Đồng nghĩa của bulk

Alternative for bulk

bulks, bulked, bulking

Đồng nghĩa: lump, majority, mass,


The mass or size of something large
size magnitude dimensions volume substance vastness amplitude immensity mass massiveness bigness largeness bulkiness dimension extent hugeness measure measurement measurements proportion proportions scale weight ampleness heaviness portliness poundage aggregate amount quantity quantum total totality greatness capacity expanse breadth enormity range scope width enormousness length heftiness prodigiousness thickness giantism gigantism vastitude compass tremendousness immenseness reach avoirdupois area substantiality depth density load heft height quota admeasurement body degree ponderousness voluminousness stupendousness intensity strength part tonnage footage acreage grandness portion extension sizableness content sweep space extensiveness sum number burden gravity gross weightiness ratio rate lot capaciousness consignment infinity large size group cubage allotment ponderosity equation apportionment dose dosage confines diameter span spread cubic measure ambit real estate monstrousness sheer size matter significance supply complement force gauge potency G-factor net pressure adiposity ballast gage spaciousness realm dimensionality might abundance share circumference excess room value spatial extent extensity expansiveness breath cut segment piece division percentage mileage preponderancy fraction immeasurableness boundlessness solidity denseness allowance take end bit slice section fat fatness determination analysis valuation metage frequency distance time pitch judgement calibration judgment survey altitude summation high degree perimeter latitude retention standing room holding ability sufficiency holding power accommodation contents wickedness square footage atrocity wideness girth expansion comparison evilness stature stretch caliber highness calibre voluminosity cubic content depravity result vileness variety budget batch figure multitude sinfulness sum total distance around monstrosity grand total hideousness full amount number of depravedness atrociousness diabolicalness badness heinousness extents sizes ranges scopes measures reaches scales compasses expanses limits radius areas sphere ambits amounts degrees spans lengths sweeps field coverage realms orbit orbits limit purview territory quantities bounds gamut stretches gamuts spectrum level diameters purviews radii spheres intensities neighborhood comprehensiveness spectra play leeway earshot domain fullness parameters horizon remit region fields gauges gages admeasurements diapasons order elbowroom competence circle ken swing province provinces substances kens latitudes circles runs severities panoramas vicinities domains swings neighbourhoods horizons hearing inclusiveness diapason run vicinity densities panorama jurisdiction boundary run of neighbourhood register field of reference terms of reference gradation bores importance marks intervals ratios rates tunes all-inclusiveness quanta aggregates totals tune footprint registers pales preserve tract zone dimensionalities extremities bound round broadness quality standards shade grades beam purlieus restriction precinct limitation pale thoroughness distance across cross measure spacing linearities ranginess longness linear measures ways lead removes longitude continuance judgments judgements altitudes metages surveys frequencies jurisdictions spheres of influence margins outlooks brackets regions remits boundaries margin confine outlook bracket equations portions shares pieces takes cuts sections parts ends allotments apportionments fractions bits slices segments allowances quotas percentages pith momentousness import grandeur renown notability eminence power accounts distinction consequences fame signification note moments sphere of influence


