Đồng nghĩa của brusque

Alternative for brusque

Đồng nghĩa: abrupt, blunt, gruff, harsh, surly,

Tính từ

Rudely abrupt and unfriendly in nature
curt blunt abrupt short gruff snappy crusty snappish rude surly impolite sharp terse snippy discourteous uncivil churlish unceremonious harsh bluff tart unmannerly downright rough crisp offhand monosyllabic caustic brisk abrasive undiplomatic outspoken tactless indelicate peremptory short-spoken plain-spoken not afraid to call a spade a spade ungracious grumpy bad-tempered irritable ill-tempered grouchy testy brief cross tetchy crabbed ill-humored ill-humoured crabby cantankerous irascible prickly crotchety splenetic ill-natured impatient peevish touchy crude choleric sullen short-tempered waspish ratty brusk ill-mannered dyspeptic bilious boorish petulant cranky bad-mannered ill-bred snippety chippy fiery narky disagreeable uncouth unpleasant inconsiderate eggy quick-tempered bearish perverse oafish pettish disrespectful liverish peppery peckish no-nonsense soreheaded snaky moody huffy fractious loutish vulgar laconic to the point snarling ungentlemanly coarse hot-tempered concise unfriendly sulky miffy morose pithy bitter like a bear with a sore head direct crass ornery graceless curmudgeonly dour snarky thoughtless stuffy raspy sour unladylike unmannered nasty insolent mannerless impertinent impudent shrewish volatile ungallant succinct unchivalrous frank unrefined saturnine on a short fuse hotheaded out of sorts clipped angry uncultured unpolished brutal ignorant breviloquent inelegant querulous temperamental insulting offensive cavalier abusive quarrelsome compact impetuous acid off compendious summary epigrammatic cross-grained matter-of-fact aphoristic uncalled-for elliptical unhandsome truculent thumbnail tough indecorous gross sententious mean glum upfront unsociable apothegmatic hot-blooded capsule gnomic telegraphic elliptic captious acrimonious shirty ugly scratchy edgy derogatory passionate short and sweet pointed mardy uncomplimentary forthright disparaging straightforward bloody-minded offish out of humor short-fused contumelious candid straight from the shoulder unkind dusty flip acerbic in a bad mood fresh cruel uncultivated unequivocal difficult lowbred sarcastic honest cussed loud miserable excitable sensitive argumentative stroppy gloomy compendiary mumpish presumptuous sorehead complaining low-bred foul audacious decisive out of temper taciturn uncharitable cheeky severe hard businesslike mean-spirited disdainful malapert stern rustic incisive stark ungenteel smart-alecky condensed underbred inaffable brutish callous bald economical cloddish open rugged scowling point-blank insensitive lewd disobliging explicit contrary lowbrow fretful violent tense trenchant misbehaved tasteless filthy pouty whingy insensible common humourless humorless artless neat disgruntled uptight roughneck incult raffish synoptic misanthropic cynical undisguised impulsive vitriolic unhelpful tight unsmiling contentious pulling no punches taut inflammable foul-mouthed whiny pouting spiteful annoyed disputatious displeased fussy waxy discontented sharp-tongued acrid trying on edge awkward whingeing chuffy vinegary not beating about the bush boiled down hot-headed calling a spade a spade in a nutshell hasty thin-skinned out of humour cut to the bone not mincing one's words speaking one's mind easily upset nasty-tempered as cross as two sticks in a mood unpolite aloof uncourteous vigorous sassy inurbane ungraceful unconstrained rushed imperious distant cool badly behaved catty dismissive glowering moping mopey classless clownish tempersome obloquious derisive economic standoffish scornful hearty sparing piqued Eeyorish unresponsive uncommunicative scathing degrading berating scurrilous reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory belittling pejorative defamatory spunky acute lapidary sketchy low distinct peeved vehement aggravated irritated good-natured genial approachable illiberal uncivilised clodhopping polite miserly uncivilized base unneighborly friendly vituperatory calumniating contemptuous vituperative indignant backward savage immature in few words in a few well-chosen words blustering barefaced cheery sincere narked sharp-tempered boisterous with a long face fed up irked unindulgent rough-hewn loud-mouthed cutting speaking as one finds biting unlikable vicious having short fuse hot under collar eristic bellicose critical grating huffish feisty bristly oversensitive obstinate ireful pertinacious uncooperative resentful hypercritical whining exasperated grumbling crybaby bare simple unadorned unfeeling annoying irritating iracund brooding iracundulous unvarnished unembellished hard-hitting unqualified sudden wounding hurtful galling waspy grousing growling caviling sore dissatisfied carping griping malicious venomous fretting childish cavilling malignant vindictive obstreperous pitiless acerb unsympathetic comfortless uncompromising aggressive hateful spiky having got out of bed on the wrong side hot under the collar fault-finding foul-tempered out-of-sorts having got out of bed the wrong side easily offended straight-talking straight-shooting ribald indecent profane obscene unexpected rubbing the wrong way hard to take unreserved forbidding fierce dirty stiff austere bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian plainspoken straight startling untutored intimidating louring grievous steely inhuman close cryptic clear-cut exact lean precise vociferous plain unanticipated flinty onerous ungentle heavy hardhanded oppressive improper vocal undissembling unambiguous