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Tính từ

Having or showing a reasonable or high level of intellect
clever bright smart quick sharp brilliant acute alert astute penetrating keen apt brainy discerning intellectual knowledgeable perspicacious quick-witted canny genius perceptive thinking wise able gifted ingenious inventive knowing rational resourceful enlightened exceptional fast logical sage sharp-witted talented well-informed precocious profound sagacious scholarly supersmart whip-smart alive calculating capable cerebral comprehending creative deep highbrow hyperintelligent imaginative instructed nimble original quick on the uptake ready responsible sensible together ultrasmart understanding witty whiz all there very smart know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on shrewd insightful savvy erudite learned discriminating percipient on the ball sapient sensitive educated judicious intuitive subtle observant thoughtful incisive accomplished adroit sophisticated skilful piercing cultured skillful skilled expert studious experienced cultivated aware deft prudent dexterous clear-sighted cunning adept dextrous well read academic well-read lettered informed argute proficient bookish fine masterly competent quick off the mark well informed heads-up well educated nimble-witted literary critical razor-sharp crafty philosophical long-headed artful virtuoso suss with it clear-eyed polished analytical widely read foxy versed streetwise rapier-like heady crack qualified cagey agile civilized awake active refined literate pawky wily well-educated responsive quick-thinking civilised donnish careful open-eyed consummate attentive slick reflective recondite clear watchful penetrative schooled sharp-sighted first-rate gnostic serious conscious sentient effective delicate trenchant eggheaded elite masterful good tasty smooth practised scholastic far-sighted practiced vigilant eager master sharp as a tack ace quick on the trigger trained politic bluestocking tasteful receptive acquainted excellent highbrowed intellective hardheaded handy hard-boiled pedantic clerkly superior urbane esoteric sly great wide awake conversant extraordinary amenable docile egghead lively tentie tenty razor-edged knife-like quick on the draw finely honed with great knowledge cognizant stellar worldly-wise crackerjack artistic well versed hot first-class wide-awake scientific au courant elegant au fait Argus-eyed spirited not born yesterday hotshot far-seeing in the know contemplative keen-witted on guard top-notch downy on the lookout on one's toes philosophic pithy astucious weighty earnest sharpened exquisite intellectualistic intellectualist intriguing familiar swotty ratiocinative cute self-aware insighted innovative solemn grave studied geeky teachable powerful nerdish blue nerdy circumspect apperceptive animate prompt effectual sophic choice whip sussed questioning media-savvy abstruse veteran worldly efficient wired fastidious cool heedful hip discreet wary illuminated well-grounded very intelligent mindful razor-like up-to-date showing great knowledge searching fitted tutored Einstein brisk nobody's fool phenomenal genial endowed stylish finished not missing a trick well-bred well-versed clued-up apprehensive mature prepared whiz kid remarkable full of insight wizard intellectually aware clued up well-taught nifty professional good hands on your toes bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all ears on the job class act heads up on the qui vive top-drawer shining at superintelligent farsighted foresighted meaty selective trainable einstein concise cluey precise book smart simple razor sharp enquiring inquiring crisp succinct punchy obscure cagy swift PDQ beady hawklike neat cogitative introspective musing deliberate considered museful ruminative meditative reflecting pondering measured pensive quick to learn switched-on star longhair complex analytic exacting detailed sprightly mentally keen impractical pedagogical ivory-towerish into distinguished probing cautious up abreast fly minute acuminous no dummy inspired enterprising to the point labored formal wise up vigorous mercurial curt sensatory discriminative sublime accurate exact unprovincial seasoned tuned in wise to superlative superb supreme innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory fertile originative Promethean with your wits about you on top of on the stick clued-in vital long-haired knows what's what laboured world-class complete workmanlike bravura compleat professed appropriate pioneering having smarts specialist sensorial sensory taught coached provocative gripping stimulating thought-provoking deep-thinking class at home ear to the ground particular arcane deviceful nurtured outstanding slippery frugal hep absorbed engrossed smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five smart as a whip fit facile magnificent formed developed corrected initiated shaped enriched hermetic hermetical sensuous having been around with-it tuned-in wicked with all one's wits about one sharp-eyed in the loop acroamatic occult orphic secret highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified out of this world cut out for having a knack for extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained big league street-smart street smart genteel impressive dynamic ultraefficient cosmopolitan as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork advanced thinking outside the box dynamite eagle-eyed sensile suitable solid posted polymath professorial grounded well-rounded omniscient sound pansophic feasible keen-eyed suave well versed hawk-eyed concentrating forward debonair riveting heavy captivating interesting heavyweight absorbing classical fascinating suited equal adequate killer useable serviceable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable regardful focused beady-eyed svelte easy effortless equipped couth artistically aware genned up chic jet-set classy citified blasé strong worthy liberal tolerant high-class savant blue-stocking distingue traveled appreciative polite chivalrous arty mannerly gallant esthetic courteous practical reliable mondaine surveying deducing correct considering intentive interested advertent discovering detecting contemplating focussed observative with eyes like a hawk top-shelf have the goods top-hole ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age aesthetic travelled worldly wise been around world-weary highly endowed with good taste wakeful live living feeling up to it up to snuff know the ropes up to speed know one's onions know backwards and forwards psychologic reactive witting ware jazzed sentimental emotional perceiving breathing sensate flesh-and-blood observing seeing recognizing noticing psyched up on tiptoe on the alert switched on fast on the draw recognising able to recognize in the right mind capable of feeling sensitive to in on

