Đồng nghĩa của dawned

Alternative for dawned

dawns, dawned, dawning

Đồng nghĩa: beginning, commencement, daybreak, outset, start, sunrise,

Trái nghĩa: dusk,


Past tense for come into existence
began begun started appeared originated rose risen arose arisen broke brake broken commenced emerged unfolded developed developt actualized arrived engendered erupted formed materialised materialized opened sprang sprung burst out came forth come forth came into being come into being came into existence come into existence glimmered initiated loomed set in cropped up showed itself shown itself happened occurred emanated transpired issued stemmed proceeded resulted eventuated crystallized derived evolved crystallised flowed spawned come to pass come surfaced set come about manifested catalyzed turned up birthed ensued kicked in catalysed come up sprung up sprang up taken shape took shape followed become apparent come out launched came to pass comen came kicked off germinated come from popped up came to light set off grew grown spread become established hatched taken place took place came about sprouted taken form took form started off showed up had its origin betided betid befell befallen upsprung chanced flourished came up put into effect culminated hailed from stemned from presented itself entered into the picture made an appearance bobbed up precipitated came out became apparent sparked incited invoked enkindled fostered realized instituted actuated established occasioned triggered activated came from effected objectified started up kick-started triggered off hailed became established brought about reified incarnated continued extended conceived incubated represented made real engineered accomplished symbolized portrayed effectuated produced forthcome flowed from become entrenched settled in got underway existed become manifest symbolised made concrete realised settled cultivated crystalized solidified acquired jelled emanated from issued from sprung from gotten under way got under way descended propagated fomented accumulated accrued taken root made a start took root upsprang come to stay hardened become visible shaped up condensed matured come forth suddenly come off spurted gushed brought into being brought to life broke out broken out revealed itself felled come on the scene attended originated in accompanied supervened occurred suddenly come after come into view turned out had one's foundations fell out entered the picture come to the fore headed panned out fallen out had its origins flared up supervened on resulted from manifested itself become a reality forthcame became manifest sprang from became entrenched uprose uprisen begun life began life made to happen given life made happen gave life became visible came off came forth suddenly fell fallen arrived on the scene came on the scene came to stay gone went came to the fore came after arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of took on character came into view taken on character fallen into place fell into place became a reality gotten going got going went ahead gone ahead gotten cracking got cracking


Past tense for to begin to brighten with daylight

Trái nghĩa của dawned

dawned Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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