Đồng nghĩa của in second childhood


Of, or relating to, old age
senile old aged ancient senescent senior anile decrepit doddery enfeebled feeble long in the tooth past it in one's dotage elderly doddering superannuated ageing aging getting on mature older grey over the hill no spring chicken geriatric unyoung grey-haired gray grey-bearded weakly over-the-hill advanced in years frail hoary grizzled venerable septuagenarian octogenarian nonagenarian centenarian faltering antiquated longevous passé not as young as one was not long for this world as old as the hills declining matured long-lived olden past your prime not as young as one used to be been around on last leg of advanced years passe archaic outdated obsolete dotard patriarchal weak wasted debilitated infirm tired retired incapacitated long in tooth full of years lot of mileage tottering weakened crippled fragile antique age-old mellowing maturing deteriorating hoar immemorial antediluvian dateless cobwebby out of shape moth-eaten worn timeworn rusty creaky ripened oldie shot in bad shape senior citizen worse for wear in decline growing old ripe abiding long-lasting along in years of age gray-haired on in years not young up in years old-fashioned long-standing very old out-of-date traditional long-established of a certain age deep-rooted outmoded primeval established ancestral primaeval past old-time pensioned time-honoured mossy time-worn time-honored old as the hills pensioned off advanced childhood from way back long forgotten bygone middle-aged primordial white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly vintage well-established customary relic worn-out usual past your sell-by date on its last legs of an advanced age from the past fogyish old as Adam former emeritus ex- early conditioned seasoned major discharged classical ageless enduring historic anachronistic lasting first ritual dated put out to grass mouldy clunky earliest moldy ritualistic fixed rooted Elder I First of yore timeless resigned in retirement emerita prehistoric atavistic forever old hat tried and true tried and tested of long ago horse and buggy leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born centuries old the elder mellow rooted in the past next higher more advanced

Trái nghĩa của in second childhood

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