Đồng nghĩa của certain

Alternative for certain

Đồng nghĩa: definite, particular, positive, some, special, sure,

Trái nghĩa: doubtful, uncertain,

Tính từ

Without question or definitely happening
irrefutable undeniable incontrovertible indubitable sure unquestionable plain unequivocal definite indisputable unmistakable conclusive incontestable positive undoubted clear evident ascertained known manifest obvious palpable patent transparent true accepted accomplished acknowledged beyond doubt beyond question confirmed determinate final firm fixed flat frozen hard hard-and-fast inarguable inexpugnable irrefragable recognised recognized sealed set settled stable unanswerable unarguable unchallengeable unchallenged uncontested undisputed unquestioned nailed-on not in doubt not in question absolute authoritative confirmable demonstrable establishable genuine provable real safe supreme unambiguous verifiable sure thing having down pat as sure as eggs is eggs there are no two ways about it all sewn up categorical clear-cut decisive definitive decided unqualified assured proven accurate unassailable explicit established express emphatic reliable sound steadfast guaranteed distinct self-evident constant watertight unconditional straightforward infallible authentic complete outright unreserved total convincing dependable pronounced in the bag beyond dispute wholehearted factual trustworthy solid compelling downright steady confident actual unerring determined apparent concrete precise unshakable inevitable full entire apodictic crystal clear marked certified open unwavering specific unfailing valid invariable secure unfaltering ultimate undisputable enduring undebatable observable perfect exact open-and-shut unalterable abiding open and shut sure-fire unchangeable unquestioning good faithful striking direct stated predetermined flat-out airtight beyond a shadow of a doubt immutable no ifs ands or buts out-and-out constructive understood utter irrevocable straight credible practical thorough implied bona fide veritable implicit verified changeless thoroughgoing tacit virtual unmitigated unhesitating nonambiguous ringing resolute unambivalent pure uncompromising lucid perspicuous demonstrative forceful tangible sheer regular significant unimpeachable deadly dead barefaced doubtless stark as plain as a pikestaff on ice peremptory noticeable cogent bald-faced contained unsaid predestined very binding conspicuous trusty undeclared inarticulate latent unexpressed unspoken implicative inferential univocal perceptible unuttered taken for granted attested consummate undoubtable unadulterated responsible inferred rank unalloyed pellucid sensible faultless glaring trustable simple clinching calculable categoric blatant arrant flawless profound specified overt staunch fair plumb never-failing deciding clean dreadful well defined blooming stone bodacious crashing uncontroversial all-out plausible without doubt blank agreed forthright cotton-picking straight-out no catch straight out black-and-white strong irreversible determining unvarying unchanging discernible unswerving veridical cut-and-dried realistic bald effective permanent undoubting well-grounded broad substantiated honest crucial ironclad staring one in the face well-founded unlimited legitimate influential lasting objective unrestricted impeccable loyal telling unbending whole well grounded fail-safe cast-iron hard and fast bright-line undisguised dogmatic inflexible point-blank tried-and-true surefire blunt important all out particular supportable sustainable empirical empiric uncontestable no holds barred no fine print visible inerrant settling destined irremediable essential preset resounding substantial prearranged arranged no mistake unrectifiable logical assertive luculent existent intelligent cinched axiomatic perceivable strict luminous detectable unreversible unappealable nailed down ardent distinguishable stubborn understandable reputable rigid sure-enough one hundred per cent determinative salted away indelible unrepealable well founded competent for sure stipulated tried dedicated right independent deep-dyed unconstrained bound copper-bottomed critical certifiable demonstrated plenary wide authenticated inescapable obstinate writ large questionless arbitrary tried and true true-blue literal no kicker no strings tried and tested foolproof attestable evincible impregnable corroborated convinced material checkable irreparable defined persuasive tyrannous meticulous sober pivotal key double-checked imperious determinant errorless veracious documented impressive vehement insistent major fated fundamental candid irretrievable compulsory unrepairable correct for a fact earnest prominent inferable ensured truthful affirmed comprehensible sharp strong-minded planned trenchant paramount chief principal prime bold last appreciable given invulnerable prescribed failsafe unfluctuating abrupt incisive wordless recognizable substantive devoted spot-on intent aggressive sagacious minute insured wholesale crisp doomed lost trusted consistent uniform rigorous colorable validated intelligible imperative black and white assumed severe unstinting legit for certain stringent beyond repair rooted tested unconcealed salient as plain as daylight deep-rooted undiluted proper fast straight from the shoulder unyielding recognisable resolved durable