Đồng nghĩa của colourful

Alternative for colourful

Đồng nghĩa: colorful,

Tính từ

With bright or richly varied colours
brilliant rich vivid vibrant bright-coloured deep-coloured glowing motley multicolored multicoloured radiant variegated bright eye-catching flamboyant flashy garish gaudy glaring multicolor multicolour psychedelic showy brightly coloured harlequin intense jazzy many-coloured many-hued polychromatic prismatic rainbow rainbow-like varicoloured Day-glo kaleidoscopic like an explosion in a paint factory looking like an explosion in a paint factory colorful striking strong bold dazzling lurid splashy gay resplendent loud graphic exciting warm stimulating particoloured glittering flaming glitzy ostentatious gleaming glamorous deep pronounced clear bling glossy lustrous lively dramatic luminous chequered sparkling shiny lambent glistering shining checkered highly colored highly-coloured conspicuous brash flaring florid noisy stirring bombastic imaginative effective pied thrilling dappled luxuriant scintillating interesting invigorating full plain bedazzling irradiant polychrome titillating sheeny piebald hot luminescent incandescent envigorating salient candescent forceful blazing refreshing noticeable refulgent beaming ablaze definite marked baroque flowery visual rococo decorated racy polychromous festooned distinguishable brindled skewbald brindle richly coloured fresh brave corinthian tabby pinto snazzy pizazzy fancy pizzazzy opalescent smart wild lucid breathtaking blinding shimmering shot opaline prominent nacreous notable exhilarating rousing heady electrifying high mottled dancing pearly rainbow-coloured coruscating streaked biting energizing spine-tingling sharp powerful energising splendid swanky swank razzle-dazzle stylish pearlescent shimmery fascinating arousing gripping hair-raising swashbuckling brilliantly coloured marbled flickering holographic irised effulgent scintillant coruscant rainbowlike glistening fulgurating rainbow-colored many-colored kenspeckle commanding bodacious outstanding obvious exhibitionistic remarkable spectacular glittery catchy grabby arresting distinct emphatic flakey peacockish camp pretentious flaky outrageous sporty gassy luscious chichi tinselled sexy cosmopolitan ritzy exotic flecked chromatic blotchy striated varied blotched splodgy splotchy speckled multihued varicolored patchy colored various iridescent marled parti-coloured poikilo- high profile jet-setting prestigious fast-lane well marked manifest evident diverse patched striped versicolor assorted parti-colored particolored mixed diversified coloured changeable extravagant flash ornate vulgar tasteless tawdry brazen kitsch tacky flaunting obtrusive meretricious bling-bling tinsel theatrical tinselly trashy naff over the top overdone over-elaborate cheap chintzy fancy-pants affected OTT crass grandiose classy elaborate expensive jaunty brassy elegant brummagem nifty raffish blatant over-bright fussy sumptuous luxurious trendy deluxe plush dashing posh gimcrack crude tony harsh Brummagem swish snappy in bad taste cheap and nasty screaming spiffy pompous flaunted busy plastic embellished fashionable actorly high-class specious grand superfly gross dicty peacocky lavish overwrought exaggerated catchpenny common gorgeous violent plushy uptown natty nauseating bilious distasteful unattractive sickly rakish sophisticated splendiferous kitschy beautiful sassy whimsical upmarket convivial merry casual informal fun dark superficial sham startling tatty pinchbeck unrefined swankish exclusive with-it daring saucy audacious adventurous unspeakable shameless saturated nasty low orotund turgid tumid declamatory cheapjack cheap-jack rubbishy paltry animated schmick vain vaunting boastful egotistic shocking daredevil defiant shabby shoddy junky worthless red gingerbread poor sleazy dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny curlicued bedizened overdecorated gingerbready gingerbreaded pizzazz frou-frou coarse reddish-orange ginger scarlet crimson common as muck splurgy pzazz trumpery overelaborate wedding-cake gussied up large in poor taste high-flown putting on the ritz very elaborate arty-farty artificial mannered magnificent intricate imposing posturing decorative overripe impressive ornamental ornamented superb adorned costly Daliesque glorious lovely opulent majestic noble regal palatial stately proud stunning spruce debonair camped up select quality towering extreme superior devilish fine trim modish swinging prime fanciful special far out handsome princely kingly chic fly dapper kicky groovy attractive kicking cool froufrou frilly fancible custom beautifying unusual cushy highfalutin imperial royal heroic august splendorous splendrous heroical monumental magnific epic massive splendacious gallant baronial trig dressy voguish upscale swagger with it now slick magnolious palatian on fleek high-quality solid gold magnifico as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox in vogue dressed to kill Homeric

