Đồng nghĩa của rakish

Alternative for rakish

rakish /'reikiʃ/
  • tính từ
    • chơi bời phóng đãng; trác táng
    • ngông nghênh, ngang tàng
      • rakish appearance: vẻ ngông nghênh
  • tính từ
    • có dáng thon thon và nhanh (tàu biển)
    • có dáng tàu cướp biển

Tính từ

Having or displaying a dashing, jaunty, or slightly disreputable quality or appearance
dashing dapper debonair fashionable stylish breezy chic jaunty raffish smart sporty spruce confident flashy gay saucy sharp casual natty devil-may-care snazzy snappy spiffy sassy trim nifty neat trendy elegant modish trig fly perky kicky classy chichi dressed to kill as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox pert colorful jazzy colourful loud cool groovy tony kicking showy schmick with it slick flamboyant dainty well-groomed ritzy swank swagger on fleek well turned out well-dressed well dressed swanky prim clean informal glamorous lovely glittering ornate glittery flaunting brazen gaudy glitzy stunning gorgeous swinging nice unconventional bohemian careless splashy pizazzy attractive pizzazzy crisp besuited beautiful dressy sophisticated bright upscale ostentatious uptown now voguish disreputable tidy smartly dressed snug swell spry bandbox nobby doggy posh nimble brisk well groomed spiff in vogue neat and tidy louche well turned-out turned out dressed to nines dissolute flash dissipated decadent debauched tawdry fast free-spirited unusual individual wild clever well-turned-out ingenious crucial spruced up dressed to the nines swish well-tailored hip a la mode exclusive happening supercool fresh in polished au courant soigné presentable fashionably dressed well-presented formal elaborate in fashion funky ultra-modern stylin' dress excellent distinctive first-class as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox fancy dressed up to the nines up-to-the-minute in style groomed suave dressed up looking sharp becoming with style dressed to the teeth spick and span charming clean-cut spiffed-up sleek fine dolled up in high feather in good taste tidily dressed of smart appearance fit to be seen