without reservations inveterate litmus test clear cut finished honest-to-goodness gross beyond a doubt as plain as the nose on your face sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb intense no strings attached as plain as day for real set in stone de facto single-minded believable solid as a rock written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb clearly expressed inalienable admitted safe to say swift prompt rapid quantified without question freely admitted not disputed limited formative creative developmental foundational seminal testable free from doubt persuaded unshaken satisfied unequivocable runaway powerful obligatory necessary frank unbreakable pegged momentous pat cold superior authenticating deductible clear-thinking capable irresistible invincible dyed-in-the-wool weighty straight-from-the-shoulder validating down pat detailed notable limitless serious distinctive odds-on irrebuttable overwhelming apodeictic secured designated fateful vital without loopholes no two ways about it telltale dutiful unvarnished as plain as the nose on one's face considerable measurable clinched especial intrinsic obtrusive unique comprehensive exhaustive undivided committed unacknowledged iron-clad well-proven from the horse's mouth nonnegotiable beyond a shadow of doubt quantifiable inimitable no ifs and or buts obedient unthinking automatic named delineated identified resolving revealing irrefrangible dinkum real-life real-world with no strings open-ended unconditioned error-free plain to see blinding apprehensible flagrant discernable well documented impervious without reservation unrestrained infernal blessed blasted confounded beyond the shadow of a doubt devout extreme fatal unanxious undoubtful sanguine able carefree hopeful deducible ascertainable racked easily understandable on the nose appointed risk-free scrupulous uncanny entrenched honorable honourable stone cold ostensible seeming as clear as day remarkable arresting shoo-in easy can't-miss can bet on it nailed on concluded in every respect a dead cert full-bore through and through right-down a sure thing mandatory exacting dictated written energetic vigorous low-risk what you see is what you get level stationary go-to unmistaken inerrable just nof ifs ands or buts pious even riskless made certain absolutely certain sewed up locked on creditable rocklike conscientious sturdy self-explanatory forcible hardheaded hardened ingrained deep-seated allegiant down-the-line supportive stanch fortified iron locked matter-of-fact historical sure-footed documentary down-to-earth unembellished nonfictional equable unsubtle seeable immovable stiff on the nail the real McCoy true to life based on facts straight from the horse's mouth fact-based notorious good as one's word to be counted on carrying the load always there calm long-standing long-lived stabile staying put well-defined well-marked graphic clean-cut noteworthy audible undubitable silhouetted vivid allotted pigheaded jelled well-set locked in hidebound stiff-necked unflappable unfabled spot on carved in stone set in concrete decreed violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic dictatorial inalterable incommutable as clear as crystal much in evidence staring you in the face under one's nose staring someone in the face make no bones plain as the nose on your face out in the open clearly defined cut and dried not vague bossy autocratic unblinking undeviating granted sure enough a lock stressed solemn pointed accented potent overbearing high-handed that's a fact unmodifiable unmovable still rational fortress-like domineering irrecoverable irredeemable unrecoverable unredeemable not subject to change writ in stone indemonstrable presupposed tyrannical enlightened justifiable reasoned circumspect intellectual thoughtful philosophic reflective commonsense collected analytic analytical deductive thinking synthetic discerning reasonable ratiocinative reasoning cerebral perspicacious prima facie aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic proverbial despotic brusque authoritarian commanding for a face incurable commonsensical shrewd coherent levelheaded sincere knowing commonsensible informed imperial magisterial summary brisk no ifs ands or buts about it shaping evaluative defining causal kosher judicious defensible maintainable defendable prudent tenable careful cognitive proved autocratical wilful tyrannic masterful willful arrogant lordly overweening goes without saying approved classic honest-to-God official unblurred intolerant used beyond recall limpid lucent crystal well-advised well-reasoned fanatical tenacious resilient on the level on the up-and-up really-truly sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff tried out put to the test time-honoured safe as houses passionate crystal-clear spirited iron-willed fierce driven zealous feisty high-powered enthusiastic on-target letter-perfect well-thought-out dead-on firm in spirit persistent avid perceptive dogged eager hard-nosed keen as mustard hardy brave tough animated heroic gritty strong-willed courageous pushy self-assertive indomitable unflinching keen gutsy mean irrepressible active two-fisted untiring plucky purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded resourceful self-confident take charge easily understood unmixed out and out most influential

