Đồng nghĩa của nonrational

Tính từ

Lacking sense or sound reasoning
illogical unsound irrational weak invalid unreasonable unreasoning fallacious inconsequential illegitimate inconsequent incongruous tenuous flawed questionable untenable dubious faulty flimsy unsubstantiated suspect shaky far-fetched contradictory spurious hollow specious unfounded wrong unreasoned off the wall implausible unconvincing preposterous vague improbable unpersuasive unbelievable nonsensical poor unsatisfactory inadequate unlikely inconclusive absurd feeble nebulous incredible doubtful ludicrous farfetched lame unimportant casual trifling negligible light insignificant small minor trivial shoestring inconsiderable petty paltry minute unsustainable sketchy unsupportable inconceivable irreconcilable puzzling obscure senseless impossible indefensible false groundless fishy fantastic reachy vain pathetic airy fatuous nutty unimpressive thin wacky slight problematic won't hold water full of holes won't wash self-contradictory defective unreliable ungrounded fallible unsupported sophistic stupid capricious quirky foolish vacant bad-tempered mad silly inconsistent stroppy thoughtless erratic perverse loose reasonless arbitrary incoherent unbacked casuistic dodgy iffy unsubstantial ill-tempered all wet ill-founded full of hot air undependable uncertain erroneous baseless open to question open to doubt untrue deceptive disputable debatable conjectural controvertible insufficient unclear speculative untrustworthy dubitable superficial shallow frail inaccurate chancy rocky disreputable risky unwarranted untested unverified incorrect mistaken unconfirmed unjustified unattested uncorroborated unproven indefinite frivolous foundationless flakey pseudo unstable flaky sham arguable without basis nonvalid without foundation suspicious doubtable wide of the mark off-target unestablished fragile equivocal inane wishful problematical shady queer controversial insubstantial contemptible assailable weakly suppositive suppositious not backed up by evidence transparent fabricated idle inept puerile contentious borderline misguided misinformed threadbare moot issuable mendacious unreal gratuitous misleading uncalled-for untruthful off-base bottomless trumped-up vapid hazy trumped up open to debate open to suspicion subject to debate in doubt negotiable weak-kneed flat meager meagre unjustifiable presumed assumed not validated approximate rough imprecise unsettled unsure indecisive lacking substance falsified fake not reliable not dependable misty hard to believe

Tính từ

Showing a lack of common sense
crazy foolish idiotic asinine brainless bubbleheaded featherheaded half-witted inept jerky lunkheaded sappy simpleminded tomfool weak-minded airheaded birdbrained boobish brain-dead buffoonish chowderheaded chuckleheaded clownish clueless dense dim dim-witted doltish dopey dopy dorky dull dumb dunderheaded empty-headed fallacious feebleminded gormless idiotical ill-advised imbecile invalid knuckleheaded lamebrain lamebrained mindless moronic notional oafish obtuse opaque pinheaded simple slow slow-witted soft softheaded surd thick thickheaded thoughtless unconsidered unintelligent unreasoned unreasoning vacuous weak thick-witted stupid daft boneheaded fatuous unsmart witless senseless imbecilic bonehead silly cretinous dozy pea-brained dippy muttonheaded wooden-headed soft in the head barmy thick as two short planks bovine pig-ignorant slow on the uptake wooden fat-headed not the full shilling ignorant vapid naive inane gullible dull-witted dunce-like simple-minded dotish dof loopy dotty scatty unwise daffy harebrained goofy blockheaded halfwitted fool childish half-baked puerile immature mad crackpot feeble-minded damfool divvy rattlebrained braindead glaikit scatterbrained screwy feather-brained giddy slow on uptake boorish soppy dimwitted imprudent clottish blockish unthinking loggerheaded cloddish injudicious mentally deficient as thick as two short planks thick-skulled not intelligent deficient thick-headed mentally handicapped very stupid cockamamy short-sighted irrational ridiculous unreasonable indiscreet ludicrous Boeotian thick as mince woodenheaded nitwitted sluggish stolid dead from the neck up uncomprehending insensitive shallow lumpish illiterate uneducated unschooled untaught imperceptive hebetudinous crass lethargic torpid vacant insensate numskulled nonliterate unlearned benighted analphabetic uninstructed ill-mannered unread unlettered rude untutored dark credulous feeble stupefied numbskulled comatose heavy slumberish blind unperceptive unimaginative anencephalic anencephalous impassive fatheaded foolishly stupid dummy thick-skinned not bright backward unintellectual laughable shortsighted batty dappy log-headed out to lunch superficial not with it duncelike unresponsive limited dizzy frivolous featherbrained skittish ditzy flighty hebete know-nothing hare-brained pea-brain without thought pie-faced negligent careless neglectful forgetful inattentive unmindful mooning rash unaware spaced-out out daydreaming moony out of it

