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Alternative for indelible

Tính từ

Impossible to erase or remove
ineffaceable ineradicable enduring ingrained lasting permanent unforgettable indestructible inerasable memorable inexpungible inextirpable stubborn unexpungeable imperishable persisting unfading haunting deep-rooted deep-seated fast fixed rememberable stirring unerasable never to be forgotten not to be forgotten remarkable notable extraordinary impressive striking exceptional noteworthy signal catchy significant special arresting distinguished important historic distinctive famous illustrious outstanding persistent momentous cherished celebrated spectacular vivid consequential treasured monumental remembered eventful notorious renowned fixed in the mind out of this world tenacious obstinate lingering resistant singular great meaningful super implanted embedded infixed ground-in planted eminent eye-catching conspicuous marked noble preeminent prestigious pre-eminent confirmed prominent redoubtable pronounced salient famed leading bright astral star noticeable main major arrestive luminous well known firm entrenched worn long-established settled valid proved set dyed-in-the-wool hard-shell inannihilable firmly established hardened chronic accustomed accepted staid inveterate irradicable seasoned inured habituated timeless immortal perpetual everlasting glorious eternal undying supreme wonderful enthralling superlative exciting observable dazzling thrilling brilliant standout surpassing mind-blowing stamped on your memory red-letter rare well-known mentionable citable uncommon unusual nameable noted esteemed honored venerable elevated honoured exalted phenomenal big august namable acclaimed superior astonishing incredible unique amazing awesome marvelous marvellous weighty material out of the ordinary magnificent considerable reputable imposing excellent superb prodigious serious legendary particular influential substantial heroic much earthshaking grand earth-shattering respected foremost shining powerful recognized fateful awe-inspiring pivotal visible of note surprising obvious dramatic recognised tectonic bizarre splendid peerless sensational unparalleled triumphant gratifying unconventional headline far-reaching proud commanding sublime resplendent heavy majestic atypical emphatic refreshing popular epochal abnormal applauded peculiar strange infamous unfamiliar odd big-name unexpected of repute landmark terrific queer curious weird unwonted evident stunning fine manifest unprecedented critical astounding decisive crucial glaring extraordinaire interesting first-class grave bold beautiful pleasurable gorgeous chief appreciable effulgent radiant lionized especial time-honored highly regarded something else of consequence of significance worthy unordinary far-out ageless name lionised talked about much-publicized of distinction of high standing lively different unaccustomed stellar anomalous incomparable fantastic groundbreaking breathtaking epic boss extreme startling out of the way staggering storied epoch-making action-packed laureate rich good electrifying honourable honorable first-rate worthy of note splashy showy wicked flamboyant wondrous worthy of mention stand-out major-league high-profile fascinating novel inconceivable vital dominant predominant mind-boggling royal magnific valued earth-shaking bodacious noisy life-changing strong cogent aristocratic portentous of importance atypic world-class mighty all-important high-powered high-level potent VIP jaw-dropping gee-whizz of moment intense forceful resonant capital principal major league far-famed large big name having made a name for oneself big-time much publicized widely known splendrous heavenly delightful enjoyable splendorous ground-breaking distingué meaty uncustomary paramount tense apocalyptic perennial evergreen abiding traditional classic time-honoured familiar fabulous widely knowbn imperial divine regal heroical stately massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric untypical suspenseful reputed venerated known splendiferous world-shaking life-and-death world-shattering exceeding unheard-of irregular preternatural aberrated infrequent aberrant freak cracking mean common revered vaunted top estimable lauded gripping riveting everyday established respectable acknowledged phat fab adored of great import active uncharacteristic in the limelight in the public eye on the map public graphic climactic admired feted sizable fundamental nonpareil distinct of particular interest busy full extremely good very good miraculous shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady commemorated superstar well thought of big-league well-regarded much touted big-shot highly rated well-thought-of well received up there redoubted celeb big league hot utmost murder splash underlined patent cool unmistakable unbelievable sudden studied talked of unheard of seldom seen in spotlight in limelight preponderant heavy-duty severe earnest cardinal impactful large-scale deep high-priority urgent keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum generous burning milestone conclusive front-page extensive hefty ponderable climacteric newsworthy pressing clear-cut huge breath-taking exquisite tremendous kenspeckle grabby drop-dead clear unorthodox offbeat exotic stupendous rip-roaring hair-raising paragon genius ceaseless dateless inextinguishable endless unending incorruptible worth mentioning worth taking a look at the end eye-popping perceptible forcible matchless uncanny unequalled event-filled strenuous dynamite telling compelling charming jazzy lofty confounding solid unreal inimitable consummate outlandish sempiternal perdurable happy fulfilling smashing primo amazeballs unrivalled unsurpassed hectic prevailing prime top-level well-connected premier head highest formidable prized controlling select admirable uplifting deathless dainty elegant delicate of influence high profile senior high-up eloquent integral historical alpha oratorical trusted top-ranking upper fabled puissant towering authoritative four-star successful seminal high-ranking deciding dignified upper-class unco world class off the beaten track one of a kind valuable choice invaluable unexampled satisfying heart-warming rewarding pleasing iconic gilt-edged zero cool cheering priceless precious recherche very fine top-notch unrivaled unequaled auspicious fortunate banner