Tính từ

(individual) Not explicitly named but specified indeterminately
particular individual specific given special one specified unidentified unnamed anonymous especial regular singular precise exact definite distinct unspecified some explicit express discrete defined single reserved peculiar separate isolated appropriate actual clear-cut detailed complete designated proper select earmarked purpose-built tailor-made custom-built set determined clear fixed distinctive predetermined specialised identified concrete established selective limited straight-out specialized outright identifiable sole distinguishing characteristic unique signature exclusive representative typical indicative idiosyncratic symbolic discriminating emblematic marked symptomatic restricted identifying personal individualistic circumscribed unmistakable differentiating discriminative diagnostical individualising diagnostic individualizing inherent archetypal delimited innate original quintessential prototypical classic standard peculiar to particular to definitive found only in narrow local essential demarcated very deliberate stipulated absolute private lone only alone categorical purposeful in character confined localized inborn inbred archetypical true contained exclusive to copybook illustrative model vintage paradigmatic textbook classical exemplary stock ideal stereotypical typical of native characteristic of measured direct confirmed finite determinate bounded black-and-white prime stereotyped prototypic prototypal archetypic suggestive stereotypic ingrained plain cut-and-dried hard patterned typic perfect localised constrained convinced assigned well defined prescribed clearly defined beyond doubt endemic intrinsic particularised particularized most typical

Tính từ

(a few or many) Not explicitly named but specified indeterminately

Tính từ

(attributive) Feeling or exuding self-assurance
confident assured positive assertive poised collected cool calm phlegmatic composed nonchalant unperturbed imperturbable unruffled impassive serene tranquil audacious gung ho gutsy relaxed sanguine settled unhesitating upbeat brave courageous dauntless fearless intrepid self-sufficient unflappable secure self-asserting together unfazed bold can-do sure of yourself nonplussed surefooted sure-footed equanimous at ease believing in oneself cool-headed filled with aplomb laid-back level-headed self-assertive self-assured self-confident self-possessed self-reliant sure of oneself self-respecting sure bullish cocksure doubtless pushy optimistic complacent cheerful buoyant implicit clear hopeful expectant enthusiastic content satisfied disposed to look on the bright side swaggy brazen overconfident rosy high puffed up pumped up cool, calm and collected anticipative smug trusting anticipating trustful self-satisfied encouraged unflagging anticipant hoping comfortable reassured inspirited expecting emboldened proud full of hope forceful firm decisive cheery bright pleased aggressive strong-willed insistent keeping the faith happy ridibund lively animated undoubtful spirited decided in-your-face domineering demanding pleased with oneself forward feisty emphatic looking forward to pleased with yourself dogmatic commanding fierce militant determined go-getting assaultive dominant ambitious authoritative high-pressure enterprising like the cat that swallowed the canary in good heart of good cheer overbearing carnivorous pushful absolute not backward in coming forward placid untroubled unemotional undisturbed sedate controlled self-controlled equable unmoved coolheaded unworried self-composed level unshaken recollected possessed limpid peaceful smooth equal unflustered unexcitable at peace cool as a cucumber unshakable easy unagitated easygoing unbothered even-tempered dispassionate stolid chilled levelheaded dignified urbane suave unafraid elegant steady quiet nerveless unaffected patient as cool as a cucumber deliberate casual unexcited graceful daring debonair unperturbable plucky still temperate keeping your cool insouciant stoical undaunted lackadaisical even-keeled disimpassioned good-tempered undismayed resolute unalarmed laid back civil in control mild-mannered neutral detached stress-free centred unimpassioned centered passionless philosophical unwavering reserved well-balanced unflinching emotionless unfaltering unshrinking unblinking