Tính từ

Clever in surreptitious behavior
cunning conniving devious shrewd artful crafty savvy shady shifty sly beguiling canny clever guileful Machiavellian scheming sneaky slick tricky wily cagey cute foxy cagy pawky as sharp as a tack sharp astute calculating smart designing subtle ingenious streetwise smooth slippery dodgy perceptive wise sharp-witted keen fly disingenuous knowing slim deceitful quick-witted duplicitous discerning on the ball street smart experienced dishonest acute deep discriminating heady underhand resourceful deceptive street-smart vulpine adroit carny insidious sagacious perspicacious sensible judicious sage alert sapient manipulative hardheaded brainy argute clear-sighted clear-eyed unscrupulous media-savvy far-sighted hard-boiled heads-up farsighted long-headed politic far-seeing deft cheating skillful skilful hardened in the know seasoned shonky worldly dexterous dextrous whip-smart underhanded quick plotting fraudulent inventive imaginative fiendish tricksy evasive Janus-faced snide contriving cautious crazy like fox greasy treacherous misleading delusory delusive witted wry untrustworthy gingerly chary circumspect discreet considerate wary safe careful premeditating guarded dirty double-dealing masterly adept intriguing proficient prudent insightful observant profound suss accurate probing shark astucious inside calculated wised up on the inside up on on top of crooked two-faced dishonourable false unprincipled dishonorable bent corrupt unethical furtive dubious two-timing perfidious sneaking lying stealthy insincere rogue untruthful disreputable mendacious dissembling roguish indirect fast unfair unreliable deceiving double-crossing surreptitious clandestine secret knavish hollow-hearted immoral criminal hypocritical secretive swindling amoral elusive questionable traitorous covert oblique conspiratorial illegal unlawful fishy defrauding fly-by-night unfaithful faithless false-hearted undependable double-faced arch nefarious snidey counterfeit iffy unjust disloyal venal bluffing truthless rascally villainous dirty-dealing malfeasant under the table hidden collusive impish suspicious backstairs undercover not to be trusted hugger-mugger mischievous hole-and-corner corruptible hush-hush murky grafting buyable untrue Punic dissimulating phoney scandalous fake phony wrong fibbing dicey conspiring fugitive unsportsmanlike unsporting not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable mean low underground puckish below the belt captious illusory suspect trick unconscionable private sham playful devilish wicked cloaked stealth privy sneak unsafe waggish slinking inconstant corrupted cutthroat skulking bribable dangerous evil back-alley cloak-and-dagger feigned backhanded black low-down sinister rotten lawless spurious irresponsible behind-the-scenes seedy scampish teasing leprechaunish prankish elvish fickle pretended sketchy mock iniquitous frolicsome unctuous equivocating sub-rosa recreant pixieish ludic pixie pixy inglorious suborned crazy like a fox sportive prevaricating misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying of dubious character under wraps espiègle potentially illegal back-stabbing committing perjury colluding caballing leery unpredictable shrewdness stinky nifty shrouded veiled mean-spirited heedful forsworn bootleg slimy cynical errant obliquitous erring gimmicky ruthless irregular ambidextrous concealed bogus illicit unhonest opportunist deviant under the counter opportunistic playing politics put on playing games perilous ensnaring wormlike snaky uncandid not candid not frank expedient faking one out not straightforward unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable uncertain mutable variable untrusty backbiting hoodwinking lubricious unfrank unveracious not trustworthy pseudo bamboozling falsified forged against the law imitation malicious fink trustless left- handed neat not entirely truthful terminologically inexact perjurious perjured plausible rascal off bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous jive mealymouthed artificial double mealy treasonable sideways sidelong under-the-table on the QT on the quiet treasonous subversive seditious sly like a fox backstabbing doubtful rebellious renegade like a snake in the grass economical with the truth cloak and dagger disguised creepy behind someone's back hole and corner masked Pecksniffian lip apostate mutinous leading breakaway unprofessional double dealing phony-baloney phoney-baloney left-handed unloyal betraying shameful discreditable snake in the grass loaded felonious scoundrelly profiteering mercenary bad dissolute ignoble reprobate base sinful shameless cheeky cowardly foul extortionate open yellow gone to the dogs fast and loose on the take naughty licentious mercentary praetorian sordid conscienceless stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate degenerate wanton dastardly difficult to track down difficult to find always on the move difficult to catch coquettish fallacious rakish raffish

