Đồng nghĩa của left alone

Động từ

Past tense for have no contact or dealings with

Tính từ

Being (alone) by oneself
unaccompanied alone lone solo single solitary unattended single-handed unescorted by oneself companionless lonely lonesome partnerless solus unchaperoned abandoned all alone unguarded unwatched apart deserted detached hermit individual isolate isolated loner odd removed stag without an escort a cappella traveling light by yourself on one's own on your own by itself reclusive on its own sole independent friendless only forsaken unmarried one unsociable withdrawn unique separate introverted hermitic particular unwed unassisted unaided unwedded unattached husbandless wifeless widowed antisocial without companions singular one-off special retired distinct onliest sui generis available free unengaged spouseless uncommitted unbetrothed unloved divorced separated unhitched uncoupled not going out with anyone by one's lonesome not spoken for without a partner on the shelf left on the shelf with no ties without a wife footloose and fancy-free footloose and fancy free without a husband on one's lonesome discrete immune insular cut off exclusive single-handedly undisturbed singlehanded unhelped uninterrupted desolate once in a lifetime one and only one shot only possible private estranged insulated forlorn segregated in solitary in a solitary state unconnected sequestered destitute on one's jack on one's Jack Jones on one's pat on one's tod on one's Pat Malone without disturbance without interruption without help me myself and I me and my shadow to one side uninvolved spinster eligible chaste maidenly celibate bachelor maiden virgin living alone having missed the boat footloose a bachelor going one's own way young, free and single nunlike a spinster monastic not married on your tod nunnish monklike not tied down monkish virginal unfettered marriageable fancy-free cloistered retiring unsocial hermitical a free agent distant reserved eremetic misanthropic offish out-of-the-way lorn standoffish self-sufficient uncompanionable aloof self-contained

Trái nghĩa của left alone

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