Tính từ

Attractive or striking because colourful or out of the ordinary
exotic strange striking unusual outlandish bizarre curious different glamorous fantastic fascinating peculiar romantic extravagant eye-catching off-centre remarkable unconventional unfamiliar weird astonishing outrageous sensational alternative attractive avant-garde bizarro Bohemian extraordinary fantastical foreign-looking glamourous marvellous marvelous mysterious offbeat out of the ordinary alluring colorful enticing exceptional external extraneous extrinsic interesting kinky outside peregrine avant garde far out from abroad off the wall way out out of the common intriguing charismatic captivating charming exciting appealing beguiling fetching engaging seductive arresting riveting compelling quixotic provocative nostalgic magical chivalrous adventurous uncommon novel new unknown odd unorthodox abnormal original eccentric rare atypical alien unique queer anomalous foreign unaccustomed quaint freakish fresh oddball aberrant unprecedented out-of-the-way unexplored irregular unwonted unheard-of singular unheard of funny uncustomary way-out unexpected quirky untried idiosyncratic surprising obscure revolutionary deviant outré remote newfangled special kooky off-the-wall uncanny freak out of the way nonconformist isolated divergent cranky kookie experimental uncharacteristic untypical preternatural groundbreaking freaky pioneering far-out little known distinct out there faraway distant left-field imaginative unreal distinctive ground-breaking whimsical far-off uncharted crazy radical wacky zany outstanding unnatural advanced extreme erratic funky incomprehensible unrepresentative wonderful beyond your ken undiscovered one of a kind outre grotesque untravelled unmapped surreal virgin fanciful particular dissimilar specialized wild artistic screwy innovative heterodox noteworthy whacky unconforming rum monstrous unthinkable unlike inconceivable contrary incongruous supernatural jarring disparate newsworthy perverse innovatory creative modern innovational inventive heteroclite unparalleled weirdo queerish trailblazing futuristic unrecognized ingenious untested unmatched unequalled unrivalled unrecognised neoteric awkward progressive specialised disruptive incomparable unrivaled prodigious new-fashioned contemporary uninvestigated recondite off-kilter spaced-out matchless unexcelled unequaled unexampled inexplicable untraditional record peerless amazing momentous phenomenal state-of-the-art first-time signal in a league of its own cutting edge just out without equal ultra-modern beyond compare something else sui generis miraculous without parallel exquisite non-standard alternate memorable anomalistic marginal impressive nonnative removed ornate elaborate intricate spooky recherche absurd mad rococo baroque Kafkaesque notable incredible nutty batty unplumbed detached far-removed other specific fundamental wacko scarce off the beaten track out of this world drastic unhackneyed arty altered imported not prepared variant ready mystifying off the air esoteric latest unresearched infrequent well away inaccessible quizzical errant nonconforming off-key discordant perverted unharmonious brand new up-and-coming forward-looking game-changing world-shattering weird and wonderful out of place astounding perplexing unordinary puzzling arcane thin on the ground nondescript startling egregious few and far between few arty-farty unsurveyed unidentified hidden uncultivated unnamed concealed previously unencountered outside one's experience boho bohemian left bank carefree laid-back relaxed desolate distinguished not mapped heretical characteristic custom customized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual far all-time dissenting out-there dissident nonorthodox unceremonious heretic iconoclastic dissentient maverick informal improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal flakey beatnik anarchic flaky sectarian schismatic visionary originative inspired inspiring refreshing recent seminal modernistic off the beaten path limited leading-edge cutting-edge out-of-the-box far cry breaking new ground personalised customised ridiculous ludicrous preposterous droll daggy barbarous in left field eye-popping