Tính từ

Having the ability of reasoning or thought
rational thinking reasonable reasoning cognitive cerebral higher-order lucid sane able to reason clearly able to think clearly capable of thought compos mentis of sound mind analytical coherent logical sensible sound commonsensical judicious analytic discerning ratiocinative perceptive wise justifiable cogent plausible valid levelheaded reasoned practical intellectual reflective realistic objective commonsense knowing circumspect thoughtful discriminating prudent informed commonsensible sagacious fair good legitimate consistent legit together well-advised well-grounded credible enlightened just sober tenable shrewd justified philosophic deductive perspicacious solid hard grounded politic firm well-founded right sapient well grounded well reasoned moderate well-thought-out well advised fair-minded clear-cut in one's right mind mental conceptual extensional juridicious telling holding water necessary deducible subtle obvious consequent well-organized perspicuous compelling inferential germane convincing holding together pertinent congruent relevant kosher clear pragmatic astute unidealistic straight deliberate infallible trustable veridical collected faultless unquestionable certain synthetic veracious down-to-earth common-sense matter-of-fact errorless sure sincere impeccable proven secure inerrant corroborated colorable confirmed meticulous rigorous validated substantiated verified truthful clear-sighted clear-eyed hard-headed joined-up with both one's feet on the ground accurate supportable empirical maintainable sustainable certified open definite defendable defensible calculable explicit exact precise sharp stringent careful empiric well-reasoned normal balanced stable dead-on spot-on on-target letter-perfect clear-headed clearheaded in possession of all your faculties fit all there in your right mind playing with a full deck steady healthy well self-possessed playing with full deck well balanced having all marbles mentally sound both oars in water sage oriented abled well-balanced right in the head right-minded equitable acceptable decent advisable understandable impartial believable viable percipient restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced feasible unexcessive admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason cool unextreme thought-out well thought out level-headed evenhanded open to reason based on good sense full of common sense most likely