openhearted forthcoming free unguarded unevasive uninhibited murderous lowering unforeseen awful swift immediate shocking unforgiving rapid unpredicted quick strident unreticent freehearted opinionated square foursquare round unconcealed apt to fly off the handle free-spoken out-front up-front talking turkey calling spade a spade up front laying it on the line brash arrogant cocky disgracious mouthy smart alecky lippy brazen overbearing out-of-line insubordinate intrusive yokelish bounderish unsophisticated barbaric raw barbarian barbarous primitive raunchy philistine clumsy uneducated smutty unseemly wild blue Neanderthal impure earthy natural yobbish X-rated pornographic heathen suggestive inept off-color thuggish salacious inappropriate heathenish Neandertal lascivious cheap gauche naughty gutter saucy unprintable off colour trashy locker-room wanton adult fruity slobbish immodest near the knuckle immoral bungling risqué porny grave stag serious indiscreet racy ungodly blundering maladroit vile unsubtle ungainly native gawky spicy provincial shameless steamy gamy swinish sober wicked stony tacky unbecoming sombre somber scatological untamed scatologic Rabelaisian strict licentious ferocious unsavory lumpish heavy-handed rigorous unsavoury illiterate sordid malodorous cold unsuitable in bad taste broad lumpen stringent unrelenting benighted rash stupid lubberly hardened disapproving solemn frowning inexorable untactful unfitting plebby corrupt inapt incorrect horny carnal unfit untoward voluptuous fleshly devilish stilted incongruous unhappy amiss infelicitous malapropos wrong inapposite unapt frigid icy frosty titillating tawdry prurient outlandish porn porno hard-core plebeian nudge-nudge in poor taste feral unchaste craggy sensual ordinary stolid roughhewn parochial hooligan robust rowdy beastly spartan bestial imprudent relentless low-minded dense hick undomesticated burdensome searing excruciating unholy unbefitting unconscionable nonliterate unpolitic injudicious sexy erotic rigid uncomfortable uneasy wooden disgusting lumbering gaudy non-literate undue impolitic unworldly undignified fiendish backwoods unenlightened bodily blasphemous unacceptable sickening countrified unrestrained rustical menacing rough-and-tumble randy rank sexual outrageous uninhabited lush mean-looking ill-advised out of place unworthy discreditable lustful lecherous poor earnest arousing libidinous obdurate astringent strait-laced sleazy grim-faced out of keeping distasteful skin low-down-and-dirty soft-core unlovely low-down salty unclean hard-nosed corporeal close to the bone like a bull in a china shop in a state of nature undecorous socially unsure near the bone socially inept lacking in social graces socially awkward basic unfinished roisterous rollicking obtuse unlettered lowdown and dirty vernacular low-born ferine fell homespun agrestic baseborn general ill-behaved large subhuman troglodytic unscrupulous Philistine rough and ready nescient ungentlemanlike doltish bullying bourgeois merciless trailer-park improprietous dismal shoddy jungli revolting hoonish unfashionable undeveloped gritty ill-suited unsuited dreary uncontrolled ocker unpoised materialist unread commercial unwise inadvisable sooty formal common as muck tight-lipped hard-skinned rough-skinned tough-skinned poker-faced aboriginal exploitative corrupting beyond the pale nauseating pert brassy bumbling off-colour mature unthinking unperceptive bizarre fast libertine evil-minded orgiastic incontinent reserved juicy ridiculous foulmouthed gawkish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy stumbling blockish uncoordinated inartistic anti-intellectual unwholesome colloquial bad unsettling affronting vilifying unutterable chilly unemotional rogue careless untimely lacking in propriety unfair unworthy of uncomely unseasonable butterfingered dozy gruesome sick gangling clunky purple low-down and dirty off-colored out of line sly scabrous gamey rascally exacting inflexible hillbilly precipitate inexpert unskilful uninformed unconventional unjust unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful wrongful melancholic bleak hard-faced dejected authoritarian unyielding unbending flashy garish concupiscent drastic remote solid ramrod flash showy ostentatious debased extreme in the gutter ape-like lusty meretricious naff tatty hard-boiled all thumbs with two left feet godless immoderate punishing punitive inordinate crippling kitsch taboo threatening unbroken ornate useless hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift disreputable exorbitant swingeing towering excessive unmerciful strong overweening intolerable steep draconian sinful depraved irreligious impious profligate repulsive cheap and nasty ignoble questionable scandalous rakish calloused fearsome physical animal odious hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue frightful frightening irreverent atheistic colourful cutthroat grimy mucky grubby wilding hellish horrible colorful unvirtuous epicurean intense great implacable pagan sacrilegious non-theistic shameful ruffian sedate staid repressive sobersided demonic evil iniquitous weighty uncomic sybaritic luscious sensuous hedonistic luxurious untouched infernal satanic diabolical out of the way overrun overgrown rampant agrarian appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual voluptuary escaped neglected luxuriant indigenous deserted desert waste desolate po-faced malevolent unhallowed moving stirring exciting hedonic stimulating delightful physically gratifying pleasing animalistic hot tactile sensory sharpened debauched

