Đồng nghĩa của adult

Alternative for adult


Đồng nghĩa: full-grown, grown-up, mature, of age,

Trái nghĩa: child, childlike,


Related to, or dealing in, pornographic or indecent material
pornographic dirty obscene blue filthy hard-core lewd erotic sexy carnal porn sensual smutty taboo X-rated crude indecent porno racy rude soft-core vulgar arousing earthy naughty Rabelaisian ribald sexually explicit suggestive improper offensive raw spicy titillating fruity full-frontal gamy mature porny raunchy saucy skin steamy Cyprian Fescennine ithyphallic off colour prurient rank salacious XXX near the bone near the knuckle grown up bawdy coarse lascivious indelicate gross foul impure profane nasty locker-room wanton trashy gutter risqué unprintable stag off-color indecorous scatological scatologic explicit licentious vile sordid juicy low broad immodest foul-mouthed nudge-nudge immoral unseemly rough wicked tasteless inappropriate salty lustful scurrilous provocative crass close to the bone lecherous libidinous off cheap gamey off-colored disgusting uncouth base colourful sleazy shameless colorful unchaste in bad taste hot lubricious depraved debased distasteful loose scandalous rakish lowbrow off-colour sexual purple unclean stimulating exciting amorous erotogenic aphrodisiacal erogenous erotical aphrodisiac amatory corrupting exploitative impolite unrestrained uninhibited unwholesome voluptuous scabrous unrefined randy blasphemous tacky abusive mucky profligate lusty bad-mannered repulsive concupiscent questionable low-down-and-dirty malicious odious inelegant lowbred raffish shocking shady roughneck rugged unvirtuous XXXX page-three graphic ruttish risque uncensored fleshy boorish outrageous lively entertaining corrupt sooty vicious scurvy unsavory gruesome obnoxious sex grownup unbecoming rogue devilish lurid corporeal fleshly tactless uncivil rough-hewn in the gutter low-minded sly rascally undecorous ridiculous malodorous foulmouthed ill-bred adults-only uncultured uncultivated ignoble fast libertine unconventional incontinent dirty-minded ignorant awkward unsophisticated grody blunt out of line low-down and dirty goatish dissolute amoral degenerate debauched in poor taste sick grimy grubby unsavoury insensible unpolished common incult illiberal barnyard excessive bad dishonourable dishonorable sneaking contemptible slippery villainous discourteous outlandish unworthy fractious beyond the pale tantalizing seductive beddable ravishing alluring bootylicious lush foxy sultry tantalising kissable cuddly provoking sensuous mean vulgarian farmyard lowdown and dirty sinful reprobate dissipated unprincipled evil perverse abandoned perverted promiscuous unscrupulous disreputable nefarious decadent untoward unethical reprehensible horny iniquitous wrong wrongful shameful graceless ungodly dishonest demoralized despicable unfitting indiscreet passionate demoralised criminal atrocious unmannerly profaned low-down desecrated unblushing unsuitable disgraceful degraded cheeky inapt incorrect lubricous satyric hypersexual itchy warped unfit ungentlemanly inapposite impious infelicitous malapropos incongruous discreditable lickerish intemperate inept unapt disrespectful brazen undignified uncleanly abominable detestable ignominious impudent sacrilegious defiled unladylike appalling jackleg rakehell irreverent rakehelly devious brutal unconscionable unhappy amiss infamous degrading bold unholy out of keeping deplorable unrighteous forward monstrous unfair abhorrent not pure crooked tempting heinous miscreant rotten out of place diabolical fresh tawdry insulting brash embarrassing churlish godless irreligious loutish flagrant flirtatious brutish unspeakable ill-mannered insolent tainted unacceptable execrable wretched illicit unlawful unbefitting pervy opprobrious unjust fallen fiendish loathsome kinky contaminated abject wild underhand wayward dark morally wrong murderous inviting egregious flagitious of easy virtue not cricket low-life beastly unabashed unashamed audacious orgiastic hankering sullied itching desirous derogatory barefaced cruel disparaging unsuited tarty blatant unembarrassed ungracious unhealthy vitiated inconsiderate shabby whorish vituperative underhanded inhuman fierce atheistic sexually arousing sexually exciting remorseless blameworthy contumelious impertinent harsh deceitful corrupted illegal maleficent undisguised grim unutterable voluptuary heathen pagan brassy lowlife dangerous truculent shoddy incorrigible black louche barbarous swinging unconstrained untimely hurtful presumptuous undue dreadful dastardly unseasonable hateful heartless inexcusable felonious malevolent loud unforgivable affronting indictable lawless ill-advised sneaky deceptive drunken uncomely overbold terrible unhallowed scummy censurable out of the way easy worthless awful horrible slimy noxious fast and loose bent sickening in the fast lane no-good vilifying revealing evil-minded bodily libellous libelous hedonistic barro profanatory unequitable unrightful untactful callow daring freethinking unpleasant ill-suited uncontrollable non-theistic morally bereft sizzling scungy improprietous depraving thoughtless uncontrolled delinquent lawbreaking poor rowdy ruffian demonic uncurbed savage despisable disagreeable snide paltry currish hot and heavy perverting culpable under-the-table condemnable uncivilised uncivilized infernal satanic lax relaxed unruly animal unmoral disorderly unchivalrous ardent objectionable ferocious lame lousy meanspirited against the law unhandsome clumsy gauche unlovely unworthy of maladroit sexually suggestive strong violent colloquial derisive unsettling annoying irritating vitriolic blamable base-minded groveling lacking in propriety demoralizing subversive slipshod scabby malignant ratty cruddy disdainable displeasing craving sadistic pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory hedonic deviant hircine barbaric hot-blooded grovelling brusque curt inglorious venomous riotous sorry undesirable callous cold-blooded ruthless merciless wounding exasperating tough indulgent flagitous twisted demoralising erring bloodthirsty bloody bestial galling personal vexing slighting exceptionable humiliating vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless sybaritic sicko unnatural severe hard oafish dour bluff unrespectable knavish indefensible notorious shy ungentlemanlike insensitive diabolic guilty good-for-naught no-count meritless good-for-nothing no-account brute homicidal inhumane butcherly fell illegitimate roguish deteriorated violated open forbidding bearish roughcast stern stiff austere deleterious injurious damaging contemptuous slinky baneful harmful pernicious mischievous malfeasant scoundrelly stinking prejudicial nocuous adverse baleful fast-living detrimental peccable ill sanguinary offending vituperous defiant louring grievous steely stark untutored intimidating gruff black-hearted bad news self-indulgent pleasure-seeking high living upsetting faulty untamed putrid insubordinate come-hither piquant coquettish pert brazen-faced night owl lacking restraint gone bad gone to the dogs oppressive flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded rancid repellant repellent nauseating horrendous fulsome horrifying horrid repugnant insupportable hideous revolting noisome intolerable ugly nauseous hardened forbidden fraudulent lowering unpardonable frightful desecrating pushy voyeuristic prohibited proscribed overt desperate red hot backbiting untrue crying highly improper maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting longing beguiling enchanting intoxicating heady intriguing enticing encouraging bewitching interesting cutthroat Machiavellian dodgy arch cocky wise bold-faced sassy nervy cocksure brassbound interdicted banned ineffable censored impenitent arrant unconcealed unrepentant transparent violating irreverential infidel heretical saturnalian indescribable flip meretricious hotshot gritty flashy smart-alecky spunky gutsy bald-faced as bold as brass inopportune inexpedient without shame high-handed frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits inapplicable inadvisable unwarranted discordant inharmonious unmentionable impermissible restricted off-limits irregular discrepant erroneous inadmissible imprudent not to be spoken of no go inaccurate abnormal preposterous ludicrous odd false ill-timed uncalled-for out-of-place out-of-season off-base at odds bad form that dare not speak its name