Tính từ

Exact in correspondence or adherence to something
strict accurate exact precise literal meticulous scrupulous careful conscientious fastidious unerring painstaking particular punctilious unwavering faultless rigorous stringent thorough defined judicious unmistakable veridical errorless methodical rigid systematic detailed perfect specific unambiguous definitive flawless reliable correct explicit infallible formal pinpoint delicate uncompromising clear-cut error-free right true veracious proper irrefutable conclusive unquestionable undeniable good dead-on spot-on on-target bang on spot on on the money valid faithful undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted so legitimate factual actual on the button authoritative right on on target dead on on the ball on the nose absolute final fit unequivocal matter-of-fact just so bull's-eye clear canonical minute without error word for word straight official definite genuine word-perfect appropriate regular standard OK O.K. acceptable okay undistorted impeccable on the beam righteous unmistaken equitable just stone amen truthful on the mark on the nail for sure on track right stuff on the right track along the right lines right as rain free of error on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle close authentic scientific realistic fine refined convincing hairline mathematical lifelike skillful sharp distinct skilful unvarnished veritable verisimilar credible fact-based inch-perfect telling it like it is as it really happened solid discriminating punctual deft concrete discriminative real ultraprecise objective straightforward fair historical nonfictional hard documentary nice honest dinkum veristic unelaborated true to life finical finicky downright sure direct bona fide kosher undoubted as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here severe similar simple plain unexaggerated precision bare unembellished vérité measured calculated unadulterated gospel stark narrow lethal deadly well aimed effective true-blue undeceptive legit believable safe elaborate fail-safe trustworthy failsafe all right apparent unembroidered written usual verbal natural ordinary critical unswerving subtle high-principled on the line on the up and up on the level like it is sedulous zealous absolutely right by the book dead-center to the point very accurate exactly correct not figurative dainty exquisite nuanced unfailing pedantic undeviating fussy complete utter nitpicking ultra-fine fine-drawn persnickety winning superior finicking hairsplitting orderly incorrupted finespun nifty out-and-out thoroughgoing total loyal religious steadfast echt consummate certified satisfactory pucka pukka pure unqualified sure-enough sheer unmitigated certifiable verifiable admissible sound unalloyed outright arrant case watertight inerrant immaculate indubitable solemn in every respect unfaked what really happened in accordance with reality what actually happened identical express verbatim nailed down blow-by-blow on the numbers

