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Alternative for dopey

dopey /'doupi/ (dopey) /'doupi/
  • tính từ
    • mơ mơ màng màng, tê mê (hút thuốc phiện, uống rượu mạnh...)
    • uể oải, lơ mơ, thẫn thờ
    • đần độn, trì độn

Tính từ

Lacking in intelligence, or unable to comprehend ideas
simple slow thick dense dumb senseless stupid airheaded birdbrained bonehead boneheaded brain-dead brainless bubbleheaded chuckleheaded dim dim-witted doltish dorky dull dunderheaded empty-headed fatuous gormless half-witted knuckleheaded lamebrain lamebrained lunkheaded mindless oafish obtuse opaque pinheaded slow-witted soft softheaded thickheaded thick-witted unintelligent unsmart vacuous weak-minded witless foolish goofy silly asinine dozy idiotic comatose heavy hebetudinous lethargic sluggish slumberish torpid dopy daft moronic imbecilic dippy pea-brained wooden-headed inane crazy ignorant cretinous dotish imbecile muttonheaded simple-minded slow on the uptake dotty chowderheaded dull-witted bovine dof unwise vapid naive glaikit simpleminded half-baked harebrained blockheaded fat-headed barmy thoughtless scatterbrained pig-ignorant daffy giddy not the full shilling ridiculous absurd soft in the head nutty imprudent scatty thick as two short planks puerile gullible tomfool divvy dunce-like damfool flighty nonsensical feather-brained dead from the neck up stolid unreasonable hare-brained screwy dizzy featherheaded mad batty wacky loopy ill-advised blockish injudicious irresponsible preposterous laughable feebleminded crackpot kooky foolhardy frivolous ditzy pointless sappy ill-considered risible wooden ditsy ludicrous inept featherbrained irrational cuckoo as thick as two short planks halfwitted insane braindead fool lunatic unthinking dappy reckless rash jerky unreasoning skittish shallow zany frothy yeasty whacky balmy light-headed light-minded uncomprehending lumpish feeble-minded impolitic thick-skulled lightheaded whimsical futile crackbrained loony looney kookie screwball backward cockeyed deficient impractical illiterate imperceptive uneducated insensitive thick-headed indiscreet very stupid untaught unschooled superficial woodenheaded childish crass derisible clueless flippant nitwitted Boeotian dimwitted hebete unaware rattlebrained cockamamy eccentric potty cockamamie pie-faced unlearned benighted nonliterate limited incautious unread unlettered weak untutored capricious dummy analphabetic uninstructed immature clownish thick as mince farcical careless idiotical illogical vacant blind forgetful inexperienced unresponsive bizarre uninformed cloddish unmindful unstable innocent green insensate weird boorish gaga slow on uptake unintellectual addle-brained numskulled out to lunch not with it not intelligent short-sighted mentally deficient in the dark mentally handicapped empty dipsy airbrained unperceptive unimaginative ill-mannered lifeless inert erratic anencephalic anencephalous inappropriate stupefied phlegmatic placid duncelike thick-skinned rude dark inadvisable fickle inanimate somnolent deranged numbskulled idiot credulous feeble surd unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish loggerheaded clottish fatheaded impassive log-headed soppy misguided inconstant shortsighted idiotish squirrelly heedless inactive listless dingbat dingdong negligent inconsistent bird-brained purblind infantile without thought smoothbrained not bright neglectful foolishly stupid excitable slothful chowderhead unrealistic sheepheaded changeable heady derisive derisory comical smooth-brained unworkable ill-conceived impulsive impetuous insouciant carefree muddle-headed know-nothing pea-brain mooning daydreaming inattentive spaced-out out moony untrained unknowledgeable unknowing unwitting impracticable pathetic improvident as daft as a brush stunted arrested underdeveloped lagging unenlightened unsophisticated unscholarly excited bemused wild grotesque strange peculiar incongruous odd queer doolally fantastic gonzo incompetent nescient oblivious out of it light-hearted facetious wacko cock-eyed unworldly unqualified merry incognizant insensible unacquainted unconversant off your head off your trolley flip juvenile idle non-serious touched underachieving subnormal pinhead dumbbell dumdum yo-yo off the air up the pole unconscious uninitiated lacking seriousness nonserious ill-informed a brick short of a load as green as grass wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic perky vain unprofound lighthearted lacking in sense tongue-in-cheek gay volatile light playful numbskull mentally defective defective retardo dumbo exceptional gorked held back not serious retarded flakey flaky unsound hasty meaningless undiscerning misinformed uncultured madcap apprenticed uncultivated unsuspecting fanciful fantastical indiscriminate blind to uncritical undiscriminating fruitless inconsiderate coarse unheeding insipid outrageous remiss regardless unjustifiable incoherent inadvertent unreal groundless ill-thought-out slipshod unscientific demented implausible untenable deaf unthinkable off the wall off-the-wall aberrant off beam way out ill-judged unstudious extravagant complacent purposeless unpractical blundering donkeyish obstinate tearaway prejudiced wholesale unquestioning gross harum-scarum outlandish unversed poor trifling worthless implicit unrefined bad risky surreal contemptible disregarding uninterested unsteady monstrous astonishing shocking incredible foolheaded unbelievable indelicate slang unfeeling derelict nonobservant wishy-washy flat innocuous airy delinquent devoid of intelligence extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential baseless unfounded arbitrary specious freaky distraught raving reasonless wrong disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed slack crude lax flawed tactless incorrect faulty irreflective contradictory slapdash unreflective precipitate unobservant casual unselective unexacting unconcerned indifferent apathetic undiplomatic cursory unfussy offhand perfunctory absent-minded not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense indiscriminating hot-headed easily pleased