A large number of something
multiplicity abundance stack mass heap lot profusion pile quantity plenty mountain bundle wealth tonne ton slew oodles loads plenitude scads store gobs volume bunch spate reams raft mess chunk wad lashings plentitude fistful much boatload barrel bushel basketful truckload pot bucket yard potful deal passel shipload carload lashins sight pack plateful sheaf dozen hundred peck load lots masses quantities host stockpile stacks tonnes tons heaps shedload hoard scores trillion batch swag ocean piles stock million millions bank thousand jillion number thousands billions hundreds gazillions sum ream total scad good deal a lot great deal whole lot collection cluster concentration amassment myriad clump aggregation mound agglomeration assemblage haul jumble cargo gathering hill congeries deposit lump multitude amount fullness harvest whole plethora score array majority measure group variety mint plurality gob supply conglomeration jumb degree accumulation rick portion share bing accrual rickle range diversity extent galaxy most distribution large number preponderance numerousness wide variety pluralism lead advantage superabundance overwhelming number greater part nearly all band proportion battery crop reservoir constellation clutch corpus body appreciable amount decent amount vast amount great quantity sizeable amount huge amount copious amount excess power generous amount great amount ample amount substantial amount large amount crowd drove throng horde mob expanse flock many swarm legion sea congregation army push manifoldness assembly caboodle assortment mountains dozens a good deal zillions chunks wads bags oceans bundles all kinds of quite a bit stores a great deal pots an abundance a profusion bazillions a large amount a wealth slews bunches rafts a bunch a shedload a swag boatloads packs a large number droves a mass a heap barrels truckloads bushels buckets yards carloads pecks a great quantity a mountain wealths a multiplicity a volume cornucopia collections legions aggregations a pile gallons a load a multitude volumes hunks spates large quantity messes myriads deals crowds an amount slathers a deal abundances acres a great number considerable amounts hordes great quantities agglomerations an army galore a swarm accumulations enough multitudes a slew a stack a plethora plenties amassments profusions conglomerations fistsful plenitudes multiplicities plentitudes bevies basketsful potsful umpteen numerous sights platesful passels shiploads numbers a ton a huge amount a variety a store a concentrate an appreciable amount a whole load a clump ample amounts a cargo an excess a whole slew a superabundance a hunk surplus amounts countless amounts a collection an accumulation excessive amounts a legion rich amounts inordinate amounts a thing or two exorbitant amounts a bonanza a jillion undue amounts a whole bundle uncountable amounts unusually high amounts liberal amounts generous amounts bountiful amounts a batch unreasonable amounts untold amounts a bulk incalculable amounts a lump infinite amounts voluminous amounts lavish amounts superfluous amounts diverse amounts bevvies a whole bunch all kinds untold inexhaustible amounts a trillion plenteous amounts a buildup a cluster surfeit amounts superabundant amounts overflowing amounts a stash copious amounts sufficient amounts a bushel a bundle exuberant amounts a wad a whole batch bounty miles copiousness deposits clusters pools clumps lumps a great many sheafs a thousand and one large numbers a quantity batches stockpiles banks loadsa stocks reserves shedloads buildups reservoirs opulence jillions feast pileups cumulations mines stashes funds flocks a considerable number a fair amount flood platefuls basketfuls fistfuls troves sheaves a plenitude a passel a plentitude a mess a potful build-ups more … than one can shake a stick at a spate a shipload hoards bulks ample exuberance plethoras copious abundant assemblages amounts amplitude riot shock lavishness assortments bountifulness affluence wodge a number luxuriance armful caches sufficiency mine superabundances richness plenteousness inventories supplies nimiety ampleness overflow a great amount prosperity fruitfulness agglomerates floods busload truckful degrees accretions manies several surplus glut backlog logjam plentiful considerable substantial innumerable countless portions shares measures rabble huddle superfluity treasury a huge number a good few a good number extents contingent surfeit bag box entirety combination totality mounds sum total extravagance oversupply realty quite a number distributions so many a boatload crate carton pallet slats prodigality plentifulness depositions a horde of deluge torrent luxury fund avalanche capacity bounteousness many and then some a vast number profuseness prosperousness outpouring set swags cornucopias growths jumbles whoppers mints shocks hunk drifts aggregates drift aggregate full house great number hosts infinity riches fortune swarms armies throngs a host herds gatherings concentrations hauls harvests fullnesses hills a bevy profuse a horde a crowd a throng a flock divers very many ricks a myriad