Tính từ

Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
coarse vulgar indecent obscene dirty crude lewd smutty filthy bawdy ribald gross blue rude foul improper raunchy pornographic profane indelicate impure offensive nasty suggestive lascivious salacious racy wanton naughty indecorous spicy vile immodest earthy trashy risqué gutter porny unprintable sordid unseemly prurient adult stag tasteless saucy crass raw scatological inappropriate base scatologic broad debased impolite mean salty explicit lecherous lowbrow scandalous rakish taboo tacky vulgarian randy mucky farmyard low X-rated off colour off-color locker-room foul-mouthed nudge-nudge bad-mannered hard-core low-down-and-dirty in bad taste lowdown and dirty scurrilous distasteful fruity gamy blasphemous abusive Rabelaisian licentious cheap near the knuckle obnoxious depraved disgusting uncouth repulsive malicious odious sleazy porno porn steamy inelegant colorful close to the bone Fescennine boorish immoral unsavory tactless uncivil profligate ignorant awkward grody unsophisticated blunt uncultured uncultivated unrefined questionable ignoble libidinous rough unclean shameless grubby grimy unchaste unvirtuous unsavoury lowbred insensible raffish rugged incult unpolished roughneck common illiberal concupiscent bad dishonourable discourteous dishonorable outlandish sneaking unworthy fractious contemptible soft-core slippery villainous titillating off juicy gamey erotic off-colored exciting wicked sexy lustful shocking unwholesome degenerate carnal near the bone detestable loathsome sensual sickening unpleasant outrageous despicable abominable horrible shameful corrupt dissolute disreputable debauched loose evil repugnant rank libertine revolting unbecoming sinful ignominious reprehensible low-down abhorrent atrocious lubricious deplorable indiscreet arousing shady noisome wretched sexual appalling unscrupulous disgraceful nauseating sick unprincipled off-colour graceless discreditable scabrous reprobate hideous provocative low-minded nefarious scurvy execrable horrid beastly hot repellent unacceptable mature diabolical brutish ill-bred disagreeable objectionable abject unladylike untoward churlish unmannerly awful monstrous heinous lousy vicious degrading uninhibited stinking dreadful yucky disrespectful fleshly dissipated undignified unfitting ungentlemanly wrong perverse gruesome skin ugly icky tawdry poor horny grotty yucko God-awful in poor taste insulting perverted goatish snide currish paltry dishonest unrestrained uncivilized loutish lusty shabby fast unsuitable unethical horrendous displeasing infamous barbaric fiendish humiliating Cyprian voluptuous frightful profaned rotten nauseous dark hateful purple desecrated barnyard uncivilised sorry black shoddy truculent unfashionable ill-mannered sexually explicit undiplomatic hellish malodorous egregious noxious disgustful terrible ridiculous dire loathly wrongful ghastly out of keeping sick-making full-frontal unstylish cruel savage brutal beyond the pale lubricous satyric passionate itchy hypersexual irreverent ungracious iniquitous uncleanly embarrassing fierce ruthless inhuman incontinent derogatory decadent lively orgiastic ferocious corrupting underhanded bodily off-putting graphic exploitative disparaging devilish rascally unbefitting merciless foulmouthed deceitful abandoned unblushing unconventional heartless remorseless bestial demoralized barbarous unpalatable exceptionable crooked uncensored corporeal vituperative opprobrious rough-hewn unrighteous degraded worthless murderous ithyphallic vomitous unwelcome notorious galling bogging tremendous sneaky deceptive incorrect inapposite inapt unpleasing unspeakable infernal inhumane black-hearted butcherly brute sadistic inglorious gut-churning hellacious scummy repellant inept unfit incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos ungodly cruddy undesirable flagitious lurid rubbish page-three affronting inexcusable slimy unappetizing pitiless out of place unforgivable alarming distressing rancid fulsome demoralised creepy no-good godawful abysmal skanky festy not pure unsightly godforsaken vomit-inducing scuzzy yecchy out of the way insensitive ill-chosen barbarian toey disorderly base-minded groveling risque evil-minded sooty exuberant satirical profanatory illicit libellous libelous gaudy grovelling gruff seamy seedy dysphemistic bizarre ruttish squalid promiscuous rogue fleshy barro sly forward bold daring amoral vigorous extravagant robust parodic untactful callow undecorous dirty-minded stimulating entertaining thoughtless sullied warped rakehell jackleg rakehelly crummy dubious suspicious suspect animal defiled Philistine fresh cheeky brazen slavish humble servile petty menial brash sizzling tempting seductive oafish excessive strong sacrilegious XXX low-down and dirty out of line despisable sour bitter uncongenial unlovely harsh unlettered annoying irritating unequitable unrightful unjust mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish blameworthy tainted in the gutter wild lowly pitiful plebeian grown up wolfish dastardly dodgy funny iffy malevolent meanspirited lame brackish messy whorish physical vitriolic unfair colloquial contaminated impious shy unrespectable knavish indefensible louche sexually suggestive wounding hurtful exasperating contumelious denigratory invective pejorative deprecatory slipshod ratty scabby disdainable malignant unceremonious wayward demeaning personal impudent vexing provoking impertinent slighting insolent venereal sensuous of easy virtue venomous unsettling intemperate flagrant vilifying drunken derisive unutterable serious underhand ill-advised debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying trailer-park funky harrowing low-life contemptuous censurable sex grownup material amorous somatic corporal desirous grungy gnarly depressing vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless voyeuristic rowdy ruffian hankering upsetting unhealthy longing cheesy adults-only itching from hell very unpleasant good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account vituperous offending insupportable horrific dowdy naff unpardonable grievous intolerable genital grisly horrifying uninviting unlikable putrid dismaying squicky rebarbative cloying surfeiting sleazeball macabre styleless bloodthirsty stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning ticky-tack ticky-tacky diabolic miserable damnable unlawful