Tính từ

Depraved, perverted or extremely wrong in a moral sense
debased corrupt debauched perverted degraded degenerate dissolute immoral abandoned depraved libertine reprobate sinful wanton decadent demoralised demoralized dissipated lecherous licentious loose perverse sick unwholesome warped disreputable dubious fast jackleg prodigal profligate rakehell unclean wild louche rakehelly wicked lewd impure unchaste lascivious unprincipled promiscuous lustful indecent libidinous evil shameless vile sordid base unrestrained vicious bad intemperate obscene low corrupted defiled immodest rotten dishonourable fast-living unconstrained pervy dishonorable voluptuary nefarious villainous vitiated sybaritic miscreant self-indulgent prurient coarse gone bad fallen concupiscent bawdy unhealthy iniquitous wayward uninhibited despicable easy profaned desecrated carnal uncleanly gone to the dogs amoral of easy virtue deviant gross incorrigible ungodly profane vulgar twisted improper unsavoury tainted mean unnatural sicko indulgent kinky vice-ridden whorish swinging unsavory incontinent pleasure-seeking raffish lubricious high living abnormal rascally salacious hedonistic ignoble goatish randy horny flirtatious raunchy ribald retrograde crude unrefined foul impious retrogressive wrong hedonic wrongful dirty scungy sleazy contaminated unvirtuous infamous brutal criminal ungoverned uncontrolled unbridled gay unrighteous filthy unscrupulous riotous pornographic monstrous not pure violated deteriorated drunken open light X-rated night owl in the fast lane fast and loose lacking restraint in the gutter disgusting sullied hardened inferior aberrant distorted unworthy roguish unimpeded free unrestricted untrammeled unhindered unconfined unregenerate scoundrelly lax sensual vulgarized vulgarised unholy blasphemous irreligious deviate epicurean overindulgent luxurious knavish voluptuous careless roundheeled lickerish grotesque vitiate sadistic contorted impaired rude unethical abased decaying moribund lost declining ungentlemanly unmannerly ill-bred imprudent heedless dishonoured freethinking unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful inconstant irresponsible misguided dishonest dishonored boorish baneful flagitious deleterious immoderate hellbent flagitous unconscionable fraudulent gone to seed morally wrong unfair devious underhand ungallant no better than one should be out of control dirty-minded dodgy black crooked shady unlawful cutthroat dark Machiavellian low-down degenerated untrammelled saturnalian unjust graceless not cricket unblushing flatitious demeaned sinking failing trashy hot itchy stag blue lubricous smutty porny hypersexual satyric gutter nasty passionate unprintable caddish locker-room audacious outrageous flagrant brash unashamed unembarrassed brazen unabashed lawless extravagant blatant barefaced uncontrollable unruly unchecked impudent insolent arrant unbounded uncurbed rampant cheeky presumptuous high-handed overbold brassy reckless reprehensible heinous dastardly bent harsh venal bold disorderly violent praetorian lotus-eating atrocious unrepentant forward savage remorseless slack undisciplined bacchanalian cruel deceitful brazenfaced bald-faced pleasure-loving unhampered blameworthy unfettered runaway naughty barbarous greedy irrepressible scandalous heartless inhuman impetuous raw diabolical ruthless merciless contemptible excessive callous cold-blooded brutish felonious sly conscienceless two-faced bloodthirsty bestial delinquent inhumane hateful shameful mercenary illegal illicit parsimonious effete confident unconcerned fleshly lawbreaking indictable desirous scabrous animal unmoral relaxed undismayed undaunted sensualist culpable under-the-table condemnable disgraceful unlimited risqué against the law impulsive carefree blamable sacrilegious censurable fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching gluttonous gourmandizing fast-paced discreditable inordinate unshackled luscious lush Dionysiac unprofessional brass-necked cocky poised composed forthright abashless unaffected unshamed self-gratifying exciting temerarious devil-may-care daredevil gadabout frivolous foolhardy tarty slaggy natural unsuppressed boundless deplorable binge-eating sinister riggish unbound unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable shocking appalling bold as brass pitiless unfeeling rancorous unkind disparaging forbidding errant exploitative hard-hearted slippery mean-spirited wrathful malevolent demonic crafty scrofulous unpleasant black-hearted evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly pernicious tyrannical squalid underhanded scornful shifty maleficent objectionable despiteful malicious unconscientious scheming virulent inexorable questionable vindictive gruesome disdainful gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous philandering shabby abominable inglorious unrepressed chaotic tricky loathsome ignominious unspeakable odious spontaneous frank flamboyant candid impertinent indiscriminate blunt out of hand impotent plenary exaggerated bizarre limitless rowdy degrading shy unrespectable scurvy indefensible inexcusable shoddy notorious unforgivable opprobrious ferocious dirty-dealing double-dealing mercentary cheating stop-at-nothing double-crossing two-timing unmanageable egregious unbecoming dangerous self-willed noisy ungovernable rough fiendish overt disobedient turbulent boisterous unconventional stubborn barbaric unconcealed transparent impenitent undisguised attention-seeking extrovert fierce bloody corybantic incautious irrational uproarious awful murderous terrible butcherly fell brute truculent dreadful homicidal grim worthless thrilled rash raving without shame sanguinary abhorrent beastly giddy flighty faulty untamed putrid insubordinate