Tính từ

Not well thought out
ridiculous irrational illogical unreasonable unsound injudicious senseless unthinking unwise brainless foolish idiotic incoherent mindless nonsensical silly stupid unreasoned crazy flawed ludicrous wild demented faulty groundless incorrect insane laughable unjustifiable contradictory kooky loony nutty unreasoning unscientific wacky ill-conceived ill-thought-out off beam off the wall off-the-wall way out without basis without foundation not making sense not well thought out invalid fallacious weak inconsequent inconsequential illegitimate absurd untenable wrong spurious preposterous unfounded mad sophistic specious inconsistent baseless false unjustified erroneous implausible daft barmy reasonless wrongly inferred full of holes arbitrary wrongly deduced flakey raving freaky cockamamie aberrant disconnected distraught unstable delirious disjointed flaky untrue inaccurate unconvincing inadequate unsubstantiated ill-founded unwarranted untruthful inexact out off foundationless nonvalid unsupported bogus off target unsustainable wide of the mark illegal not working meaningless inconclusive sophistical impossible casuistic imbecilic inane unproved incongruous irrelevant unconnected hollow screwy unsubstantial beyond belief fatuous irreconcilable perverse cockeyed self-contradictory not following beyond the bounds of possibility asinine witless lunatic cuckoo crackpot zany harebrained whacky dotty daffy looney kookie dippy simpleminded lunkheaded bubbleheaded featherheaded screwball balmy jerky inept tomfool sappy unreal fool potty half-witted half-baked weak-minded bizarre pointless weird farcical impracticable moronic fantastical unthinkable unrealistic slang fanciful impractical irresponsible fantastic extremely foolish hare-brained stupidly irresponsible cock-eyed misleading deceptive mistaken delusory delusive fictitious illusory imprecise misinformed misguided fabricated distorted unproven dicey deceiving beguiling deceitful deluding iffy uncorroborated phoney dodgy made up trumped up fraudulent phony ungrounded fishy way off beam way off outlandish madcap off the beam

Tính từ

Having occult or metaphysical significance
mystical spiritual supernatural transcendental occult paranormal esoteric metaphysical mysterious preternatural transcendent arcane inscrutable otherworldly other-worldly religious abstruse cabalistic ineffable non-rational anagogic hermetical magic magical mystic numinous orphic weird hidden witchlike sorcerous quixotic secret telestic visionary unaccountable unknowable necromantic wizardly mysterial imaginary thaumaturgic unearthly ethereal uncanny supernormal psychic phenomenal unworldly superhuman miraculous spectral ghostly heavenly transmundane eerie dark celestial unnatural clairvoyant strange sublime mythical spiritualistic supranatural extramundane shadowy black oracular dreamy telepathic obscure alien cryptic fanciful extraterrestrial abnormal cabbalistic shamanistic divine exalted unusual extraordinary extrasensory haunted ensorcelled ghostlike inexplicable phantom voodoo rare fairylike empyreal fey supersensory supermundane bizarre superior fantastic fantastical otherworldy haunting airy-fairy astrological mystifying alchemistic abstract nonmaterialistic astral unreal daydreaming daydreamy incorporeal awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring boundless inspirational peculiar exceptional odd anomalous telekinetic singular uncommon hypernormal unbelievable supersensible supersensual unexplained supersensitive signal immaterial inner stargazing outstanding unprecedented remarkable mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible legendary concealed unrevealed exceeding wonderful atypical unique aberrated irregular extraordinaire prodigious marvellous aberrant unwonted especial wondrous freak uncustomary with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight untypical deviative marvelous unrepresentative deviant out of the ordinary witching thaumaturgical parapsychological inhuman tranced runic demoniac diabolic spooky out of this world

