Đồng nghĩa của colt

Alternative for colt


Đồng nghĩa: Colt,


(figurative) A young and inexperienced person
novice beginner apprentice greenhorn tyro neophyte newcomer rookie tenderfoot fledgling recruit newbie novitiate punk freshman babe rook virgin cub abecedarian learner trainee amateur probationer initiate new kid on the block starter raw recruit new boy new girl student new recruit pupil newie new kid noob mentee buckwheater new member proselyte inexperienced person fresher convert postulant newb probie fish greenie catechumen dilettante newling hacker plebe cadet Johnny-come-lately new person undergraduate dabbler hack frosh undergrad freshman/woman first-year student underclassman new boy/girl freshwoman youngster lad new entrant puppy inexpert whippersnapper jackleg trifler n00b heel intern flunky gremlin prentice mark stripling simpleton naif ingenue ingénue rube hayseed first of May know from nothing new kid on block new chum new hand outsider stranger parvenu latecomer new arrival johnny-come-lately late arrival nonprofessional layperson putterer layman disciple uninitiate smatterer inductee follower member potterer tinkerer ham conscript hopeful aspirant nubcake nonexpert hobbyist non-professional nub bush leaguer Sunday driver incomer bookworm entrant selectee parishioner believer laic secular draftee devotee dallier non-specialist first year scholar upstart scrub hire inexperienced worker normie entry padawan pledgee pledge muggle new kid in town nouveau arrive aesthete enthusiast new believer esthete dabbler out fan buff casual participant … lover schoolgirl schoolboy protégé impressed man enlisted man understudy junior senior brain sophomore attendant satellite resident immure doctor loafer pretender lay person graduate student student doctor med student medical student person doing work experience

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