Tính từ

Contemptuously ridiculing or mocking someone or something
scoffing mocking sardonic scornful cynical sneering satirical derisive caustic contemptuous jeering disparaging taunting sharp ironical biting cutting mordant acerbic satiric disrespectful trenchant offensive mean contumelious scorching corrosive arrogant bitter salty carping acid acerb irascible backhanded acrimonious needling saucy scurrilous chaffing twitting austere captious ornery disillusioned cussed evil severe weisenheiming hostile snarling smart-alecky sarcastic barbed scathing snarky scalding acidulous tart acrid pungent acidic smart-mouthed smart-aleck vitriolic mordacious nasty stinging harsh hurtful sarky vicious malicious venomous spiteful abrasive unkind wounding cruel catty virulent penetrating pointed keen rancorous rude unfriendly waspish incisive astringent searing devastating critical piercing poisonous churlish stern razor-edged ironic derisory derogatory snide ridiculing hard ill-tempered bad-tempered curt abusive sharp-worded angry inconsiderate thoughtless peppery double-edged ungracious savage vindictive withering hateful dry malign ferocious ill-natured malignant pernicious antagonistic corroding splenetic rapier-like slashing fierce burning malevolent wry bilious brutal aggressive truculent maleficent polemic malefic vengeful poignant evil-intentioned squint-eyed erosive heartless blistering callous acute choleric wise unsparing envenomed belittling grim rough violent baleful stringent testy hate-filled crabbed disdainful pithy snappy extremely critical belligerent contentious unpleasant embittered witty antipathetic alkaline irreverent impertinent destructive telling vitriolous strict exacting crisp cold ireful pugnacious wrathful rigid rigorous snappish snippy acetose short disapproving unblunted resentful merciless censorious cantankerous cross provocative salt exciting racy forceful stimulating dripping with malice acetic tonic tongue-in-cheek unrelenting edged cranky crabby indignant irate peevish pitiless sadistic ruthless wanton offended implacable begruding grudging sore insulted cold-blooded clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert burlesque jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious spicy quick-witted dissolvent oxidizing eroding anti-alkaline disintegrative bleaching rusting heated oxidising fiery querulous impassioned bristling argumentative inflammable icy uncomfortable spirited inimical intolerant tempestuous lively ill-humored lawless disagreeable antisocial disputatious quarrelsome ugly passionate manic hysterical ill-humoured uneasy eating away

Tính từ

Insisting on immediate attention or obedience, especially in a brusquely imperious way
peremptory imperious dictatorial authoritative autocratic bossy arbitrary high-handed overbearing dogmatic domineering tyrannical authoritarian commanding despotic abrupt brisk imperial magisterial summary arrogant assertive autocratical firm imperative lordly masterful overweening positive tyrannic tyrannous wilful willful emphatic insistent intolerant certain compelling decided definite finished fixed obstinate rigorous severe stringent uncompromising undeniable oppressive harsh draconian dominating officious pushy absolute repressive autarchic undemocratic anti-democratic haughty strict doctrinaire high and mighty totalitarian monocratic iron-handed unyielding illiberal coercive imposing czarist tsarist confident demanding rigid cocky inflexible forceful iron-fisted heavy-handed pushful opinionated pompous tenacious controlling bullish egotistic dominant exigent ruthless self-confident overconfident pressing urgent powerful cruel pontifical lofty stubborn decisive superior proud supercilious importunate bullying stern brutal unlimited cocksure adamant absolutist one-party uncontrolled unjust determined stuffy insolent regnant fascistic downright subjugating dictative Neronian inhuman crying dire clamant burning exacting merciless inexorable tough relentless ironhanded mean self-assured disciplinarian all-powerful masterly assured self-willed impressive ordering aggressive bidding unaccountable unconstitutional single-party sure of oneself strong-willed dystopian overpowering pushing driving czarlike unreasonable patronizing compulsatory obligatory required mandatory compulsory unrestrained crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse strong unassailable throwing one's weight about dogmatical clamorous crack-the-whip august patronising judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal in charge necessitous instant emergent acute critical throwing one's weight around autarchical no joke flat-out straight out absolutistic not backward in coming forward binding overriding throwing weight around no ifs ands or buts persistent unavoidable dogged entrenched unchallengeable narrow-minded unquestionable categorical opinionative unbending self-opinionated opinioned obdurate small-minded prejudiced pigheaded stiff-necked egotistical fanatical unequivocal one-sided bigoted wrong-headed formal bullheaded unrelenting persevering unfaltering overproud presumptuous unwavering resolute patient pertinacious lording it heavy resolved preponderant snotty high-and-mighty uppity ascendant prevalent cavalier disdainful sniffy overwhelming burdensome crushing resounding monotonous reiterative continuous perseverant pitiless murderous trying onerous stiff excruciating rough bitter unfair hard hardhanded punitive rugged grim searing grievous disheartening gloomy backbreaking discouraging weighty sombre hefty dismal depressive troubling dispiriting superincumbent bleak worrying distressing troublesome stressful somber taxing depressing confining headache rough going

