Đồng nghĩa của ill favored

Tính từ

Unattractive or offensive to the eye
ugly hideous unattractive grotesque monstrous unsightly unlovely unappealing unpretty unhandsome unpleasing unbeautiful vile homely uncomely unpleasant repulsive horrible repellent offensive objectionable deformed plain unprepossessing disgusting plain-featured huckery fugly ill-favoured revolting uninviting short on looks horrid not much to look at gruesome misshapen ghastly displeasing not beautiful plain-looking disagreeable nasty frightful gross unalluring ordinary unnatural no oil painting weird hard on the eyes distorted malformed abnormal freakish grisly horrendous terrible disfigured terrifying repugnant beastly repelling drack ordinary-looking dull bad-looking as ugly as sin not much for looks as plain as a pikestaff scuzzy ugly-looking awful-looking frightful-looking dreadful distasteful drab lacklustre unshapely lackluster obscene nightmarish horrific horrifying not striking animal mousy unaesthetic hellish mutant frightening miscreated fearsome teratoid shapeless obnoxious fiendish not pretty plain as a pikestaff unappetizing insipid dreary banal subfuscous unlikable trite not appealing unbeauteous odd bizarre fanciful outlandish strange fantastic whimsical misproportioned twisted mutilated gnarled mangled freaky peculiar rum shocking incongruous surrealistic uncanny queer laughable extravagant surreal perverted flamboyant aberrant absurd grody extreme antic eerie detestable sickening abominable loathsome morbid macabre bestial grim foul awful unseemly reptilian hard-featured hard-favoured spooky lurid grewsome appalling gory atrocious ghoulish ghostly dire creepy dark sick unearthly spookish scary gloomy terrific nightmare unnerving bleak alarming warped distressing shadowy ominous funereal sinister melodramatic disheartening fearful sepulchral supernatural forbidding disturbing chilling black unsettling crooked sombre somber startling contorted direful unhealthy sullen harrowing depressing daunting dismaying blemished diabolical morose wry upsetting irregular unwholesome intimidating spine-chilling unspeakable sickly eery cruel devilish bent asymmetrical unusual ill-proportioned bandy hunchbacked ill-shaped thrawn nauseating savage wretched hateful cold bloody death-obsessed out of shape shady prodigious skewed bloodthirsty demonic brutal disconcerting disquieting troubling recurved discouraging deadly infected diseased ailing Gothic worrying demoralizing perturbing bothersome foreboding irksome discomforting like the back end of a bus scaring shameful miserable troublesome discommoding unpalatable unsound malignant pathological abhorrent outrageous melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn cheerless menacing sensational astounding odious heinous vexing discomposing tenebrous sad perverse brooding maleficent moody baleful irascible graphic exaggerated unpardonable petrifying godawful abject tremendous unforgivable pitiless murky mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave diabolic sadistic threatening bone-chilling egregious hellacious onerous nauseous explicit mysterious bad from hell heavy inexcusable formidable mean bloodcurdling deathly gut-wrenching demoralising preternatural God-awful evil redoubtable hair-raising trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained eldritch tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious pulp prurient far-out mystifying unreal other-worldly haunting off-putting violent suggestive dirty filthy inscrutable shock-horror tacky vivid juicy flakey uncouth mystic occult flaky secret magic oddball whacko numinous magical supernal yellow full-frontal awe-inspiring out of the ordinary fiery raunchy salty deep striking colorful off-color purple sanguine rough racy distinct garish low-down crippled ungainly ill-made awry buckled askew marred bowed curved damaged disjointed disproportionate

Tính từ

Arousing distaste or opposition
unwished-for disagreeable unpleasant unwanted undesirable distasteful unacceptable unpopular displeasing objectionable obnoxious unsought uninvited repellent rejected inadmissible exceptionable excluded unasked lousy undesired blackballed thankless shut out excess baggage not in the picture left out in cold unpalatable deplorable reprehensible unwelcome unsavoury nasty annoying unsavory disappointing unfortunate unlucky bad uncongenial unlovely icky rotten unpleasing harsh distressing upsetting regrettable yukky yucky lamentable sour bitter wicked blameworthy not wanted ill-advised unwished for too bad offensive abhorrent intolerable repugnant despicable contemptible appalling loathly insufferable detestable censurable odious repulsive unseemly loathsome disgusting rebarbative obscene horrible dreadful horrid irritating sickening indecorous revolting hateful noxious disgustful opprobrious dislikable nauseating frightful nauseous awful foul rude vile unfit terrible invidious ghastly unsatisfactory off-putting beastly poison inexpedient unsuitable beyond the pale bogging sick-making ill-favoured abominable hideous horrendous gruesome shocking unbearable execrable gross atrocious grisly monstrous repellant ugly troublesome dislikeable noisome base unappealing rancid putrid fulsome scandalous evil skanky yucko God-awful mean uncool painful horrific horrifying grim wretched unspeakable insupportable inappropriate dire heinous poisonous sad lurid macabre nightmarish adverse godawful stinking hostile scurvy hateable creepy out of line ornery out of order unenviable infelicitous inadequate hated reviled scabrous off-color heel pestiferous pill pesky not okay terrifying grewsome terrific nightmare fearful unfavorable unfavourable corpselike uncanny ghostly unnatural unearthly dim faint from hell anemic ghoulish mortuary sepulchral haggard funereal wraithlike weak supernatural deathlike anaemic untoward disastrous troubling disconcerting irksome disquieting worrisome discomforting pitiful ignominious miserable severe woeful unsettling forbidding agonizing traumatic daunting torturous stressful perturbing humourless poor harrowing sober crummy sombre dismal uncomfortable unnerving doleful disturbing agitating mortifying humorless difficult solemn discomposing distressful somber disgraceful shameful incompatible contradictory inconsistent opposed troublous gloomy unendurable frightening fraught vexatious sedate abysmal hairy tormenting worrying heartbreaking diabolical depressing grave antipathetic inimical averse antagonistic tragical pathetic awkward cruel grotty afflicting hellacious unhappy tragic saddening uninviting grody afflictive affecting opposite unfriendly revulsive extrinsic unfitted in opposition counter against extraneous alien unconformable foreign different agonising nerve-racking anguished excruciating hurtful sorrowful heartrending gut-wrenching galling nail-biting extremely bad grievous nerve-wracking concerning heart-rending heart-breaking dreaded disliked unattractive unlikable loathed inconvenient shunned useless incommodious disadvantageous scorned outcast defective bothersome detrimental to be avoided for the birds strictly for the birds out of place

Trái nghĩa của ill favored

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