Tính từ

Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
aware cognizant conscious mindful conversant acquainted familiar informed knowing apprised perceptive savvy appraised privy clued cluey recognizant sentient abreast knowledgeable versed witting apperceptive judicious observant discerning observing percipient sure ware sharp alive sensible apprehensive awake to attentive awake understanding recognizing vigilant noting watchful noticing assured perceiving recognising keen remarking wide-awake au courant aware of sensitive to alive to alert to mindful of wise to responsive to recognizant of cognizant of hip to percipient of with it on to hep to in the know about able to recognize seized of in on ware of sensible of clued-up on regardful of wise alert intelligent astute insightful sensitive shrewd penetrating perspicacious smart quick acute sagacious clever canny enlightened sapient quick-witted sage bright intuitive thoughtful well-informed sharp-witted brainy discriminating subtle piercing responsive knowledgeable about brilliant prudent experienced well informed about deep well versed in no stranger to well up on living apprised of in the know genned up on learned animate live erudite familiar with up politic penetrative intellectual acquainted with up-to-date clear-sighted breathing abreast of incisive up to date at home tuned in profound clued in on au fait versant clued up on ingenious feeling reactive scholarly up with fine far-sighted clear-eyed cultivated sophisticated au fait with cultured delicate clued-up educated adroit seeing discreet skilled dexterous skilful argute gnostic insighted urbane careful au courant with plugged in up on down with skillful deft dextrous on the beam cunning at home with on the ball well informed plugged into with great knowledge whip-smart razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what wary searching probing critical sharp-sighted keen-witted far-seeing refined tasteful inquisitive intent selective suss open-eyed thinking heads-up downy visionary imaginative appreciative cute prescient heady long-headed functioning philosophical showing great knowledge switched-on in touch lettered academic full of insight contemplative reflective foresighted sound grounded sussed sensible to bookish down enlightened about conversant with clued in plugged in to at ease with current up to speed used to genned up about advised versed in clued up about switched on to up-to-the-minute cognizant in familiarised accustomed familiarized au parfum cerebral informed of diplomatic literate scientific schooled sentimental emotional flesh-and-blood receptive self-aware sensate into practiced informed about hep proficient cool comprehending hip precocious analytical genius cagey cagy ready clear up to date with in the picture in the loop partaking of privileged switched-on to party to advised of sharing in sussed of complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed widely read well read tutored well educated polite considerate rational sophic sleepless supraliminal capable of feeling fly practised in practised skilled in proficient in experienced in well-read well-taught insomniac seemly cordial respectful courteous decorous polished existent razor-like rapier-like compos mentis wide awake in right mind organic existing extant biological gentle civil poised cautious mannerly sympathetic suave kind tactical in the right mind kept posted up to speed on up to date on perfect in tactful lively treating something with kid gloves treating with kid gloves among the living having life in the land of the living worldly unprovincial calculating qualified expert seasoned competent wily worldly-wise with-it tuned-in having been around

Tính từ

(of an action, decision, etc.) Expected or sensible under the circumstances
logical natural expected predictable anticipated forecast inevitable predicted understandable foreseeable obvious probable reasonable sure unsurprising correct likeliest practical reliable sensible right only to be expected not unexpected on the cards par for the course what one would expect to be expected likely foreseen scheduled awaited due slated formularized formulaic sure-fire calculable prepared projected expectable liable nonrandom estimated prepared for planned proposed envisioned hoped-for plausible intended prophesied promised wanted foretold odds-on required coming looked-for counted on wished-for credible future presumed conceivable possible calculated destined ostensible potential justified meant set believable normal advised designed long-awaited prospective presumable imaginable targeted tenable thinkable apparent verisimilar pinned presumptive seeming rational ten to one asked for in the cards desired necessary knowable displayed outlined waited for valid assumed acceptable accountable supposed legitimate explicable justifiable excusable explainable implicit contemplated allowable pardonable admissible defensible forgivable believed understood creditable scheduled for inferred hypothetical convincing assumptive presumptuous circumstantial hoped for looked for planned for counted upon feasible expected to arrive earthly quite possible mortal illusory arranged aimed steered marked directed reasonable to think determined purposed a good bet a reasonable bet a fair bet condign fair fit deserved merited rhadamanthine requisite becoming rightful good earned obligatory equitable just suitable fitting fated disposed predisposed promising inclined inferable prone supposable true distinctly possible within the bounds of possibility on in the air in the wind given to in the offing a pound to a penny in the habit of having a tendency to on the verge of most likely

