Đồng nghĩa của accurate

Alternative for accurate

Đồng nghĩa: O.K., all right, correct, perfect,

Trái nghĩa: inaccurate, incorrect,

Tính từ

Providing a faithful representation of someone or something
exact faithful close strict authentic correct veracious careful true factual literal precise right truthful punctilious regular scrupulous conscientious convincing explicit fair lifelike proper realistic rigorous genuine just meticulous painstaking thorough faultless nice unerring unmistakable veridical verisimilar veristic concrete defined definite deft discriminating discriminative distinct judicious methodical particular punctual rigid scientific sharp skilful skillful solid systematic true to life bang on fact-based matter-of-fact on the beam on the button on the mark on the nail spot on spot-on telling it like it is ultraprecise clear-cut on the nose word-perfect as it really happened detailed certain sure unambiguous perfect unequivocal clear definitive unquestionable absolute reliable real valid unvarnished minute indubitable categorical undeniable direct pinpoint specific conclusive veritable irrefutable indisputable honest actual on the money good unembellished positive diligent straightforward plain elaborate dead-on fussy incontrovertible incontestable errorless fastidious undistorted attentive bona fide on-target obvious patent delicate verbatim certified manifest mathematical legitimate laborious dependable fine authoritative on target infallible finicky proven unassailable sound express error-free credible undoubted inarguable beyond doubt exhaustive verifiable studious trustworthy complete so assiduous unfailing religious exacting ultra-careful legit kosher evident flawless refined persnickety beyond question heedful objective hairline sure-enough unadulterated final full effective industrious unarguable unchallengeable circumstantial blow-by-blow established pedantic word for word impeccable decisive demonstrable unimpeachable certifiable irrefragable formal unanswerable particularized palpable sedulous emphatic inch-perfect historical dinkum demanding perfectionist accepted dead on searching persevering hard-working hard unembroidered unqualified particularised compelling conscionable watertight pure self-evident decided accomplished transparent beyond dispute assured right on echt deadly dead right open and shut undeviating pukka pucka natural itemized unelaborated thoroughgoing comprehensive conventional appropriate existent documentary nonfictional pernickety official downright nitpicking orderly authenticated finical firm very loving undebatable inerrant itemised exactly right picky observable univocal de facto apodictic crystal clear uncontroversial surefire confirmed not in doubt sure-fire fail-safe unalloyed beyond a shadow of a doubt undisputed naturalistic on the level attested rich surgical simple creditable similar well defined unexaggerated extensive unflagging unfaked fitting unabridged overnice true-to-life outright acceptable unmistaken elaborated word-for-word dedicated dead inevitable seriatim without error all right guaranteed strenuous observant constant steady letter-for-letter fit ultimate hair-splitting bare sensible critical in-depth determinate cautious safe verified demonstrative in depth apparent foolproof thoughtful failsafe nailed-on pronounced marked acknowledged clinching well founded settled set can't-miss honest-to-goodness double-checked airtight undisputable to the letter on the dot cold superior florid bull's-eye straight from horse's mouth by the book as plain as a pikestaff nailed down just right by the numbers as true as I'm sitting here staring one in the face for real no mistake stated as true as I'm standing here severe lethal true story calculated measured selective unwavering case just so earnest clearly defined historically veracious resembling stringent vérité topical intrinsic unswerving fussbudget stickler utter reputable unrefuted out-and-out unshakable uncanny historically faithful total individual believable what really happened what actually happened unmitigated consummate satisfactory sheer preferable inerrable invariable gospel stark uncontestable unequivocable stilted decorous stiff stiff-necked ceremonious starchy well grounded well-proven in accordance with the facts uncompromising microscopic well-defined on the ball admissible arrant irrevocable impregnable invincible irresistible letter for letter narrow in accordance with reality ideal hunky-dory overt recognized confirmable resolute doubtless real life immaculate amen solemn sure thing no two ways about it learned plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample identical tough upright blunt duteous stickling all-inclusive secure civil seemly formalistic overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous unadorned pat well-founded well-grounded flat undoubtable scholarly based on facts ordinary written usual verbal liberal sufficient telling irrebuttable overwhelming forceful ironclad odds-on apodeictic in the bag as sure as eggs is eggs recognised questionless graphic ordered controlled characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's nit-picky walking on eggs minding p's and q's hanging in heart and soul into hanging tough playing safe in every respect perspicuous lucid line-for-line all-embracing just what the doctor ordered just what we need rational artless unaffected straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy understandable easily understandable clearly expressed documented righteous respected supported circumstantiated validated unbiased unprejudiced establishable down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt on the right track free of error subtle average standard unpretentious undesigning unpretending normal developed encyclopedic cinematic filmic vivid nof ifs ands or buts historically accurate can bet on it persistent good eye not figurative apt satisfying literatim encyclopaedic enumerated analytical organized honest-to-God straight sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly swotty suitable dinky-di ultra-fine dainty exquisite fine-drawn finicking hairsplitting incorrupted finespun winning nuanced nifty pictorial true-life card-carrying in detail broad-ranging point-by-point deliberate regulated real McCoy orthodox prompt timely clocklike specialized specialised provident original tied-up active hopping unwearied untiring engaged employed busy working occupied indefatigable bustling at length circumspect intensive true-blue undeceptive due visual retentive unfabled on the numbers regardful concerned prim from the horse's mouth zealous plugging tireless grinding whiz logical organised deductive well organized experimental tested efficacious unfeigned applicable selfdisciplined discreet chary no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact lawful photographic intense camera-friendly photogenic picturesque acute sovereign proved legal high-principled uncounterfeited bonafide meet qualified felicitous pretty desired becoming suited prudent befitting immediate seasonable on time early speedy eager beaver going to great lengths tried and true insured concluded stipulated tried and tested warranted ensured on the line on the up and up like it is de règle expeditious recurrent in good time periodic cyclic quick ready substantial fair dinkum to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed tangible fixed spot on time under the wire bang on time material corporeal set in stone