Tính từ

Showing haughty disregard
cavalier haughty offhand arrogant lofty lordly supercilious condescending casual curt disdainful insolent scornful dismissive indifferent insouciant patronising patronizing unconcerned uninterested contemptuous discourteous rude unceremonious uncivil abrupt assumptive bumptious chesty cursory glib hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-handed high-hat huffish huffy imperious important masterful off overweening peremptory perfunctory pompous presuming presumptuous pretentious self-asserting self-assertive sniffy stiff-necked superior terse toploftical toplofty ungracious uppish uppity offish pococurante take-it-or-leave-it careless inconsiderate overbearing proud snooty snotty conceited snobbish cocky egotistic self-important high and mighty stuck-up egotistical smug vain vainglorious prideful overconfident hoity-toity boastful domineering toffee-nosed audacious swaggering brash bossy snobby puffed up narcissistic opinionated bold aloof self-satisfied impudent immodest affected forward bigheaded self-opinionated pushy egoistic magisterial egoistical pontifical cocksure bragging fancy-pants swellheaded self-centered self-conceited cool cheeky hubristic blustering swollen-headed self-centred snippy ostentatious selfish bloated brazen self-confident autocratic impertinent nonchalant egocentric elitist dictatorial assuming confident biggity self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying full of oneself biggety grandiose assured stuck up sneering self-assured brassy mocking authoritarian saucy la-di-da apathetic complacent contumelious big-headed blasé detached sassy scoffing lackadaisical breezy self-serving self-righteous cold-shoulder know-it-all orgulous holier-than-thou blusterous full of yourself tyrannical heedless despotic disinterested uncaring nervy officious fresh disrespectful pontificating showy dominating flippant smarty laid-back airy on high horse easy-going on your high horse jumped up wise guy devil-may-care on an ego trip free and easy too big for your boots regardless oppressive derisive above oneself smart insulting withering sententious gracious malapert heavy-handed easygoing stiff foolhardy rash disparaging slighting strutting wise persnickety posh jeering belittling pert pushful overhasty precipitate hasty abhorrent impetuous portentous relaxed swanky lax carefree informal aristocratic puffy full of contempt stuffy boasting loose happy-go-lucky flaunting high-minded la-de-da sure too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting putting on airs braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited stooping arbitrary vaunting unmoved exclusive inflated poncey windy trivializing obnoxious loud potty ritzy highhanded ambitious standoffish denigrating undemocratic refined willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive high trivialising on one's high horse bullish familiar free overbold brassbound honourable honorable lukewarm arch offensively self-assertive commanding wiseguy overfamiliar impolite slack incurious blithe previous premature pleased with yourself insensible uncurious self-aggrandizing reserved distant ironhanded dominant grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated presumptive remote flip tony unabashed on a high horse brazen-faced improper inappropriate shameless boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing throwing one's weight around bold-faced rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic turning up your nose at unsympathetic scouting looking down your nose at repudiating high falutin coercive bullying high-flown smart-alecky tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic dogmatic throwing one's weight about lording it iron-handed consequential preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent couldn't-care-less blowing one's own horn reckless irresponsible daredevil derisory precipitous incautious unheeding impulsive imprudent over-venturesome headlong hot-headed over-adventurous harum-scarum wild unthinking death-or-glory madcap unwise hare-brained taunting hell-for-leather kamikaze untroubled unworried unstudied artless demeaning scathing degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative tearaway temerarious effortless leisurely superficial impassive light languid disimpassioned inattentive negligent indolent simple hard-nosed hard temperamental sardonic disapproving upstage opprobrious high hat dog it laid back assertive forceful doctrinaire puffed-up harsh aggressive uncompromising pleased with oneself obstinate unyielding draconian offensive insistent severe adamant imposing prejudiced opinionative opinioned bigoted thrusting obdurate intolerant dogmatical autarchic pigheaded loudmouth obtrusive pushing peacockish strict stubborn strident self-regarding self-absorbed self-admiring firm loudmouthed in love with oneself biased absolute full of hot air controlling hotheaded impolitic emphatic thoughtless crowing totalitarian egomaniac positive hotshot iron-fisted summary windbag certain illiberal untactful vivacious wisenheimer single-minded abusive definite in-your-face bull-headed dictative loud-mouthed defiant of fixed views blatant think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself sarcastic self-approving goody-goody have an excessively high opinion of oneself well pleased proud of oneself too big for one's britches puffed elitist powerful cliquish masterly disciplinarian silliness giddy dizzy flighty selective self-obsessed decisive self-willed insufferable ranting majestic regal august judicial stately dignified partisan self-opinioned driven priggish wrapped up in oneself la-dee-da complaisant blowhard sure of oneself insubordinate compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free highbrow discriminatory effervescent trashy brazenfaced bright maladroit brisk fustian ill-mannered unmannerly swanking big-mouthed high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant too big for your breeches swollen with pride nose in the air riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless big of preconceived ideas exultant monocratic as bold as brass lacking civility bad mannered lippy sharp-elbowed clamorous crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious intrusive stuck on oneself compelling undeniable rigorous decided fixed stringent finished feisty think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending out-of-line mannerless off-base pleased crude crass coarse jaunty unshrinking unembarrassed unashamed content absolutist small-minded flushed brass-necked spirited brag boast hot stuff conceity ham phony gall noisy blaring phoney fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying protrusive nosey interfering busy meddling intruding meddlesome snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party gritty sure of yourself heading for a fall put down grating jarring undiplomatic on ego trip ruthless tsarist czarist merciless bold as brass coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards smart aleck smart guy smarty pants piercing raucous go-ahead subjugating cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream strong-willed gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant snot-nosed devastating big talking jazzy tinny garish blowing one's own trumpet humiliating high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe apostolic serious grave headstrong pig-headed

