Đồng nghĩa của indirect

Alternative for indirect

Đồng nghĩa: devious, out-of-the-way, roundabout,

Trái nghĩa: direct,

Tính từ

Not going in a direct course or line
roundabout circuitous winding meandering wandering deviant tortuous curving serpentine zigzag backhanded circular circumlocutory divergent evasive implied oblique rambling anfractuous devious long-drawn-out periphrastic sidelong ambiguous complicated crooked discursive duplicitous erratic eventual inferred long long-winded obscure out-of-the-way sinister sinuous snaking sneaking sneaky subsidiary tacit twisting underhand understood unforeseen unplanned vagrant hinted at long way home twisted convoluted snaky windy bending flexuous curvy curved curling curled crazy meandrous mazy twisty coiling digressive deviating ambagious zigzagging labyrinthine spiraling spiralling involved intricate circumlocutionary serpentiform looping excursive collateral irregular spiral undulating errant turning gyrating wriggly jagged twisting and turning digressionary digressional desultory leaping maundering confusing misleading obliquitous lengthy roaming askew verbose involute awry bent sinuate ogee meandry full of twists and turns elliptical implicit inexplicit writhing bendy vague entwined roving vermiculate remote detouring digressory removed confounding straying digressing diverting episodic diffusive snakelike lithe asymmetric asymmetrical non-linear slinky deviative flowing contorted unsymmetrical distorted uneven aslant slanting slanted skewed lopsided tilted wiggly tacking squiggly coiled tipping slantwise diffuse atilt circling corkscrew swirling taking the long way wavy pitched complex listing cock-a-hoop topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled catawampus agee tortile kinked traveling travelling nomadic unstraightforward tricky oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal deceptive overlong long way going around back road winding around cunning byzantine difficult perverse long way around by way of difficult to follow curvilinear bowed arched warped rounded hooked sweeping loopy humped arced twined arciform looped turned round wavering wry jointed articulated curvilineal bowing arching twining veering warping wrenched gnarled braided tangled wound knotty angled misshapen deformed stooped parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite disfigured pretzeled stooping hunched slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp crescent doubled over out of shape vaulted arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform curviform swirly embowed curly curvaceous arrondi enbowed biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex

Tính từ

Sly or cunning in manner or intent
sneaky sly secret furtive cunning devious clandestine covert surreptitious crafty stealthy underhanded wily sneaking artful undercover guileful tricky scheming shifty private shady underground backstairs duplicitous stealth privy designing sneak slippery foxy clever hidden secretive subtle black conspiratorial shonky snide fly slim skulking slinking cloaked evasive carny cowardly yellow hush-hush behind-the-scenes hugger-mugger hole-and-corner under the table underhand dishonest crooked insidious fraudulent oblique deceitful treacherous unscrupulous false disingenuous double-dealing two-faced deceptive calculating insincere unprincipled lying bent slick Machiavellian untruthful sub-rosa under wraps sidelong untrustworthy cheating dissembling veiled hypocritical perfidious mendacious sharp concealed unfair sideways cloak-and-dagger hollow-hearted Janus-faced false-hearted truthless dishonourable double-faced dishonorable on the QT counterfeit conniving deceiving under-the-table dubious unethical shrouded two-timing roguish Punic murky astucious astute fishy defrauding fast rogue back-alley dodgy low-down corrupt on the quiet backstair unauthorized dirty-dealing double-crossing unjust bogus sham cloak and dagger disguised cautious elusive creepy masked behind someone's back circumspect unauthorised feigned hole and corner not candid not frank uncandid lubricious unfrank misleading unveracious on the sly terminologically inexact not entirely truthful smooth spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off fake unreliable mock phoney phony imposturous pretended nefarious unlawful questionable criminal illegal immoral disreputable dirty unsporting unsportsmanlike economical with the truth amoral sinister intriguing deep wormlike perilous ensnaring backhanded dangerous snaky below the belt corruptible buyable grafting venal swindling shrewd beguiling cute snidey cagey cagy like a snake in the grass malfeasant erring errant obliquitous gimmicky iniquitous suborned ruthless evil playing politics put on playing games side not straightforward faking one out slanted faithless slanting knavish fallacious canny closet ingenious pawky smart savvy sharp-witted incognito vulpine confidential knowing under-the-counter dark resourceful manipulative intelligent skillful skilful streetwise hole-in-the-corner suspicious camouflaged plotting dissembled imaginative backdoor top-secret unofficial adroit fiendish undisclosed street smart street-smart arch bluffing illusory captious delusive traitorous suspect seedy mean inside classified discreet silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless restricted sketchy mysterious scandalous in ambush inglorious deft keen quick quiet surprise dexterous inventive politic dextrous buried obscured incog covered unseen as sharp as a tack crazy like a fox unreported on the side impish mischievous shadowy in secret subversive shorthanded close cryptic dissimulated brilliant perceptive discerning wise bootleg intelligence contemptible slinky tactful discriminating unbowed tricksy illicit illegitimate proficient masterly adept stinky under the counter spy heads-up huggermugger heady quick-witted mean-spirited tactical malicious sagacious greasy creep underneath experienced crazy like fox unsuspected contriving irregular venomous QT ulterior neat whip-smart acute in holes and corners slimy iffy nifty lurking virulent vipery sub rosa collusive unhonest potentially illegal of dubious character sly like a fox fly-by-night ambiguous clouded mystic occult strange obscure unenlightened enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical pretend unrecognizable assumed protected artificial forged imitation closed privileged hushed intimate backstage esoteric unknown nonpublic pseudo offstage inconspicuous untold censored unpublished unrevealed non-public top secret masquerading changed unrecognisable in disguise behind the scenes under one's hat tête-à-tête not for publication off the record in camera not to be disclosed strictly confidential not open close to one's chest not for circulation one-on-one not to be made public not in the public domain sailing under false colours under cover