The degree to which the muscles in a body part are developed
muscularity brawn brawniness bulkiness burliness stockiness sturdiness beef clout energy kick meat might moxie muscle power punch robustness sinews sock steam vigor vigour beefiness muscledom thew manliness tissue flesh thews muscle tissue sinew body tissue strength potency force puissance firepower horsepowers potences stamina toughness forcefulness powerfulness hardiness welly lustiness mightiness brute force stoutness pith vim vitality stalwartness influence thewness sways prowess capacity nerves capability tendons potentials weight verdure ability physiques strongness soundness steadiness zips tenacity determination heartiness staying power animation cords impulses verve actions impetuses fury vigorousness pushes enterprises ligaments speeds momentums efforts arms ferocity urgency velocity efficacy pulls resistance powerhouses substances firmness body stableness stability security soft tissue huskiness mains burns services application grunts fierceness oomph peppiness intensities virility punchiness acceleration endurance driving forces athleticism jurisdictions efficiency mastery competence valor valour domination commands authority forcibleness control hamstrings bands get-up-and-go vivacity pep enthusiasm drives paces goes zeal liveliness thrust zest impressiveness what it takes authoritativeness persuasiveness efficaciousness cogencies effectiveness headiness kicks stimuli draft impact exertion pows draught violence stress stuff brunts subjection strain tension socks pressure life trouble dynamism


The broken coat of the seed of wheat, rye, or other cereal grain, separated from the flour or meal by sifting or bolting


A collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject


To project from a surface
stand out bulge jut project protrude swell balloon extend bag billow poke pouch pout beetle belly bunch emerge loom obtrude overhang pooch protuberate start bulge out jut out poke out stick out show up distend extrude expand dilate puff out bloat swell out fill out pop out inflate pop puff up extend beyond hang over impend bug out be imminent enlarge rise thrust out balloon out hang out push out dome beetle over overtop fill lengthen protend outthrust mushroom intumesce tumefy be prominent blow up bilge blob loom out butt out come through shoot out belly out become larger pooch out stick up rise up pouch out billow out point be inflated come out spread stick hang push show elongate go beyond bag out cantilever bounce pitch toss roll surge roll upward hold out stick out like a sore thumb peek prolong lap over ride over plump become bloated grow round out become swollen well up puff engorge blow out swell up become inflated become distended fatten be conspicuous stretch out balloon up extend over jut over protrude over stick out over project over sag portend bulge over jut out over loom over stand out over command endanger be full to bursting project outward be swollen cantilever out poke out over bulge out over impend over tower above flap over droop over be suspended cantilever out over rise above swing over dangle over cast a shadow tower soar overshadow mount seem large dominate seem huge hover rear up stretch widen increase increase in size droop flop thicken flap augment broaden amplify pad burgeon bourgeon make bigger snowball grow larger make larger become bigger hang loosely catch the wind ferment pump up distort heighten develop boost magnify supersize escalate compound hike bolster pyramid upsurge protract get bigger soup up beef up tack on lop bulk up slap on drop loll swag dip tumble dangle hang down lean curve down fall unevenly jumboize become wider make wider make broader become broader become thicker make thicker become deeper grow bigger become longer make longer make deeper


Not yet packed


Extensive or indiscriminate
wholesale extensive total blanket comprehensive sweeping wide-ranging all-inclusive broad far-reaching mass widespread indiscriminate large-scale outright thorough across-the-board complete general overall quantitative in bulk in quantity in the mass universal wide all-embracing full inclusive pervasive across the board global overarching deep common exhaustive prevalent generic extended thoroughgoing expansive worldwide all-encompassing international rangy absolute broad-brush far-flung unlimited catholic all-round rife rampant pervading umbrella profound epidemic overwhelming boundless nationwide popular major wall-to-wall pandemic countrywide unconditional unmitigated unrestricted coast-to-coast straight-out company-wide unqualified panoramic one-size-fits-all oversimplified over-general exaggerated panoptic everything all encompassing without exception imprecise overstated overdrawn significant important vast momentous broad in content including all members including all categories radical large great huge broad-based ambitious life-changing big sizable long expanded lengthy non-selective protracted massive humongous consequential influential far-ranging weighty in-depth scopious comprising interdisciplinary multidisciplinary hefty scopic of moment of significance cross-disciplinary unexclusive of great import of consequence wall to wall ubiquitous prevailing permeating predominant inescapable omnipresent diffuse outspread preponderate out-and-out on a large scale all-around all over the place all-out

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