Tính từ

Having received approval
approved received common confirmed established normal regular standard traditional accepted acknowledged agreed authorised authorized conventional recognised recognized sanctioned universal usual affirmed allowed appropriate backed certified chosen correct customary endorsed legalised legalized official OK'd passed permitted proven ratified supported time-honoured validated agreed upon made official vouched for orthodox proper fixed settled authoritative set admitted stock popular prevailing familiar undisputed acceptable routine ordinary classic formal decorous legal seemly prevalent general lawful prescribed sound respectable suitable arranged well-known right fitting mainstream befitting true fit accustomed decent given done apt ceremonious legitimate time-honored unquestioned undoubted declared de rigueur comme il faut legit uncontested canonical rightful known understood habitual professed nice stipulated regulation typical expected wonted well-established punctilious kosher arrived at documented polite valid refined old-fashioned traditionalistic becoming OK classical genteel civilized widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted ceremonial long-established conforming civilised bona fide tried and true tried and tested determined statutory natural canonic voted for definitive prearranged protocol in order carried dyed-in-the-wool inveterate characteristic believed renowned exhaustive done thing recognizable identified perceived strict entrenched apposite predictable realized remembered regimented express orderly methodical realised recognisable good tasteful dignified representative contracted granted decided guaranteed accredited comely pukka presentable trusted explicit systematic prudent stated historic stable ingrained deep-rooted widely used widespread ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual definite predetermined old old-style officially recognized confessed rooted secure unshakable vested permanent returned proclaimed answered unsuspected tried and trusted avowed sworn conceded unchallenged household predominant going fashionable touted just genuine current preferred everyday unopposed prescriptive plain okayed well worn bog-standard in vogue couth moral courtly mannerly well-mannered conservative conformist diplomatic stiff stiff-necked stilted starchy okay careful doctrinal traditionalist button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school unprogressive standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical derivative well established right stuff religious straight pious square bien pensant straight arrow in line by the numbers according to the book most complete most reliable

Tính từ

Previous, former
foregone bygone earlier former old past previous prior ancient destined fated forepassed forgotten inescapable inevitable long-ago ordained predetermined predictable unavoidable of old of yore olden gone by departed old-time extinct done primeval primordial prehistoric finished gone immemorial antediluvian defunct completed primigenial primaeval long gone over ended forepast spent accomplished no more elapsed remote ago dead and buried over and done with over and done pristine long departed long past long ago lost antiquated dead one-time nonextant outmoded erstwhile obsolete expired vanished bypast belated sometime long-gone late out-of-date quondam old-fashioned archaic dated oldfangled past recall in oblivion water over the dam out of date down memory lane sunk in oblivion water under the bridge historical ex- onetime preceding antique whilom once passé other foregoing lapsed way back concluded superseded deceased terminated wiped out way back when asleep cold fallen lifeless unremembered as was ancient history gone-by unrecalled invalid historic outdated redundant disappeared consigned to oblivion latter-day retired demised discontinued buried breathless low recent early then died out precedent ex nonexistent older exanimate from the past at an end passed on dead and gone in the past done for a thing of the past in the olden days back when in the good old days ages ago irrelevant run faded missing worn-out outworn last lost and gone lost in time overdue delayed inanimate kaput first back abandoned had it out of commission down the drain passed at the time of an earlier time one time once upon a time of a former period discarded disused left removed anterior antecedent behind one fossilized background dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on unemployed stagnant fossilised perished lamented no longer in use fallen into disuse very old passed away stiff with God at peace ci-devant destroyed extinguished inactive exterminated six feet under bought the farm pushing up daisies in the grave dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail laid to rest through complete doused abolished quenched out void closed vanquished unknown inexistent settled up no longer extant no longer existing down disregarded snuffed out no longer known over with wrapped up disremembered erased repressed done with finished with dispensed with suppressed blotted out gone clean out of someone's mind out of mind left behind past recollection blanked out

