Đồng nghĩa của theatrical

Alternative for theatrical

Tính từ

That has been described as greater or better than it actually is
exaggerated inflated excessive overblown extravagant hyperbolized overweening overstated bloated fulsome overdone hyped magnified steep pretentious hyperbolic overdrawn overemphasised overemphasized actorly overplayed overripe extreme OTT dramatic overestimated overwrought amplified overdramatized aggrandized melodramatic tall preposterous sensationalistic exalted sensational sensationalist embellished embroidered fabulous fantastic farfetched hammy histrionic impossible outsize outsized overkill schmaltzy spectacular stylized unrealistic over-elaborate over the top too much highly coloured larger-than-life too-too blown up highly colored a bit thick out of proportion effusive lavish inordinate gushing immoderate undue unrestrained exorbitant disproportionate overworked unconscionable demonstrative outrageous stiff needless over-enthusiastic laboured unfair over-effusive unnecessary unreasonable overmuch gushy insane forced stagy affected plethoric intolerable prodigal expansive wholehearted unreserved generous overextravagant O.T.T. overelaborate camp beyond the pale towering overdue elaborate labored devilish superfluous fancy hyped up a bit much unmerciful unlimited beyond all bounds baroque exuberant laid on with a trowel over-the-top extraordinary attention-grabbing flamboyant unwarranted extortionate high sky-high profuse puffed-up confident arresting impressive enlarged pompous puffed up loud gaudy showy flashy garish pumped up blown-up hyperventilated intemperate fancy-pants overgenerous prohibitive uncalled for enormous raised increased boosted overinflated outré over the odds

Tính từ

Vehement or impassioned in expression
declamatory rhetorical bombastic grandiloquent high-flown inflated oratorical pompous bold dramatic elaborate extravagant florid flowery magniloquent ornate high-sounding lofty orotund overblown overripe affected discursive fustian highfalutin overdone overinflated overwrought pretentious purple turgid aureate euphuistic Ossianic stagy tumid arresting booming elocutionary eloquent fluent formal melodramatic grandiose windy flatulent gassy verbose gaseous ostentatious flamboyant sonorous Ciceronian rhetoric epideictic showy Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued imposing long-winded linguistic verbal stylistic over-elaborate mannered fulsome actorly forceful fervid gesticulative senatorial loud impassioned noisy histrionic persuasive expressive intoning gesturing important noble vivid stentorian flashy rotund convoluted hyperbolic hifalutin magnific hyperventilated arty-farty wordy stilted periphrastic embellished contrived glib voluble articulate tumescent exaggerated mouthy vocal grand effusive swollen pleonastic strained laboured labored prolix big complicated fancy baroque pedantic erudite scholarly ornamented diffuse bombast tedious redundant circuitous exalted circumlocutory haughty rambling tautological garrulous lengthy loquacious gabby palaverous boastful fussy braggart bragging figurative Falstaffian la-di-da ranting excessive puffed ponderous ornamental self-important grand-sounding rococo big-talking windbag overwritten sesquipedalian involved blathering repetitious logorrheic portentous indirect wandering tortuous puffed-up chatty ambagious majestic impressive high curlicued boasting over-the-top elevated heroic roundabout wedding-cake busy gingerbread tiresome superfluous high-falutin Miltonian epic Homeric very elaborate elegant oratorial decorative garnished rich luscious high-minded snobbish euphemistic tall lexiphanic iterative stodgy solemn euphistic tall-talking blustering overheated arty overelaborate high-wrought splendid yellow brilliant golden pontifical stuffy circumlocutionary shallow superficial breezy rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash over the top effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly complex detailed decorated highly decorated stuffed shirt rhapsodical overestimated full of hot air serious arrogant grave prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling gushing protracted digressive meandering talkative yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous gobby wittering talky tautologous repeating logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone

