Đồng nghĩa của inevitable

Alternative for inevitable

Đồng nghĩa: certain, doomed, fated, inescapable, sure, unavoidable,

Trái nghĩa: avoidable,

Tính từ

To be expected

Tính từ

Able to be relied on or trusted
sure certain assured categorical conclusive guaranteed infallible unfailing absolute clear definite indisputable irrefutable unambiguous undeniable unequivocal authoritative concrete decisive foolproof genuine incontrovertible indubitable irrevocable palpable true unerring unmistakable confirmable confirmed doubtless manifest obvious patent real recognised recognized resolute surefire unquestionable verifiable demonstrable determinate firm incontestable positive secure accurate convincing failsafe inerrant precise questionless safe solid transparent undoubted unqualified fail-safe in the bag sure-fire as sure as eggs is eggs can't-miss perfect faultless impeccable flawless unswerving error-free unimpeachable scrupulous deadly uncanny meticulous exact correct dead errorless reliable spot-on just inerrable invariable trustworthy unmistaken spot on dependable sound effective fixed decided inch-perfect settled set efficacious sealed ensured watertight nailed-on insured certified unquestioned unchallenged accepted acknowledged uncontested never-failing tried and true tried and tested on target on ice on the mark bang on clear-cut plain direct final evident undisputable tested undisputed beyond question inarguable not in doubt not in question established unassailable ascertained known hard never failing beyond doubt lethal supreme provable establishable sure thing concluded affirmed having down pat cinched cast-iron bound tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary excellent good not disputed freely admitted sovereign warranted stated stipulated unbreakable idiot-proof tried goofproof airtight frozen unarguable irrefragable unchallengeable accomplished unanswerable flat inexpugnable hard-and-fast stable unshakable secured attested open-and-shut a sure thing a dead cert iron-clad clinched there are no two ways about it copper-bottomed all sewn up pinpoint predestined determined destined pronounced racked close precision fine rigorous salted away nailed on unbeatable hairline refined nailed down made certain absolutely certain sewed up delicate mathematical well aimed painstaking careful handy agreeable effectual right acceptable satisfactory helpful useful steady undeceivable always effective efficient omniscient apodictic satisfying a lock for sure for a fact sure enough