Tính từ

Trendy or in fashion
swank stylish smart chic trendy modish natty now dashing fly trendsetting contemporary modern popular chichi current mod swanky latest upscale hot trig posh new favoured favored faddy newfangled prevailing usual customary genteel in vogue with it up-to-the-minute all the rage in style a la mode in-thing up to the minute well-liked latest thing last word a go-go fashionable hip voguish cool happening in elegant snazzy designer sharp snappy tony in fashion schmick swish exclusive swell supercool fresh big groovy up-to-date up to date au courant bang up to date dressy dapper styleworthy classy funky spiffy sassy kicking kicky high-class swinging de rigueur in thing all the go on fleek du jour à la mode well-heeled expensive sexy high-toned glamorous the new massive smartest nice finest newest formal Sunday youthful party young nicest culty def hep large downtown popularized favorite pop with-it red-hot vogue turned-on faddish crowd-pleasing cutting-edge favourite popularised good debonair fancy fine flashy polished bling flash sophisticated ritzy fancy-pants nifty steezy beautiful slick urbane sleek modernistic dap tasteful showy jazzy ostentatious uptown pretentious dressed to the teeth well turned-out dressed to kill in the mainstream ultra-modern avant-garde state-of-the-art swagger new-fashioned prevalent attractive sought-after in favour in demand le dernier cri in favor progressive neat advanced liked wanted celebrated ultramodern leading edge innovative spruce innovatory trim down novel cutting edge brand-new present-day space-age new age plugged-in appealing excellent likeable recent desired prominent approved preferred desirable cosmopolitan leading high-tech gnarly stylin' neoteric high-fashion understated flattering likable plush upmarket pioneering inspired informed well dressed familiar knowledgeable versed aware well turned out well liked futuristic trailblazing plugged in tuned in in the know as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox undercool wicked last-word rage impressive on trend passing exciting hottest sumptuous grand deluxe swishy must-see fab dope big thing besuited timely crisp legendary well-known fashionably dressed well-dressed well-groomed clean craze fad chi-chi super glorious well loved distinctive first-class well groomed notable renowned flippant revolutionary bang up-to-date dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look smartly dressed well put together widespread commercially successful successful in good taste with style in with it avant acceptable forefront courtly majestic plushy handsome superior stately refined graceful on the cutting edge in the latest style thrilled select dicty awake perceptive observant alive conscious savvy knowing apprehensive highly developed SOTA forward-looking admired accepted welcome switched on hep to on to turned on up on in on wise to hip to leading-edge commercial go-ahead marketable saleable hi-tech excited touched moved electrified animated stirred aroused elated atingle modern-day modernized modernised newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle sought lovable beloved notorious fave famous trending well received worked up fired up unique creative original innovational artistic unprecedented imaginative inventive strange unheard-of unconventional far out modernist different unaccustomed way out unfamiliar clever unexplored visionary out-of-the-box ingenious unhackneyed experimental unknown unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional conversant posted up abreast acquainted instructed apprized versant sussed switched-on well-read well-versed filled in in the picture well-informed clued-up in the loop well versed up to speed well informed clued up genned up well briefed au fait having your finger on the pulse in touch most recent

Tính từ

Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
coarse vulgar indecent obscene dirty crude lewd smutty filthy bawdy ribald gross blue rude foul improper raunchy pornographic profane indelicate impure offensive nasty suggestive lascivious salacious racy wanton naughty indecorous spicy vile immodest earthy trashy risqué gutter porny unprintable sordid unseemly prurient adult stag tasteless saucy crass raw scatological inappropriate base scatologic broad debased impolite mean salty explicit lecherous lowbrow scandalous colorful colourful taboo tacky vulgarian randy mucky farmyard low X-rated off colour off-color locker-room foul-mouthed nudge-nudge bad-mannered hard-core low-down-and-dirty in bad taste lowdown and dirty disgusting profligate licentious libidinous questionable gamy scurrilous unclean shameless unchaste unvirtuous near the knuckle wicked erotic arousing titillating loose sexy immoral gamey off-colored off cheap porno lustful unsavory lusty unconventional fast incontinent libertine uncouth uncivil near the bone distasteful repulsive uncultured uncultivated unrefined ignoble malicious inelegant odious rough grubby grimy fruity unsavoury lowbred insensible raffish rugged incult unpolished roughneck common illiberal Rabelaisian steamy porn abusive carnal sensual depraved blasphemous juicy rank provocative unwholesome scabrous shocking boorish soft-core off-colour mature skin sleazy sexual close to the bone Fescennine hot unrestrained shady purple discourteous sexually explicit unmannerly dirty-minded lubricious uninhibited foulmouthed barnyard exciting lurid Cyprian concupiscent blunt dishonorable dishonourable ill-bred outrageous loutish churlish ungracious brutish sickening bad grown up ill-mannered obnoxious low-minded venomous corrupting corrupt exploitative sick degenerate snide dissolute debauched XXX unsophisticated ithyphallic wrongful irreverent tempting seductive disrespectful brusque lively loathsome evil noisome repugnant malodorous contemptible evil-minded curt stimulating untoward oafish graceless vituperative gruff unbecoming hideous atrocious horrible inconsiderate insulting harsh tactless ignorant unladylike ungentlemanly loud page-three rough-hewn XXXX risque ruttish sinful unscrupulous sooty revealing shameful illicit full-frontal libellous dysphemistic libelous vicious fleshy scurvy daring undecorous ridiculous gruesome seamy embarrassing goatish amoral profaned desecrated indiscreet sizzling entertaining slippery villainous outlandish sneaking unworthy fractious profanatory rogue devilish corporeal voluptuous fleshly in poor taste not pure grody awkward excessive poisonous sly rascally exuberant satirical barro unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful ungodly unjust aphrodisiac amorous erotogenic aphrodisiacal erogenous erotical amatory untactful unblushing callow beyond the pale interesting strong sacrilegious unmannered sketchy low-down and dirty out of line spiteful sexually suggestive mannerless cloddish execrable wretched ignominious currish despicable detestable paltry low-down in the gutter vigorous extravagant robust parodic backward savage immature uncivilised degrading unsettling affronting vilifying brash tawdry colloquial derisive uncivilized unutterable loud-mouthed low-bred base-minded abject groveling malevolent gossip-mongering vitriolic sensational teasing tantalizing thrilling disparaging contumelious denigratory invective derogatory pejorative deprecatory opprobrious grovelling captivating sexually arousing fascinating sexually exciting sexually stimulating tough vituperatory scurrile infamous scurril groundless truculent dour severe hard brutal bluff tantalising forbidding fierce stern bearish stiff austere roughcast grim vituperous offending cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive murderous lowering interbred incestual incestuous