Tính từ

Characterized by pretentious or showy displays
ostentatious flamboyant extravagant flashy gaudy showy garish swanky flash loud splashy grandiose ritzy swank tinsel tinselly affected classy dashing fancy glitzy pretentious brash conspicuous glittery kitsch ornate overdone vulgar actorly bling superfly chichi crass dicty flaring flaunted flaunting noisy obtrusive pompous specious tasteless exhibitionistic fussy gay jaunty peacocky spectacular splurgy sporty tony uptown fancy-pants high-flown over-elaborate over the top arty-farty bling-bling razzle-dazzle OTT tawdry meretricious trashy lively animated brilliant vibrant energetic vivacious camp swashbuckling resplendent jazzy barnstorming plastic cheap superficial sham gimcrack brummagem pinchbeck kenspeckle commanding striking bodacious prominent catchy noticeable eye-catching grabby marked pronounced arresting bold remarkable emphatic dramatic sensational opulent glaring snazzy histrionic splendiferous overwrought sumptuous screaming luxurious spirited whimsical dynamic elaborate convivial glamorous merry dazzling colorful animate peacockish exciting baroque lurid outrageous luxuriant florid luscious colourful fun flaming rich fiery enthusiastic zestful vital confident buoyant exuberant rakish stagy highfalutin rococo posh schmaltzy hifalutin pedantic campy poncey la-de-da hoity-toity high-minded la-di-da toffee-nosed high falutin' gone Hollywood over the top OTT tacky bright brazen blatant chintzy glittering obvious unmistakable raffish vivid evident naff strong brassy Brummagem salient manifest over-bright outstanding distinct bombastic shoddy decided clear crude shabby harsh plain sleazy stylish recognizable recognisable audacious magnificent nifty common splendid definite gross patent kitschy in bad taste notable impressive smart significant discernible palpable cheap and nasty schlocky inferior brightly coloured distinguishable daring adventurous rubbishy worthless expensive shameless tatty cheapjack junky poor violent nasty grand stately nauseating bilious distasteful unattractive imposing coarse catchpenny sickly glorious pizazzy pizzazzy apparent gallant signal plush elegant observable perceptible inescapable trumpery open clear-cut flagrant identifiable superb undeniable pointed great arrestive easily seen distinguished in plain sight frowzy multicoloured multicolored unrefined cheap-looking broad startling arabesque cheap-jack paltry noted considerable flowery low decorated casual informal saucy unspeakable festooned thick trendy dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny substantial assured orotund turgid tumid declamatory corinthian vain vaunting boastful egotistic natty decisive powerful conclusive fakey well marked forceful shocking daredevil defiant dominant predominant pizzazz frou-frou resounding telling common as muck pzazz imaginative stimulating effective interesting bright-coloured sharp intense brilliantly coloured forestanding beautiful gussied up graphic storming distinctive momentous positive written all over one sparkling to the fore in the foreground wild flakey flaky gassy protruding spiffy snappy schmick sassy thumping thundering putting on the ritz intrusive protuberant thrusting in poor taste gorgeous lavish useless valueless bloody fluorescent large looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory bad execrable cut-rate wretched low-grade terrible miserable cheesy rotten bum low-rent mediocre schlock trifling lousy second-rate bargain-basement out of place sticking out transparent overt glowering sanguine livid overbright debonair unconcealed measurable detectable perceivable appreciable sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb naked undisguised sheer el cheapo straightforward bald unabashed outright unashamed majestic impudent barefaced unblushing noble devil-may-care breezy venturesome august visible rank brass-necked indisputable cut-and-dried unembarrassed unmitigated insolent egregious arrant tinselled illustrious regal monumental unrepentant unsubtle romantic plucky attractive sensible noteworthy imperial proud without shame protrusive deliberate crying overbold royal prestigious heroic adventuresome enterprising hardy swish venturous free-swinging intrepid nerved nervy emboldened gutsy epic massive magnific heroical urbane dapper peppy Homeric right under your nose big as life can't miss it under one's nose in full view open and shut lofty fearless alert exclusive rousing keen palatial star-studded princely lordly baronial ample