Tính từ

Presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms
lurid sensational shocking exaggerated graphic explicit grisly gruesome macabre melodramatic disgusting ghastly startling revolting extravagant gory hideous horrifying overdramatized rubbishy sensationalist trashy unrestrained appalling cheap kitschy prurient pulp ribald salacious tasteless dirty filthy grim repugnant savage suggestive violent atrocious awful dreadful frightful grewsome grotesque horrendous horrible horrid horrific juicy monstrous morbid nightmare nightmarish shock-horror tacky terrible terrific unearthly vivid full-frontal yellow bloody colorful deep distinct extreme fiery garish low-down obscene off-color offensive purple racy raunchy rough salty sanguine sinister striking terrifying provocative fascinating intriguing spicy exciting scandalous piquant thrilling entertaining interesting risqué hot very interesting tantalizing tantalising titillating frightening dire unspeakable loathsome sickening harrowing abominable fearful vile distressing abhorrent alarming repulsive nauseating eerie bad scary forbidding odious beastly spine-chilling hellacious heinous unnerving upsetting fearsome repellent hair-raising direful disturbing nasty from hell dark gross formidable spooky godawful cruel daunting disagreeable sick hateful distasteful detestable grievous intimidating disquieting chilling grody unpleasant foul sombre somber gloomy grave wicked weird execrable redoubtable bleak outrageous black traumatic spookish diabolical ghostly hellish funereal morose shadowy sepulchral wretched worrying solemn dread depressing disheartening objectionable despicable ugly ghoulish deplorable severe petrifying dismal egregious nauseous lamentable noxious disgustful loathly mean sick-making abysmal disconcerting vicious intolerable displeasing evil perturbing serious unsettling unpalatable insufferable contemptible troublesome creepy miserable shameful agitating unbearable obnoxious undesirable unhealthy rotten sad lousy desperate ominous noisome very bad bloodcurdling unwelcome unfortunate troubling barbaric villainous disgraceful inhuman fiendish nefarious dismaying irksome discomforting barbarous cold sickly ruthless infamous sullen brutish sober terrorizing unsightly base merciless devilish annoying sadistic discouraging shady discomposing unacceptable foreboding humourless humorless irritating terrorising sedate unforgivable tragic dreaded glum desolate cheerless flagitious God-awful off-putting unsavory gray mournful grey hairy woeful unsavoury calamitous repellant icky difficult doleful bitter harsh yucky astounding parlous beyond the pale tremendous gut-wrenching overwhelming hostile shuddersome dangerous gut-churning sensationalistic overripe dramatic taboo critical poignant whiz-bang bilious unwholesome insalubrious unattractive unhealthful haunting diabolic twisted perverted unthinkable unmentionable iniquitous deathly satanic bestial scaring loud great depraved demoralizing bothersome unkind callous lou terribly bad discommoding unpardonable abject immoral aberrant spine-tingling blood-stained inconvenient disastrous punk excessive lewd wrong vexing strange