Tính từ

Incapable of being changed or of changing
unchangeable fixed immutable invariable unalterable changeless constant invariant irreversible permanent cast-iron decided deep-rooted established incommutable set abiding enduring eternal firm hard-and-fast immovable inalterable indestructible ineradicable inflexible lasting perpetual stable steadfast strong unfading unvarying consistent continuing lifelong perdurable resolute unchanged unmodifiable unmovable hard and fast set in stone irremediable irreparable unrectifiable final settled fated irretrievable unrepairable predestined predetermined irrevocable binding absolute unreversible peremptory lost indelible unrepealable unappealable doomed certain beyond repair conclusive irrecoverable unrecoverable irredeemable unredeemable categorical incurable beyond recall rigid unchanging unwavering uncompromising undeviating strict hard steady stringent rigorous unbending unshakeable unyielding uniform inexorable definite entrenched unadaptable static persistent adamantine regular unswerving determined hardened unfailing exacting adamant obdurate ironclad confirmed stubborn unfluctuating unfaltering unrelenting intransigent endless obstinate inveterate relentless never-ending sure everlasting locked in severe predictable rooted perennial imperishable hard-line brassbound stationary durable habitual even implacable unending undying concrete dogged ceaseless exact hardheaded ingrained diehard flat stiff-necked well-established determinate frozen continual pigheaded bullheaded staunch long-standing deep-seated bound incontestable incontrovertible single-minded dyed-in-the-wool writ in stone set in concrete fast clear-cut unvaried unshakable unqualified clear unshaken never-failing standing unrelieved stiff genuine indefinite immortal same harsh agreed indissoluble reliable long-lasting deathless continuous irremovable steely ageless draconian mulish inexpugnable long-established willful self-willed inconvincible hard-nosed pat perverse headstrong self-opinionated wilful ossified opinionated pertinacious uninterrupted tough hidebound iron-willed unceasing unremitting solid out-and-out deep-dyed incessant indurate bred-in-the-bone true blue instilled true infixed dead set through and through through-and-through equable cut-and-dried stabile full-fledged solid as a rock dug in out and out decided upon dead set on deeply ingrained deep-down regimented level timeless controlled disciplined jelled unflappable tight not changeable confining sacrosanct well-set intractable long-lived well grounded staying put calm sustained iron fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians forever blinkered unaccommodating unabated unabating interminable non-stop cruel complete rhythmic unbroken stern refractory dateless repeated frequent unappeasable closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced iron-fisted unswayable indomitable uncompliant recalcitrant nonstop periodical periodic dependable undiversified monotonous thoroughgoing carved in stone etched in stone thorough utter pitiless remorseless merciless never-changing set in your ways set in one's ways standing one's ground all-year-round steady-going nonrandom round-the-clock on an even keel perduring committed dedicated remove unbreakable unplacatable unforgiving unmollifiable unsparing inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians telling indisputable convinced satisfied confident valid indubitable positive undeniable real doubtless free from doubt convincing unequivocal unquestionable for a fact unquestioning persuaded assured loyal faithful incorrigible devoted austere ruthless not changing authoritarian forever and a day in for the long haul for keeps unrepentant chronic full-bore die-hard unapologetic unashamed ineluctable ramrod unpermissive incompliant card-carrying right-down arrant inextinguishable shatterproof unmoving mean business no going back like death and taxes bound and determined necessary hell bent on immobile compulsory to the core keen as mustard congenital mad keen resistant incorruptible tough nut to crack strait-laced heavy-handed heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout undoubting tenacious impassive strong-willed arranged preset embedded stony-hearted unimpressionable rock-ribbed allotted specified prearranged deep infrangible fortified defined decreed precise prescribed quiescent express explicit planned hard-core well established deep-set set firm stand pat tough nut stick to guns resolved unblinking rock-solid irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced made to last armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible inextirpable definitive stipulated still stated in the bag not subject to change