Tính từ

Conceited or confident in a bold or cheeky way
cocky arrogant bold presumptuous insolent cheeky impudent conceited audacious impertinent brash pompous brazen haughty overweening proud forward smug fresh egotistical sassy vain saucy cocksure supercilious vainglorious bumptious disdainful lordly nervy brassy lofty overconfident boastful wise swaggering patronising patronizing uppish opinionated confident hubristic brassbound arch blustering smarty sure positive hotshot jaunty self-important self-assertive swollen-headed self-satisfied brazen-faced bold-faced high and mighty self-confident know-it-all self-assured full of yourself wise guy smart aleck smart guy smarty pants rude uppity overbearing egotistic imperious snooty pretentious pushy stuck-up flip pert superior smart-alecky snobbish immodest cavalier high-handed presuming disrespectful domineering high-and-mighty important sniffy puffed up peremptory prideful bigheaded huffy condescending highfalutin smart self-opinionated contemptuous contumelious hifalutin self-asserting full of oneself shameless egoistic swellheaded assured egoistical toplofty toploftical assumptive masterful bossy lippy self-conceited high-hat irreverent unabashed chesty malapert huffish narcissistic snobby scornful bragging biggity biggety snotty self-centered stiff-necked barefaced complacent discourteous flippant toffee-nosed overbold assuming big-headed self-centred impolite familiar hoity-toity egocentric unblushing pontifical inconsiderate affected assertive magisterial insubordinate stuck up bold as brass mouthy officious blatant cool brass-necked ostentatious insulting snippy aloof dictatorial fearless consequential dismissive self-congratulatory autocratic procacious arrant unmannerly overfamiliar strutting brave forceful ill-mannered loud uncivil elitist authoritarian offensive unshrinking selfish daring too big for your boots above oneself aggressive bloated self-contented self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-adulatory self-glorifying defiant crude tyrannical despotic rash gritty bad-mannered mannerless boldfaced authoritative facetious plucky courageous mischievous obtrusive dauntless ballsy gutsy undaunted out-of-line self-loving out of line cute spunky smart-aleck unafraid smarty-pants smart-arsed oppressive abusive mocking puffed-up thrusting disparaging intrepid scoffing valiant self-righteous thoughtless self-serving unflinching sneering smart-assed free dominating heroic sententious grandiose gallant off-base fancy-pants intrusive pushful self-admiring crusty dashing orgulous vaunting game blusterous sarcastic holier-than-thou crass showy unembarrassed inappropriate impetuous unashamed offhand impulsive boasting derisive dogmatic pontificating foolhardy obnoxious unconcerned swanky persnickety loudmouth outrageous ungracious flagrant tactless improper heedless peacockish mettlesome harsh pushing valorous in-your-face breezy la-di-da self-aggrandizing doughty stout braggart strident daredevil lionhearted heavy-handed unreserved self-regarding temerarious self-applauding bombastic iron-handed meddlesome tyrannous autocratical tyrannic stouthearted aweless as bold as brass uninhibited imperative ill-bred undiplomatic cold-shoulder commanding feisty stout-hearted playful stiff loudmouthed gutty in love with oneself witty jocular pleased with oneself jumped up glib jokey too big for one's boots full of hot air on an ego trip hotheaded whimsical tongue-in-cheek frivolous impolitic funny ambitious humorous ridiculous silly crowing bullish impish sardonic reckless satirical arbitrary comical shocking snippety iconoclastic egomaniac high presumptive brazenfaced inflated madcap precipitate hasty carefree bright sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous untactful vivacious windbag loud-mouthed poised stalwart unblenching self-absorbed repressive undemocratic spirited draconian flashy enterprising forthright aristocratic posh pleased with yourself composed willful rigid inflexible wilful stuffy irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy manful bald-faced coarse unmannered prying interfering meddling nosy strict severe bantam uncalled-for venturous unhandsome greathearted heroical anti-democratic over-assertive disgracious dominant have-a-go insistent on high horse undauntable think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself smart alecky go-ahead coming on strong too big for one's breeches have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for your breeches throwing one's weight about too big for one's britches icy self-respecting putting on airs self-complacent self-flattering extraverted braggy self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted puffed perky highhanded throwing one's weight around naughty self-obsessed standoffish indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed offensively self-assertive overhasty previous premature insufferable remote tony lacking civility bad mannered temeritous wrapped up in oneself airy autarchic blowhard undisguised driven combative volatile weisenheiming smart-mouthed tolerant free-and-easy casual clever inane riding for a fall overoptimistic careless subjugating controlling chirpy dapper keen personal unsubtle individualistic swollen overassertive direct egomaniacal