Đồng nghĩa của contentious

Alternative for contentious


Having a predisposition to fight or engage in confrontations
argumentative quarrelsome combative disputatious pugnacious belligerent confrontational factious bellicose captious caviling cavilling litigious militant antagonistic defiant disputative hostile truculent wrangling battling bickering fighting irascible perverse petulant scrappy threatening warring aggressive agonistic assaultive bad-tempered brawly cantankerous chippy choleric discordant feisty fiery gladiatorial hot-tempered ill-tempered irritable querulous quick-tempered warlike stroppy disagreeable hot-blooded naysaying prickly ready for a fight testy touchy controversial on the warpath polemical contrary ornery oppugnant polemic unfriendly violent inimical fierce mean aggers cross adversarial salty fractious spoiling for a fight difficult malevolent offensive angry nasty having a chip on one's shoulder antipathetic eristic inhospitable militaristic spiky opinionated destructive arsey bolshie harsh rancorous hawkish unkind sabre-rattling hateful warmongering spiteful crabby vitriolic unsympathetic biffo fire-eating martial ferocious adverse rebellious have chip on shoulder sullen have a bone to pick surly dissentious ill-disposed loudmouthed grouchy pettish snappy jingoistic active huffy excitable provocative courageous spirited spunky splenetic uncooperative malicious hot-button hotheaded poisonous ructious vindictive acrimonious opposing scathing thin-skinned enthusiastic war snarly ardent hot flip challenging negative bloodthirsty opposed impassioned passionate bitter virulent ill-natured cussed cranky contending brawling military peevish hurtful wrathful persuasive pushy catty at loggerheads resistant on the outs opposite have it in for up in arms ready to fight awkward troublesome litiginous litigatious disputable determined plucky eristical dissentient miffy exasperated abusive narky soldierly gung-ho grumpy battleful disruptive sanguinary attacking rough bold outspoken uncompromising snappish soreheaded fretful mighty peppery short-tempered self-assertive itching to fight wrestling tilting skirmishing tempestuous arguesome vicious under arms looking for trouble turbulent unruly churlish assertive ireful acrid venomous bilious savage vigorous anti averse against envenomed censorious malign pernicious radical obstreperous ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme forceful combating cruel resentful rude rational logical rationalistic dissenting fanatical embattled zealous crabbed indignant irate waspish hate-filled malignant unpleasant discourteous warrish revolutionary assertory oppositional tough down on dead set against dissenting from at odds with acting in opposition set against in disagreement with at variance with itching sensitive dialectical ill insolent frightening deadly vituperous browbeating caustic terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising trenchant sharp bullying mordacious mordant in arms jaundiced dissident conflicting disapproving gutsy peppy gritty frisky mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly gutty zestful game hearty analytic unwilling unsociable reluctant adversative unreceptive uncongenial accusatorial oppugning go-getting full-blooded high-strung full of pep allergic at odds analytical dialectic combatant sour viperous armed army foul noncivil clashing quarrelling expansionist unwelcoming at war alien adversary uncharitable maleficent unpropitious biting malefic inconsiderate dour cold quarreling joyless furious soldierlike filthy ill-humored mean-spirited evil-minded ill-humoured pro-war sulky war-mongering war-loving colonialistic imperialistic at each other's throats bad tetchy ratty shirty carnivorous service flag-waving militarist chauvinistic competing grumbling peckish liverish crotchety curmudgeonly waxy paramilitary battle-hardened trigger-happy rotten obnoxious sparring rival rapacious intrusive invasive defence defense on a short fuse short-fused macho wretched vile at daggers drawn wounding soldier-like warrior