Tính từ

Showing a lack of prudence or common sense
irresponsible stupid foolish silly unintelligent idiotic brainless mindless scatterbrained crackbrained nonsensical imbecilic senseless clueless moronic unthinking careless imprudent inept witless damfool irrational unwise injudicious indiscreet hasty thoughtless improvident heedless impulsive incautious unconsidered unreasoned unreasoning unsound idiotical illogical lamebrained naive simpleminded unreasonable futile lamebrain meaningless negligent pointless rash reckless birdbrained featherbrained flighty fruitless giddy harebrained immature misguided tearaway ill-advised ill-considered short-sighted dim-witted half-witted feather-brained hare-brained asinine crazy daft fatuous absurd wacky dippy nutty dotty preposterous mad lunatic insane daffy kooky crackpot half-baked loony zany cuckoo jerky tomfool looney whacky kookie screwball balmy cockeyed featherheaded inane weak-minded lunkheaded bubbleheaded fool sappy ridiculous foolhardy dopey impolitic impractical ludicrous doltish inadvisable dumb empty-headed brash goofy frivolous thickheaded imbecile puerile tactless inappropriate indelicate ditzy ignorant dim thick scatty pea-brained dizzy ditsy frothy simple cockamamie lightheaded vacuous wooden-headed feebleminded screwy yeasty chowderheaded dotish glaikit light-headed oblivious dappy ill-judged light-minded undiplomatic brain-dead risible laughable loopy cockamamy dense cretinous dunderheaded divvy pinheaded halfwitted blunt muttonheaded chuckleheaded boneheaded blockheaded childish myopic dof automatic blind unsagacious unwary astigmatic headlong imperceptive slow-witted madcap maladroit risky fat-headed unpolitic unmindful inconsiderate obtuse unconscious graceless unwitting wild slow erratic absent-minded unstable gormless dozy precipitate dopy fantastic batty forgetful dull barmy daredevil untactful hot-headed softheaded unperceptive overhasty bird-brained unheeding untimely simple-minded temerarious inexpedient pie-faced overbold audacious overconfident daring adventurous nearsighted bathetic infantile defective shortsighted farcical unreal slang fanciful fantastical bizarre braindead dimwitted incomprehensible derisible clownish vapid capricious derisive derisory comical childlike juvenile needless uncalled-for motiveless purposeless unnecessary knuckleheaded unsmart poor squirrelly idiotish dorky pathetic Boeotian fickle skittish empty smoothbrained unearthly nerdy weak inconstant whimsical bad goofy loony very stupid wrong-headed dull-witted undiscerning aberrant dead from the neck up radge heady changeable thick-witted near-sighted undesirable unfortunate chaotic hotheaded lively mechanical unsystematic disorganized dreamy smooth-brained instinctive feather-headed inattentive slaphappy wool-gathering short-range restricted short-term limited vague woolly-headed unreliable inadvertent weird flakey flaky disorganised unintended neglectful remiss unknowing gauche gruff crude not with it not thinking clearly with a mind like a sieve inexperienced unaware incompetent nescient spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated unintentional intuitive uncivil unpolished rough unsubtle harsh sharp innocent insensible unacquainted uninformed green incognizant crass blundering awkward bungling vulgar clumsy feckless brutish outrageous napping vacant unmeant ill-informed impetuous in the dark devil-may-care desperate precipitous hell-for-leather kamikaze harum-scarum death-or-glory slow on the uptake over-adventurous venturous venturesome over-venturesome wide open unsafe adventuresome bold breakneck off deep end headstrong out on limb soft nitwitted inconsistent sheepheaded muddle-headed

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