Tính từ

Critical, serious or very important in nature, usually in a negative sense
fatal decisive final crucial destined determining doomed fateful foreordained predestined critical grave necessary pivotal unlucky important momentous serious vital significant key deciding paramount essential fundamental climacteric strategic determinative required needful must-have needed indispensable integral urgent requisite pressing compelling exigent of the utmost importance of the essence of great consequence high-priority all-important pre-eminent influential conclusive major forceful definite definitive absolute prime authoritative imperious principal imperative chief trenchant decided settling incisive certain peremptory crisp settled litmus test consequential acute central necessitous weighty life-and-death burning far-reaching mandatory primary cardinal considerable big leading basic portentous substantial earnest compulsory obligatory capital main vitally important great foremost historic prerequisite material dire dominant heavy called for meaningful overriding profound preeminent outstanding predominant severe monumental solemn of moment earth-shattering clamant importunate somber emergent sombre of great import heavyweight crying sober premier of consequence of significance prominent supreme top notable focal of great importance core sedate staid arch salient remarkable noteworthy eventful life and death humourless humorless no laughing matter no joke quintessential first master intrinsic staple grand no-nonsense primal epoch-making underlined big deal number one instant heavy-duty conspicuous uppermost highest greatest ruling substantive sovereign constitutive overbearing demanded radical overmastering world-shaking sovran impressive all important uncomic earthshaking numero uno relevant apocalyptic desperate signal striking commanding telling special immediate earth-shaking elemental memorable incumbent sensational powerful prior wanted appreciable high-level exceptional much tectonic meat-and-potatoes world-shattering defining very important elementary controlling now or never front-page hefty life-or-death operative major league newsworthy ultimate arresting de rigueur pronounced demanding noticeable pertinent head clamorous large exacting insistent high responsible inescapable nitty-gritty drastic marked binding exciting invaluable sizable large-scale unavoidable desired obvious maximum landmark extensive stipulated especial prevailing appropriate lead extreme seminal bottom-line eminent moving particular recommended persuasive formative valuable tough difficult nonelective forced extraordinary unforgettable intense inherent involuntary utmost rudimentary headline impelling much needed topmost instrumental of great moment hard mighty keynote innate compulsatory of vital importance big-time big league rare called-for arch- impactful imposing inspiring inspirational number-one strong potent emphatic last clear shaping causal evaluative prescribed coercive egregious elevated applicable active basal lacking best interesting lively busy full super king axial intrusive projecting protruding famous arrestive jutting obtrusive statutory right-hand ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful apposite germane fitting lacked set enforced topical worthwhile super colossal mammoth demanding attention dramatic high priority apropos apt glum strongest business-critical mission-critical constraining event-filled strenuous presiding supereminent buzzworthy stern characteristic structural overruling distinguished gloomy dour grim rudimental underlying natural everything name-of-the-game indicative expedient preferred proper specified hectic action-packed climactic austere constituent foundational constitutional emergency sore page-one prodigious unmissable ponderous tremendous life-saving coal-and-ice quiet downbeat sad component connected terrible driving parlous noted trusted reputable celebrated illustrious clamouring hurry-up clamoring requiring obliging heat-on irresistible claiming distressing forcing unyielding actual cold sober incumbent on name of game life or death second-to-none a matter of life and death out of the ordinary of note of substance of import matter of life and death at the heart of epochal star stellar No. 1 honoured noble top-ranking superior extremely important milestone transcendental empyrean empyreal sublime categorical carrying a lot of weight ponderable high profile honourable well known top-notch high-powered honorable highly regarded major-league high-ranking honored priceless top-priority precious obstinate tireless unremitting intransigent tenacious stubborn indefatigable distinctive deep uncommon glaring unusual life-changing very great inestimable preponderant resonant worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary glorious high-up big time big-league top-drawer of high standing testing irreplaceable persistent unrelenting aggressive dogged obdurate persevering entreating nagging pertinacious of importance puissant skookum trying searching helpful choice creative original psychological serviceable treasured avid disturbing high-pressure annoying troublesome suppliant overeager solicitous pushy harassing innovative extremely helpful beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold imaginative groundbreaking touchy showdown climatic effective convincing pioneering productive ground-breaking competent stirring effectual provocative vigorous useful swaying capable enticing contributory encouraging motivational energetic robust able inducing stimulating purposeful animating motivating hard-hitting swayful guiding dynamic cogent successful rousing alluring masterful touching efficient seductive forcible efficacious affecting overly solicitous touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice germinal generative most important most prominent most influential

Tính từ

Previous, former
foregone bygone earlier former old past previous prior ancient certain destined fated forepassed forgotten inescapable long-ago ordained predetermined predictable unavoidable of old of yore olden gone by departed old-time extinct done primeval primordial prehistoric finished gone immemorial antediluvian defunct completed primigenial primaeval long gone over ended forepast spent accomplished no more elapsed remote ago dead and buried over and done with over and done pristine long departed long past long ago lost antiquated dead one-time nonextant outmoded erstwhile obsolete expired vanished bypast belated sometime long-gone late out-of-date quondam old-fashioned archaic dated oldfangled past recall in oblivion water over the dam out of date down memory lane sunk in oblivion water under the bridge historical ex- onetime preceding antique whilom once passé other foregoing lapsed way back concluded superseded deceased terminated wiped out way back when asleep cold fallen lifeless unremembered as was ancient history gone-by unrecalled invalid historic outdated redundant disappeared consigned to oblivion latter-day retired demised discontinued buried breathless low recent early then died out precedent ex nonexistent older exanimate from the past at an end passed on dead and gone in the past done for a thing of the past in the olden days back when in the good old days ages ago irrelevant run faded missing worn-out outworn last lost and gone lost in time overdue delayed inanimate kaput first back abandoned had it out of commission down the drain passed at the time of an earlier time one time once upon a time of a former period discarded disused left removed anterior antecedent behind one fossilized background dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on unemployed stagnant fossilised perished lamented no longer in use fallen into disuse very old passed away stiff with God at peace ci-devant destroyed extinguished inactive exterminated six feet under bought the farm pushing up daisies in the grave dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail laid to rest through complete doused abolished quenched out void closed vanquished unknown inexistent settled up no longer extant no longer existing down disregarded snuffed out no longer known over with wrapped up disremembered erased repressed done with finished with dispensed with suppressed blotted out gone clean out of someone's mind out of mind left behind past recollection blanked out