Tính từ

In accordance with the truth, facts or standards
correct exact right faultless precise errorless perfect true valid authoritative specific canonical detailed explicit good meticulous minute proper reliable unambiguous veracious faithful absolute actual certain conclusive definite definitive final flawless genuine infallible irrefutable official straight undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted bang on clear-cut spot on spot-on word for word dead-on on-target without error error-free on the money unerring on target impeccable model picture-perfect picture-book letter-perfect on the mark on the button so unblemished ideal scrupulous immaculate irreproachable whole exemplary spotless stainless seamless indefectible on the nose intact strict without blemish copybook pure textbook unbroken classic on the nail without fault right on exquisite just so clean right as rain free of error unsullied unfailing uncanny omniscient categorical distinct sound undamaged unimpaired to a T polished mint unmarked direct close dead right perfected bull's-eye to a turn inerrant inch-perfect word-perfect appropriate regular standard OK pinpoint consummate pristine superlative superb O.K. acceptable masterly veridical okay undistorted legitimate on the beam righteous unmistaken factual rigorous equitable just stone amen truthful tip-top entire unspoiled unmarred for sure on track right stuff on the right track dead on along the right lines dead-center on the ball on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle as sound as a bell as good as new sinless absolutely right very accurate exactly correct by the book to the point foolproof blameless incorrupt supreme crimeless unguilty unspotted innocent moral virtuous upright guiltless untarnished lily-white uncorrupted cleanhanded inculpable white squeaky-clean clear above reproach ten squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless above suspicion beyond criticism nice aces apple-pie A-okay whiter than white note-perfect as pure as the driven snow unflawed