Tính từ

Abounding in words, containing more words than necessary
verbose circuitous circumlocutory diffuse garrulous long-winded orotund pleonastic prolix voluble windy wordy babbling blathering expansive gushing jabbering lengthy prating prattling periphrastic protracted rambling tautological convoluted digressive discursive meandering mouthy wandering big-mouthed effusive gabby gassy gobby logorrheic loquacious multiloquent multiloquous redundant repetitious talkative talky tortuous wittering yakking ambagious bombastic flowery fustian grandiloquent involved logorrhoeic magniloquent palaverous pompous pretentious repeating repetitive rhetorical tautologous tedious yacking full of air having kissed the Blarney stone with the gift of the gab roundabout circumlocutionary oblique circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious turgid chatty inflated flatulent chattering gossipy chattery conversational communicative gossiping glib gibbering motormouthed blabby loose-lipped able to talk the hind legs off a donkey fluent profuse full of hot air having kissed the blarney stone forthcoming articulate gaseous eloquent loudmouthed slick verbal smooth motormouth having kissed the Blarney Stone over-talkative noisy rattling drivellous outspoken outgoing vocal excessively communicative tonguey yakkity prosy wind-bag loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth flap jaw running on at the mouth open silver-tongued unreserved bigmouthed vociferous high-flown ranting blithering driveling gabbling blabbering chitchatting blustering running on oratorical lofty grandiose histrionic euphuistic overwrought rhetoric ostentatious affected declamatory highfalutin high-sounding rhapsodic big-talking sonorous windbag aureate balderdash tumid overblown swollen blessed with the gift of the gab stuffed shirt drivelling

Tính từ

veiled disguised concealed covert implied masked suppressed hidden camouflaged surreptitious unrevealed hinted at ill-defined indistinct obscure underlying unclear vague cloaked covered hooded invisible oblique roundabout screened secret shielded shrouded undercover unexposed unrecognisable unrecognizable out of sight obscured unseen out of view not visible covered up inconspicuous imperceptible undetectable unnoticeable latent buried incognito clouded imperceivable undetected masquerading hidden from sight hidden from view secluded under wraps sequestered unobserved unnoticed underground indiscernible secreted sheltered curtained unobtrusive eclipsed privy undisclosed tucked away private impalpable imaginary perdu not in sight in the dark incog larvate cryptic cabalistic lost to view isolated cloistered entombed unseeable remote reclusive indistinguishable deep discreet shadowy inappreciable unapparent nonexistent unperceivable retired intangible unobservable ghostly insensible unviewable imponderable gaseous ethereal vaporous far-off faraway far-removed not in view impossible to detect beneath below sunk quiet on the QT stashed cached ulterior enshrouded hushed up hidden away recondite hush-hush put in the hole holed up planted guarded lurking unperceived imagined impenetrable occult dark unsuspected undiscovered withheld not obvious snug tect pretend assumed false sly sham fake forged mock imitation artificial not on view back-alley pseudo furtive counterfeit feigned underhand sneaky phoney under cover changed phony in disguise sailing under false colours undivulged difficult to see low-key low-profile unexpressed hard to find hard to see unrecognized interred blurry blurred inhumed coffined dug in negligible tiny microscopic nanoscopic minuscule inconsequential infinitesimal minute subtle fine faint undiscernible slight barely perceptible unidentified unknown unfathomable laid to rest unrecognised bearded consigned to the grave pixelated

