Đồng nghĩa của overdrawn

Alternative for overdrawn

overdrawn /'ouvə'drɔ:/
  • động từ overdrew, overdrawn
    • rút quá số tiền gửi (ngân hàng)
    • phóng đại, cường điệu, cường điệu quá hoá hỏng


Of exaggerated importance or value
exaggerated hyperbolic hyperbolized inflated overstated excessive extravagant magnified overblown overdone overweening overwrought bloated hyped outsize outsized overdramatized overemphasised overemphasized overestimated overplayed over the top over-elaborate pretentious overripe aggrandized amplified fulsome immoderate OTT too much unwarranted pumped up pompous undue disproportionate hyperventilated intemperate profuse O.T.T. hyped up unrestrained superfluous steep actorly theatrical extreme dramatic melodramatic tall sensationalistic preposterous exalted sensational sensationalist schmaltzy embellished overkill unrealistic hammy impossible stylized embroidered histrionic spectacular fantastic fabulous farfetched highly coloured too-too larger-than-life highly colored blown up a bit thick out of proportion affected stagy artificial ostentatious mannered actressy stagey forced flamboyant camp ham over-the-top showy inordinate stilted unreal overacted unreasonable needless unnecessary campy theatric staged unnatural comic a bit much uncalled for over the limit farcical animated expressive splashy catchy going too far overemotional overdramatic posturing over-sensational sensationalized sentimental operatic barnstorming hokey cloak-and-dagger sensationalised cliff-hanging blood-and-thunder Daliesque wild ceremonious acting up overworked camped up superficial legitimate acting tragic emotional dramaturgic vaudeville show amateur meretricious over-enthusiastic over-effusive laboured unfair gushing effusive far out explicit graphic lurid overelaborate beyond the pale elaborate labored trashy kitschy yellow shock-horror cheap pulp full-frontal rubbishy tasteless garish beyond all bounds laid on with a trowel tacky juicy whiz-bang


Past participle for to exaggerate
exaggerated overstated overdone put on embellished embroidered magnified coloured dramatized hyperbolized colored overemphasized laid it on thick dramatised overplayed stretched straught overemphasised inflated amplified padded fudged made a mountain out of a molehill overstressed distorted overpitched misreported laid it on with a trowel overestimated misrepresented puffed aggrandized elaborated on built up blown up out of all proportion put a spin on piled it on falsified enhanced blown out of proportion made a big thing of bended bent misquoted strained lied blown up oversold elaborated overused made a production out of added colour overworked overwrought stretched the truth laid it on with a shovel shot a line drawn the longbow perverted garbled misstated disguised blown something out of all proportion belied misinterpreted emphasized catastrophized exalted enlarged made a drama out of a crisis overvalued misrelated hiked boosted heightened fabricated expanded bragged boasted manipulated romanticised romanticized cooked emphasised pyramided overrated overcharged quoted out of context made too much of made a federal case of made a big thing out of drawn the long bow run into the ground taken out of context given a false account of run riot made a song and dance about made a fuss made too much of something made a big thing of something made a big deal out of something maximized played up overwritten overacted accented mugged accentuated emphasized too much puffed up made a mountain out of aggravated made mountain of molehill labored at got carried away shown off hammed it up pointed up showed off maximised varnished warped twisted faked massaged poisoned airbrushed overembellished overdramatized parodied slanted belaboured done to death gone overboard with piled on carried overtaxed camped up fatigued overtired hammed up overreached belabored pressured overloaded overburdened hyped overindulged travestied concealed promoted biassed biased passed off angled cheesed paltered covered up blown smoke adulterated trumped up masked miscolored snowed dressed glossed over mangled prevaricated pirated skewed given a false idea of drest confused blarneyed snown bearded equivocated cloaked conned made federal case pulled the longbow bitten off too much driven oneself worn down laid something on thick made a thing of strained oneself made a big deal out of laid it on made a production of worn oneself out gone overboard made a thing about gone too far made a big thing about talked big upped scammed romanced overexaggerated caricatured intensified corrupted prettied up laid on cooked up loud talked piled it on about laid it on thick about gone to extremes big upped bigged up laid it on with a trowel about overdid overdrew drew the longbow lay on went to extremes blew out of proportion blew something out of all proportion blew up out of all proportion melodramatized touched up dressed up gilt gilded chewed the scenery hammed blew up increased overpraised fleshed out overdid it overdone it expanded on emoted burlesqued acted augmented spread stressed spun doctored torn a cat tore a cat altered changed gingered up enlarged on jazzed up spread on thick tampered with put on an act fiddled fixed fixt theatricalized chewed up the scenery acclaimed applauded praised sensationalized made larger magnified importance overcalculated stretched a point advanced swelled extended pumped up highlighted coated graced play-acted escalated overstated the case forged tragedized bloated sensationalised filled surcharged enacted playacted splashed crammed widened executed showed ballooned performed presented produced staged labored laboured interlarded yeasted distended overelaborated sugar-coated window-dressed camouflaged adorned enriched decked brightened foregrounded span underlined counterfeited overplayed it added detail to added flesh to underscored beefed up swelled up harped on dwelled on featured ornamented bedecked garnished beautified made much of exaggerated information punctuated invented blown out of all proportion blew out of all proportion played on heartstrings made a performance of played to the gallery played to gallery pressed prest juggled drew the long bow expressed emotion filled out illuminated debased camped it up glittered plated begilded painted whitewashed engilded tinselled overlayed aurified tinseled overlaid washed italicized attached too much importance to laid too much stress on attached too much weight to soft-soaped vitiated gave a false account of took out of context italicised paid extravagant compliments embellished the truth made something out of nothing sweet-talked fibbed deaconed faked it rigged deceived glossed laid on with a trowel four-flushed interfered with patched called attention to framed up contravened turned spotlight on traversed salted contorted tinkered with fiddled with brought to the fore made mountain out of molehill swoll swollen shown blown up out of proportion blew up out of proportion hamming up went into detail about gone into detail about overwrote went up swollen up gone up drove up driven up given color to gave color to overlay allowed too much for went overboard gave fulsome praise given fulsome praise drew attention to drawn attention to snew blew smoke gave a false idea of went over the top about gone over the top about went on and on about gone on and on about gave someone a sob story given someone a sob story

Trái nghĩa của overdrawn

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