Đồng nghĩa của well travelled

Tính từ

Familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures
cosmopolitan worldly sophisticated worldly-wise cultured cultivated refined urbane aware experienced knowing mature polished seasoned unprovincial broad-minded liberal smart suave unprejudiced cool streetwise well travelled catholic ecumenical gregarious metropolitan planetary public smooth initiated wise worldly wise been around old hand having been around old with experience matured media-savvy in the know been there hardened knowledgeable qualified accomplished trained veteran practised practical adept expert well versed professional skillful skilful versed practiced skilled enlightened vet sensible long-serving master familiar tested tried competent battle-scarred well-versed established consummate proficient weathered pro perceptive astute blasé well trained shrewd capable patriarchal full of years of long standing past your prime reliable responsible judicious adult dependable discriminating learned crack ace masterful great virtuoso crackerjack complete masterly good compleat educated professed mean disciplined exercised long-time old-time inured steady level-headed sagacious grown-up politic materialistic selfish grasping avaricious greedy worldly-minded covetous power-loving disenchanted unprincipled callous uptown mondain opportunistic self-centred self-centered experient applied firsthand knows one's stuff not born yesterday wise to ways up to speed from way back of the old school empirical real debonair civilized elegant svelte stylish objective hands-on working well versed in the ways of the world jet-set classy chic citified intelligent experimental active existential actual experiential empiric mondaine erudite civilised well-bred world-weary heuristic non-theoretical factual pragmatic in the field how-to time-served habituated instructed prepared toughened au fait versed in well up in

Trái nghĩa của well travelled

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