Tính từ

Based on, or displaying, common sense
valid reasonable sound rational logical coherent telling convincing good powerful substantial believable compelling credible justifiable plausible reasoned right sensible strong sustainable bona fide cogent congruent defensible grounded just legit lucid prudent realistic solid viable acceptable arguable astute balanced commonsensical confirmed deductive defendable effective informed irrefutable maintainable perceptive perspicuous persuasive probable proven sane supportable true workable analytical authoritative commonsense conclusive determinative discerning germane justified legitimate levelheaded practical pragmatic reliable weighty analytic commonsensible consequent consistent efficacious firm forceful pertinent relevant sober stable vindicable attested intellectual kosher potent tested trustworthy uncorrupted well advised well-advised well founded well-founded well grounded well-grounded well reasoned well-reasoned well thought out clear-headed down-to-earth able to hold water matter-of-fact holding water exact precise correct hard veridical veracious thoughtful faultless impeccable regular warrantable warranted normal faithful proper strict undistorted satisfactory satisfying recognized flawless advisable together established watertight orthodox accepted profound recognised responsible unassailable cool right-thinking right-minded all there holding up standing up got it together holding up in wash reasoning collected objective unquestionable enlightened cerebral thinking circumspect philosophic reflective certain perspicacious infallible sagacious synthetic ratiocinative intelligent trustable errorless corroborated sure colorable knowing shrewd sincere meticulous secure rigorous validated substantiated inerrant verified truthful empirical tenable calculable explicit cognitive certified sharp open stringent definite careful judicious empiric well-thought-out dead-on spot-on on-target letter-perfect clear-cut level-headed wise no-nonsense common-sense hard-headed full of common sense discriminating businesslike unidealistic serious-minded clear-sighted dinkum fair admissible genuine understandable decent real sage mature politic canny unsentimental unromantic having all one's marbles hardheaded earthy pragmatical clear-eyed hard-nosed with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground unfantastic appropriate authentic verifiable rightful graceful pukka acknowledged straight deliberate steady estimable joined-up with both one's feet on the ground equitable unemotional robust proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted utilitarian tough-minded hard-boiled well balanced impartial sapient percipient moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced feasible mentally stable harmonious aware cognizant unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme thought-out fair-minded evenhanded far-sighted discreet open to reason in one's right mind based on good sense well-balanced clever well-informed mundane attentive conversant plain-spoken easy earth-bound plainspoken common hardboiled have one's feet on the ground au courant steady-going in right mind

Tính từ

Showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters, sometimes with guile
shrewd astute clever canny cunning intelligent perceptive discerning smart wise judicious sensible crafty prudent sharp wily artful sly acute sagacious knowing savvy perspicacious devious scheming insightful subtle foxy guileful keen calculating tricky sage slick discriminating alert designing ingenious sapient brainy cagey cute observant slippery beguiling streetwise pawky underhand hardheaded argute dodgy cagy heady profound deep fly smooth suss disingenuous farsighted probing astucious calculated inside shark quick-witted sharp-witted clear-eyed clear-sighted far-sighted hard-boiled heads-up long-headed on the ball far-seeing media-savvy in the know on the inside wised up on top of up on considered sound informed diplomatic politic careful cautious rational thoughtful discreet expedient enlightened circumspect reasonable commonsensical percipient advisable strategic sober logical desirable tactical sane judgmatic skilful practical judgmatical efficacious considerate wary judicial skillful sophisticated seasonable just thorough seemly well judged common-sense well advised well-judged well-advised worldly-wise well thought out sneaky shifty Machiavellian conniving deceitful quick deceptive resourceful street smart intriguing insidious bright dishonest brilliant street-smart slim whip-smart shady experienced duplicitous adroit vulpine unscrupulous double-dealing inventive carny dexterous dextrous penetrating cheating intuitive seasoned worldly tactful deft crooked arch manipulative Janus-faced plotting quick on the uptake razor-sharp hardened underhanded incisive furtive stealthy untrustworthy shonky sensitive adept evasive able bluffing treacherous dishonorable dissembling illusory elusive captious delusive traitorous knowledgeable imaginative quick off the mark polite as sharp as a tack delicate dishonourable genius crazy like a fox well-informed creative gracious courteous understanding capable handy greasy impish mischievous roguish secretive fiendish sussed piercing fraudulent malicious watchful nimble-witted hep frugal tricksy dirty masterly sneaking with it neat proficient having fancy footwork full of plans sly like a fox secret covert not born yesterday gentle crazy like fox heedful sympathetic respectful enterprising conspiratorial sharp as a tack foresighted urbane unprovincial qualified expert aware nifty mean competent softly-softly kid-glove conciliatory bland suave treating with kid gloves contriving opportunistic sentient conversant cognizant provident clued-up tuned-in pragmatic cluey well informed planful apt intellectual with-it thinking having been around gifted fast exceptional talented pragmatical precocious scholarly supersmart all there know how many beans make five instructed having a good head on one's shoulders ultrasmart having no flies on responsible cerebral alive highbrow very smart witty together comprehending nimble ready original hyperintelligent whiz