Dependable, or capable of being trusted
safe trustworthy trusty faithful reliable dependable responsible rational sane reasonable sensible sound stable mature discreet capable competent conscientious calculable good reputable sure tried tried-and-true true trustable upright honest honorable honourable capable of being trusted level-headed devoted principled impeccable unfailing dutiful high-principled qualified effective firm efficient loyal self-reliant steadfast able steady solid secure staunch constant unwavering unswerving tried and true tried and tested true-blue established certain resolute strong tested committed proven dedicated settled trusted ethical righteous never-failing sturdy just enduring straightforward fixed balanced predictable moral attested proved recognized approved certified equable scrupulous infallible decent unimpeachable truthful consistent incorruptible sincere true-hearted well balanced virtuous always there right pious fast recognised determined straight tried and trusted safe as houses up front stand-up standup credible conscionable sterling creditworthy strict go-to high-minded unmistakable rocklike copper-bottomed unshakable uncompromising upstanding respectable decisive incorrupt unequivocal positive careful veracious carrying the load durable immutable unchangeable to be counted on good as one's word classic demonstrated failsafe rigid used assured stout fail-safe lasting unshakeable tried out put to the test time-honoured pure stalwart permanent nice devout stanch definite confident supportive right-minded perdurable unfaltering bulletproof ardent worthy truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line undistorted liege confirmed estimable creditable square wholehearted all right long-lived long-standing long-lasting conclusive easy unanxious nailed down locked on absolute undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree hopeful well-founded shoo-in foolproof guaranteed well-built well-balanced no lie on the up and up saintly deep-rooted straight-up rock solid sure-fire true blue fly right to be trusted worthy of trust above suspicion boy scout down home on the level full of integrity as good as one's word sober calm imperturbable levelheaded serene poised sedate stolid staid serious unruffled reserved collected composed cool unexcitable full of common sense down-to-earth having both feet on the ground self-possessed serious-minded self-restrained