Tính từ

Stupefied by sleep or a drug
dazed confused muzzy stupefied befuddled bewildered dizzy groggy woozy addle addled addlepated bedevilled bedeviled befogged bemused bushed confounded disorientated disoriented distracted drowsy drugged fogged mixed-up muddled muddleheaded pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy raddled shell-shocked silly slaphappy spaced spaced-out spacey spacy stunned zonked zonked-out discombobulated half-asleep wooly woolly woolly-headed not with it dopy fuddled at sea puzzled out of it perplexed baffled numb stumped dumbfounded fuzzy wobbly nonplussed unsteady flummoxed staggered flustered foggy faint giddy reeling light-headed lightheaded numbed stupid benumbed dazzled mystified shaky taken aback disconcerted fazed staggering bamboozled hazy gaga mixed up all at sea vague weak speechless vertiginous lost startled tipsy surprised addlebrained at sixes and sevens thrown off balance clouded upset cloudy thrown floored breathless blurry rattled dismayed overcome overwhelmed aghast weak-kneed slap-happy at a loss off-balance weak in the knees off balance insensible frozen bleary disturbed shaken disorganized dumbstruck swimmy unhinged unbalanced whirling discomposed aswoon demented astonished disorganised deranged astounded gobsmacked agog senile wildered unglued gone mazed absent-minded dumb shook up fouled up spaced out out to lunch weak at the knees open-mouthed big-mouthed eccentric woolly-minded senseless inattentive trippy dreamy cold daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish maladjusted distraught stuporous clueless rocky nauseated nauseous doubtful flabbergasted intoxicated preoccupied unnerved troubled discomfited slow swaying sleepy tired unfeeling swimming tottering queasy slack-jawed foolish engrossed awed agape shocked come apart teetering drunken beaten shaken up insensitive uncertain bowled over thunderstruck awe-struck in a dither blind blinded light seeing stars shook in a stupor out of control with rubbery legs with legs like jelly paralyzed deadened unresponsive paralysed blown away balled up delirious dead torpid asleep exhausted not knowing if you are coming or going anaesthetized immobilized addle-brained glassy-eyed psychotic muddle-headed unstable shot to pieces crazy screwy not knowing if one is coming or going irrational unsound with Alzheimer's disease whacko unsettled out-of-joint unscrewed fatigued anesthetized immobilised wooden faltering trembly drooping enervated lethargic all of a quiver languid fragile amazed awestruck awestricken stuck wide-eyed uncomprehending knocked for six dumfounded at a loss for words foxed openmouthed adrift wonderstruck marveling marvelling wondering goggle-eyed blank hard-pressed lost for words nonplused worried beat hard put incredulous astray filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with wonder filled with awe caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot off-course abstracted stymied vexed discountenanced ruffled gravelled absorbed graveled alarmed buffaloed faraway jolted distant horrified in amazement struck dumb confusional in a muddle in a state of confusion at a complete loss unable to believe one's ears without ideas impressed defeated sailing embarrassed not adjusted off-beam shattered frustrated electrified petrified bedazzled besotted had their heads messed with simple overawed tongue-tied asea bollixed got caused to be at a stand confusticated thrown off dozy nonsensical enthralled staring off-track made to scratch their head frightened left speechless unable to believe one's eyes in shock put to it taken by surprise adhered mind-blown without a clue turbid rooted to the spot perturbed unable to believe your eyes annoyed flurried at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn in a fog brought to a standstill distressed at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer all over the place going round in circles not knowing whether one is coming or going licked knocked out knocked unzipped abashed knocked sideways absent agitated diverted distrait shook-up psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance messed-up in botheration in a tizzy absentminded harassed tormented pestered hassled miles away sidetracked unfocused musing unaware vacant forgetful undependable unsystematic scatterbrained unreliable in a flap driven to distraction empty-headed erratic daydreaming scatty feather-headed birdbrained feather-brained oblivious unthinking dappy heedless dippy unheeding with a mind like a sieve with one's head in the clouds pensive