protrusive nosey busy intruding snoopy swanking big-mouthed effervescent trashy headlong incautious maladroit high-flown reserved distant detached indifferent nose in the air overfriendly potty wiseguy high-pressure fierce go-getting militant meretricious indecent tawdry adventurous wisecracking put down big exultant inquisitive incongruous unsuitable frightless ritzy on one's high horse on your high horse blowing one's own horn overpowering emphatic think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas bare-faced steely unworried unapprehensive ironhanded coercive bullying indomitable sharp-elbowed iron-fisted undismayed wry roguish joking waggish jocose lighthearted droll precious cutesy jesting venturesome highfalutin' off base inner-directed impervious fire-eating resolute undisturbed unalarmed overproud lion-hearted noisy blaring stuck on oneself heading for a fall hot stuff self-reliant lording it Neronian dogmatical unyielding not backwards in coming forwards mincingly clever blithe grating jarring adventuresome stubborn clamorous crack-the-whip doctrinaire stern firm dictative preponderant imperial demanding regnant ascendant prevalent on ego trip high falutin can-do secure self-possessed unrepentant unawed piercing raucous tenacious throwing weight around hardy free-swinging nerved peppy emboldened believing expectant expecting well-balanced cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill ridiculing jeering amusing la-de-da depraved dissolute unchaste hardened incorrigible lewd immoral abashless reprobate unaffected abandoned profligate wanton unshamed unprincipled unrestrained gaudy ear-splitting vulgar discordant salty fire eating as game as Ned Kelly go for broke hot shot dareful out on a limb taunting jibing curt churlish disagreeable jazzy tinny garish superficial brusque sure of yourself believing in oneself sure of oneself blunt teasing snide denigratory slighting detracting derisory pillorying shallow irresponsible graceless hard high-pitched metallic flirtatious insouciant unpleasant scathing absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic lampooning cockamamy caustic laughable risible farcical preposterous derogatory puckish unfearing unabashed by unshakable undaunted by cynical snidey gally sarky light-hearted unchivalrous uncharitable boorish unscared unalarmed by unfrightened uncouth unrefined unladylike uncomplimentary ungenteel loutish ungallant surly sullen oafish indecorous indelicate rough gruff ungentlemanly abrupt underbred inaffable sharp ignorant short crabbed yokelish bounderish for the birds having nerves of steel not scared brag boast conceity ham phony gall phoney snot-nosed big talking blowing one's own trumpet scurrilous degrading vituperative pejorative belittling opprobrious defamatory vituperatory vitriolic invective humiliating scurrile scurril truculent affronting withering reproachful reviling slanderous deprecatory libellous libelous abhorrent objectionable obloquious wounding calumniating hurtful overt misbehaved gross unconcealed censorious maligning derogative depreciative detractive full of contempt without shame obvious foul unfriendly violent berating unceremonious badly behaved unkind displeasing scolding terse scandalous transparent provocative exceptionable open insensitive provoking castigating vilifying unacceptable reprehensible vexing demeaning decrying depreciatory denigrative upbraiding censurable calumniatory traducing naked upsetting malign low-bred disapproving critical malicious injurious sharp-tongued unapologetic despicable boldface heavy bad irritable moody uncourteous acerbic virulent ill-behaved rustic inurbane uninterested amoral gauche ill unfilial profanatory hostile cursory off perfunctory bitter mortifying ranting denunciatory uncivilized take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish uncultured uncultivated raunchy raw roughneck tacky cheap common annoying irritating depreciating hypercritical inhospitable unfortunate frank ill-humored uncivilised discrediting corrupt distasteful rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating exasperating ill-humoured catty repulsive biting disgusting deplorable unwelcome undesirable contemptible repugnant galling embarrassing reproving castigatory impenitent remorseless turning up your nose at looking down your nose at insupportable intolerable detestable beyond the pale out of order damaging hateful venomous patent glaring aspersive calumnious pointed ingenious libeling denigrating debasing excoriating offending defaming malevolent libelling shaming disgracing damning dishonoring despiteful injuring dishonouring hurting abasing vile malignant reproaching spiteful manifest evident strong-willed palpable agile highbrowed highbrow bantering apt incisive quick adept nimble ready smooth nifty quick-witted unmistakable pronounced conspicuous sheer clear in driver's seat crack the whip straightforward bald outright noticeable undeniable flaunting rank indisputable cut-and-dried striking unmitigated egregious snazzy deliberate glitzy prominent screaming crying in plain sight hard-nosed temperamental upstage high hat dog it


Few people or few things

Trái nghĩa của certain

certain Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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