Tính từ

Using as few words as possible
laconic reserved reticent silent taciturn uncommunicative tight-lipped closemouthed dumb quiet untalkative speechless unforthcoming of few words close-mouthed mom mum withdrawn distant mute clammed up close secretive shy aloof unresponsive guarded private restrained media-shy antisocial cold retiring unsociable buttoned up introverted close-lipped stand-offish standoffish muted tongue-tied inarticulate inhibited curt dummied up diffident unexpressive wordless discreet unspeaking undemonstrative sententious unfriendly unapproachable detached retired sparing dour bashful brooding hushed dried-up at a loss for words not talkative dark cool demure modest remote incommunicable constrained self-restrained shrinking tight-mouthed voiceless cautious hush-hush solitary on the QT self-contained tightlipped reclusive offish sedate zipped serene placid peaceful incommunicative dried up uncommunicable snobbish nonvocal mousy saying nothing lost for words closed up terse dumbfounded dumbstruck independent introvert sullen isolated soundless unsocial insular ungregarious hermit-like hermitic hermitical have tight chops zipped one's lips formal unrevealing eremetic silentious unheard struck dumb all alone non-communicative self-sufficient bereft of speech unable to get a word out not saying boo unconversational secret short clamlike mumchance frigid chilly timid prim self-effacing unemotional evasive Olympian collected gentle mild composed soft-spoken misanthropic backward icy uncompanionable ceremonious eremitic conventional noncommittal stilly still calm tranquil arcadian restful untroubled lown halcyon soft low-pitched low subdued iced hush checked indistinct faint inconversable curbed incoherent whispered unassuming uptight unwilling wouldn't say boo to a goose frosty indifferent stiff coy impersonal cold-eyed dispassionate unassertive unbending sheepish asocial humble dry unclubbable meek unsympathetic standoff cold-blooded unconcerned timorous haughty unwelcoming passionless unfeeling buttoned-up recessive apathetic emotionless glacial controlled chill self-conscious impassive wooden hesitant phlegmatic austere sober embarrassed incurious forbidding unconfident uncordial insecure stolid inhospitable gelid uninterested apprehensive wary hostile self-controlled disdainful moderate clammy antiseptic brittle reluctant hard-eyed unpretentious nervous staid stony starchy temperate careful unobtrusive supercilious suspicious unaffable affectless conservative uncongenial unenthusiastic blushing fearful wintry poker-faced wintery lukewarm coldish stoical frozen arctic stilted chary laid-back unneighbourly stuffy stoic impassible disinterested numb strait-laced casual down-to-earth cagey uninvolved considerate thoughtful circumspect unmoved unpresuming seemly uppity prudent proper repressed callous unassured unneighborly cool, calm and collected judicious unruffled unflappable chaste unexcitable nice stern prudish aw-shucks decorous straight rigid heartless imperturbable simple matter-of-fact reasonable uneasy abashed steady measured lowly tactful skittish shamefaced self-possessed tentative unamicable clinical pompous priggish unostentatious offhand withdrawing contained nongregarious distrustful sensible politic uncivil uncurious offended impertinent procacious annoyed impudent insolent level-headed severe antagonistic unaffected seclusive nonchalant square pure alert heedful rabbity unpassioned abstract rational gingerly safe hard-hearted deadpan virginal virtuous laid back watchful vigilant decent attentive calculating flat cold-hearted balanced serious introspective unsure disciplined abstracted in check unimpassioned preoccupied mannered inward-looking cold as ice faint-hearted businesslike strained awkward cloistered maidenly unloving unsentimental diplomatic enigmatic snooty cynical unpretending proud deep afraid recluse coquettish under control uncomfortable kittenish off inconspicuous disagreeable prissy secluded unkind unpleasant spiritless polite unboastful ungracious ascetic courteous rude thick-skinned hard-boiled anchoritic eremitical mim stuck up insensible puritanical niminy-piminy fogeyish putting on airs leery overmodest arrogant jaundiced affected lone inimical stuck-up old-fashioned equable removed plain solemn insouciant negative correct neutral inapproachable discourteous spacey inaccessible expressionless toneless hollow dead blank bland vacant uncharitable hateful narrow-minded insensitive objective bottled up ill at ease hardened grouchy strict unexpansive starched spaced-out playing one's cards close to one's chest prim and proper pococurante impartial keeping people at arm's length out of it discriminating observant precautious nowhere immovable nonemotional self-centred fuddy-duddy with reservations stick-in-the-mud easy even self-centered warm on the lookout with eyes peeled of the old school levelheaded stony-eyed unexcessive not given to excesses stiff-necked unextreme avoidant unaffectionate unamiable unnatural forced costive frustrated deliberate tamed restricted