Tính từ

Persisting for an extended period of time
lasting continuing abiding enduring eternal perennial perpetual long-term permanent undying deep-rooted durable lifelong long-lasting long-lived long-standing remaining surviving established fast firm ingrained secure unceasing unending everlasting immutable irreversible never-changing ceaseless changeless immortal imperishable indestructible never-ending unfading ageless constant dateless dependable endless fixed interminable non-stop ongoing perdurable persisting stable steadfast steady timeless unbroken unchanging unfaltering uninterrupted unwavering continual forever incessant indissoluble inexhaustible inexpungible longstanding old reliable sempiternal unremitting in for the long haul till the cows come home unalterable unchangeable invariable absolute persistent certain irreparable ineradicable irrevocable irremediable settled immovable unrectifiable binding unyielding final set unreversible unappealable peremptory unrepealable deathless resistant fated irretrievable unrepairable predestined predetermined undeviating inflexible lost inevitable doomed conclusive beyond repair irremovable decided unshakeable hard-and-fast indefinite standing perduring for keeps set in concrete set in stone forever and a day adherent decisive definitive irrefutable determinate unbreakable indisputable incontrovertible definite shatterproof inextinguishable unchallengeable ultimate determinative inexpugnable emphatic unanswerable incorruptible finished sturdy nonperishable heavy-duty non-breakable stout toughened hard-wearing staunch resolute unassailable unswerving adamantine infrangible sure rigid entrenched well-established unbending sacrosanct undestroyable armoured reinforced rock-solid undestructable unruinable irrefrangible inextirpable irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable made to last armored well-founded incommutable inalterable unvarying static unvaried unchanged unmodifiable unflagging deep-dyed determined unflinching unrelenting obstinate indefatigable dogged adamant relentless tireless unvacillating iron unredeemable irrecoverable irredeemable unrecoverable fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians cast-iron incurable categorical beyond recall

Tính từ

Being such by habit, long-established, and not likely to change
confirmed hardened seasoned chronic entrenched habitual rooted deep established inveterate settled committed devout firm fixed intrenched lifelong perennial resolute set thorough true ardent complete dedicated devoted earnest enduring faithful fervent immutable incorrigible loyal proved stalwart staunch steadfast uncompromising unwavering unyielding vehement wholehearted compulsive diehard fanatical fiery impenitent ineradicable inexorable intransigent irredeemable longtime obsessive obstinate persistent stubborn supreme thoroughgoing torrid unapologetic unashamed unreformable unshakable unshakeable zealous accustomed definite explicit habituated incurable ingrained inured staid sicker dyed-in-the-wool long-established bona fide hard-core long-standing deep-rooted deep-seated die-hard hard-line deep-set firmly established through and through all-consuming bred-in-the-bone card-carrying deep-dyed well established well-established red-hot hard-shell embedded instilled unchangeable infixed irremovable fortified full-fledged out-and-out deeply ingrained dug in deep-down out and out set firm through-and-through true blue radical profound abiding innate long-lasting deeply felt fundamental basic rigid extreme built-in secure inbuilt subconscious lingering inherent inbred endemic obscene pornographic X-rated implanted grounded determined unwaivering based on congenital persisting radicated indurated old continuing customary permanent sworn adamant long-lived usual intense inborn longstanding heartfelt strong impassioned avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate genuine burning deep down honest exceptional enthusiastic sincere consuming heightened severe unfeigned serious keen extraordinary lodged in one's brain excessive stirring great inflamed warm grave rousing

Tính từ

Essential, innate or inherent to something
intrinsic essential inherent native natural elemental fundamental basic inborn inbred innate underlying central congenital constitutional constitutive integral ingrained real true genuine inseparable radical connate permanent engrained hardwired immanent indigenous ineffaceable ineradicable ingrain key material necessary vital connatural core hereditary indwelling inmost intimate particular built-in deep-rooted deep-down deep-seated in one's blood fixed inbuilt in-built rooted inveterate brassbound chronic confirmed in the blood instinctive structural organic inherited inexpungible instinctual implicit characteristic resident individual unalienable inner latent elementary internal indispensable integrated inward distinctive genetic original subjective hard-wired part and parcel in your blood intuitive principal primary unlearned rudimentary cardinal quintessential in the family chief prime profound primitive important foundational critical pivotal basal main unacquired focal root capital requisite crucial primal paramount bred in the bone entrenched staple salient constituent gut component needed dyed-in-the-wool deep rudimental natural-born bottom-line major incorporated significant meat-and-potatoes inheritable natal ingrown heritable dominant settled foremost predominant first untaught genealogical patrimonial born integrant required existing from birth firm ingenerate imperative compulsory mandatory persistent secure hard-core intrenched bred-in-the-bone unshakeable irremovable established beginning needful obligatory consequential introductory abiding subconscious well established lingering long-lasting necessitous all-important substantive must-have high-priority called for prerequisite all important pre-eminent vitally important contained compelled temperamental spontaneous frequent included composing uncomplicated standard normal typical regular native-born embedded implanted wild inwrought infused instilled nuclear raw unsophisticated complete utter endemic congenite genetous thorough mere base en suite sheer unlearnt in one's genes pure primordial initial abecedarian simple highest greatest ultimate supporting sustaining substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom underived axiological groundlaying demanded untutored incumbent leading overbearing arch prior sovereign preeminent sovran grand big supreme premier great overriding overmastering master sporogenous chromosomal phytogenetic digenetic matriclinous historical ancestral abiogenetic genital xenogenetic genesiological eugenic genomic involuntary forced nonelective peremptory burning appropriate compulsatory connected expedient wanted desired preferred compelling proper binding decisive momentous specified pressing urgent exigent recommended genetical number one numero uno of great consequence de rigueur incumbent on name of game life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence at the heart of mental habitual longtime longstanding composite ingredient formative fractional divisional ethnic psychological emotional transmissible factorial combinative partial part maternal deep down traditional lodged in one's brain deeply felt paternal constituting cerebral in the genes handed down psychologic intellectual viscerous visceral most important

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