Tính từ

Not direct

Tính từ

Having a covert or obscure meaning
elliptical obscure cryptic mysterious inscrutable enigmatic arcane ambiguous incomprehensible deep mystic abstruse opaque equivocal nebulous recondite dark unfathomable murky Delphic enigmatical fuliginous occult oblique double-edged elliptic puzzling inexplicable impenetrable perplexing confusing mystifying secret esoteric baffling vague unclear hidden unintelligible bewildering uncanny oracular concealed mystical cabalistic veiled unexplainable uncertain strange unexplained unaccountable unknowable sibylline hermetic hard to understand as clear as mud indefinite hazy indistinct doubtful dubious insoluble difficult profound cabbalistic coded secretive clandestine tenebrous hermetical indeterminate inexact inexplicit foggy odd peculiar imprecise obfuscated indecipherable abstract beyond comprehension sphinxlike paradoxical covert Delphian apocryphal evasive amphibological clouded little known clear as mud fathomless recherché undiscoverable wildering beyond understanding weird curious shadowy confounding impossible to understand mysterial ineffable bizarre shrouded cloaked cryptical dense debatable queer funny unsettled vacillating unnatural unsolved undefined undetermined indistinguishable unknown stealthy misleading nubilous purblind hard imperceptive borderline cagey subjective teasing stickling stumping open to question ill-defined periphrastic inconclusive prevaricating circumlocutory circuitous suspicious equivocating duplicitous questionable blurry contradictory muddled roundabout elusive confused gnomic shifty unexplicit open muzzy fuzzy disreputable two-edged subtle intricate complex uninterpretable riddling convoluted involved complicated inconceivable illegible technical incredible indecisive illogical far-out not easily understood Greek to me clear as dishwater unusual extraordinary abnormal uncommon irregular anomalous atypical unexpected out of the ordinary unfamiliar quaint different freakish unique rare aberrant deviant freak eccentric quirky outlandish offbeat oddball incongruous remarkable singular supernatural fishy unorthodox out-of-the-way untypical unconventional kooky kookie uncustomary rum off the wall unaccustomed way-out erratic suspect whacky crazy queerish bizarro exceptional preternatural wild difficult to understand beyond one outré unwonted shady off-kilter labyrinthine dodgy wacky unco unresolved screwy unsolvable funky weirdo foreign freaky kinky eerie paranormal spaced-out indescribable off-the-wall surprising knotty out of the way spooky off-centre zany cranky unexplored unrevealed over one's head wacko unreal metaphysical aberrated idiosyncratic fantastic magical heavy novel undisclosed creepy uncharacteristic problematical inexplainable dishonest exotic transcendental corrupt Byzantine fraudulent spiritual private orphic incalculable befuddling incognizable intriguing other-worldly phenomenal extrasensory unimaginable intangible ludicrous ridiculous dubitable disputable psychic doubtable disparate original shaky unrepresentative undecided involuted problematic bemusing shonky telepathic supernormal exceeding especial beyond one's grasp extraordinaire unsounded unworldly unthinkable droll clairvoyant daggy not quite right unheard of unplumbed disconcerting indefinable underhand unscrupulous left-field astonishing rarefied out there insolvable up in the air transcendent fanciful bent criminal undefinable dishonorable stupefying otherworldly black dishonourable distinct thorny acroamatic unparalleled disorienting devious unpredictable deceitful irrational ungraspable unestablished Greek sneaky anagogic surreal unsure unascertained subliminal beats me mind-bending inner astounding ambivalent arguable bamboozling speculative cloak-and-dagger sly prodigious monstrous unlike contrary jarring divergent newsworthy isolated uncomprehensible out of place iffy magic unrecognized psychical outre out of line under suspicion involute supersensory undecipherable insubstantial not kosher open to debate open to argument dilly in doubt unapprehended weird and wonderful unperceived unrecognised indiscernible unordinary immaterial tricky above one's head with a sixth sense imponderable in the balance new unidentified tenuous alien unreadable classified encoded enciphered ulterior amazing weighty serious little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic stunning eye-popping staggering unbelievable rummy taxing polysemous polysemic polysemantic offhand fluky out of the common multivocal secreted out-there unresolvable unanswerable Daedalian Gordian unheard-of inconsistent off-key whimsical religious unsavoury ticklish worrying blurred inaccessible challenging shrouded in mystery seedy muddling beyond you grotesque dissimilar nonrational non-rational unfathomed dim unconfirmed inexpressible nameless spiny comical disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent irresolvable inextricable unconcluded hypermetric avant-garde loner cool unearthly hard to follow slippery scandalous sketchy furtive unethical inglorious full of surprises disquieting too deep distinctive blurring unsettling numinous potentially illegal potentially dishonest unsavory distinguished awkward flakey unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced flaky without a solution unable to be solved breaking new ground remote uninvestigated alternative crooked characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular miraculous absurd fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang preposterous nefarious crafty unprincipled muddlesome mistakable random guileful untrustworthy unanalysable fugitive gray grey interesting untried newfangled unforeseeable signal undiscovered off unreliable phony blear farfetched outstanding unprecedented hesitant muffled way out off-beat off the rails bugged out untold unlawful illegal dicey wavering irresolute weak phoney improbable unlikely implausible far-fetched superhuman marvellous wonderful wondrous undivulged of doubtful honesty rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt unanalyzable mind-boggling hard to solve byzantine vexing rambling elaborate advanced hard to explain fiddly troublesome full of twists and turns sophisticated detailed fancy gnarly entangled tangled thought-provoking limited spiritualistic necromantic transmundane telekinetic unspecified unfixed double-dealing ghostly deviative supermundane marvelous superior macabre really hard very hard pending all Greek to someone all Greek to you double Dutch beyond your grasp above your head too hard to understand too difficult to understand supersensual with second sight supersensitive stargazing out-of-body supersensible unnoted noteless yet to be decided special personalised specialised customised unbeknownst unnamed anonymous in limbo surreptitious undercover deceptive incorporeal elusory illusory quiet undescribable discarnate unbodied hugger-mugger hush-hush unspecific fallacious psychal imperceptible to the touch airy impalpable unable to be touched hard to describe fine hard to define unobservable unsubstantial thin unperceivable delicate disembodied unapparent fugacious transient phantom shy fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling volatile evanescent mental anomalistic scarce nonstandard off-base off-color like nothing on earth