Tính từ

Playfully mischievous
wicked arch impish mischievous devilish rascally roguish playful puckish waggish naughty teasing tricksy cheeky raffish knavish scampish sly elvish leprechaunish pixie pixieish pixy prankish coquettish ludic frolicsome sportive underhand cunning beguiling deceptive underhanded untruthful espiègle fraudulent lying shifty slick sneaky deceiving tricky crafty crooked flippant lively merry whimsical jokey elfin jocular tongue-in-cheek light-hearted frivolous gay elfish funny lighthearted facetious humorous jesting joking jocose joyous kittenish gamesome jaunty witty sprightly droll comical jolly frisky spirited cheerful coltish blithe high-spirited amusing silly saucy comic flip chucklesome mirthful pert fun-loving jocund skittish knowing jovial rollicking in jest in fun larkish antic entertaining coy pixilated implike glib bantering bubbly flirtatious smart giddy casual snappy clever cute gleeful fresh offhand devil-may-care vivacious frolic perky exuberant wisecracking happy peppy fay sportful larky joshing laughable pleasant zippy fun frolicky wry satirical good-humoured good-humored unserious full of beans tongue in cheek elven pawky elflike artful foxy affected pixyish wily pixie-like mysterious wanton capering for a laugh good-natured as a joke to tease troublemaking mischief-making cocky smart-alecky inane sassy inappropriate putting one on pulling one's leg not serious shallow trivial superficial fiendish ridiculous wise smart-aleck impertinent sarcastic sardonic empty-headed scatterbrained flirty dizzy demure feather-brained hilarious diverting sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair cheery laughing blithesome sunny festive rude irreverent impudent dismissive disrespectful precious cutesy smarty-pants full of mischief childish free and easy flakey camp wacky flaky joculous ludicrous crazy daffy campy boffo breezy mincingly clever lippy risible good considerate game sportsmanly decent generous zestful airy bouncy animated energetic sparky zesty gagged up for grins excitable pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy clowning honest honourable reasonable evenhanded just square wild honorable full of fun full of life full of pep feeling one's oats full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in high spirits full of joie de vivre full of vim and vigour sporting straight shooting square shooting square dealing