Tính từ

(informal) Significant in the degree of absurdity
stupid cracked half-baked cock-eyed hare-brained nutty potty dotty batty derpy barmy gormless cuckoo loony loopy zany screwy off one's head off one's trolley out to lunch daft glaikit cockeyed crackpot kookie kooky looney screwball wacky whacky idiotic birdbrained empty-headed dippy witless foolish dumb moronic dim-witted imbecilic half-witted dozy crazy dim pea-brained dunderheaded lamebrained boneheaded slow simple-minded feeble-minded unintelligent cretinous dunce-like vacuous vapid dull simple silly crackers nuts mental doltish mad wooden-headed chuckleheaded fat-headed muttonheaded insane slow-witted bonkers thick brainless retarded lunatic daffy balmy giddy slow on the uptake soft in the head feather-brained vacant obtuse bone-headed addle-pated mentally slow dizzy scatterbrained airheaded dappy senseless asinine ignorant callow immature credulous damfool green simpleminded nonsensical unwise tomfool lunkheaded featherheaded fatuous absurd divvy bubbleheaded preposterous harebrained sappy inexperienced chowderheaded inept dof jerky dotish fool indiscreet backward blockheaded weak-minded feather-headed wet behind the ears as thick as two short planks unhinged deranged dull-witted touched pig-ignorant bovine brain-dead gaga brainsick loco cranky bughouse maniac crackbrained psychotic wacko wud maniacal moonstruck unsound slang fruity bedlam scatty unbalanced whacko demented meshugge psycho haywire bats crazed meshuga certifiable flakey bedlamite not quite right thick as two short planks not all there looney tunes fried flaky loony tunes non compos mentis in the ozone not the full shilling off the wall out of one's gourd off one's gourd around the bend irrational out of one's mind wild frenzied distraught raving stark raving mad off one's rocker berserk sick in the head eccentric disturbed manic confused disordered mentally ill mad as a hatter sectionable psychopathic hysterical rabid gonzo delirious unsettled nutty as a fruitcake raving mad crazy as a loon distracted sick off the deep end unstable porangi berko demoniac uncontrolled odd queer peculiar bananas oddball barking nutsy out there as daft as a brush off one's nut foaming at the mouth off-the-wall stark staring mad mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad away with the fairies not in one's right mind round the bend bizarre schizophrenic moonstricken derailed paranoid in a daze dazed off wrong of unsound mind in another world raging dreamy feverish incoherent babbling fierce frenetic frantic violent furious ferocious swivel-eyed bewildered lightheaded out of one's head hot wandering hallucinating hallucinatory unreasonable restless flipped out of one's skull aberrant deviant disarranged light-headed fevered rambling flipped out deviate out of your mind not in your right mind