Tính từ

Too attractive and tempting to be resisted
irresistible enticing seductive tempting inviting alluring captivating enchanting fascinating ravishing appealing desirable glamorous attractive beguiling fetching provocative tantalising tantalizing bewitching come-hither beckoning charming indomitable ineluctable invincible lovable mouthwatering overriding powerful scrumptious strong stunning unconquerable uncontainable engaging lovely magnetic entrancing winning delightful luring cute charismatic intriguing taking pleasing winsome beautiful prepossessing gorgeous fair enthralling pretty adorable glamourous arresting striking sexy comely smashing bonny beauteous pleasant sweet hot good-looking sightly fanciable mesmeric handsome elegant easy on the eye knockout eye-catching fit divine likable lovesome likeable spellbinding mesmerizing delectable elfin luscious interesting sultry adorbs agreeable tasty foxy dazzling seemly mesmerising endearing nubile nice nice-looking spunky heavenly siren aesthetic beddable esthetic likely bonnie pulchritudinous good goodly absorbing hypnotic compelling well-favored drop-dead gorgeous lush sensuous sensual erotic drop-dead dreamy magical sexually attractive disarming arousing exciting bootylicious exquisite graceful as pretty as a picture fine engrossing riveting sexual come-to-bed gripping well favoured darling dishy dear thrilling out of this world hypnotizing attracting drawing persuasive involving bodacious shapely provoking specious stylish hypnotising radiant unputdownable loveable precious amiable delicate fine-looking on fleek easy on the eyes flirtatious transfixing compulsive consuming becoming babelicious appetizing immersing dainty sublime personable titillating appetising superb cutesy ingratiating insinuating seducing very interesting splendid well-favoured slinky entertaining diverting suggestive witching magic coquettish wonderful fabulous wholesome sensational buxom blooming stimulating hunky voluptuous sirenic smart angelic teasing inveigling mouth-watering enamoring magnetising electrifying magnetizing fashionable classy very beautiful debonair resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing rapturous a ten photogenic well favored illecebrous dramatic intense feline bedroom devastating miraculous congenial pulling studly addictive genial warm welcoming rousing beaut toothsome infatuating affable orphic exhilarating breathtaking marvellous flamboyant forcible eligible phat choice Orphean astonishing trim dreamboat eyeful bijou very exciting immodest shameless beseeching picture-perfect clean-cut all-consuming obsessing controlling preoccupying monopolizing raunchy amorous sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy as nice as pie pleasurable juicy open cordial encouraging monopolising tarty sophisticated cultivated polite cultured civilized suave physically attractive grand to one's liking worldly witty enrapturing statuesque marvelous simpatico cunning sympathique civilised couthy sympatisch willowy dollish dapper curvaceous camera-friendly symmetrical telegenic refined presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen chic glitzy well bred larger than life worldly-wise doll face glam amusing ritzy well dressed magnificent glorious idyllic curious trendy opulent righteous flashy prestigious nifty intoxicating heady looking like a million entranced charmed enchanted bewitched thought-provoking mind-blowing fairylike conjuring fiendish dreamlike fairy-tale too good to be true drawing attention stirring inspiring lively impressive moving amazing remarkable piquant colourful galvanizing vivid attention-grabbing staggering readable memorable colorful hair-raising spectacular brilliant galvanising racy wondrous action-packed startling rip-roaring scintillating charged extraordinary astounding electric inspirational mind-boggling incredible phenomenal heart-stopping lurid enjoyable sparkling overwhelming eye-popping refreshing awe-inspiring graphic salacious viral animated profound imposing shock-horror affecting outstanding galvanic conspicuous kicky mind-bending exhilarative awesome noteworthy challenging buzzworthy invigorating notable shareable prominent spicy relaxing scandalous clever perfect emphatic commanding envigorating showy spirited jaw-dropping distracting glittering fun risqué funny picturesque humorous rich motivating detailed noticeable evocative chucklesome exceptional droll clear hilarious emotional significant tremendous comical distinctive unusual stem-winding marked emotive distinct salient fab spine-tingling theatrical newsworthy fantastical portentous great vibrant extravagant noisy bold eye-opening splashy telling signal out of the ordinary eloquent highly coloured fresh gee-whizz arrestive confounding influencing prompting transporting ensational enveloping salty puzzling totally absorbing anodyne storybook romantic traditional fortunate happy edgy escapist fantasy pornographic stimulative influential saucy lewd sexually stimulating strong in character immersive bright adrenalizing exalté hectic glossy full of personality fantastic prodigious potent besetting devouring excellent stupendous unbelievable cosmopolitan tinselled exotic exhilarant elating hallucinogenic mind-altering ebullient giving one food for thought superior immoderate dominating obsessive ardent high profile jet-setting bling fast-lane royal super effervescent coruscating vivacious tense admirable fervid raging burning deep-seated exhausting obvious evident eventful worthy of note manifest characterful suspenseful shocking horrifying unmistakable awe-striking realistic clear-cut visible unique transcendent first-class first-rate kenspeckle rare grabby uncommon pronounced surprising catchy glinting glimmering sprightly meaty trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable far-out sumptuous special out of sight majestic unmitigated splendorous towering monumental surpassing lavish magnific luxurious observable perceptible appreciable climactic lifelike easy worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth dynamite forceful distinguished singular jazzy cogent lofty bizarre lucid effective high-octane appalling sensationalistic revealing visual faithful unforgettable authentic haunting sudden studied sharp sensationalist screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny breath-taking cheering pictorial delineated shaking impassioned trembling emotion-charged graphical expressive yellow historic momentous melodramatic recreative shivering quaking vibrating soul-stirring anthemic inspiriting shuddering active definite true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging boss wild tabloid vulgar coloured pointed rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored intellectual intelligent poignant scream riot cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless zero cool be a ball highbrowed serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow heavyweight learned literary classical intellective