Tính từ

Light-hearted and carefree
gay cheerful merry cheery bright jolly animated glad buoyant lively vivacious happy jovial sunny blithe frolicsome joyful mirthful playful bouncy carefree exuberant festive light-hearted sprightly upbeat blithesome bubbly chirpy debonair effervescent gleeful jaunty perky sparkling elated frivolous gamesome insouciant joyous lightsome active airy animate bouncing brisk canty cheering chipper convivial crank devil-may-care energetic eupeptic frisky frolic fun-loving gladsome happy-go-lucky high-spirited jazzy jocose jocular jocund kinetic laughing lighthearted mettlesome peppy pert pizazzy pizzazzy pleasure-seeking racy rollicking slaphappy snappy spanking sparky spirited springy unconcerned vital winsome zippy ludic sportive waggish alert brash confident forward in good spirits in high spirits keen presuming pushy self-assertive wild full of beans as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world breezy ebullient peart zestful vigorous full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed zingy dynamic genial untroubled full of vim and vigour enthusiastic vibrant optimistic jubilant funny unworried dashing positive hilarious spry full of the joys of spring radiant entertaining humorous euphoric excited bright and breezy good-humoured of good cheer smiley good-humored cock-a-hoop zesty facetious pleasant content grinning smiling jokey casual hopeful without a care in the world witty as merry as a grig exhilarated zappy amusing light irrepressible exultant contented sporty ecstatic comical enjoyable diverting fun exciting easy delighted hearty nimble full of pep fresh flippant overjoyed comic smart easy-going droll blissful impish thrilled go-go chucklesome roguish full of hope mischievous skittish kittenish as lively as a grig nonchalant festal dapper alive and kicking coltish forceful full of fun fiery strong bubbling pleased beaming over the moon joking raffish flamboyant agile whimsical passionate laughable sparkly boisterous prankish bold stylish wick swinging joshing lusty antic spunky jumping stimulating colourful colorful on cloud nine free and easy tongue-in-cheek natty gratified relaxed heedless scintillating ardent full of get-up-and-go showy good perk delightful eager volatile rapturous rocking vivid unserious wonderful frolicky pleasurable laid-back sharp flip celebratory tireless high triumphant daring untiring full of energy hardy on cloud seven hyper indifferent friendly uproarious resilient sassy jesting ball of fire welcoming unruffled interesting saucy pleasing puckish careless larking risible wanton fay sportful elfish larky ludicrous teasing tickled sanguine flashy devilish expansive buzzing quick enraptured fantastic cool transported elastic feisty rapt zealous easygoing silly striking unusual impassioned heartening bantering daffy affable stoked agreeable gingery wrapped indefatigable potent forcible powerful clever larkish stirring enterprising industrious beside oneself with joy strenuous unflagging red-blooded stalwart sturdy high-powered snazzy in jest amused informal rousing feeling one's oats clubby social rejoicing holiday gala unthinking cordial energized activated composed exulting sexy frenzied spiffy unperturbed rich proud crowing up enlivening cheerly game loud boon camp campy energised blessed serene romping ridiculous farcical glorying magnificent marvellous marvelous outgoing gladdening prideful backslapping dizzy beatific venturesome dazzling fast riot scream back-slapping walking on air grooving glitzy spruce generous bullish arch gloating calm rosy delirious avid intense Pickwickian charming satisfying welcome glib gratifying fun-filled uninterested irresponsible capering tricksy rascally in raptures on the go abuzz gallant mobile apathetic pococurante incurious elvish satisfied unrestrained wicked good-natured peppery agitated engaging uninhibited heartwarming happening humming alive effusive riotous amiable thankful chuffed intriguing bustling thoughtless driving honest supple busy nutty aggressive piquant poignant espiègle moving rugged in fine fettle frothy in seventh heaven in fun robust beguiling laid back barnstorming at ease emphatic feckless lackadaisical excitable flipping flying lots of laughs gutsy tongue in cheek gushing blissed out responsive full of zip in transports of delight floating on air full of joie de vivre not serious heart-warming neat spritely graceful sociable conversible companionable hospitable spectacular uncaring unconsidered bonny gregarious carnival insubstantial frolicking fashionable invigorating laughter-filled fanciful gladdened Christmassy chic aware salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic warm glowing pertinent dull relevant tight fairylike breathless benign invigorated pixieish scampish knavish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish loony chaffing jollying good-time tumultuous excellent swift new outstanding whopping rapid remarkable exceptional poised pacific measured collected possessed commodious providential sober feelgood fervent youthful turnt jumpy gritty dramatic envigorating party trendy flush sunbeamy clowning valiant Panglossian Pollyannaish idealistic ventilated mellow easy-breezy low-pressure decorated feastful carnivalesque feastly partyish peaceful orgasmic flying high captivated intoxicated blest tickled pink can't complain looking good full of vim and vigor gelastic nonsensical derisive asinine mocking derisory inane preposterous har-har absurd eccentric bizarre rhapsodical willful unruly off-the-wall sidesplitting go-getting heated