Đồng nghĩa của surfaced

Alternative for surfaced

surfaces, surfaced, surfacing

Đồng nghĩa: exterior, face, outside,

Trái nghĩa: interior, submerge,


Cemented or concrete


Resistant to sticking


To have put in an appearance
shown arrived showed up attended come comen blown in gotten in turned up appeared shown one's face bobbed up breezed in checked in clocked in dropped in popped in popped up pulled in rolled in clocked on gotten here got there made an appearance presented oneself punched in punched the clock punched the time clock put in an appearance reported signed in came got in blew in got here showed showed one's face materialized materialised emerged entered rolled up made it landed occurred turned out reached come on the scene cropped up happened unfolded set in hit made the scene come to pass came to light developt developed approached transpired ensued come out come along come up visited presented itself skied in come about got to gotten through got through came on the scene arose arisen started happed resulted followed eventuated actualized originated formed dawned befell befallen loomed felled evolved sprung up sprang up put in appearance entered into the picture come into existence made it to rang in come into view got kicked in came to pass come forth come on rung in hit town walked on burst through come in ended up at set foot come into being taken place come to fetched up wound up at setted foot on took place been was were came out came along came up fallen by fell in joined gotten to came about showed your face fell by fallen in shown your face chanced betided betid went to gone to commenced began begun passed settled issued haunted gathered crystallized spawned catalyzed launched derived engendered stemmed proceeded accrued emanated patronized frequented assembled supervened broke broken brake hat hitten accessed fell fallen risen rose flowed made sprung presented bechanced actioned become apparent gotten pitched up weighed in sprung in stuck out come from came into existence landed up came into view disembarked stopped found oneself gotten as far as crystallised come into buzzed in barged in stemned from came forth washed up alighted kicked off patronised caught your eye dismounted came to gat ended up landed up at got as far as graced with your presence taken shape came into being entered the picture closed in took shape come to the fore come down arrived on the scene rolled out came on presented yourself passed in pulled up stood out dropped anchor finished up wound up came in reappeared come off dropped by buzzed through resulted from manifested itself busted in chanced to happen fetched up at catalysed piled out gone went did done drew near drawn near drawn up drew up sprang broken through broke through sprang in came from arose from arisen out of became apparent arisen from arose out of came off went down gone down fell out came down fallen out came to the fore taken form took form took part taken part shown yourself showed yourself came into gone on went on


To have gradually increased in detail
developed evolved unfolded arose broadened deepened emerged transpired arrived materialized occurred progressed rose advanced appeared crystallised dawned emanated flourished flowed grew increased manifested materialised matured naturalised resulted took form took shape turned up became apparent became known came into being came to light came up changed cropped up crystallized leaked out loomed naturalized showed sprang up became visible came forth came into sight came into view came out came together merged issued become evident become apparent showed up come into sight come forth come up bobbed up come into view become visible entered into the picture come out popped up exposed itself revealed itself taken shape became evident formed set in happened originated sprung arisen started actualized commenced come into being come about come into existence come to pass engendered eventuated sprang began begun risen ensued burst out came about erupted set came into existence broke broken brake sprung up proceeded become known came to pass stemmed taken form presented itself come catalyzed derived grown kicked in taken place took place catalysed followed spawned befell befallen chanced sprouted launched felled germinated made an appearance turned out come together panned out existed become manifest shaped up fostered established cultivated came initiated become established gelled set off upsprung betided betid happed acquired become common knowledge passed spread become definite shot up culminated come from stemned from kicked off fell out proved to be the case entered the picture come to the fore leaked fallen out come on the scene come off manifested itself gotten out got out fell fallen taken root fallen into place fell into place took root come along precipitated became manifest sparked incited unravelled begun life began life unraveled become public invoked enkindled incubated instituted actuated occasioned devised fared contrived learnt learned triggered conceived burgeoned activated continued hovered settled crystalized solidified combined united amalgamated jelled opened reappeared became established imbibed mastered concocted blossomed grasped become performed ripened proliferated mushroomed started up kick-started triggered off accrued headed upsprang accumulated became common knowledge propagated fomented became definite attended originated in accompanied supervened came from hailed from become entrenched occurred suddenly come after came off assimilated shown itself settled in birthed went down appeared unexpectedly circulated picked up pushed up formed into crystals hardened came to the fore hung together figured shot happened suddenly come on broke out paced gone down showed itself resolved itself become clear pushed sprouted up revealed become delineated come out in the wash come to stay condensed come down rolled out broken out got along sorted itself out slipped out appeared indistinctly shown appeared suddenly supervened on came on the scene come forth suddenly forthcome resulted from come out in the open glimmered become a reality had its origin became public came along becomed becomen bore fruit fore borne fruit faren forthcame uprose uprisen came forth suddenly arrived on the scene arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of came on taken up took up came after came out in the wash gotten around came out in the open got around became clear became delineated assumed a pattern gotten under way got under way came to stay became entrenched been was took effect came down gone on taken effect were went on took on character taken on character became a reality gone off went off risen up rose up


Past tense for to apply a surface or layer to something

Trái nghĩa của surfaced

surfaced Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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