Tính từ

Decided in advance
predetermined fixed prearranged set agreed settled preset pre-agreed pre-decided pre-established preplanned pre-planned arranged bound calculated deliberate destined determined doomed encoded foredestined forethought inexorable planned precogitated premeditated programmed proposed scheduled decided beforehand established in advance set up arranged in advance cut and dried established specified decided stipulated certain prescribed defined definite given stated specific allotted firm designated identified stable confirmed precise determinate explicit exact appointed regular particular assigned chosen decreed preconceived express predictable limited invariable resolved frozen inexpugnable final hard flat concrete hard-and-fast hard and fast controlled selected intended contracted granted approved guaranteed indicated declared quantified listed arranged beforehand advance rigged named delineated unfluctuating unchanging unvarying contrived uniform consistent straight constant distinct noted concluded ordained prejudged presumed presupposed detailed nonnegotiable assumed known clinched fated forebegotten prejudiced forejudged predefined premature worked out single qualified laid down spelled out postulated discrete clear nailed wrapped up set in stone sewn up laid out commissioned nominated thought-out framed up sewn-up restricted distinctive bounded specialised selective demarcated straight-out reserved identifiable specialized outright sole circumscribed terminable delimited definable usual measured narrow conditioned customary standard not infinite subject to limitations finite confined routine habitual recommended normal inflexible unchangeable unalterable incommutable unwavering inalterable immutable steady unblinking rigid irreversible unbending undeviating abiding still sure enduring unmovable unqualified unmodifiable definitive inveterate cast-iron never-failing writ in stone not subject to change in the bag

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