Đồng nghĩa của gluttonous

Alternative for gluttonous

gluttonous /'glʌtnəs/
  • tính từ
    • háu ăn, phàm ăn, tham ăn

Tính từ

Given to excessive eating
greedy voracious edacious hoggish piggish insatiable rapacious ravenous esurient gannet-like gourmandizing piggy swinish wolfish covetous desirous devouring excessive gorging gormandizing gourmand ravening starving ventripotent starved unquenchable with eyes bigger than one's stomach never full avid grasping hungry avaricious insatiate eager unappeasable acquisitive gutsy omnivorous craving grabby close-fisted self-indulgent prodigious gross intemperate selfish predatory gobbling guzzling close grudging carnivorous gulping mean uncontrollable uncontrolled keen wolflike mercenary miserly moneygrubbing coveting dog-hungry empty sating fierce stingy parsimonious penurious tight lupine starved to death rude crude boorish prehensile pennypinching itchy tight-fisted menacing dirty filthy squalid brutish sordid unclean have eyes bigger than one's stomach quenchless insatiat compulsive enthusiastic lascivious lecherous savage plant unslakable inappeasable inextinguishable leering wolfy lustful wanting importunate yearning desiring clamorous pressing urgent unsatisfiable insistent unsatisfied exigent crying limitless demanding consuming powerful intense flaming overwhelming never satisfied ferocious very hungry unable to be satisfied miserable penny-pinching annihilatory corrosive passionate money-grabbing materialistic money-grubbing pleonectic hoarding Mammonish snoep Mammonistic money hungry money motivated peckish famished unfed hollow hungering half-starved sharp-set dying of hunger faint from lack of food ready to eat a horse starving to death flying light could eat a horse having the munchies vicious undernourished malnourished vulturous exploitative vulturine underfed deprived of food usurious marauding plundering preying extortionate murderous furious famishing food-deprived dying from hunger craving food faint from hunger got the munchies in a fasted state able to eat a horse feeling faint from hunger on empty stomach dying from lack of food with one's stomach thinking one's throat's cut

Tính từ

Loving food and finer things
epicurean hedonistic self-indulgent libertine sybaritic pleasure-seeking sensual sensualist decadent indulgent lotus-eating voluptuary abandoned bacchanalian depraved dissolute gourmandizing licentious louche luxurious shameless sinful unrestrained wanton carnal Dionysiac extravagant fast-living immoderate intemperate luscious lush profligate saturnalian voluptuous binge-eating greedy connoisseur foodie gourmand pleasure-loving sensuous overindulgent hedonic debauched hot lavish dissipated parsimonious effete pleasing steamy sensualistic fleshly excessive erotic lascivious physical pampered champagne pleasurable sensory miserly delightful gratifying self-gratifying exciting passionate gastronomic lusty provocative horny salacious comfort-seeking gourmet luxury-loving Lucullan desirable attractive enticing hedonist lubricious appealing aesthetic rich easy sumptuous sensorial affective opulent fleshy aesthetically pleasing primrose intense esthetic deep degenerate corrupt immoral rakish degraded debased unprincipled sick reprobate rakehell perverted demoralized jackleg perverse loose warped unclean unwholesome rakehelly bodily animal moribund lost decaying evil declining wicked demoralised sexual randy sexy gone bad gone to the dogs raunchy lewd lustful unspiritual appetitive unchaste lecherous libidinous animalistic arousing moving heavy corporeal physically gratifying stirring sharpened X-rated stimulating rough tactile impure bad sordid vile base promiscuous fast vicious indecent disreputable wild obscene pervy corrupted defiled fallen nefarious iniquitous rotten ungodly low unhealthy tainted vice-ridden profane deviant villainous vitiated miscreant immodest twisted dishonourable prurient unrighteous sicko kinky unnatural abnormal dishonorable profaned amoral desecrated uncleanly impious coarse blasphemous careless irreligious wrong sullied unsavoury mean wrongful concupiscent wayward criminal morally wrong improper unsavory swinging despicable raffish unconstrained unholy fast and loose high living gross atheistic sacrilegious irreverent ignoble vulgar godless retrograde unrefined devil-may-care scungy infamous retrogressive freethinking contaminated erring monstrous peccable sleazy brutal irresponsible riotous imprudent not pure whorish out of control violated deteriorated drunken open light of easy virtue night owl in the fast lane lacking restraint in the gutter bestial disgusting crude inferior deviative ribald vulgarized vulgarised unworthy hardened goatish aberrant distorted incorrigible dubious prodigal lax hellbent lickerish roundheeled roguish heedless gone to seed abased unregenerate scoundrelly deviate inconstant dirty dishonoured flagitous rascally knavish unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful dishonored boorish baneful flagitious deleterious unethical filthy grotesque vitiate sadistic contorted impaired rude foul dirty-minded degenerated no better than one should be dishonest misguided unscrupulous unconscionable unbelieving sceptical agnostic flatitious demeaned sinking failing fraudulent unfair devious underhand unvirtuous pornographic reckless non-believing heathen heretical non-theistic faithless dodgy black crooked shady unlawful cutthroat bawdy dark Machiavellian low-down barbarian pagan infidel barbarous unjust graceless not cricket bohemian dashing jaunty casual sporty unconventional idolatrous heathenish audacious carefree brash fast-paced religionless iconoclastic nonreligious dapper nullifidian undevout frivolous foolhardy flashy skeptical free-thinking daredevil slack harsh flash gadabout temerarious tawdry colourful unusual gay free-spirited individual colorful