burning hot occupied sent hale and hearty spicy unconstrained offhand enlivened glamorous aglow juiced up hushed unflustered sedate full of the joy of living raring to go exhilarating heady pulling one's leg putting one on satirical wry wisecracking grand dexterous deedful eventful dextrous bubbling over exalted smug for a laugh reckless improvident vitalized bucked flourishing electrifying on the move blissfully happy deliriously happy gentlemanly sportsmanlike fair popping splendid heavenly lovely tasty pungent distinctive tart tangy virile vehement flushed unconventional bohemian to the point wacky crazy flaky joculous flakey boffo slap-happy disposed to look on the bright side always expecting the best adventurous roseate hopping coruscating astir determined intensive thriving fabulous glorious great magical doing handsprings trim revelling free-minded full-blooded punchy abubble vibrating effective high-octane full of spirit storming resounding ballsy all-out muscular sensitive have-a-go hard-hitting sound aboil schmick nifty disreputable characterful gagged up for grins swaggering hysterical boastful in transports of joy in transports of pleasure warming uplifting naughty blithely unconcerned carefree and untroubled without care living the life of Riley considerate sportsmanly decent at peace self-possessed romantic attractive plucky swashbuckling deep devout corybantic reveling wowed carried away victorious triumphalist full of character louche ornate glittering gaudy flaunting glittery brazen demoniac motive tough dynamical locomotive kinematic motile encouraging unreserved beside oneself with happiness jumping for joy audacious swish venturous free-swinging elegant nervy emboldened adventuresome intrepid nerved equanimous equable profound glass half full sunny side up honorable square honourable evenhanded just reasonable deepest lacking concern disinterested complacent perfunctory insensible uncurious wild with excitement blown away in a frenzy of delight on a high wigged out delirious with happiness turned on urbane captivating enchanting abiding profuse full frank frenetic absorbing congenial compelling appealing recreative fascinating nice flexible deep-rooted good natured deep-felt warm-hearted sporting flash decadent dissolute dissipated debauched soul-stirring uncontrolled abandoned riveting fearless exclusive swank adjustable adaptable variable free from worry free from care frantic accommodating enthralling provocative inspiring engrossing restorative side-splitting entrancing affecting enticing relaxing impressive be a ball gas priceless thrilling straight shooting square shooting square dealing free-spirited tawdry individual violent fierce rabid feverish full-on overwhelming overpowering furious ferocious malleable distant unanxious fluid compliant unmoved callous aloof detached unsympathetic oblivious dispassionate nonplussed uninvolved unflappable pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding mad neutral reserved unbothered not bothered hardened forgetful self-centered inattentive impassive blind self-centred supine deaf phlegmatic hard-hearted insensitive undisturbed cold stony negligent undaunted giddy versatile complaisant tolerant conformable cool, calm and collected flighty superficial foolish not giving a toss light-minded recuperative mutable soaring empty-headed shallow ditzy puerile zany birdbrained non-serious juvenile idle light-headed harebrained dopey vapid lightheaded goofy futile yeasty vacuous batty featherbrained dippy scatterbrained ditsy childish ill-considered feather-brained pea-brained lacking seriousness dotty nonserious unprofound vain barmy lacking in sense idiotic fit ambitious healthy strapping athletic resolute hale tenacious stout persistent persevering able-bodied committed steadfast dogged Herculean firm staunch driven brawny go-ahead burly motivated progressive aspiring beefy buff unremitting unwearied diligent inexhaustible assiduous pioneering husky assertive pertinacious weariless shredded earnest unrelenting self-starting hungry purposeful unwavering jacked hectic courageous speedy in good condition solid fighting fit unfaltering in good shape blooming ripped in good health well built unwearying hard-driving hunky single-minded unshakeable hasty lithe fit as a fiddle able hard-working stark hurried muscly unflinching incessant unfailing inspired buzzy fast-moving militant sedulous in good trim rip-roaring grind dedicated unswerving eager beaver well bursting with health hefty steady substantial lightning breakneck charged striving sinewy fleet employed blistering galloping ingenious alacritous imaginative intoxicating galvanizing whole thewy intent unyielding inventive breathtaking going strong manly powerfully built gripping action-packed desirous masculine exhilarative uncompromising obstinate thirsty galvanic creative unceasing well-built power-hungry well-conditioned kicky electric alive and well surviving around all right still with us resourceful mind-boggling mind-bending heart-stopping hair-raising mind-blowing on the make ruthless self-seeking engaged fine in the pink galvanising innovative in rude health rowdy goal-oriented self-driven nippy fleet-footed mighty hard influential working indomitable well made capable iron rattling animating energizing thickset suspenseful wholesome fixed raucous solidly built undeviating aerobicized in tip-top condition rough hustling obdurate ready unbending acrobatic budding stubborn original growing all-male energising hell-bent busy as a bee tied-up strong-willed constant macho self-asserting get up and