Đồng nghĩa của tried and tested


Being faithful and devoted in one's support
loyal faithful true true-hearted tried and true true-blue devoted constant steadfast fast staunch dependable reliable trusted trustworthy trusty dutiful unchanging unwavering unswerving dedicated committed firm stable steady unfailing patriotic allegiant ardent devout dyed-in-the-wool fanatical on one's side passionate resolute attached immovable good sure solid tried-and-true honest tried upright responsible calculable trustable stalwart sound enduring unfaltering safe strong truthful honourable honorable secure genuine vigorous incorruptible certain never-failing straight pious down-the-line loving infallible hard-core conscientious unshakable determined behind one sincere close stout reputable on the level redoubtable correct hard-working stanch persistent unhesitating tough true to life uncompromising obedient liege predictable confiding affectionate circumspect scrupulous unimpeachable tested righteous fail-safe string along with established consistent veracious absolute tried and trusted rock solid confirmed card-carrying orthodox stiff inflexible deep-dyed impervious die-hard fervent emphatic unmistakable effective zealous believable impassioned obdurate supportive inexorable in good faith hardened fervid perfervid unflinching strict keen daring sturdy indomitable audacious bound forceful steamroller unafraid resilient tenacious nervy powerhouse straightforward decent virtuous sensible ethical principled credible impeccable respectable decisive high-principled foolproof mature guaranteed hanging tough assured saintly incorrupt unequivocal positive careful proven proved attested bound and determined dead set on fly right to be trusted level-headed straight-up sure-fire worthy of trust above suspicion true blue boy scout up front down home full of integrity always there as good as one's word recognized approved certified classic demonstrated failsafe settled tried out put to the test recognised time-honoured safe as houses used definite fixed confident conclusive easy unanxious nailed down locked on undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree able hopeful well-founded shoo-in endless boundless flawless inseparable valued inexhaustible uncorrupted cherished balanced dear intimate compelling close-knit normal special convincing perfect undamaged treasured bosom best ceaseless continuous unlimited surefire unfading undying can't-miss unerring continual expedient unspoiled influential eatable persuasive well judged timely fresh potent whole well timed trenchant felicitous unimpaired favourable unhurt seasonable unflagging bottomless undecayed promising intact fit to eat well-timed unblemished uncontaminated diligent same unrelenting assiduous delivering lasting there come-through abiding continuing eternal invariable favorable counted on make good make good on something in good part unyielding dogged unshakeable indefatigable stubborn single-minded unbending spirited obstinate strong-willed persevering relentless resolved earnest untiring purposeful adamant pertinacious intransigent undaunted bold valiant steely intent plucky undeviating tireless mettlesome set driven courageous strong-minded rigid enthusiastic implacable brave decided unshaken gritty insistent diehard wholehearted unremitting stout-hearted long-standing gutsy lionhearted willful doughty assertive intrepid intense spunky deep-rooted entrenched durable active rock-ribbed manful full of determination fearless inveterate perseverant deep serious hard unflappable hard-line fierce energetic feisty ruthless patient unqualified avid eager hard-nosed hardy thorough grim heroic iron thoroughgoing aggressive gallant robust ambitious long-established vehement motivated indurate immutable bulldog purposive pushy headstrong bent upon gutty hearty long-lasting out-and-out strenuous mad keen complete through and through deliberate sworn iron-willed dauntless unmovable focused rooted industrious adherent self-assertive ingrained cast-iron unbendable bred-in-the-bone high-spirited deep-seated unchangeable intractable stouthearted unceasing enterprising bullheaded pigheaded inured focussed incurable pat bent game self-willed militant dead set valorous perdurable well-built dynamic unvacillating do-or-die utter pledged go-getting indelible hell-bent on bent on hell-bent upon incorrigible unquestioning explicit boon powerful unswervable four-square unappeasable stiff-necked compulsive conservative unapologetic unashamed greathearted heroical obsessed undauntable aspiring thirsty sedulous inspired unassailable desirous hungry invincible obsessive mulish meaning business irrepressible extreme red-hot toughened sustained unconquerable rigorous stringent rugged self-confident out substantial wilful resistant unending permanent well established unwearied eager beaver unswayable uncompliant through-and-through pure