Tính từ

Competent or talented
good able adept capable competent gifted masterly proficient quick skilful skilled skillful talented clever dexterous dextrous efficient masterful multiskilled multitalented proper reliable satisfactory suitable useful versed very well virtuoso accomplished balanced consummate crackerjack deadly expert knowledgeable mean nifty polished qualified seasoned trained adroit all-around all-round au fait dead-on deft educated effectual errorless exact experienced first-rate fitted handy master on-target practiced practised precise refined right on schooled serviceable sporting spot-on stringent suited sure-fire sure-handed taught thorough topflight trustworthy tutored veteran well well-rounded workmanlike hardy nimble agile artful neat slick sharp effortless crack bravura graceful facile smooth delicate nimble-fingered finely judged wizard decisive crisp straight categorical express strict canny prompt painstaking effective clean inch-perfect ace great complete compleat professed brilliant savvy excellent professional apt fine well versed tasty stellar outstanding wicked first-class smart habile fit superb genius magnificent pro up to speed impressive supreme marvellous formidable on the ball ingenious superlative marvelous practical learned top-notch exceptional equal a dab hand at elite whiz vet big league out of this world old superior magic demon hot up to it with it up to snuff well-versed dynamite strong dazzling splendid equipped versant specialist peerless brainy leading intelligent world-class cool hotshot endowed class there adequate well trained extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified wised up tuned in a hand at wonderful terrific tremendous powerful eligible exercised finished awesome familiar hardened long-serving smashing fab certified very good exquisite battle-scarred conversant ready prepared tip-top tested tried brill best exceptionally good remarkable disciplined instructed A1 know the ropes on the beam no slouch knowing the score top-drawer methodic methodical systematic decent employable long-term champion kosher quintessential sensational fabulous fantastic exemplary ultimate perfect happy pitch-perfect mighty virtuosic faultless licensed chartered fluent appropriate handpicked deluxe choice capital redoubtable preeminent transcendent certificated switched-on acquainted well-informed dominant invincible indomitable phenomenal extraordinary drilled phenom sussed hep hip first class artistic star top topnotch distinguished super supremely skilled right fitting time-served leet authorized well up desirable preferable ideal puissant amazing cut out for having a knack for class act shining at rounded accustomed sport licenced proved accepted authorised admirable astounding up on very able sharp as a tack know stuff no dummy top-hole cunning easy alert knowing bright keen in the know worthy responsible the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in sufficient established mature well suited well qualified adapted astute highly endowed worldly-wise like a pistol having the goods knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task having the right stuff having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer nippy know backwards and forwards know one's onions hot tamale sophisticated worldly wise steady weathered long-time old-time inured all around know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school