Tính từ

Affected or stilted in manner or character
unnatural artificial affected false fake forced feigned contrived pretended mock sham simulated phoney bogus pseudo strained assumed spurious phony plastic labored laboured mechanical factitious stiff stilted insincere mannered studied wooden stagy pretentious unspontaneous put-on self-conscious put on actorly campy hollow exaggerated pretend overdone overripe ham hammy meretricious posed elaborate precious arty-farty artsy genteel highfaluting camp simpering chichi apish airish conscious gone Hollywood stuck up awkward faked unconvincing constrained ponderous fakey clumsy overworked heavy overwrought leaden difficult tortuous arduous laborious strenuous tortured manufactured imitation counterfeit pseud over-elaborate uneasy convoluted inelegant intricate ornate prolix rehearsed improvised overblown planned superficial snide hokey manipulated recherche far-fetched fixed voulu staged posey playacting melodramatic affectated counterfeited fraud conceited imitated avowed surface apparent ostensible fabricated seeming professed not fluent mealymouthed reserved inhibited guarded over-embellished long-winded binding conscripted slave rigid inflexible begrudging stringent coercive grudging forcible bound overly planned ersatz cod complex turgid imagined fictitious imaginary reticent inept operose effortful weighty uphill hard toilsome maladroit put wreck unglued uptight tight choked wired taut farfetched distant restrained tongue-tied embarrassed repressed nervous wreck strung out hard put not spontaneous in a state cool controlled subdued stand-offish cold aloof at end of rope ungraceful unrelaxed uncomfortable gauche graceless mincing rustic rustical rough-hewn