Having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with men
masculine manly strong virile macho muscular powerful robust strapping vigorous male red-blooded all-male bold brave hardy manlike mannish muscly brawny butch gallant hunky man-size man-sized resolute ripped rugged buff jacked manful shredded stout-hearted two-fisted well-built ape beefcake boyish caveman courageous generative hairy honorable honourable hunk jock potent stallion stud well built tough fearless swashbuckling sturdy laddish lusty he-man energetic solid valiant daring heroic chauvinist valorous chivalrous patriarchal male-controlled intrepid lionhearted burly husky beefy vital ultramasculine stalwart handsome stocky archetypal sexist stereotypical plucky aggressively male aggressive cocky unpleasantly masculine peppy gingery dynamic flush adventurous dauntless paternal athletic he- determined doughty mettlesome stout gutsy Ramboesque firm tiger staunch stately confident self-reliant lion-hearted noble dignified colt undaunted audacious jockstrap fit hale hearty spunky ballsy healthy to do with men sporty physical substantial hefty Herculean active agile thewy nimble stark lithe forceful fecund well made fertile studly powerfully built vibrant reproductive sound procreative driving sexually potent sinewy full-bodied well-developed built able-bodied favoring males thickset hulking mesomorphic broad-shouldered bulky big well muscled mighty muscle-bound herculean solidly built as strong as an ox heavy well knit stouthearted gritty greathearted heroical gutty toned undauntable fleshy well-knit powerhouse trim meaty chunky sturdily built bruising hulky pumped up hale and hearty fighting fit in good shape in trim in good trim in fine fettle in good health in tip-top condition unflinching as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea muscled as strong as a horse as strong as a lion hard spirited unshrinking unblenching unabashed venturous venturesome nervy redoubtable unafraid assertive unfearful puissant rock-ribbed worthy dashing unalarmed fire-eating game finely honed lean portly gorillalike broad gigantic big and strong musclebound wiry ropy stringy swole aerobicized heavily built indomitable well-proportioned bursting with health in rude health tall hulk ox well in shape well set-up wholesome abled slim whole fine right as rain fit as a fiddle toned up well-conditioned as right as rain in top form in good condition daredevil adventuresome spartan resilient dogged hardened unyielding obdurate stubborn obstinate feisty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard as nails hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident hard-bitten high-powered

Trái nghĩa của adult

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