Causing, or likely to cause, an argument or controversy
controversial argumentative debatable disputable disputatious disputed polemic polemical ambivalent contended equivocal hot-button moot quarrelsome scrappy uncertain unresolved unsure vexed borderline controvertible undecided unsettled critical provocative open to debate open to question questionable doubtful arguable dubious problematic problematical iffy doubtable dodgy open to doubt dubitable issuable negotiable suspect unclear delicate difficult in doubt awkward contestable in dispute sensitive ticklish sticky up in the air tricky thorny knotty open to discussion undetermined hairy at issue unconfirmed fishy indeterminate chancy indecisive contested debated dicey divisive touchy unconcluded marginal emotive prickly heated suspicious perplexing indefinite tough catchy inconclusive unreliable queer shaky shady precarious embarrassing vague unproven unestablished open tricksy nasty uncomfortable spiny subject to debate unsound spurious mootable flimsy yet to be decided ambiguous in question risky clouded uneasy unclassifiable paradoxical unlikely peripheral frontier bordering inexact ongoing in contention taxing conjectural sub judice far from certain unsubstantiated weak tenuous troublesome fractious untrustworthy speculative unreasonable suppositious suppositive unsupported undependable much debated intricate complicated convoluted unverified unprovable open to suspicion apocryphal undefined complex hard involved volatile scandalous occult cryptic enigmatic obscure hypothetical contingent unpredictable nettlesome not definite not obvious under advisement under examination hair-trigger tendentious debateable notorious hot unknown riddling puzzling under discussion on ice not yet established a moot point a controversial subject a live issue a matter of opinion bone of contention on the back burner betwixt and between touch and go the jury's out up for discussion between sixes and sevens between rock and hard place indistinct pending nebulous confused hazy in the balance in limbo mysterious open to argument imprecise arcane abstruse enigmatical inexplicit confusing ill-defined up for grabs inscrutable mixed unfounded tentative unforeseeable incalculable mystic vacillating unascertained misleading gray grey irresolute wavering indistinguishable equivocating hesitant opaque double-edged unanswered Delphic open for discussion unfinished groundless unintelligible assumed gnomic shadowy presumed murky unsolved clear as mud torn blurred on the fence neither fish nor fowl clear as dishwater in no man's land waffling to be decided neither one thing nor the other blowing hot and cold exceptionable a debatable point hinky outstanding up to the individual insecure hidden deep elliptical unsubstantial ungrounded dual dark elliptic undisclosed fuzzy fuliginous concealed at risk sketchy to be won or lost baseless unwarranted blear twofold polysemous polysemic polysemantic touch-and-go untested ill-founded multivocal not yet settled not reliable not dependable unjustifiable unjustified unattested uncorroborated yet to be settled hanging by a thread on thin ice unfixed pendent double not validated in a state of limbo open-ended not decided in a state of uncertainty foundationless without basis invalid nonvalid without foundation ignored neglected two-edged oracular unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged fluctuating contradictory conflicting not backed up by evidence unconvincing unproved hesitating clashing warring opposing conflicted muddled opposed unsatisfying unsatisfactory inadequate resolving nothing lacking incomplete unfateful deficient uneventful proving nothing wishy-washy neutral uncommitted impartial hemming and hawing divided noncommittal of two minds running hot and cold hedging your bets in the middle not sure hard to believe in two minds leaving matters open in a quandary in a dilemma muffled theoretical intangible indiscernible left hanging elusive academic suppositional supposed on the horns of a dilemma still open to question still open to doubt putative imagined academical conjectured theoretic notional unreal imaginary concocted conditional conjecturable refutable presupposed provisory guessed made up presumptive casual assumptive stochastic proposed pretending postulated


