Đồng nghĩa của culminated

Alternative for culminated

culminates, culminated, culminating

Đồng nghĩa: crown, end, terminate, top,


Past tense for to come to an end or conclusion
finished completed concluded closed ended stopped terminated ceased finalised finalized consummated halted accomplished discharged passed lapsed elapsed expired settled wrapped wrapt clinched discontinued quit quitted shuttered folded scratched scrubbed finished off rounded off sewed up sewn up topped off wound up wrapped up broke off broken off broke up broken up closed out came to a close come to a close came to a conclusion come to a conclusion came to an end come to an end got done gotten done knocked off rounded out rounded up shut down brought to an end carried out dead-ended let up packed in brought to a conclusion brought to fruition carried through left off winked out brought to a close hung up setted the seal on cut short died desisted drawn to a close drew to a close suspended determined dissolved wound down closed down died down ended up crowned climaxed capped come to a halt cut it out quit cold turkey cut loose called a halt to put a period to put to bed called it a day put a lid on put the lid on come to a stop paused come to a standstill failed petered out faded away come to rest stopped dead refrained fizzled out died away packed it in collapsed cooled it died out run out stopped in one's tracks ran its course reached a standstill adjourned belayed belaid held stood recessed desisted from refrained from intermitted stayed surceased cinched prorogued cleared brought to a stop brought to a halt came to a halt ultimated resulted backed off led up to built up to called it quits turned out reached a finale buttoned down called off folded up buttoned up come to a head brought down curtain turned out to be came to a stop came to a standstill came to rest drawn to a halt drew to a halt went gone ran out given up gave up holden given over gave over drawn to close drew to close came to a head axed put an end to cut out cut off put paid to shut off put a stop to dropped resolved aborted canceled cancelled annulled abolished scrapped sundered relinquished interrupted winded something up disposed of laid off switched off packed up pulled the plug nipped something in the bud knocked something on the head got shut of nipped in the bud pulled the plug on broke broken brake canned lay off gave something the chop given something the chop got shot of gotten shot of

Trái nghĩa của culminated

culminated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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