well-established self-starting hard-driving keen as mustard unsurpassable invulnerable intrenched out and out traditional goal-oriented weariless self-driven well-made hell-bent profound lusty impregnable immobile unstoppable long-lived irremovable revering bulletproof venerating domineering undefeatable heartfelt fiery unshrinking forward unfluctuating perennial undeterred studious chronic habitual ferocious full-bore unrepentant composed manly even unvarying uniform poised importunate seasoned adoring persisting striving prevailing arrant right-down undismayed monomaniacal adventurous invariant never-tiring lion-hearted regular ineradicable indestructible ballsy imperishable whole-hearted brassbound unmalleable hardheaded perverse ossified opinionated adamantine inconvincible self-opinionated instilled truehearted dominant infixed self-assured capable progressive pioneering brick-wall inexpugnable can-do self-possessed unmoved big refractory bombproof defiant deep-down full-fledged unfearful hard and fast bona fide deeply ingrained not giving an inch deep-set self-asserting built to last self-seeking get up and go power-hungry set in stone stand pat set in one's ways heavy-duty strongly made standing one's ground power-loving high-reaching direct firmly-based confidential unwearying unretiring reactionary traditionalist changeless convinced ever-abiding attentive concerned unbeatable ultra-conservative unprogressive engagé hopeless unblinking immoveable radical hellbent unintimidated perseverative familiar cohesive uninfluenced admiring consecrated everlasting never-ending timeless perpetual dinkum fundamentalist high-powered undiscouraged time-hallowed go-to embedded coherent religious obscene pornographic X-rated goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic reverent noble possessive unforgetful imperturbable nerveless incessant Herculean beyond hope competent copper-bottomed rocklike fortified hidebound unadaptable prayerful immoderate exacting laborious unsinkable blinkered unaccommodating sagacious surviving blimpish equable doting exuberant as thick as thieves pig-headed determinate in earnest unalterable immortal unwaivering made to last well-constructed untameable insurmountable insuperable hard-boiled stern ungiving goody two-shoes competitive going inalterable dug in set firm thrusting set in your ways recalcitrant not put off not discouraged dyed-in-the wool impassable long-term time-honored age-old ancient cutthroat consumed compelled telelogical playing hard ball mean business calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone independent perceptive mean take charge carrying the load rabid fond hang tough hard-and-fast have-a-go bloodthirsty unabated fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist mighty intent on congenital lifelong commanding possessed well balanced well-balanced in place in position warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy tough nut daredevil firm in spirit animated two-fisted tough-minded ironclad resourceful tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball continued plodding moral right just nice like a ball of fire on the make desiring success bullish good as one's word to be counted on galvanized impelled real unstinting full unambiguous total unreserved categorical venturesome death-or-glory demanding right-minded ever-enduring torrid impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable longtime full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke gung ho imposing authoritative burning unquenchable bitter stony furious granite induced fixated obsessional never give up venturous unmitigated unrestricted unconditional undivided important veridical undistorted square worthy creditable all right estimable accustomed habituated staid controlling heavy quiescent to the core imprudent herolike chivalrous chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised unalloyed unadulterated single-hearted old faithful overbearing imperious bossy significant sicker forcible uncooperative hardline unpersuadable true to the end no lie unfeigned undiluted warm outright difficult to keep down rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back as game as Ned Kelly collected serviceable as keen as mustard stark entire authentic fullhearted hard-wearing stiffened strapping hard-shell all-consuming firmly established urged on hard-bitten given over to bloody-minded renitent motionless statuelike hale reinforced athletic sinewy muscular on the up and up immalleable merciless puissant hard as nails in fine feather able-bodied self-reliant hundred percent whole-souled cool-headed locked in without reservations


(of a custom or tradition) Respected or valued because it has existed for a long time