Tính từ

Elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste
refined cultured polished civilised civilized cultivated elegant civil courtly genteel sophisticated gentlemanly gracious polite tasteful urbane precise couth discerning stylish accomplished advanced airy classy close dainty developed evolved exquisite forward graceful handsome high higher improved ladylike late majestic mathematical pinpoint progressive rigorous sensitive spot-on stately discriminating fastidious punctilious sublime well-bred well-mannered courteous distinguished aesthetic esthetic experienced high-brow high-minded plush posh restrained ritzy snazzy spiffy suave superior swanky well bred well mannered fine mannerly decorous dignified proper respectable gallant chivalrous decent formal seemly correct exact debonair nice delicate charming respectful affable smooth well-behaved befitting hairline gentle noble becoming considerate cool educated obliging worldly aristocratic honourable worldly-wise de rigueur honorable smart diplomatic strict fitting fit cosmopolitan tactful svelte chic conventional meticulous beautiful careful enlightened ceremonious attractive self-possessed fashionable suitable prim cordial highbrow comely well behaved pleasant sedate genial grand right moral unctuous poised snobbish conforming modest media-savvy dashing harmonious glib accommodating comme il faut slick knowing pleasing mature appropriate proud lofty scrupulous swish swank elitist distingué politic liberal unerring upright ostentatious particular kind in good taste composed orthodox done persnickety good pure attentive trim august opulent sumptuous luxurious scientific thoughtful lovely affected snooty imposing well-born artificial rich stuffy reputable pretentious prudish priggish prissy studied discreet erudite silky chaste bland demure balanced artistic magnificent fancy intelligent unprovincial smooth-tongued impeccable royal staid ceremonial upmarket plushy humane classical tolerant metropolitan sharp ingratiating aesthete virtuous streetwise expensive conscientious standard uptown trained reserved la-di-da precious methodical highbrowed fancy-pants apt venerable accepted silver-tongued oily complaisant deep esthete approved well travelled benevolent painstaking meet magnanimous worldly wise lordly traditional aesthetically pleasing starchy charitable high-class soft-spoken inch-perfect on fleek great well brought up overnice fussy finicky been around haughty womanly gentlemanlike discriminative appealing smooth-talking finished good mannered industrialized critical agreeable privileged cavalier aloof well-brought-up soft sociable fulsome adulatory complimentary high-bred highbred flattering preux wellmannered amicable apposite streamlined well-educated well informed well read learned with good taste deferential well brought-up tasty literate seasonable highborn blue-blooded patrician good-mannered friendly hospitable pukka presentable au fait prudent aerodynamic flowing persuasive taught upper-crust gorgeous luxury palatial deluxe honeyed sweet mellifluous knowledgeable symmetrical simple rigid calculated measured smarmy together jet-set citified blasé highly-developed industrialised initiated well-spoken glittering costly splendid facile collected well spoken faithful mondaine customary usual understated austere plain sleek world-weary possessed unruffled wise solemn seasoned aware stilted kosher OK stiff stiff-necked literal thorough equable coolheaded snobby high-hat toffee-nosed lush potty glitzy snotty lavishly appointed lavish glamorous grandiose exalted decorative broad-minded acceptable unprejudiced okay sure true old with experience matured well-proportioned Augustan self-composed raised upscale exclusive kingly confident self-assured diligent verbatim pretty ornamental straight puritanical well-travelled precision exhaustive detailed select in tony trendy dicty modish mod imperial serious portly imperious regal impressive eminent ornate ornamented elaborate overdone palatian choice Lucullan reared right stuff creative pedantic finical nitpicking studious pernickety perfectionist dapper spruce quiet unobtrusive splendiferous unaffected gratifying subdued planetary similar catholic lifelike definite gregarious public ecumenical sombre magisterial respected highfalutin' somber grave nifty in line strait-laced having been around been there old hand in the know religious fly snappy moving emotional imaginative expressive pompous confined intolerant patronizing patronising hollow straitlaced condescending lethal deadly effective on target well aimed by the numbers by the book trig well groomed well dressed a la mode in vogue high-toned resembling hair-splitting ultra-careful just so self-respecting subtle spot on on the mark bang on casual nonchalant detached buoyant well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy sprightly honest worthy righteous word for word ethical principled generous upstanding musical pictorial ideal rhythmical stimulating dramatic picturesque just beneficent produced contrived uncorrupted elevated redoubtable natural illustrious outstanding brave greathearted bounteous unselfish effete over-refined alembicated twee mannered chichi extraordinary benign remarkable meritorious sympathetic bred brought up stand-up great-hearted noble-minded self-sacrificing anti-corruption stagy overrefined poncey flowery showy artful choosy self-conscious chi-chi fragile