Tính từ

Causing amazement in a surprising manner
amazing incredible mind-blowing astonishing remarkable unbelievable astounding breathtaking exciting fascinating marvelous mind-boggling miraculous spectacular staggering surprising thrilling awe-inspiring awesome eye-opening fantastical heart-stopping jaw-dropping marvellous prodigious sensational shocking startling stunning stupendous wondrous dazzling dramatic awe-striking bewitching blinding captivating enchanting enthralling eye-popping heart-stirring impressive mind-bending sensorial overwhelming theatric empyreal some fabulous splendid phenomenal sublime magnificent brilliant outstanding extraordinary fantastic tremendous excellent superb wonderful imposing exhilarating portentous glorious great superior fab super royal first-class first-rate out of this world striking grand terrific exceptional awful fine arresting beautiful amazeballs majestic notable stellar divine noble heavenly exquisite monumental eye-catching unreal superlative rare commanding smashing immense resplendent unusual gorgeous towering distinguished prime massive splendiferous singular fantabulous uncommon neat bodacious keen dynamite noteworthy unsurpassed cool sterling inconceivable lovely formidable perfect conspicuous unimaginable unique stirring proud sumptuous gilt-edged topping peachy dandy swell wizard corking electrifying famous unparalleled choice splendorous radical groovy stately jim-dandy hot august primo cracking considerable prizewinning supernal admirable out of the ordinary elegant supercalifragilisticexpialidocious lofty top-notch tip-top gee-whizz high-class special grandiose transcendent capital memorable heroical intense mean top supreme nifty magnific classic bumper prominent frontline dope phat slick bonny crackerjack topflight momentous banner gangbusters gangbuster down emphatic bold mega quality showy inspiring blue-ribbon gilt-edge moving bang-up top-shelf top-of-the-line powerful out-of-sight peachy keen par excellence regal matchless heroic noticeable palatial lavish luxurious epic radiant baronial unforgettable extravagant wicked ace Homeric splendacious brill hype boss marked bonnie boffo prize attractive brag bully brave gone stimulating unprecedented pre-eminent blue-chip first-string five-star intoxicating noisy splashy flamboyant pronounced catchy number one numero uno peerless preeminent righteous incomparable imperial unrivaled stupefying princely confounding kingly ripping world-class high-quality magical unrivalled A-OK unheard of devastating solemn ominous bosting rip-roaring hair-raising huge worthy rousing four-star humbling significant substantial premium charming dreamy exemplary galvanizing magnolious elevated preternatural exhilarative charged distinctive salient accomplished beaut exalted kenspeckle grabby colossal deluxe abnormal praiseworthy select sovereign dignified galvanic laudable ideal electric delightful unco heavy improbable surpassing kicky anomalous gallant very good unlikely implausible of the highest quality of the highest standard high-grade of high quality opulent big arrestive far-out earthshaking galvanising swanky never to be forgotten statuesque vivid queenly magic enormous of the first water sightly bonzer champion valuable good top-hole spiffing bad delectable vast enviable important exclusive desirable invaluable illustrious engaging outrageous superhuman topnotch large odd commendable noted advanced crowning vintage dominant high fancy meritorious eminent priceless estimable elite applaudable peculiar signal inordinate utmost weighty earthshattering obvious really good effective manifest monstrous unwonted uncustomary uncanny strange exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical aberrated aberrant freak eloquent unusually good attention-grabbing observable state-of-the-art out-of-this-world humongous bizarre profuse unthinkable pompous forcible astronomic zero cool solid something else portly too good to be true hallucinatory rad unheard-of mind-altering psychedelic palatine celestial of the first order the best on fleek spine-tingling pleasurable scintillating coruscating enjoyable ravishing fabby reliable goodly beezer beauteous frabjous pleasing profound picturesque certified cherished touching bewildering incomprehensible supernatural sound pointed better than expected evident distinct penetrating absorbing fat titantic what top-level mint class tiptop legit surpassing belief staid banging refined can't miss it unmistakable providential too much very best of the highest order extra special better improved enhanced crucial ostentatious venerable strong clear-cut visible chillin' inexplicable unaccountable inspired schmick magisterial maestoso pretentious overblown out of sight unmitigated top-of-the-range optimal sik optimum drop-dead clear tense belting barrie pearler exo unspeakable resounding sonorous Olympian better than usual first class of the best quality better than average the what great difficult to believe shattering supermundane freakish wonderworking numinous supranatural ineffable legendary untold impossible unutterable perceptible appreciable the very best a standout high-flown formal unthought of something to write home about one for the book suspenseful telling compelling forceful jazzy cogent lordly raving mammoth gigantic ceremonious the utmost like a dream come true invigorating far out envigorating enlivening blissful fabled beguiling ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled consequential beyond the realm of reason top drawer undreamed of beyond one's wildest dreams gripping riveting lively overcoming sweeping paralyzing very large crushing paralysing major graphic climactic mighty material very great shock-horror stem-winding high-octane heady gargantuan historic sudden studied eventful giant sizeable world class breath-taking rich action-packed meaningful flabbergasting much oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque planetary leviathan vasty super-duper walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous Brobdingnagian supersize cosmical whopping jumbo cyclopean monster whacking mountainous elephantine Himalayan supersized oversized astronomical herculean king-sized tectonic immeasurable ginormous challenging copious king size mortal gross earth-shattering plush posh complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling glittering ritzy curious fanciful weird ridiculous absurd dubious unrealistic preposterous wild serious ludicrous whimsical queer unaccustomed doubtful offbeat nonsensical funny irrational out-of-the-way wacky foolish crazy mad cockamamie unfamiliar insane zany comical oddball flash gnarly forby hare-brained unexpected off-the-wall far-fetched off the wall make-believe off beaten path entrancing virtuoso skilful skillful masterful masterly scrumptious agitating most