limited vestal unsullied superior undefiled contrived laboured artificial ungenial girlish doubtful socially inhibited mopey mopish camera-shy arch flirtatious retreated aseptic insociable kind scowling punctilious sequestered genuine natural half-hearted tepid hung up immaculate intact self-doubting uncertain steely flinty unhappy depressing mean-looking stodgy ungainly docile alienated put on airs unsmiling passive ashamed ingenuous ordinary artless unambitious apologetic respectful indrawn muffled hushful low-keyed simpering outside repellent lifeless dubious blenching flinching unpoised low-key unaggressive hard fierce discouraging off-putting hermitlike contemplative self-interested pensive self-absorbed unenthused unnoticeable low-profile labored not forward monastic exact precise cowering weak-kneed trembling quaking cool-headed hard-headed not forthcoming complacent perfunctory unimposing cold-shoulder contemptuous withering ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed unagitated inflexible uninquiring lacking courage easily frightened unimpressionable unfazed inscrutable secluse hermetic hardhearted official bureaucratic inhuman keeping a low profile stony-hearted disinclined loath hesitating wavering indisposed ladylike respectable unprejudiced uncommitted unbiased cryptic wise strategic obdurate inexpressive listless coldhearted marble uncompassionate blah unwilling to mix with other people sceptical self-deprecating free from vanity hiding one's light under a bushel innocent pokerfaced wimpish mousey yellow gutless tremulous chicken fainthearted scary fearsome yellow-bellied sissy trepidatious featureless colorless soulless gray colourless grey equal uncolored depersonalised faceless candid depersonalized nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic resigned undercover backstairs covert sly furtive feline mysterious intelligent judgmatical judgmatic discerning stable tolerant regular unimpressible insusceptible goody-goody old-maidish buttoning up clamming up hidden mum's the word tight chops zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip malevolent shut away straight arrow by the numbers shocked sagacious softly-softly kid-glove delicate lenient abstinent peaceable straight-faced indurated inexcitable averse astounded under wraps inobtrusive nonaggressive corked up in charge chilled on a leash in control of yourself in private in chambers in privacy pessimistic inhumane earnest aghast dazed thunderstruck amazed awake civil worldly-wise cowardly shuddering recreant poor-spirited frightened scared considered not excessive compromising lonely alone strictly business cold turkey dependable settled reliable in the background in the dark sober-minded benign even-tempered sobersided gobsmacked flabbergasted selfish sarcastic hating egoistic sardonic egotistical misanthropical companionless shell-shocked along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches on lookout having foresight not rash dumbstricken obmutescent playing your cards close to your chest mature anxious troubled friendless skeptical unaccompanied knocked for six cool as cucumber astonished aphonic hit for six like a clam poised responsible sound carefree secure restless tense discomposed edgy unsettled unperturbed blithe surly sour lonesome good full of common sense well balanced calculable serious-minded unswerving having both feet on the ground medium comfortable regulated constant relaxed perturbed unrelaxed bothered nervy jittery antsy mindful provident aware special one-off sole unique singular one only unworried deadly musty conformist aggressive ill-natured suspecting scrupulous shrewd forethoughtful unquiet discomforted disquieted discomfited devil-may-care happy-go-lucky humourless fusty by itself quarrelsome unanxious old-fogeyish nasty keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on your guard belt-and-braces watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes taking it slow playing safe hedging one's bets on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled genteel narrow magisterial fetid straitlaced important self-important hot bloated humorless puffy foetid Victorian smug smoky smelly careless lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome oblivious debonair doubting antipathetic menacing adversary obnoxious mortal impolite adversarial unmannerly unattended forsaken sui generis out-of-the-way particular deserted lacking social skills by oneself on edge stag separate lorn on its own verecund blushful recoiling lofty nonplussed cross ill-disposed against conflicting opposite estranged malicious disaffected malignant spiteful competitive unpromising contrary warlike vengeful acrimonious opposed censorious combative grudging gruff unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless inattentive lackadaisical blind supine deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss heedless undisturbed negligent undaunted easily embarrassed non-committal on ice as dry as dust cold fish lone wolf vague not on speaking terms overcareful canny overcautious