Tính từ

Cutting or incisive
pointed cutting biting trenchant incisive acerbic acid penetrating tart acute caustic keen mordant razor-edged scathing sharp telling venomed venomous acidulous mordacious pertinent piercing snarky critical emphatic insightful insinuating legit meaningful meaty pregnant right-on sarcastic short-and-sweet boiled down in a nutshell on the button on the nose right to it laid on the line calling a spade a spade stinging pungent sardonic bitter vitriolic satiric satirical acrid astringent barbed acrimonious corrosive acidic scalding acerb hurtful cruel nasty smart-mouthed smart-aleck malicious smart-alecky severe vicious devastating spiteful unkind wounding harsh searing virulent savage rude waspish catty poisonous withering scornful poignant mean snappy peppery rapier-like unfriendly rancorous abrasive salty brutal sarky fierce heartless mocking callous belittling forceful unsparing derisive racy polemic snide hateful cynical pernicious crisp disparaging maleficent taunting disrespectful brusque churlish stern stringent piquant hostile zesty ill-natured malevolent evil-intentioned witty provocative salt exciting stimulating pithy strong vigorous savoury zingy pert tangy savory malign baleful splenetic malignant vengeful vindictive bilious unblunted contemptuous ferocious merciless malefic slighting spicy forthright driving clear offensive distressing insulting snappish snippy unpleasant dry testy disapproving acetose short violent explicit powerful distinct effective blunt unrelenting edged potent unequivocal blistering edgy destructive harmful grievous pitiless truculent sadistic grim scorching crushing ruthless wanton extremely critical cold-blooded injurious damaging razor-sharp ironical burlesque irreverent chaffing parodying Hudibrastic ironic Rabelaisian lampooning paradoxical spoof humorous spoofing farcical bantering ridiculing tongue-in-cheek cold squint-eyed slashing abusive sneering scoffing hard rough curt derisory wry burning jeering aggressive derogatory arrogant resentful polemical laconic scurrilous uncomplimentary austere disdainful antagonistic ungracious vituperative contumelious gruff double-edged backhanded argumentative irascible evil inconsiderate carping insensitive ornery drilling terse clear-cut controversial irritable embittered contentious corroding strict exacting prejudicial impertinent rigid rigorous wise disputatious wicked mischievous bad-tempered ill-tempered acetic tonic snarling coruscating painful upsetting tough sharp-worded angry thoughtless sulphurous sulfurous menacing grudging hate-filled grating vinegary twitting saucy needling captious vitriolous unfeeling irritating annoying weisenheiming galling envenomed tactless inappropriate clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert jibing atypical twisted curious quick-witted unsympathetic comfortless dirty viperous viperish toxicant cussed crabbed spiky obloquious foul dripping with malice dripping venom full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose rubbing the wrong way hard to take insolent degrading berating pejorative reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory defamatory unmannerly sly subtle deadpan uncivil vituperatory calumniating impolite discourteous vulgar droll abrupt surly deprecating waggish apathetic sour bad-mannered ill-mannered sharp-tongued matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced offhand