Tính từ

(especially in conduct or speech) Exhibiting good judgment and restraint
wise judicious prudent shrewd reasonable sensible astute expedient logical practical pragmatic smart sound advisable strategic circumspect commonsensical considered discerning discreet politic provident sagacious sage savvy tactical thoughtful vigilant common-sense healthy insightful judgmatic judgmatical levelheaded level-headed sapient well advised well-advised well judged well thought out worldly-wise rational informed reasoned knowing sober canny good perceptive clever sane justified discriminating intellectual well-thought-out well-founded solid enlightened perspicacious percipient careful sharp well-reasoned realistic learned commonsense knowledgeable coherent valid just educated firm lucid cogent analytical profound methodical far-sighted calculating well-informed commonsensible erudite hard analytic scholarly objective intuitive balanced tactful experienced down-to-earth contemplative foresighted matter-of-fact studious desirable thinking reliable acute argute full of insight cerebral diplomatic cautious keen reasoning together clear aware well reasoned wary systematic grounded thought through showing great knowledge with great knowledge considerate all there consequent having all one's marbles organized attentive safe thorough organised well organized joined-up penetrating philosophical deep graceful congruent cunning understanding reflective well informed brainy steady stable normal thoughty deliberated proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted well-expressed well-presented pawky skilful well presented well expressed well-structured consistent plain articulate calculated mentally stable harmonious cognizant efficacious cogitative accurate skillful sophisticated seemly judicial seasonable thought-out measured detail oriented contemplated aforethought studied cognitive clear-sighted well-judged quick-witted well-balanced investigated weighed examined premeditated advised determined heads-up long-headed guarded deliberate computed prepense responsible precise no-nonsense rigorous well-grounded serious-minded mature dependable regulated exact orderly thought-through thought-about well chosen chary full of common sense conversant cool fair ordered mathematical scientific reserved close-lipped au courant trustworthy close-mouthed in right mind well-organized hard-headed straight-thinking softly-softly kid-glove delicate steady-going gingerly awake moderate watchful heedful conservative civil controlled temperate alert noncommittal observant cagey precautious having foresight like a clam on lookout not rash recognized reputable proven sanctioned fly faithful significant recognised legit orthodox canonical true kosher legal tried-and-true

Tính từ

Funny and clever
witty humorous clever facetious jocular original amusing funny ingenious lively sparkling droll epigrammatic gay piquant brilliant waggish fanciful whimsical chucklesome comic comical entertaining quick-witted scintillating sharp-witted smart bright campy crazy diverting jocose joshing keen penetrating piercing quick ridiculous screaming sharp slapstick hilarious laughable mirthful risible farcical ludicrous merry jolly sidesplitting uproarious humoristic wacky comedic light-hearted hysteric playful rib-tickling hysterical riotous side-splitting killing priceless joking antic jokey silly zany absurd cheerful camp tongue-in-cheek blithe jovial sportive good-humored jocund mischievous frolicsome good-humoured lighthearted gelastic pleasant animated vivacious high-spirited sunny jesting gleeful eccentric goofy teasing blithesome flippant frivolous roguish odd preposterous rich festive ebullient effervescent bizarre ludic joyous flip clownish laughing wry boffo rollicking a scream flaky daffy light nutty hysterically funny quirky fun slaphappy flakey unusual fantastic ironic for grins impish exciting puckish dazzling stimulating riot inane happy arch cheery vibrant glib snappy coruscating exhilarating bantering jaunty bubbly delightful enjoyable invigorating spirited pleasing madcap peculiar daft quaint satirical engaging weird sprightly wisecracking stupid in jest unserious nimble-witted in fun killingly funny a hoot a laugh off the wall foolish unconventional envigorating dry oddball outlandish dippy tongue in cheek gagged up screwy loony jerky fool quick on the draw quick on the uptake off-the-wall derisory flighty dotty quizzical too funny for words not serious nonsensical kinky asinine putting one on pulling one's leg scream har-har mocking boisterous noisy rowdy irreverent lightweight ribald custard-pie carefree glad screamingly funny childish pixieish tricksy scampish pixy pixie prankish sly leprechaunish rascally devilish knavish wicked elvish joyful upbeat radiant recreative comedical interesting chirpy genial happy-go-lucky untroubled derisible kittenish clowning gamesome derisive trivial trifling highbrowed tactful knee-slapper perky a barrel of laughs beguiling novel cheering gratifying pleasurable charming gladdening recreational fun-filled bouncy buoyant breezy crack-up laffer snazzy smart-aleck smart-alecky cutting joculous agreeable gut-busting enchanting curious optimistic easy-going insouciant positive capering fool-headed batty gump dizzy goofus chipper queer a card a caution profound racy unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse cut up freakish in good spirits free and easy singular offbeat idiosyncratic capricious chimerical fantastical crotchety freaky dicey uncertain old-fashioned imaginative random creative chancy arbitrary kooky insane mad off-centre strange avant-garde crackpot glittering cuckoo laugh-a-minute nuts cracked wacko glimmering glinting fascinating inept cranky screwball looney featherheaded fatuous brainless weak-minded witless cockeyed harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie senseless bubbleheaded sappy balmy dilly astute out there off the air in left field hare-brained dumb way out shrewd perceptive acute canny discerning brainy savvy alert wise perspicacious nimble fast knowing genius observant exceptional supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent gifted able penetrative whip-smart on the ball sharp as a tack sharp-sighted quick-thinking quick off the mark exuberant gladsome fun-loving in high spirits convivial peppy airy elated sparky zippy jubilant full of beans smiling without a care in the world cock-a-hoop frisky grinning euphoric unworried lightsome smiley peart winsome larking of good cheer full of the joys of spring hopeful pleased debonair content exultant zingy boon ecstatic eupeptic canty frolic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour coltish delighted overjoyed amused gratified skittish exhilarated beaming thrilled contented festal unconcerned blissful wanton elfish larky fay sportful frolicky jumping rocking grooving devil-may-care friendly over the moon wild perk full of hope full of life Pickwickian good-natured for a laugh lots of laughs bright and breezy on top of the world as merry as a grig as lively as a grig beatific chaffing jollying triumphant warm carnival holiday celebratory espiègle laughter-filled outgoing rosy benign thankful satisfied on cloud seven beside oneself with joy tickled chuffed wrapped on cloud nine flirtatious easygoing unthinking amiable vigorous blessed heartening heartwarming wonderful rapturous cordial affable sunbeamy frolicking romping excited exalted smug gloating stoked Christmassy hearty gala as a joke to tease rejoicing full of fun game back-slapping good-time backslapping active pizazzy bouncing mettlesome springy energetic kinetic pleasure-seeking animate jazzy crank vital pert rakish spanking brisk pizzazzy unconstrained rip-roaring saturnalian zappy decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful confident forward brash pushy self-assertive presuming as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy juiced up relaxed expansive resilient volatile feelgood laid-back