Tính từ

(of a mixture or effect) Delicately complex and understated
subtle muted faint understated delicate modest soft subdued vague gentle imperceptible inconspicuous indistinct minimalist pale slight tempered conservative indefinite moderated simple softened stifled unsubstantial discreet mellow muffled negligible unobtrusive enervated feeble insinuated lowered neutral quiet repressed restrained suggestive unassuming low-key toned down toned-down washed out low-keyed delicately complex hardly detectable hardly noticeable remote mild distant unostentatious pastel dull faded light dim unpretentious unnoticeable flat plain sober low-profile unflashy unremarkable ordinary lacklustre lackluster sombre somber soft-hued downbeat light-coloured light-colored shaded hidden lustreless lusterless insignificant retiring concealed relaxed camouflaged unemphatic soft-pedalled tenuous secretive shy drab dark dreary dusty tasteful unlustrous invisible washy dulled washed-out light-toned played down easy having unconspicuous obscure reserved easy-going whitish laid-back bleached circumspect hushed bland unspectacular in the background fair blond blonde conventional dirty darkish greyish straight square demure casual informal moderate unshowy insouciant nonchalant equable grayish wishy-washy peaches-and-cream toned soft-pedaled weak out of sight together cool at ease unflappable unglamorous unfussy unimposing unexceptional undistinguished easygoing modulated characterless run-of-the-mill forgettable unmemorable inobtrusive light-hued pale-coloured pale-colored pastel-coloured unclouded pastel-colored clear clean free and easy downhome whispered loose unnoticed unseen not steep backstage gradual out of the limelight behind the scenes out of the spotlight out of the public eye soft-sell self-effacing played-down quietened murmured insipid dulcet inaudible not loud low soothing tame nondescript

Trái nghĩa của indirect

indirect Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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