Tính từ

Having a strong desire or craving
hungry eager greedy keen avid craving yearning athirst covetous thirsty aching desirous hot longing pining raring thirsting voracious agog antsy anxious ardent crazy desiring dying enthused enthusiastic excited hankering impatient insatiable itching itchy juiced pumped wild gagging nuts predatious ravenous solicitous stoked edacious esurient geeked hoggish hungered insatiate intemperate piggish rapacious ravening swinish unfilled unsatisfied gung ho hopped-up hepped up covetous of desirous of lusting after hankering after in need of in want of with an appetite with a yen great passionate zealous champing at the bit willing fervent appetent intent chomping at the bit ambitious ready interested vehement animated fanatical keen as mustard wishful spirited dedicated ready and willing wholehearted earnest lively fervid acquisitive grasping breathless hopeful exhilarated thrilled motivated keyed up psyched devoted inspired restless raring to go energetic moved wishing exuberant mad keen determined bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bursting ebullient hot to trot rarin' to go as keen as mustard vivacious intense committed restive inclined stirred aroused avaricious stimulated piggy dying to devouring psyched up fired up gormandizing obsessed driven wanting warmblooded delighted titillated amenable disposed intent on wolfish assiduous awakened gutsy zestful high-spirited diligent aflame full of beans gannet-like game hearty beside oneself feverish close grabby gulping guzzling close-fisted grudging carnivorous gobbling impassioned burning unquenchable worked up elated on fire electrified unappeasable prodigious sprightly heated encouraged roused hoping pleased perfervid industrious animate rhapsodic mad uncontrollable engaged glad gross desperate happy ripe self-starting conscientious nutty hung up potty tumultuous selfish omnivorous daft fiery expectant charged high dynamic warm itching for on tenterhooks dying for afire prehensile waiting with bated breath gone on active self-indulgent juiced up cranked up in a hurry pumped up geared up needing vicious predatory wistful languishing approving striving coveting mercenary moneygrubbing touched atingle enamoured very keen lusting edgy curious prepared impetuous restored refreshed revitalized enamored vigorous enthralled chafing straining gotta have fierce up rabid revitalised cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless set lacking habitual unreluctant diehard crude rude fain longing for hoping for gourmand gourmandizing dotty nutso infatuated with devoted to enamoured of hot for smitten with straining at the leash quenchless set on bent on fascinated passional inspirited galvanized energized minded consumed with desire urgently requiring keen on full of enthusiasm wacky forceful concerned tantalized unqualified influenced activated uplifted all agog all a-gog boorish tantalised bugged zesty gaga favourably inclined anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for partial to crazy for wild for in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on turnt red-hot on pins and needles in suspense frantic frenzied hysterical raving uproarious delirious chafing at the bit in the mood galvanised energised have eyes bigger than one's stomach aggressive proactive bullish banzai up for on for of a mind pysched up ready for willing for avid for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained crying out in great need of stirred up parsimonious stingy miserly penurious pennypinching tight tight-fisted dry as dust importunate clamorous urgent demanding insistent crying pressing unsatisfiable exigent limitless lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards amorous aspiring keen for very excited jumping up and down in a frenzy on the edge of one's seat dirty filthy mean take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic self-driven buoyant joyous joyful jovial up for it never satisfied greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for uncontrolled excitable enlivened overjoyed euphoric enraptured ecstatic sordid unclean squalid brutish turned on aspiring to jolly exultant in urgent need compulsive elevated giddy piqued peppy tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated unable to be satisfied insatiat alive blissful jubilant empty gorging starving starved dog-hungry sating cock-a-hoop very hungry starved to death rapturous over the moon rapt gleeful transported cheerful entranced in seventh heaven bouncy gay merry enrapt heady bubbly in raptures chirpy rhapsodical in high spirits effervescent on a high sparkling blissed out jaunty sunny peart jumping for joy walking on air cheery exalted zingy carried away zippy upbeat full of life crank frolicsome wigged out breezy triumphant irrepressible light-hearted in transports of delight chipper corybantic sent on cloud seven on top of the world frolic gamesome beside oneself with happiness vibrant perky vital airy blithe blithesome gratified chuffed bright wild with excitement wrapped bright and breezy captivated proud in a frenzy of delight full of vim and vigour gladsome smiley flying overwrought gloating agitated brash enchanted on edge turned-on lighthearted of good cheer delirious with happiness mettlesome astounded pert rejoicing with bated breath alive and kicking cheered full of fun as merry as a grig puffed up infatuated exulting bubbling flushed open-mouthed scintillating crowing dizzy vivid happy-go-lucky carefree apprehensive glorying prideful triumphalist alert zappy boisterous flipping in heaven brisk mirthful floating satisfied pizazzy bouncing springy snappy kinetic jazzy racy spanking pizzazzy jumpy frisky overexcited amused emotional flying high hilarious feeling one's oats dashing as pleased as Punch pleased as punch amped-up blazing accelerated possessed triumphal inflamed exhilarative aglow ablaze fired transfixed awestruck amazed effusive contented frothy gushing in paradise in rhapsodies started lusty overwhelmed overpowered celebrating tingling tingly amped fun-loving filled with joy doing handsprings revelling daring distraught distrait hysteric distracted extravagant lyrical eulogistic bold swaggering boastful jocose laughing jocund jocular festive full of the joys of spring absorbed affected quickened Corybantic victorious content reveling wowed beatific smug boon playful spunky over-the-top thunderstruck flabbergasted drunk ravished coltish gallant kooky zany in transports extremely happy grateful flattered privileged eagerly blown away riled up orgasmic charmed beside yourself fond romping sportive skittish jittery gone athrill dreamy tickled to death beside oneself with joy in exaltation very happy out floating on air smitten ludic rollicking kittenish frolicky gladdened diverted entertained honoured honored thankful wanton uptight worried nervous uneasy enchanté fulfilled wicked larkish prankish full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre in love def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it cool hip made up as happy as a clam very pleased pleasantly surprised as happy as Larry like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails anticipatory waiting expecting fond of sweet on very enthusiastic quick wigged-out awaiting anticipating agape anticipant waiting for the axe to fall au courant watchful go-go vitalized anticipative vigilant hopped up set up looking good looking for waiting on