Tính từ

Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected
matter-of-fact down-to-earth unsentimental plain practical realistic sober dull flat pragmatic deadpan dry mundane prosaic rational sensible unemotional factual lifeless literal no-nonsense straightforward unembellished unimaginative unvarnished businesslike commonsensical hard-headed level-headed earthy hardheaded pragmatical unadorned uncreative emotionless humdrum pedestrian apathetic calm cold cold-blooded exact faithful feasible hard-boiled impassive impersonal naked phlegmatic prosy serious stoic stolid straight-thinking truthful unaffected undistorted unembroidered unidealistic unimpassioned with both feet on the ground reasonable sound sane logical levelheaded shrewd hard astute commonsense prudent grounded unromantic utilitarian balanced common-sense judicious hard-nosed reasoned wise well-founded solid sagacious robust thoughtful discerning unfantastic analytic analytical valid good coherent firm justified just informed discriminating sage intelligent commonsensible real responsible objective efficient lucid tough-minded unpretentious functional canny circumspect serious-minded well-reasoned mature cool full of common sense well-grounded well-advised together discreet simple natural tough far-sighted useful serviceable well-thought-out working handy sharp plainspoken effective joined-up folksy strong forceful viable consequent workable florid cogent right all there clear-sighted perceptive with one's feet on the ground deductive clear-headed well grounded intellectual well advised with both one's feet on the ground nuts and bolts well reasoned stable boring colourless literal-minded tedious uninspired uninspiring hard-bitten expedient colorless clear-thinking cool-headed dispassionate well considered sharp-witted enlightened uncompromising clear-eyed straight philosophic deliberate politic perspicacious unassuming vigorous common-sensical rustic sober-minded down to earth informal plain-spoken easy earth-bound common hardboiled neat workaday utility ordinary soulless lasting durable hard-wearing undecorative long-lasting clever well-informed attentive knowing conversant wear-resistant to the purpose no-frills steady-going au courant having all one's marbles in right mind doable have one's feet on the ground practicable unrefined rough unsophisticated possible useable applicative constructive usable actionable accomplishable applicable direct homely uninhibited suited to the purpose utile real-world user friendly helpful user-friendly applied both feet on the ground ultrapractical orderly systematic within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility convenient step-by-step telling frank substantial convincing powerful credible sustainable plausible justifiable compelling believable supportable uncorrupted able to hold water maintainable conclusive probable proven holding water weighty persuasive acceptable authoritative defendable perspicuous bona fide germane defensible attested tested irrefutable potent reliable vindicable pertinent legitimate confirmed determinative consistent well thought out trustworthy arguable congruent legit relevant efficacious true kosher well founded easygoing lusty down homey funky lowbred gross basic outdoorsy compos mentis in possession of all your faculties well adjusted controlled unbothered poised unflustered steady normal of sound mind self-controlled collected self-possessed able to reason clearly sound of mind well balanced composed unagitated having all marbles clearheaded mentally sound cool, calm and collected possessed even-tempered unfazed able to think clearly well-balanced right in the head assured home folk down home cerebral clear erudite insightful smart learned tenable scholarly keen brainy knowledgeable savvy profound percipient thinking likely sapient fair acute satisfying penetrating conceivable methodical imaginable considered genius philosophical bright brilliant reasoning satisfactory intuitive quick cognitive quick-witted deep understandable reflective careful studious calculating theoretical alert educated proper advisable articulate appropriate apt impartial precise ingenious unbiased deducible inferential influential irresistible well organized thorough admissible fast gifted equitable unanswerable incisive supersmart subtle nimble unprejudiced warrantable ultrasmart precocious exceptional ratiocinative organized thinkable desirable fair-minded argute evenhanded hyperintelligent strategic moderate sophisticated organised decisive studied warranted tactical correct measured fitting impressive contemplative creditable cogitative open-minded even-handed presumptive neutral sincere highbrow heady able academic genuine detached creative indifferent nonpartisan inventive substantiated presumable cautious nondiscriminatory aware piercing whip-smart meticulous rigorous gnostic observant metaphysical meaningful allowable well-argued clearly stated deep-thinking excusable unassailable regulated seemly eloquent cultured talented disinterested suitable square skilful scientific colorable equal skillful non-partisan necessary authentic holding together calculated candid uninvolved introspective intellective verisimilar intelligible puissant supposable ruminative pensive understanding well-organized honest pukka thought-out eggheaded inferrible tuned in trusty aboveboard on the ball decent meditative provident premeditated graceful derivable advantageous aforethought abstract uncolored mental foresighted inferable comprehensible scholastic determined