Tính từ

Impressive and imposing in appearance or style, especially pretentiously so
grandiose magnificent grand imposing majestic monumental impressive splendid stately glorious awe-inspiring elaborate lavish resplendent striking superb august baronial classy epic gallant heroic heroical Homeric imperial large luxurious magnific massive noble opulent palatial plush proud regal royal flash flashy lofty swanky bombastic complex cosmic egotistic fustian high-falutin' high-flying impenetrable lordly overwhelming purple splashy unfathomable vast dignified kingly distinguished great princely exalted sumptuous elevated fine sublime marvellous marvelous splendiferous commanding awesome elegant excellent gorgeous pompous spectacular extravagant ambitious beautiful illustrious eminent queenly stunning ostentatious solemn rich towering terrific posh arresting divine statuesque remarkable renowned supreme imperious big outstanding superior dazzling brilliant pretentious aristocratic venerable ritzy splendacious magnolious tremendous portly extraordinary prodigious bold splendorous formidable stirring ominous showy celebrated fantastic honoured honourable honorable acclaimed costly breathtaking first-class radiant deluxe esteemed large-scale first-rate smashing fab ceremonious magisterial staid dramatic staggering sovereign Olympian honored eye-catching mind-blowing powerful something else sensational fit for a king heavenly fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous colossal celestial sightly wondrous considerable legendary mythological classical courtly high wonderful worthy high-ranking authoritative famous rarefied godlike respected fancy ample fit for a prince prestigious hallowed fit for a queen fit for a princess ornate famed tall in the saddle important expensive dynamite unreal haughty admirable super maestoso highly regarded resounding sonorous handsome eloquent high-flown portentous formal of repute of distinction noted bright triumphant long splendrous swank swish brave plushy effective unrealistic overambitious far-reaching on a grand scale extended classic high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing cool immortal shining palatian forcible huge arduous Herculean magnifico flamboyant baroque moving mega exciting overblown marathon very good effulgent unforgettable solid gold out of this world transcendent something to write home about one for the book notable preeminent gratifying memorable adored well-known time-honored glittering immoderate immodest audacious larger-than-life very great very large very long exorbitant extreme exaggerated excessive outrageous disproportionate insane ballsy fanciful adventurous zealous unreasonable wild pleasurable delightful enjoyable grandiloquent Miltonian high-sounding enduring perennial evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless remembered fateful landmark momentous consequential eventful historic commemorated meaningful significant groundbreaking noteworthy pivotal fulfilling uplifting epochal good cheering red-letter material heart-warming rewarding pleasing satisfying paragon genius laureate storied

Tính từ

Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind
vivid clear graphic realistic detailed dramatic affecting arresting evocative lifelike picturesque powerful stirring lively lucid moving stimulating authentic faithful haunting memorable rich striking strong telling unforgettable visual impressive scintillating sharp colorful colourful delineated distinct emotive pictorial eloquent expressive fascinating graphical interesting active definite fresh crystal clear highly coloured true to life true-to-life sharply-etched photographic natural naturalistic convincing forceful effective precise filmic representational near living photo-realistic three-dimensional exact animated descriptive symbolic pictographic cinematic incisive cogent concrete compelling naturalist forcible punchy true credible believable real accurate minute unusual bold imaginal characterful distinctive chocolate-box artistic pleasant painterly imagistic bright exciting retentive imaginative invigorating racy photogenic intense acute camera-friendly envigorating refreshing truthful explicit illustrated enthusiastic vivacious dynamic zestful vigorous verisimilar veristic scenic illustrative uninhibited startling shocking lurid influential persuasive passionate factualistic sketched engraved portrayed etched pictoric painted seen illustrational pictured marked-out outlined blocked-out diagrammatic traced depicted iconographic well-drawn real-life true-life kitchen-sink warts and all potent effectual aggressive great authoritative irresistible unequivocal well drawn well defined perspicuous full well delineated well expressed comprehensible intelligible figurative zappy in-your-face undistorted succinct terse pithy leaving nothing to the imagination hard-hitting speaking representative factual original

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