Đồng nghĩa của abstinent

Alternative for abstinent

abstinent /'æbstinənt/
  • tính từ
    • ăn uống điều độ; kiêng khem


Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse
chaste pure virginal decent innocent modest virgin celibate immaculate moral uncontaminated unsullied virtuous incorrupt intact maidenly undefiled unwed vestal wholesome decorous maiden nunlike self-denying self-restrained uncorrupted unmarried guiltless proper sinless clean continent demure elegant good G-rated quiet refined simple upright austere restrained unaffected controlled faithful free of sin impotent inexperienced intemerate monogamous neat prudish squeaky clean subdued unblemished pure as the driven snow spotless single untainted flawless unstained platonic stainless nice wifeless husbandless spouseless nunnish monklike monkish ascetic seemly clean-living free from sin monastic impeccable irreproachable faultless righteous exemplary blameless honest unimpeachable inculpable lily-white cleanhanded clear angelic above suspicion squeaky-clean untarnished perfect uncorrupt unoffending crimeless guilt-free pristine uncensurable in the clear not guilty impeccant uninvolved white above reproach free of honourable ethical honorable safe lawful licit legal legitimate upstanding angelical as pure as the driven snow without fault reputable worthy saintly noble whiter than white beyond reproach beyond criticism holy pious unspoilt unpolluted unspotted infallible ideal sackless seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible correct harmless unblamable apple-pie not to blame right inviolate free unspoiled undamaged reserved untouchable unassailable gentle girlish highly respectable clean-handed irreprehensible scrupulous retiring unfailing fresh undisturbed untouched snowy without sin not responsible free from guilt free from blame exquisite model exact precise innocent as a lamb unexceptionable unerring peaceful accurate errorless ten aces A-okay note-perfect fleckless unflawed on target absolved calm serene cleared exculpated untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated true guileless unblighted unprofaned lily white wide-eyed edifying uplifting anti-corruption respectable wet behind ears improving non-erotic non-violent babe in woods high-minded just right-minded pure as driven snow sanitary open invigorating helpful ruddy sane normal practical open-faced clean-cut sensible together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical blooming all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink


Sparing or economical as regards money or food
frugal sparing thrifty economical provident careful prudent saving abstemious canny parsimonious scrimping unwasteful austere cautious sensible spartan ascetic miserly monastic monkish non-indulgent nunlike penny-pinching puritanical self-denying self-disciplined cheap cheese-paring close-fisted economising economizing forehanded grasping mingy stingy tight tight-fisted ungenerous cheeseparing meagre penny-wise chary conserving discreet meager meticulous preserving tightwad wary mean close penurious chintzy avaricious closefisted illiberal tightfisted spare uncharitable stinting pinching near greedy pinchpenny pennywise Scrooge-like money-grubbing skimping curmudgeonly strict selfish skinflinty severe petty covetous churlish costive grudging acquisitive self-abnegating Spartan ungiving careful with money temperate hair-shirt continent disciplined scrimpy celibate miserable circumspect ironfisted moderate shrewd wise rigorous restrained far-sighted stringent reclusive cloistered efficient cost-effective self-restrained time-saving work-saving money-saving solitary grabby watchful prudential methodical practical cheapskate eremitic hungry snoep money-grabbing rigid on the rims anchoritic hermitic skinflint simple rapacious beggarly skimpy money-conscious hard-fisted narrow financially savvy economic sober budget-conscious Scotch mercenary tight-wad stewardly scanty hoarding cost-conscious abstentious fuel-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving teetotal moderating extortionate ignoble exacting sagacious forearmed solemn refraining straightlaced politic equipped judicious strait-laced self-sacrificing well-prepared vigilant commonsensical foresighted forethoughtful far-seeing secluded withdrawn expedient prepared contemplative hermit-like sequestered cenobitic conventual quiet meditative monachal cloistral coenobitic hermetic oblate chaste stern harsh monklike mortified abstaining ascetical other-worldly materialistic coveting moneygrubbing avid desirous sordid venal usurious gluttonous grabbing possessive money-oriented pleonectic predatory Mammonish Mammonistic prehensile itchy insatiable pennypinching pinchfisted close-handed not generous masochistic scrounging derisory abject cupidinous money motivated money hungry extorting voracious hoggish swinish on the make narrow-minded intolerant rude edacious ravenous crude esurient piggy boorish reactionary prejudiced hidebound bigoted small-minded self-indulgent guzzling ravening eager piggish carnivorous gormandizing intemperate omnivorous gobbling craving devouring gulping insatiate fundamentalist conservative unenlightened authoritarian despotic undemocratic alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive totalitarian draconian fascist tyrannical biased proscriptive myopic partial antiliberal


Of or pertaining to the Puritans, or to their doctrines and practice
puritanical prim prudish puritan severe ascetic Victorian austere forbidding moralistic narrow narrow-minded pietistic proper stiff strait-laced stuffy bigoted disapproving fanatical schoolmarmish starchy tight-laced bluenosed censorious hair-shirt nice-nelly old-maidish priggish prissy rigid schoolmistressy sententious spartan straightlaced straitlaced strict abstemious conforming goody-goody Grundyish moral stern genteel conventional governessy niminy-piminy formal prim and proper square mimsy demure uptight smug conservative fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud Pecksniffian straight overnice staid old-fashioned respectable self-righteous of the old school sanctimonious shockable old-maid precise fastidious overmodest holier-than-thou pompous stilted self-satisfied polite precious po-faced nice square-toed correct decorous ceremonial ceremonious virtuous goody-two-shoes conformist sedate straight-laced orthodox comme il faut overscrupulous squeamish prude pious overexact simpering mincing scrupulous offish affected rigorous finicky pretentious illiberal artificial pedantic Pharisaic hypocritical complacent vain pi god-fearing unctuous PC fussy particular politically correct goody two-shoes epicene blue-nose spic-and-span snobbish spruce meticulous wooden cleanly good dapper upright dignified stickling nit-picking choosy bourgeois traditional traditionalist namby-pamby suburban parochial reserved sober impersonal stodgy Pooterish fogeyish deadly musty dogmatic doctrinal Biedermeier humourless fusty button-down small-town bien pensant seemly old-fogeyish decent smoky foetid supercilious self-important hot bloated befitting humorless as dry as dust becoming smelly magisterial important warm fetid arrogant puffy refined gentlemanly ladylike fit right modest mannerly suitable fitting honourable honorable done courteous in line by the numbers by the book meet comely well-mannered de rigueur buttoned-down unadventurous mainstream distinguished socially acceptable august stately imposing punctilious forced portly unnatural mannered laboured strained solemn frigid unrelaxed icy labored moralizing Tartuffian churchy diehard boring stiff-necked pharisaical mealy-mouthed canting insincere superior dated deceiving preachy religiose Pharisaical false moralising out of date out of the ark out-of-date behind the times too good to be true to keep up appearances


One who abstains from something

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