Tính từ

Feeling sleepy or lethargic
drowsy lethargic sluggish sleepy torpid listless languid tired languorous somnolent heavy dozy slumberous lifeless snoozy comatose yawning fatigued nodding yawny slumbrous weary exhausted groggy drugged dozing dazed dopy knackered lazy restful heavy-eyed half asleep out of it dog-tired ready for bed all in dead beat done in half-asleep hardly able to keep one's eyes open inactive slow draggy dull inert enervated idle slumbersome slothful blah apathetic indolent sleepyhead quiescent hebetudinous indifferent moony lackadaisical narcotic dormant laid-back unenergetic passive soporific asleep sleeping out impassive supine stupefied quiet oscitant phlegmatic lymphatic shiftless slow-moving debilitated lacking in energy dilatory laggard hypnotic sedative opiate stupid stuporous having spring fever leaden somniferous somnifacient asthenic sluggardly somnific neurasthenic numb logy dead benumbed slumbery unenthusiastic spiritless unhurried nebbish neb dreamy asleep on one's feet stagnant bleary-eyed motionless fainéant insensible hibernating uninterested relaxed half-awake half awake sodden latent paralyzed static paralysed faineant inconscious cold nodding off vegged out out cold unmoving lacklustre stolid wimpy lackluster stretchy languishing limp dead to the world out to lunch Laodicean otiose pococurante without energy unconcerned easy blahs pining droopy energyless laid back unresponsive bovine mooney sleepyheaded stiff sullen off sluggard down drippy lumpish tardy ponderous plodding lagging dawdling measured creeping slow-going leisurely crawling slack deliberate snaillike delaying moderate loitering tortoiselike postponing procrastinating slow-paced gradual weak slow-footed spent flat lax depressed insensitive unproductive burned out sedentary flagging gentle steady sedate tortoise-like unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding pokey dragging dallying leaden-footed snail-paced poking poky snail-like dillydallying laggy lollygagging late behindhand labored imperceptible remiss drained shot wearied sapped lumbering dead tired worn out weakened wooden beat shattered pooped tired out kaput

Tính từ

Under the influence of drugs
drugged high stoned wasted loaded bombed blitzed ripped zonked intoxicated doped tripping wrecked flying smashed befuddled dazed stupefied euphoric narcotized comatose delirious hallucinating benumbed coked floating unconscious insensible anesthetized anaesthetized drugged up spaced-out strung out under the influence on drugs spaced out on a trip out of it junked-up high as a kite off your face hyped up out to it knocked out blown away charged up freaked out out of your mind zonked-out spaced blasted wiped out hopped-up juiced drunk tipsy buzzed geeked impaired potted fried lit up reeling plastered jacked hammered inebriate blotto sozzled drunken canned inebriated sloshed sottish stewed pickled soused squiffy tiddly tanked tight legless besotted bladdered steaming stiff squiffed wet crocked slang blind lit cockeyed oiled gassed stinking boozy looped paralytic mullered merry lashed soaked ratted totaled crapulous fuddled crapulent trolleyed bevvied woozy slaughtered tippling foxed sotted bibulous ebriate screwed pie-eyed well away well oiled drunk as a lord under the table half cut blind drunk gin-soaked dead drunk worse for drink half seas over boozed up tired and emotional drunk as a skunk Brahms and Liszt tanked up rolling drunk rat-arsed feeling no pain three sheets to the wind roaring drunk worse for wear turned on mellow out of one's mind off one's head on a high sedated blatted broken langered kaylied trashed ossified mashed steamboats bacchic irrigated unsteady dronkverdriet intemperate babalas drinking half in the bag boozed-up groggy slightly drunk in one's cups well-oiled dead to the world blown-up gone in the bag half-crocked out of one's gourd half-seas over liquored up hard-drinking schnockered happy sodden half-cut glazed burned-out the worse for drink sauced out of one's head feeling good tanked-up hooched up one over the eight three sheets in the wind under the weather seeing double in your cups out of one's skull out of one's box gin-sodden beery under the influence of intoxicating liquor off one's face stukkend red-nosed turnt maudlin incapable toping fou wired guttered stinko cut steamed full shickered shot munted inked lekker monged pixilated ebrious ebriose baked having had a skinful as tight as a tick monged out as full as a goog grogged up having had one over the eight two sheets to the wind cock-eyed