Involving heated argument


Having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed or angered
irritable angry cranky cross grumpy irascible sulky tense testy uptight critical fiery fractious fretful grouchy peevish petulant ratty surly temperamental touchy argumentative bristly cantankerous choleric crabby curt disgruntled feisty glum gruff huffish huffy impatient moody prickly querulous sensitive shirty snappy sullen unsociable volatile whingy bilious bitter brusque chippy crabbed cynical difficult disagreeable discontented dyspeptic harsh hotheaded ireful misanthropic narky obstinate ornery oversensitive pertinacious perverse pettish pouty quarrelsome shrewish snappish sour splenetic truculent acrimonious captious churlish contrary crotchety crusty crybaby curmudgeonly displeased eggy exasperated grumbling hypercritical miserable peckish peppery resentful snarky snarling soreheaded stroppy tetchy uncooperative ungracious whining whiny annoyed bearish brooding disputatious edgy fussy gloomy iracund iracundulous liverish mean miffy morose pouting scratchy snaky snippety snippy stuffy tough waspish waxy acid acrid awkward blunt carping caviling cavilling childish chuffy complaining cussed dissatisfied dour filthy fretting griping grousing growling hasty malicious malignant mardy mumpish nasty obstreperous on edge out of humor passionate raspy saturnine sharp short sore sorehead spiteful tart trying venomous vindictive vinegary waspy whingeing bad-tempered ill-tempered out of humour ugly hot-tempered thin-skinned having got out of bed the wrong side hot-blooded foul-tempered ill-humoured ill-natured quick-tempered short-tempered ill-humored easily offended fault-finding hot under the collar in a mood nasty-tempered out of sorts short-fused cross-grained having got out of bed on the wrong side out-of-sorts out of temper in a bad mood on a short fuse as cross as two sticks like a bear with a sore head unpleasant unfriendly vicious rude disobliging mean-spirited impolite bloody-minded abrupt discourteous cruel unlikable eristic unhelpful bellicose heated impassioned violent belligerent tempestuous bristling vengeful antipathetic inflammable rancorous icy uncomfortable hateful lively antagonistic virulent spirited manic hysterical lawless inimical vitriolic antisocial embittered intolerant uneasy glowering uncommunicative unresponsive mopey uncivil unmannerly joyless scowling frowning sourpussed sulking indignant uncharitable inconsiderate humourless taciturn humorless unkind unsmiling dismal fed up Eeyorish combative foul malevolent sombre somber piqued lugubrious bad confrontational inhospitable pugnacious uncongenial scrappy unsympathetic catty with a long face put out mopish aggressive abusive wrathful hostile furious sober pessimistic moping peeved vexed dark aloof hurtful militant withdrawn depressed cheerless boorish loutish viperous malign in the sulks in a huff in a strop down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk uncouth vulgar oafish evil-minded ungentlemanly ungallant ill-mannered ill-bred classless cloddish unchivalrous clownish ignorant uncivilised crass polite bad-mannered miserly unpolished rustic uncivilized base lowbred clodhopping uncultured unneighborly crude coarse


Stubborn or unmanageable
refractory intractable recalcitrant stubborn wilful perverse contrary disobedient headstrong obstinate unmanageable wayward mulish rebellious defiant insubordinate obstreperous stiff-necked ungovernable unruly balky bull-headed contumacious difficult obdurate pigheaded self-willed unyielding froward intransigent mutinous uncontrollable bloody-minded bolshie cantankerous cussed incompliant rebel recusant restive stroppy thrawn uncooperative unmalleable unpersuadable untoward willful contrarious disputatious stubborn as a mule bullheaded fractious incorrigible noncompliant opinionated unresponsive challenging aggressive non-compliant truculent hostile daring bold resistant resisting antagonistic provocative audacious belligerent insolent confrontational pugnacious combative dissenting argumentative bellicose subversive feisty quarrelsome scrappy sassy disregardful cheeky gutsy reckless insubmissive resistive dareful ready for a fight spoiling for a fight demanding uncompromising overbearing unaccommodating tough hard to please fussy unrelenting unreasonable grim unamenable delicate grumbly disobliging hardheaded dogmatic hypercritical importunate strong-minded pitiless strict oppressive picky prickly single-minded captious dissatisfied snappy sensitive ill-natured rude hard to satisfy irritable temperamental trying irritating crotchety querulous indomitable bearish ornery crabby set in one's ways unflinching overcritical boorish rigid uppity touchy hard-line stiff wrong-headed inexorable inflexible troublesome finical huffy impolite uptight hard-nosed opinionative irascible chippy unbending obstructive tiresome vexed unpredictable perfectionist particular resolute fastidious over-particular finicky testy hard to handle dictatorial invidious critical immovable disputative sour negative oafish pertinacious discontented ungracious tyrannical steadfast choosy fiendish

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