Tính từ

Unfriendly or aggressive in nature
inhospitable unfriendly uncongenial unwelcoming cool unsociable unkind antisocial cold hostile ungenerous unneighbourly unsocial unsympathetic aloof chilly disdainful distant frosty glacial haughty inimical stand-offish adversarial adversary antagonistic antipathetic discourteous ill-disposed indifferent jaundiced mortal negative offhand remote uncivil ungracious xenophobic unreceptive rude short unfavorable unfavourable frigid cold-blooded reserved withdrawn gelid cold-eyed standoffish uncordial clammy antiseptic brittle hard-eyed icy uncommunicative unpleasant opposed solitary nasty unemotional unapproachable stiff wintry wintery coldish frozen chill arctic emotionless unaffable opposing stony disagreeable unresponsive detached unfeeling prejudicial misanthropic counter impersonal adverse stern against forbidding contrary unamiable bad unforthcoming reclusive disavowing disapproving dispassionate offish malevolent unenthusiastic asocial unclubbable unbending dry standoff formal naysaying buttoned-up ill-natured averse combative uncharitable Olympian unneighborly cold-hearted damaging anti discouraging lukewarm hateful hard untoward supercilious reticent apathetic set against dead set against obnoxious undemonstrative unamicable unsavoury passionless callous sour wooden harsh impolite malicious spiteful unmannerly hardhearted surly confrontational severe suspicious critical unconcerned cross distrustful aggressive unsavory impertinent poor injurious unflattering uncomplimentary inconsiderate insensitive grouchy fierce quarrelsome agin inhuman inhumane insolent impudent gruff starchy resistant low malignant thoughtless opposite down on dissenting from at odds with in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath malign objectionable unattractive ungenial unlikeable uncompanionable steely uninvolved unhappy depressing half-hearted uninterested tepid recusant repugnant bad-tempered off-putting disadvantageous inauspicious off ill-tempered unpropitious alien unenthused belligerent contentious incurious annoyed offended procacious muted cold as ice taciturn private retiring introverted cynical oppugnant acting in opposition mopey mopish destructive allergic quiet silent inaccessible nongregarious brooding inapproachable scowling secretive incompatible oppositional sceptical uppity argumentative adversative accusatorial at odds stuck-up at variance pessimistic distasteful displeasing disrespectful selfish hating egotistical egoistic narrow-minded misanthropical sarcastic sardonic eremitic bad-mannered churlish ill-mannered menacing cruel mean uncouth skeptical competitive estranged censorious unpromising grudging disaffected warlike vengeful conflicting acrimonious uncaring uninviting businesslike unladylike boorish gauche ungallant cavalier ill-bred vicious mean-spirited icky rotten unpalatable yukky yucky bitter discordant unlovely unwelcome unpleasing wicked unsentimental pitiless hard-hearted brutal snide heartless ruthless compassionless curt unhandsome terse ungentlemanly unmannered uncalled-for sharp blunt not on speaking terms shabby wounding hurtful merciless upsetting savage neutral restrained rigid matter-of-fact self-controlled stilted unkindly bureaucratic clinical offensive unfortunate unchristian beastly catty featureless depersonalized uncolored strictly business impassive gray colourless straight impartial depersonalised faceless candid grey equal measured nondiscriminatory cold turkey unpassioned colorless abstract anonymous poker-faced careful soulless monolithic coldhearted sadistic ill barbarous phlegmatic austere affectless spiritless stony-hearted not nice nonchalant disinterested unmoved casual calm laid-back lackadaisical perfunctory stolid heedless collected stoical insouciant careless passive listless impassible stoic carefree composed numb blasé serene controlled easy self-contained pococurante unruffled shy relaxed diffident devil-may-care negligent blithe insensible laid back inhibited demure unexcited guarded untroubled inattentive impervious free and easy unimpressed sedate sober unworried uncurious languid flat cursory modest cautious bashful unbiased placid close-mouthed backward unprejudiced unflappable imperturbable introvert irresponsible bored lacklustre cool, calm and collected reckless close conventional lax unexcitable complacent feckless unmindful lazy expressionless unaffected easy-going ceremonious lackluster Laodicean nonpartisan equable uncommitted irresolute soft-spoken self-restrained evenhanded objective thick-skinned happy-go-lucky incautious stuffy improvident neglectful breezy tranquil uneager regardless desultory slack unperturbed inert unloving oblivious heedless of undecided deadpan unwilling dismissive repellent slipshod prim superficial subdued slap-happy tame blithely unconcerned without care limp lifeless halfhearted unimpassioned removed snobbish peaceful gentle mild noncommittal weak constrained timid self-effacing nonaligned media-shy nonplussed hard-boiled fair-minded blah retired gay unheeding independent rational apathetic about uninvolved in uninterested in tardy remiss disregardful unmoved by weary feeble derelict sloppy slapdash inactive introspective uncircumspect delinquent unaccountable undependable unobservant untrustworthy good-for-nothing unreliable untouched uninvolved with unexpressive moderate jaded bored by reluctant tough snooty proud temperate world-weary abstracted noncombatant nonbelligerent shrinking toneless hollow dead blank bland vacant preoccupied equitable superior deaf to unmindful of lethargic closemouthed level-headed uncooperative unfazed nowhere immovable nonemotional oblivious to unaroused just fair neuter nonparticipating middle-of-road unaligned bystanding disengaged pacifistic laconic inward-looking unthinking supine hardened timorous hesitant tight-lipped effortless lighthearted slaphappy lightsome debonair self-centred cold-shoulder square non-committal on sidelines on the fence airy stuck up ungregarious sheepish coy recessive self-centered unrevealing putting on airs light-hearted cold fish thoughtful staid flippant stony-eyed easygoing spacey informal eremetic loose couldn't care less spaced-out out of it conservative avoidant strait-laced abrupt indifferent about incurious about glutted contained unaffectionate uptight grim cloyed unincluded iced flinty inscrutable nonresponsive unstirred unsmiling dispassionate about abhorrent unlively unconvincing dry-eyed undismayed unimpressible insusceptible cool-headed hard-headed uninfluenced indurated inexcitable damp unagitated ardorless loveless impotent unromantic lame weakly insociable arrogant contemptuous withering seclusive discreet uninquiring unimpressionable immune alienated mean-looking paltry meager obdurate inexpressive marble uncompassionate isolated socially inhibited resolute put on airs not enthusiastic rash keeping people at arm's length insular hermitlike ascetic disobliging immune to impervious to stubborn insensate unyielding not caring retreated aseptic recluse open-minded meagre torpid sluggish hermit-like hermitic hermitical nonpassionate proof against unambitious unmotivated enduring resigned philosophic indomitable unflustered unpassionate unnatural forced meek indrawn outside unwilling to mix with other people analytical scientific steady nonaffected sketchy non-communicative all alone self-sufficient faint logical optimistic carefree and untroubled cheerful content free-minded living the life of Riley imprudent droopy wimpy dispirited moony draggy judicial contemplative self-interested pensive self-absorbed iceberg lofty contrived laboured mannered artificial even-handed unprepossessed uncoloured non-partisan non-discriminatory non-emotional along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches hurried fleeting quick mechanical brief summary passing token hasty ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed unstudied artless on ice leisurely light disimpassioned cold-fish cool cat self-possessed unrelated unconnected autonomous unallied could care less what the hell lone wolf repressed tongue-tied self-conscious uneasy embarrassed strained awkward indolent simple equanimous sunny don't give a damn dumb slovenly rapid lacking concern frivolous buoyant unserious jaunty unanxious upbeat phoning it in going through the motions walking through it pokerfaced free from worry free from care unbothered not bothered forgetful blind deaf at ease undisturbed undaunted defeatist gloomy labored laodicean gloom-ridden unconcerned about indecisive uncertain unresolved bleak apathetic towards nonchalant about offhand about casual about uncaring about fatalistic comfortable facile untroublesome painless undemanding dismissive of mindless of careless of frivolous about reckless about unimpressed by regardless of cavalier about not giving a toss tired dulled weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about phlegmatic about wishy-washy without a care in the world straight-faced wearied ennuied obstructive resistive unconstructive highbrow scornful resisting balky up to here fed up sick of had it sick sick and tired done it all not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

