Đồng nghĩa của separatist

Alternative for separatist

separatist /'sepərətist/
  • danh từ
    • người theo chủ nghĩa phân lập, người chủ trương phân lập

Danh từ

Someone who advocates separation from the established Church
dissenter dissident freedom fighter protester rebel secessionist heretic nonconformist objector sectarian sectary separationist sceptic skeptic schismatic apostate iconoclast freethinker renegade recusant revisionist unbeliever maverick dissentient heresiarch radical infidel revolutionary misbeliever miscreant malcontent bad boy atheist non-theist agnostic individualist disputant demonstrator insurgent mutineer independent revolutionist nihilist agitator subversive rejectionist bigot partisan insurrectionary refusenik insurrectionist pagan non-believer extremist dogmatist protestant splittist independent thinker schismatist protest marcher zealot idolatress heathen heterodox thinker idolater unorthodox thinker recreant tergiversator paynim nullifidian partizan dogmatizer fanatic activist disciple withersake cynic militant devotee adherent free thinker supporter Young Turk cohort satellite true believer bohemian loner eccentric deviant boho counterculturist nonconformer beatnik hippy outsider freak misfit original oddball dropout weirdo weirdie wackadoo wackadoodle screwball kook offbeat seceder swinger liberal outlier free spirit lone wolf enfant terrible lone ranger unorthodox person fish out of water odd fish different breed night person opposer troublemaker opponent picketer marcher protestor odd one out rioter reformer anarchist campaigner disrupter firebrand saboteur traitor instigator demagogue quisling incendiary fomenter nonbeliever inciter provocateur rabble-rouser exciter kindler demagog revolter striker picket outlaw ringleader fifth columnist agent social justice warrior sparkplug leftist fighter pusher advocate mover reactionary champion propagandist one of a kind SJW wave maker odd man out complainer unconventional thinker independent-minded person unconstrained thinker rule breaker no critic questioner trendsetter boycotter lobbyist detractor ruiner innovator non-conformist denouncer image-breaker unconventional person outcast exception oddity crank flake loser character New Ager hippie rare bird rationalist rarity flower child one-off rara avis libertine oner individual square peg in a round hole round peg in a square hole picketers terrorist hooligan vandal heckler seditionary seditionist deviationist guerrilla human chain delinquent sabotageur ecowarrior sab frondeur deserter subverter collaborator insubordinate defector red betrayer Bolshevik stirrer turncoat resistance fighter runaway backslider renegado agent provocateur provoker escapee forsaker abandoner double-crosser refugee turnabout exile snake fugitive hunt saboteur computer hacker soapbox orator snake in the grass

Danh từ

Nationalist or autonomist

Trái nghĩa của separatist

separatist Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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