Tính từ

Based on sound reasoning
trenchant strong compelling effective cogent convincing clear coercive persuasive powerful salient sharp unmistakable effectual firm incisive indubitable influential telling assured authoritative categorical efficacious forceful impressive lucid plausible sound urgent valid weighty conclusive pertinent unequivocal clear-cut well founded well-founded well-defined well-established crystalline formidable definitive forcible satisfying great material evident unambiguous decided infallible insightful relevant ingenious undisputed incontestable emphatic distinct intuitive obvious potent decisive eloquent irresistible credible unanswerable efficient moving rational reasonable striking puissant reasoned energetic solid logical meaningful successful operative capable significant coherent suasive satisfactory hard-hitting vigorous mighty aggressive inducing well reasoned inspiring touching punchy useful swaying impelling alluring impactful incontrovertible compulsive unassailable active reliable convictive articulate productive believable pithy violent momentous enthusiastic assuasive crucial consequential dynamic important stringent considerable dramatic fruitful vehement inspirational pivotal vivid motivating powerhouse enticing seductive helpful constructive swayful masterful motivational stimulating serviceable expressive competent adequate beneficial worthwhile valuable advantageous able purposeful virtuous far-reaching of help of assistance imposing of use irrefutable undeniable substantial insistent evocative revealing marked authoritarian orderly systematic methodical armed animated vivacious zestful drastic compulsory apt justified apposite well-grounded consistent fitting passionate conspicuous devastating militant assertive intense sufficient well organized graphic zappy in-your-face likely on the ball exciting winning grand charming direct theatric histrionical graceful acute performant high-powered probable succinct terse silky glib slick smooth-tongued silver-tongued smooth-talking accomplishing achieving effecting qualified practicable determinative workable fulfilling verisimilar pointed inveigling suasory unctuous actuating luring smooth wheedling colourable true-to-life possible believeable acceptable faithful carrying conviction trusty trustworthy hopeful presumable realistic dependable authentic instrumental stirring rousing provocative guiding affecting formative contributory not taking no for an answer constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller titanic punch take-charge gutsy electric central controlling fateful monumental responsible encouraging robust critical animating coming on strong ball of fire forced intimidating tough strong-arm bullying

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