time-honoured long-established customary established fixed traditional usual age-old ancestral conventional enduring folk historic lasting long-lived long-standing old-time old-world classic familiar habitual old proven respected ritual ritualistic ancient routine set venerable wonted tried and true classical regular accepted time-honored standard accustomed common normal orthodox popular immemorial prescriptive prescribed sanctioned traditionary ageless recognized acknowledged approved stereotyped universal doctrinal widespread authorized ceremonial widely used recognised authorised abiding immortal timeless memorable unforgettable undying deathless official formal legitimate stated lawful valid tried and trusted correct legal representative proper bona fide ceremonious aged hoary agreed received confirmed early prevailing acceptable general typical past settled expected endorsed understood stock admitted household prevalent predominant moth-eaten mossy moldy old as the hills old-fashioned hoar mouldy time-worn rusty antediluvian first anachronistic old hat creaky clunky of long ago as old as the hills oldie dated very old horse and buggy earliest decrepit going mainstream ordinary well worn fashionable touted current agreed upon preferred everyday bog-standard plain legit well-known unopposed in vogue okayed passed arrived at regulation undistinguished staid run-of-the-mill unadventurous taken for granted rooted conformist commonplace average natural frequent characteristic public quotidian prosaic garden-variety standard-issue unexceptional workaday daily unremarkable ubiquitous vanilla deep-rooted staple dignified garden variety stately cut-and-dried cut-and-dry stereotypical proverbial day-to-day common or garden formulaic standardized archetypal durable chronic canonical predictable basic long-lasting archetypical standardised well established permanent constant stable decorous hackneyed overall steady solemn long-term methodical true entrenched simple typic matter-of-course authoritative unquestioned courtly surviving renowned punctilious sound repeated liturgical unoriginal derivative certified starchy overused majority ruling persistent firm systematic chosen consistent generic favourite favorite ceremonialistic ongoing sacramental celebratory allowed hacky shared perennial mundane known formalistic documented humdrum imposing august stipulated well known rife orderly reliable traditionalist recognizable dull native white-bread recognisable timeworn par for the course widely held long-living favoured time-hallowed long-existing comfortable strict rehearsed staunch serious highbrow regimented express discreet mediocre garden indifferent inconspicuous collective extensive undoubted uncontested undisputed statutory canonic unspontaneous OB heavy symphonic concert heavyweight domestic explicit pervasive straightforward tralatitious favored great boilerplate conservative uneventful stale artificial legendary famous famed notorious acquired honored one-size-fits-all wide obligatory unprogressive acquainted given used habituated state derived broad believed in established usage unsophisticated appropriate permitted supported legalized ratified backed certain validated affirmed OK'd antique lowly distinguished plastic so-so grind declared identified perceived existing ornate elaborate honoured vulgar recurring de rigueur conforming old school vintage realized remembered self-evident axiomatic handed down homespun humble dyed-in-the-wool mutual inveterate legalised net realised professed old line antiquated common variety matter-of-fact inherent symptomatic regulated regularized widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted procedural reputed infamous anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen emblematic of choice in the habit of periodical periodic earlier generation congruous adopted intermutual embraced united across the board commutual like well-established distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing grand mannered lofty stylized studied made official vouched for continuing sop wont in circulation in force individualistic clichéd cliched mature backward-looking stilted stiff nice in keeping in character portly stuffy repetitious practised practiced mechanical reiterative iterated automatic addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic seasoned remaining long-running true to form to be expected vernacular obedient unofficial unquestioning informal same old only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type ingrained stiff-necked banal trite traditionalistic old-style officially recognized strong fast lifelong persisting eternal standard operating procedure playing it safe by the numbers in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle respectable secure unshakable vested platitudinous overworked tired steadfast resilient institutionalized regularised institutionalised corny ready-made worn-out worn out readily available widely available most common

Trái nghĩa của tried and tested

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