Tính từ

Lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness
feeble weak frail weakened delicate infirm debilitated enfeebled failing effete powerless puny sickly enervated wasted faint weakly ailing doddering exhausted helpless impotent languid decrepit etiolated poorly shaky unwell asthenic doddery down-and-out incapacitated low prostrate prostrated sapped shilpit slight soft softened tender tottering tottery unsubstantial weedy wimpish wimpy trembling trembly aged emasculated flabby flat fragile gentle half-hearted insufficient lame meagre meager pathetic sapless strengthless vitiated woozy out of gas ill unsound flimsy nerveless tired drained thin fatigued spineless faltering spent crippled unenthusiastic ineffective limp lacklustre tenuous lackluster inadequate spindly weary wishy-washy listless irresolute unstable weakling indisposed anemic lackadaisical old anaemic vulnerable anile insecure senile small rickety poor in poor health worn out indifferent weak-kneed unhealthy ineffectual uninterested apathetic passive tepid sick spiritless flagging unconvincing forceless subdued brittle faded unwilling long in the tooth elderly languorous paltry breakable dainty sensitive tame paralyzed paralysed invertebrate unsteady characterless wet mild insubstantial shrill out of shape scrawny high namby-pamby past it milk-and-water limp-wristed perfunctory sluggish high-pitched passionless lifeless unexcited lukewarm invalid cool vague wobbly slender depleted reedy defenseless minimal wavering undermined dim reluctant debile vacillating ancient senescent superficial blasé unnerved halting sensile deteriorated inert defenceless declining unable devitalized unfit diminished useless impuissant impassive light hamstrung incapable handcuffed hog-tied laid low shatterable fracturable dull disabled muted crumbly moderate inept gutless pale remote distant friable wan frangible high and dry washed-out hazy played out easily broken without energy drooping encumbered hindered hampered toothless bedridden disorganized boneless wasteful indecisive valetudinarian crook nesh susceptible in declining health fishy shattery wispy wussy meek unpowerful rundown yielding neutral rendered feeble senior timorous withered atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative ravaged easily damaged airy stricken dotard nominal disorganised done in rusty run-down timid desultory cursory emotionless sinking dying reduced superannuated lacking feeling dispassionate unconcerned dizzy subtle unimpressed unresponsive imperceptible token out of sorts flawed deficient diffuse Laodicean unemotional dimmed diffused gone to seed washed out out of condition on the ropes unmoved untrained mellow broken-down fine shaded burned out tinted low-key faint-hearted glimmering in second childhood in your dotage glowing in bad shape shimmering imperfect unsatisfactory substandard subject tied dependent incompetent lily-livered injured over the hill no spring chicken disenfranchised unarmed splintery smashable destroyable destructible eggshell dud unproductive infecund supine blank disfranchised chicken without power resistless wimp tinny squeaky blurred hurt bated lambent wounded not able in poor condition bland bad sore stiff bruised paper tiger with no say gloomy unlikely handicapped maimed cracked lethargic wearied worn battered deformed damaged over a barrel improbable tiny languishing pooped knackered beat game dead aweary bushed done dubious slim doubtful negligible poorly lit badly lit wiped out loggy burned-out jaded logy beaten bleary tuckered out burnt-out worn-out all in tapped out precarious physically challenged minuscule exiguous outside perilous nebulous risky suspect unreliable rocky dicey sketchy uncertain dodgy iffy wanting defeated unsuccessful unprosperous easily threatened easily destroyed far-fetched unthriving unavailing not well

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