Having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour
piquant pungent spicy savoury sharp tangy peppery tart zesty biting hot salty spiced tasty appetising appetizing flavourful flavorsome flavoursome highly-seasoned pert poignant savory stinging strong zingy acerb flavorous sapid critical flavorful harsh highly seasoned severe snappy well-flavored zestful with a kick bitter acrid sour vinegary acid acidic aromatic fiery acetic acidulous acerbic acetous racy tartish odoriferous sourish acidulated sharp-tasting astringent unsweetened perfumed fragrant scented stinking overpowering distasteful seasoned burning caustic sweet lively keen briny colourful dry odorous witty vinegarish humorous spirited cutting sparkling punchy piercing redolent rich penetrating unpleasant sarcastic nippy colorful musky fresh crisp zippy ambrosial acidy acetose not sweet camphoraceous sharp-flavoured noisome stiff gingery peppered effluvial pointed acute lemony citrus sweet-scented sweet-smelling balmy rotten vigorous unsavory unpalatable fragranced unsavoury yukky yucky picante amaroidal smarting aromatized soured green scathing incisive aromal herbaceous curried industrial-strength red hot well seasoned callous suffocating active strong-smelling austere effluvious nosey whiffy strongly flavoured cruel hurtful vicious highly flavoured acrimonious mordant hard salt saline brackish salted over-salted brak saltish alkaline saliferous oversalted highly flavored trenchant vitriolic sardonic mordacious corrosive barbed virulent searing devastating satirical satiric withering savage snarky venomous scornful nasty scalding spiteful blistering fierce smart-mouthed smart-aleck derisive smart-alecky malicious mocking scorching wounding catty sarky cynical waspish mean contemptuous offensive unkind hostile sneering razor-edged ferocious ironical unsparing ironic disparaging rancorous taunting poisonous disrespectful scoffing arrogant polemic jeering brutal rapier-like vindictive stringent belittling hateful maleficent aggressive abrasive rude irascible chaffing carping unfriendly truculent powerful wry pernicious violent malignant malign backhanded malefic ridiculing forceful derisory splenetic slashing disdainful extremely critical stern evil-intentioned evil corroding pervasive stifling polemical destructive malevolent grim rough nauseating irritating sickly nauseous snide abusive fetid cloying telling tongue-in-cheek vitriolous mephitic antagonistic pithy rigorous wise ill-natured foetid burlesque envenomed snarling saucy needling contumelious scurrilous crushing twitting captious ornery smart weisenheiming churlish slighting vehement resentful distressing insulting controversial harmful grievous coruscating curt strict exacting contentious sound wicked overwhelming rigid despiteful sulphurous sulfurous cussed injurious damaging bad provocative exciting stimulating snappish snippy testy short disapproving argumentative disputatious disillusioned stabbing vituperative baleful vengeful bilious crabbed tonic erosive dripping with malice squint-eyed highly effective emphatic humiliating forthright driving clear explicit distinct effective blunt dismissive superior supercilious mortifying blasting potent unequivocal edgy snubbing blighting double-edged resounding painful irreverent heady parodying Hudibrastic Rabelaisian lampooning spoofing paradoxical spoof farcical bantering full of contempt razor-sharp flowery clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious quick-witted unblunted heartless merciless unrelenting edged pitiless sadistic ruthless wanton cold-blooded

Tính từ

Energetic, noisy, boisterous, and difficult to control
raucous boisterous roisterous rowdy unruly disorderly noisy rambunctious robustious rollicking rumbustious wild intemperate knockabout tumultuous gruff turbulent hell-raising riotous uproarious rough loud obstreperous unrestrained undisciplined uncontrolled unmanageable uncontrollable disruptive clamorous lawless refractory wild and woolly out of control ungovernable wayward rebellious vociferous out of hand termagant lively exuberant irrepressible roistering rackety wilful rip-roaring excited tempestuous rampageous badly behaved mutinous fractious unbridled spirited ill-disciplined frisky mischievous loudmouthed high-spirited truculent romping troublesome uninhibited rude energetic violent swashbuckling disobedient uncooperative anarchic agitated stormy rugged passionate roughhouse seditious out-of-order out-of-line in turmoil vigorous robust loutish rootin'-tootin swaggering cavalier active animated overexcited bouncy ebullient vibrant abandoned troublemaking restless antisocial unsettling disturbing upsetting impetuous attention-seeking unlawful anarchical clangorous in high spirits lawbreaking insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant distracting raging fierce rioting indisciplined effervescent strident vociferant over-the-top brawling errant divisive misbehaving chaotic unstable full-on drunk on-a-tear out-of-control explosive unsettled roller-coaster frenzied hysterical jaunty playful carefree merry frolicsome hearty joyous off-base disrupting rowdydowdy disturbed irregular storming full of confusion fiery shaking untamed vehement perturbed bitter rampant full of ups and downs full of upheavals full of conflict demonstrative destructive stern sprightly jovial cavorting causing trouble sportive devil-may-care lighthearted thumping ripping joyful cheerful rollicksome happy fun-loving glad full of beans rampaging stroppy difficult insubordinate willful intractable untoward defiant froward contrary rebel recusant recalcitrant incompliant balky contumacious bolshie restive screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous raising Cain raising the roof

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