sublime baleful heavy inexcusable misshapen fugly freaky misproportioned reptilian Kafkaesque frozen gnarly huckery onerous suffocating like death warmed up overpowering demoralising reprehensible rubbish mushy pulpy trash pulpish nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin worrisome rebarbative exceptionable agonizing stressful torturous uncanny dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic weak anaemic stupefying poor crummy distressful uncomfortable mortifying unsatisfactory stinking tormenting heartbreaking troublous unendurable fraught vexatious regrettable stunning rancid astonishing bewildering fulsome amazing staggering surprising tragical uncool yukky grotty unhappy saddening sour pathetic unappealing awkward afflicting uninviting afflictive affecting glaring excruciating hurtful galling concerning agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending painful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking brutal straitened unpropitious dour unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable hard joyless hopeless tough discommodious tortured harmful perilous troubled full of hardship doubtful threatening strained exacting adverse ill-omened treacherous ill-boding injurious austere negative inauspicious oppressive pressing precarious comfortless exigent messy jeopardous unfavorable apocalyptic rocky unfavourable infernal murderous black-hearted flagrant low dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited depressive tenebrous inhumane heartless scurvy butcherly brute truculent wanton pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear dingy cacodemonic facinorous death-obsessed

Trái nghĩa của colourful

colourful Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

English Vocalbulary

Đồng nghĩa của color Đồng nghĩa của colourless Đồng nghĩa của colorless Đồng nghĩa của colorful Đồng nghĩa của colored Đồng nghĩa của coloring Đồng nghĩa của colorant Đồng nghĩa của colors Đồng nghĩa của colorism Đồng nghĩa của coloration Đồng nghĩa của colorable Đồng nghĩa của colorfully Đồng nghĩa của colorize Đồng nghĩa của colorer Đồng nghĩa của colorway Đồng nghĩa của colorlessness Đồng nghĩa của colorfulness Đồng nghĩa của colorfast Đồng nghĩa của colour Đồng nghĩa của colorology Đồng nghĩa của colorist Đồng nghĩa của colouring Đồng nghĩa của colours Đồng nghĩa của coloured Đồng nghĩa của colourant Đồng nghĩa của colorfulnesses Đồng nghĩa của colorists Đồng nghĩa của colourize Đồng nghĩa của colourfully Đồng nghĩa của colorized Đồng nghĩa của colorizes Đồng nghĩa của colorations Đồng nghĩa của coloreds Đồng nghĩa của colorings Đồng nghĩa của colorlessly Đồng nghĩa của colourizing Đồng nghĩa của colorants Đồng nghĩa của colourants Đồng nghĩa của colorers Đồng nghĩa của colorways Đồng nghĩa của coloureds Đồng nghĩa của colourized Đồng nghĩa của colorizing Đồng nghĩa của colorably Đồng nghĩa của colourizes Đồng nghĩa của colourlessly Đồng nghĩa của colorisms Đồng nghĩa của colourlessness Đồng nghĩa của colourfulness Đồng nghĩa của colourings Đồng nghĩa của colourable Đồng nghĩa của colourway Đồng nghĩa của colourably
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