross-disciplinary broad-brush encyclopaedic sufficient elephantine long expanded herculean noticeable marked king-size king-sized bumper gargantuan exorbitant giant mega king size Brobdingnagian pervasive heavy bountiful outsize generous appreciable prevalent Himalayan goodly umbrella scopic scopious serious overwhelming common generic coast-to-coast company-wide unconditional absolute panoramic cyclopedic in-depth transnational straight-out broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive all-in omnibus unmitigated prominent macro enlarged widened stiff everywhere sturdy outspread spread weighty comfortable far-ranging whopping great reasonable steep stout populous fair mesomorphic biggish largish robust boxcar outsized much respectable worth taking into account not to be sneezed at tolerable decent pretty inordinate overflowing numerous teeming opulent galore mountainous pronounced whacking great consequential extraordinary measureless booming excessive mighty rampant rife immoderate unwieldy extravagant all-out unbounded entire cumbersome epic high whole cosmic pervading broad-based non-selective stupendous advantageous profound humungous super leviathan gigantesque prosperous lucrative profitable supersize popular pandemic epidemic thoroughgoing overarching towering lengthy cyclopean generously proportioned pharaonic cosmical multinational oceanic protracted heroic supersized heroical galactic vasty planetary super-duper Herculean ginormous staggering unrestricted comprising unexclusive wall to wall foreign powerful transcontinental bulk quantitative in quantity in bulk in the mass gross thumping thumping great very large very big almighty princely imposing cumbrous beefy stellar overgrown liberal giant-sized awkward grandiose infinite extra-large behemothic giant-size extremely large kingly full-size dirty great tall bounteous notable chunky unhandy fleshy statuesque unmanageable corpulent l laden loaded enceinte burdensome gravid expectant built lead-footed meaningful magnificent limitless terrific hulky mastodonic incalculable man-size of considerable size man-sized blimp very great prolific extremely big endless bonny Gargantuan mahoosive illimitable super-colossal extreme multitudinous barn door megalithic brobdingnagian good-size good-sized whale of a goodish brawny competitive material excellent maxi OS cracking extra large steady heavy-laden eternal decent-sized rip-roaring filling unsparing hearty legit sky-high billowing fairly large spectacular whaling not inconsiderable sensible worthwhile baggy Homeric meaty thick measurable behemoth interminable awesome formidable phenomenal titan through the ceiling mundo Bunyanesque swelled massy fair-size great big socking great economy-size life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized lofty family-sized family-size countless larger-than-life jumbo-sized Cyclopean spacey loose-fitting cavernous unfettered spread-out stretched-out never-ending rich square many multifarious swelling legion sundry several convoluted simple covering various ungainly unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy


Past tense for to fill an area with people, with hardly any room to move

Trái nghĩa của crowded

crowded Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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