Đồng nghĩa của preponderate

Alternative for preponderate

preponderates, preponderated, preponderating

Đồng nghĩa: outbalance, outweigh, overbalance,


To overpower by weight
predominate rule dominate prevail boss command control dictate direct domineer eclipse handle head influence lead manage monopolise monopolize outnumber outshine overbear overrule overshadow reign run subject subjugate superabound sway tyrannise tyrannize reign supreme detract from hold sway prevail over call the shots have one's way have upper hand hold sway over keep under thumb play first fiddle rule the roost run the show lay down the law lead by the nose sit on top of oppress govern bully intimidate conquer boss around boss about ride roughshod over push around push about have the upper hand over trample on be in the saddle walk all over exercise control over master overpower hegemonize subordinate subdue vanquish pacify be in command of take over be the boss of call the tune have under one's thumb preside over be at the helm have ascendancy over have the whip hand over rule the roost in wear the trousers have the upper hand in head up have mastery over be in charge of be in control of determine regulate steer have control of have command over be pre-eminent over have power over browbeat hector pressurize bulldoze persecute threaten terrorize menace railroad bluster squeeze swagger bend henpeck pressurise terrorise strong-arm run things throw your weight around order about rule with a rod of iron order around put the screws on lord it over in the driver's seat bend to your will give orders to dictate to use strong-arm tactics on lean on be overbearing push the buttons rule with an iron hand kick around coerce cow harass dragoon badger torment bludgeon pressure hound victimize mau-mau blackjack bullyrag bogart harry frighten victimise pick on treat harshly steamroller compel nag force goad overawe despotize impel pester castigate push suppress repress crush enslave trample supervise twist one's arm put heat on mistreat oversee superintend scare tyrranize aggrieve maltreat distress administer put through the wringer put the chill on guide keep down hold a gun to one's head force one's hand abuse manhandle overlook administrate hold down steward captain misuse overwhelm domineer over tend torture brutalize brutalise mishandle quarterback grind down trample underfoot discipline rule despotically affect micromanage treat brutally bring someone to their knees have someone under your thumb regiment besteer bewield puppeteer put down be cruel to play the heavy with ill-treat mess over ill-use be brutal to pull the strings be the boss reign over have someone in the palm of one's hand have a hold over hold the purse strings hold the reins have authority over hold purse strings have someone eating out of one's hand call the signals have something in the palm of one's hand be in saddle be in the driving seat push buttons deal with have someone in one's hip pocket


To be heavier in weight than


To be superior to
overshadow eclipse outshine surpass outclass outdo upstage dwarf exceed dominate excel outstrip top transcend trump cap lead obliterate outdistance shade shame rule over tower over be a cut above be superior to put in the shade rise above throw into the shade tower above be head and shoulders above leave in the shade put to shame have command over better beat outrival outmatch best outperform outgun outrank overtop outvie go one better than leave standing do better than run rings around pass be better than go one better defeat run circles around outpace go beyond surmount overtake outrun trounce improve upon outplay run rings round leave behind get the better of be greater than improve on outweigh walk away from override knock spots off extinguish prevail over outstep leave overweigh overcome supersede triumph over win against tower take priority over lick get ahead of cream predominate outhussle own overwhelm overpower outgo take precedence over thrash crush be one up on triumph outmanoeuvre clobber out-think stand above be on another level be a class above blow away wipe the floor with take precedence stand head and shoulders above shoot ahead of blow out of the water outjockey outmaneuver overbalance come before outsmart overstep shake off shoot ahead overrun get further ahead of be more than be more important than be considered more important than conquer subdue win the race vanquish rout whip smash be master of be considered more urgent than beat hollow go above diminish take over draw attention from minimize win stand out outgallop minimise rank overpass wallop drub outcompete transform be superior leave in the dust show up outreach be over wax gain the advantage over scoop be more than a match for get one over on get the upper hand over outflank outwit overdo out-distance overtax distance be larger than master have it all over get upper hand break record go by have advantage have a jump on stuff be streets ahead of be way ahead of undo tank trim stop overmatch dispatch take overbear quash overthrow upend subjugate slaughter get hose hammer be victorious make mincemeat of pip at the post bring someone to their knees outfox outbalance down bulldoze cook trash snow bury prevail trample over walk over make look pale by comparison gain on fake out do in draw away from have the edge over have the edge on score points off set off tip the balance against turn the scales against turn the balance against tip the scales against tip the scales more than make up for blow out of water pull a fast one


Significantly broad in extent
widespread broad sweeping extensive prevalent rife universal epidemic pervasive wholesale global pervading rampant worldwide deep expansive ubiquitous blanket complete comprehensive exhaustive extended full pandemic permeating predominant prevailing wide boundless inescapable international omnipresent overall thorough total absolute common diffuse general outspread overarching overwhelming popular rangy thoroughgoing unlimited catholic unrestricted far-reaching far-flung all-embracing all-round all-inclusive wall-to-wall all-around all-encompassing all-out out-and-out wide-ranging across-the-board across the board all over the place on a large scale inclusive indiscriminate vast large-scale large generic encyclopedic ecumenical ample encyclopaedic in-depth panoramic compendious countrywide immense interdisciplinary multidisciplinary nationwide cross-disciplinary infinite coast-to-coast big mass sizable great outright umbrella endemic roomy capacious spacious broad-brush regular expanded huge significant radical whole scopic cyclopedic embracive far-ranging astronomical omnibus penetrating worldly wide-reaching all-in broad-ranging broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all commodious present everywhere all-over planetary cosmopolitan sizeable generalized eclectic cosmic multinational comfortable generalised scopious voluminous endless generous limitless broad-based abundant broad-spectrum everywhere undisputed company-wide latitudinous all outstretched open profound immanent airy mundane accepted palatial major permeative permeant unspecified enormous collective uncrowded state systemic entire one-size-fits-all detailed cavernous national spread-out spread comprising rambling thorough-going discursive unconditional unmitigated bird's-eye spread out straight-out enlarged ubiquitary spreading infectious contagious catching systemwide widened empyrean terrestrial usual stellar customary celestial intercontinental epizootic world copious vague bodywide communicable simple high-ceilinged nonspecific panoptic everything encompassing substantial encyclopaedical encyclopedical unconfined without exception very common all-present ever-present all-pervading all-pervasive plentiful obscure hazy nebulous current insidious raging frequent taken as a whole can't get away from persistent non-selective long lengthy statewide suffusive broad in content including all members including all categories unanimous protracted massive humongous elaborate whole-hog unselective exaggerated overstated overdrawn bulk quantitative full-scale careful hefty profuse numerous many regional thronged ruling multitudinous regnant meticulous scrupulous intensive broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified clean rigorous unexclusive grand searching expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating swelling in quantity in bulk flexible undogmatic interstate sedulous encircling containing integral plenary compleat intact perfect synoptic rolling immeasurable extendable stretchy enlargeable distending efficient in the mass general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied all-purpose unprejudiced unqualified unspecialized important thick fat beamy wall to wall systematic momentous in depth the works ambitious from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed extreme leaving no stone unturned blow-by-blow influential weighty consequential lock stock and barrel the whole shebang the big picture of great scope indeterminate charitable receptive without end widely distributed reducible stereotypable far reaching wide physically wide-stretching wide-extending discernible apparent obvious observable evident life-changing far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending all-encompassing all-embracing of moment of significance of great import of consequence dispersed scattered generalisable generalizable unconcentrated diffused broad based disseminated not concentrated circulated thin separated strewn propagated radiated distributed broadcast diluted

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