Tính từ

Savage or vulgar in nature
beastly awful horrible nasty rotten objectionable terrible unpleasant detestable disagreeable hateful offensive abominable animal barbarous base bestial boorish brutal brute brutish carnal coarse cruel degraded depraved disgusting feral ferine foul God-awful gross inhuman irrational loathsome low monstrous obscene piggish prurient repulsive sadistic shocking swinish unclean vile yucky appalling dreadful ghastly revolting horrid odious repellent obnoxious repugnant horrendous sickening distasteful nauseating abhorrent frightful hideous nauseous execrable noxious noisome rancid loathly evil disgustful repellant ugly scandalous fulsome putrid gruesome lousy atrocious yucko sick-making deplorable stinking icky bad despicable off-putting contemptible bogging unsavoury unpalatable grotty displeasing skanky unsavory heinous dire insufferable diabolical reprehensible uninviting wretched rank scurvy fetid rebarbative unwelcome unacceptable mephitic hellacious malodorous dirty smelly festy foetid intolerable unpleasing poor unspeakable grisly stomach-turning vomitous stomach-churning abysmal unsatisfactory godawful bitter alarming sour annoying on the nose crummy niffy funky vomit-inducing stinky calamitous olid cruddy mean invidious lamentable outrageous gut-churning beyond the pale pitiful harsh wicked unappetizing damnable filthy pongy whiffy uncongenial unlovely miasmal creepy dismal sleazy woeful hellish undesirable grody rubbish pathetic cheap lame paltry fearful egregious frightening evil-smelling foul-smelling acrid irritating horrific unutterable indescribable poisonous yukky grubby distressing sordid sorry grungy bum exceptionable dislikeable miserable horrifying squalid vulgar mucky pesky from hell grimy sucky rubbishy polluted cringe-making pestiferous unsightly mediocre scummy ratty scabby sullied soiled inferior upsetting poison disastrous sad second-rate very unpleasant pestilential emetic forbidding punk very bad inadequate pants unbearable troublesome smudged bedraggled stained besmirched befouled smutty unfair blackened bemired dusty uncleanly unsportsmanlike black dingy draggled sneaking muddy begrimed illegal substandard ornery macabre grim pitiable sick raunchy yecchy trashy ungodly unholy uncool godforsaken grievous cut-rate low-grade third-rate low-quality laughable infuriating exasperating blasted severe brackish tremendous cursed cussed confounded censurable poxy reeking unwanted disconcerting terrifying tainted ropy duff chronic hateable dislikable accursed gut-wrenching adverse scuzzy direful unsuitable inadmissible opprobrious shameful hurtful biting embarrassing cutting harrowing diseased wanting shabby crumby junky deficient dissatisfactory unlikable hostile off depressing distressful off-color shoddy serious useless worrying inexpedient unfortunate regrettable strong galling wack schlocky cheesy inexpressible tragic afflictive affecting a load of pants bush-league garbage under par disgraceful low-rent el cheapo less-than-stellar poor-quality painful second-class below par sub-par two-bit bargain-basement worthless maddening messy catty sickly unseemly desperate chunderous discouraging slimy indecorous harmful hated reviled offending abusive impertinent insolent discourteous terribly bad repelling very disgusting shameless intense shuddersome resentful infamous untold undescribable deleterious unhealthy pernicious injurious mischievous unfit rude insupportable woozy rocky reeky beast morbid high musty stenchy fusty unpardonable inexcusable baneful unwholesome crying frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty acute ill-favored ill-favoured unforgivable pigpen ripe deadly insalutary dangerous immoral tasteless dismaying gnarly scabrous contradictory inconsistent opposed incompatible inconceivable overwhelming unbelievable unrelenting extreme nagging squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic unimaginable unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign pill heel inept catastrophic ridiculous absurd hopeless ludicrous foolish-looking silly god-awful rueful derisory cataclysmic disappointing ineffable infernal dreaded unpopular disliked in opposition too horrible for words preternatural indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked indescribably evil beyond words unattractive troubling curst freaking darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned darn deuced unwished-for disquieting worrisome irksome discomforting rough unsought inconvenient shunned outcast defective bothersome detrimental loathed incommodious disadvantageous scorned uninvited rejected unsettling agonizing traumatic stressful perturbing daunting torturous blimming tinhorn downer not up to par diddly valueless bummer scurrilous poor quality the pits meagre blah indefensible bad news not up to scratch not up to snuff fallacious meager not good irremediable erroneous not the best humourless sombre unnerving disturbing humorless difficult discomposing sober uncomfortable doleful agitating mortifying solemn somber dilapidated abject to be avoided for the birds strictly for the birds out of place unwished for gloomy lurid sedate hairy tormenting heartbreaking troublous unendurable fraught vexatious nightmarish grave subpar bush suboptimal wrong tragical unhappy saddening unappealing awkward afflicting common schlock nerve-racking excruciating nail-biting concerning heart-rending heart-breaking agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending extremely bad nerve-wracking decomposed flimsy shlocky faulty gimcrack cheapjack seedy shlock weak trumpery pits decayed run down down at heel decaying decomposing festering rotting putrefied mouldy putrescent contaminated spoiled mouldering putrified spoilt addled corroding rotted mildewy defiled corrupt moldy perished corrupted caried worm-eaten dirtied purulent wormy stale carious pustular maggoty bad-smelling moldering smelling infected flyblown unfit for human consumption overripe faecal fecal feculent

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