go bent upon power-loving high-reaching entrepreneurial brave manful devoted theatrical up-and-coming patient demanding chaotic noisy exacting challenging whirlwind disorderly physical big talented splitting rapid-fire arduous gifted laborious crowded relentless swarming rumbustious difficult extravagant pushing exhausting trying take-over teeming gumptious severe taxing knockabout thronging persuasive dutiful roisterous prompt expeditious bent onerous awake warlike resolved scrappy inspiriting turbulent involved obsessed healthful anthemic cracking gladiatorial fanatical efficient steely robustious rigid full of vim express secure in trim inexorable two-fisted at work hardworking durable rude physically fit engrossed powerhouse hard at it rambunctious emotional hell-raising well-made decisive stiff on the hop accelerated as fit as a flea as fit as a fiddle like Piccadilly Circus on the job in fine feather hard-pressed as strong as a horse full of go full of commotion strong-minded sound in body and limb like a ball of fire hard at work stop at nothing full of determination high-pressure bound and determined dead set desiring success pulsating self-directed eye-catching uncomplaining long-suffering fearsome ambulatory expressive unstinting young self-motivated noteworthy conscientious high-energy chivalrous male liberal modern disruptive advanced forward-looking heroic valorous lionhearted stout-hearted manlike enlightened forward-thinking unending loyal unretiring stocky ostentatious heaving roaring A1 rising practical broad-shouldered participating full-bodied well-developed built perceptive dependable fervid zoolike ripping in excellent shape in good physical shape still going strong avant-garde meaty chunky herculean hardline fast-paced adrenaline-fueled as strong as a ox deviceful full of activity never-tiring consumed compelled man-size mannish studly fecund fertile butch laddish man-sized well-proportioned mesomorphic plugging unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plodding high-speed fancy-pants faithful contributing activist thrusting rushing thronged immovable unshakable set unbendable unshaken obsessive built to last hulking bulky stouthearted strong-arm overexcited fast-track formidable galvanized serious monomaniacal impelled adamant outdoor outdoorsy bursting with good health reproductive generative sexually potent procreative gymnastic unsinkable remorseless ironclad painstaking inspirational decided intransigent inflexible headlong volant tantivy productive combative induced fixated compulsive insistent obsessional unhesitating argumentative absorbed interested immersed sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying up-tempo sports-loving competitive tense belligerent as strong as a lion as strong as an ox in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox expeditive going harefooted quarrelsome pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised grandiose monumental bellicose clamorous undisciplined wayward pugnacious die-hard stiff-necked contentious cutthroat sustained rigorous urged on confrontational febrile truculent motivating bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured important impetuous wilful roistering steamroller take-charge disputatious limber light-footed heavy defiant bullheaded brutal motivational elaborate toilsome nose to grindstone dead set on significant agonistic deft in full swing emotive over the top over the top OTT tied up chippy clangorous obstreperous right as rain intensely competitive iron-willed in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke self-assured can-do gung ho self-confident visionary lofty hellish pretentious discordant willowy impactful provoking memorable shocking jolting startling knife-edge fit as a flea assaultive upwardly mobile brawly impelling stimulative quick-moving lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling explosive adrenalized cliffhanging killing knackering ornery touchy viral arousing instigating affective touching instigative exalting refreshing time-poor twinkle-toed urgent power-driven AC DC juiced electronic battery operated motor-driven electrical magnetic plug-in rechargeable intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be wishful large-scale awakening piquing inciting meaningful triggering quick-thinking twinkle toes clear-headed quick on the trigger spright winged mercurial quick on the draw easy-moving enduring reinforced stable good at sports up to one's ears rushed off one's feet overloaded in demand rushed off your feet having a full plate snowed have one's hands full having many irons in the fire slaving busy as a beaver at it on the run having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry quick-witted emotion-charged thought-provoking puissant tiring future possible prospective likely heavy-duty living gutty adroit well-founded live breathing inflammatory thin-skinned on the warpath high-strung hot-blooded longing hard as nails craving advancing itching yearning lusting termagant agitational existing expectant endeavoring endeavouring restless testing harsh unsparing sentient wild and woolly subsisting biological organic existent stem-winding spark plug hard ball burdensome flustering madhouse coming on strong viable mortal bumpy full on wearing imperious among the living having life in the land of the living not dead engrossed in wrapped up at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in

Trái nghĩa của rakish

rakish Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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