incontrovertible dinkum explainable corroborated prepense beneficial passable accountable conceptual fine tolerable recommended thought through ordered whiz expected permissible mathematical critical incontestable compulsive gainful worthwhile well judged achievable secure predictable cultivated unquestionable resourceful sharpened veridical veracious considerate foreseeable faultless smooth empirical impregnable pardonable accomplished emphatic conservative temperate impeccable rapier-like unexcessive unextreme vigilant razor-sharp well-judged forcible psychological lawful condonable full of insight explicable phrenic suasive dependable apparent civilized pawky stringent bookish non-discriminatory scrupulous judicial legal witty expert streetwise showing great knowledge with great knowledge recognized capable significant anticipated fit potential elite adept crack masterly accepted colourable clear-cut sophic instructed excellent virtuoso a priori earthly recognised tried ready psychical moving civilised to be expected rock-solid worldly-wise superior definitive imaginative conscious quick on the uptake recondite choice whip above board heads-up long-headed obvious extensional juridicious up front punchy mighty powerhouse very smart Einstein well-read very intelligent first-rate seeming whiz kid first-class believeable on the cards assertable real-life moral ethical estimable musing reflecting pondering solemn earnest museful grave educational academical enterprising well informed regular thoughty lifelike naturalistic inductive cluey proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted well-expressed well-presented syllogistic deliberative sensitive supported undeniable healthy diplomatic well-structured well presented well expressed urgent punctilious strict verifiable rightful hip cagey foxy astucious visionary ruminating deliberating deliberated profitable mentally stable cognizant harmonious uninfluenced true-life responsive fastidious contemplated detail oriented momentous consequential convictive apposite inducing acknowledged sensical allowed permitted certain synthetic infallible trustable esoteric weighed advised investigated examined assuasive identified suss heedful finicky agile experienced tactful judgmatical judgmatic farsighted quick off the mark errorless sure inerrant validated verified conjecturable penetrative preferred competent genial egghead computed based on hard data based on hard facts operative meditating probably honest to God insistent certified definite calculable explicit open empiric seasonable wary glib true-to-life carrying conviction delicate swaying hopeful upright restrained favorable smooth-talking smooth-tongued making sense standing to reason cast-iron flawless orthodox watertight established mild higher-order licit okay tolerated well chosen thought-through thought-about well a good idea honourable specious mindly brain knows what's what wise to awake insighted ear to the ground productive timely opportune right-thinking right-minded attainable manageable OK sanctioned fair-spoken resolute hang tough stand pat intractable locked in tough nut well thought-out open to reason clean inevitable holding up holding up in wash got it together standing up intrapersonal based on good sense in one's right mind experimental anti-discrimination exquisite worthy concedable capable of thought effectual favourable best comprehending original alive odds-on presumed benign sobersided pithy definable unsurprising independent without favor unmoved unslanted unbigoted disconnected nondiscriminating on-the-fence unruffled nonpassionate nonaligned bearable endurable supposed postulated suppositional deduced inferred principled righteous impactful striking constraining virile take-over steamroller titanic gutsy electric elemental take-charge punch letter-perfect spot-on very likely like enough honest-to-god fiduciary credential liberal refined einstein on-target dead-on on the level honorable blameless according to the rules civil virtuous on the up and up on up-and-up having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on suggested best suited presentable sufficient successful coming on strong ball of fire by the book within the law not unlikely not impossible resolvable interpretable affordable sufferable brookable broad-minded literate energetic important material expressive self-evident forgivable reserved medium even warm modest comfortable checked constant curbed muted razor-like soluble answerable solvable aggressive exciting charming histrionical imposing theatric performant vehement grand trenchant high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic a good bet in the cards a reasonable bet ostensible a fair bet ten to one quite possible reasonable to think mortal illusory razor sharp based on theory true to life with a ring of truth psychic sharp as a tack intentional explicatable exponible tutored illuminated developed advanced apprised par for the course progressive tolerant free-thinking intended wilful purposeful purposive willful willed voluntary unselfish witting lettered literary subconscious ideological knowing what's what hip to wised up in the picture plugged in subliminal planned set preconceived donnish intellectualistic highbrowed intellectualist psychologic volitional geeky clerkly blue nerdish nerdy free from discrimination without fear or favour self-conscious done on purpose pre-planned on purpose widely read well read well educated most likely most correct

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