Đồng nghĩa của solitary

Alternative for solitary


Đồng nghĩa: individual, isolated, lone, single, unaccompanied,

Trái nghĩa: bustling,

Tính từ

Being a single, sole or solitary member a kind, type, or class
alone lonely unsociable companionless reclusive cloistered friendless unaccompanied antisocial lone lonesome withdrawn introverted isolated one one-off only retiring singular sole special unique unsocial by itself hermitic hermitical all alone aloof by oneself deserted distant eremetic forsaken independent lorn misanthropic offish out-of-the-way particular reserved retired self-contained self-sufficient separate stag standoffish sui generis unattended uncompanionable on its own secluded sequestered private single quiet remote hidden segregated cut off individual insular secret covert detached abandoned solo sheltered shy seclusive unfrequented hermetic one and only hermit-like exclusive recluse secluse off the beaten track removed eremitic introvert insulated onliest tucked away shut off monastic forlorn anchoritic desolate estranged concealed uncommunicative reticent blockaded undisturbed unapproachable demure ascetic distinct personal uninhabited only possible restrained exceptional screened cool unrepeatable marooned out of the way definite cloistral contemplative set apart abnormal anomalous isolate close closet beleaguered quarantined silent odd secretive inward-looking unforthcoming outcast one of a kind uncommon confidential incommunicado rejected meditative timorous diffident unbefriended destitute cautious bashful taciturn apart cold media-shy retreated sheepish modest timid coy backward self-effacing recessive cut-off out on a limb thoughtful stand-offish undemonstrative one shot close-mouthed off the grid closed inaccessible stranded discrete certain respective original protected confined restricted shielded high and dry immune incomparable never-to-be-repeated limited-edition once-in-a-lifetime shut-off unshared unworldly departed remaining ace unconnected one-of-a-kind inconspicuous shrinking nonce peculiar precise specific eremitical only one austere shrouded final monkish celibate hard to find hidden away shut away to one side unusual atypical peaceful taken out socially inhibited random last simple uncherished only remaining unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious inhibited nongregarious uncurious casual uninterested indifferent untypical freak left down empty disconsolate renounced comfortless troglodytic godforsaken homeless sole remaining only surviving only one left cenobitic conventual introspective unrelated stray monachal coenobitic once in a lifetime unrepeated meek indrawn Spartan frugal oblate discreet pensive self-absorbed self-interested onetime closemouthed constrained reflective soft-spoken collected ruminative inner-directed self-centred unfriendly ungregarious laconic self-restrained guarded self-centered unrevealing snobbish shunned unattached one-shot alienated unpopular unwanted non-communicative tight-lipped once-off once-only spurned ostracized unloved uncared-for without friends adrift ostracised without ties with no ties with no one to turn to all by one's self without a friend in the world

Tính từ

Unsociable and unfriendly
offish aloof distant cold cool remote frosty detached reserved unsociable unfriendly standoffish withdrawn uncommunicative antisocial unclubbable unresponsive asocial unbending standoff frigid chilly dry unapproachable indifferent reticent undemonstrative unwelcoming lukewarm uninterested unenthusiastic apathetic incurious chill offhand annoyed impertinent impudent insolent offended procacious cold-eyed buttoned-up reclusive misanthropic unforthcoming stand-offish taciturn inhospitable formal retiring secretive uncompanionable eremitic restrained unemotional self-contained uncongenial close quiet unneighbourly shy icy unaffable emotionless close-mouthed demure cold-blooded cautious diffident modest inhibited prim bashful gentle mild serene soft-spoken peaceful ceremonious noncommittal sedate collected composed placid backward conventional introverted self-restrained Olympian dispassionate unamiable unfeeling stiff uncordial haughty unsympathetic cynical guarded silent controlled self-controlled private unsocial hostile glacial clammy suspicious snobbish gelid distrustful unneighborly antiseptic brittle hard-eyed negative half-hearted tepid unconcerned impersonal off unenthused muted impassive passionless constrained stolid media-shy alienated supercilious closemouthed shrinking timid tight-lipped laconic self-effacing dumb unmoved unloving wooden unaffectionate contained snooty retired superior austere ascetic disagreeable eremetic hermitlike sober unwilling to mix with other people stoical phlegmatic impassible affectless stoic numb unamicable ungenial stony wintery severe stern uncharitable uninvolved unhappy wintry coldish hateful depressing rude uncivil mopey mopish frozen arctic inaccessible nongregarious brooding inapproachable scowling antagonistic uppity sceptical stuck-up jaundiced malevolent inhumane pessimistic selfish hating grouchy egotistical egoistic narrow-minded misanthropical sarcastic sardonic disdainful skeptical calm flat deadpan expressionless passive heartless unexcitable unimpassioned callous matter-of-fact blank vacant cold-hearted insensitive imperturbable forbidding disinterested dull toneless unexpressive tranquil inexpressive uncaring lifeless listless unflappable lethargic insensible poker-faced blah cool, calm and collected rational clinical unruffled catatonic heavy uncompassionate inscrutable dead bland hollow thick-skinned impotent empty nowhere unaffected nonemotional immovable rigid laid-back straight-faced loveless torpid stuffy sluggish spiritless starchy supine inert along for the ride laid back stony-eyed keeping people at arm's length sangfroid moderate hard sexually unresponsive enduring resigned philosophic indomitable temperate absent vacuous hesitant unfazed fixed glazed inanimate bovine uncurious neutral unimpressible insusceptible inactive impartial indurated unrevealing hardened nonchalant inexcitable unintelligent insular groggy lymphatic desensitized ardorless impervious repellent unromantic cold-shoulder desensitised unkind hardhearted pokerfaced stony-hearted lackadaisical non-committal bored languid unambitious unmotivated level-headed businesslike cool-headed hard-headed pococurante Laodicean boring monotonous drab draggy droopy dispirited untouched lazy wimpy moony unagitated unsentimental equable unimpressionable what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less exact precise staid tedious static unvarying unmodulated correct proper objective coldhearted obdurate marble hard-hearted hard-boiled inflexible proud stilted starched affected insociable arrogant weak uninspiring seemly official serious polite mean-looking straight arrow strait-laced stiff-necked by the numbers put on airs going with the flow rolling with the punches devoid of feeling devoid of emotion

Tính từ

Characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence
ascetic abstemious abstinent frugal austere celibate severe spartan monastic monkish puritanical anchoritic chaste cloistered continent eremitic hermitic nunlike reclusive rigorous Spartan stern strict abstaining ascetical disciplined harsh monklike mortified self-abnegating other-worldly self-denying non-indulgent self-disciplined hair-shirt temperate moderate sober abstentious restrained simple self-restrained withdrawn teetotal economical meagre secluded meager hermit-like sequestered sparing cheap hermetic stringent self-controlled rigid controlled self-restraining inhibited moderating scant scanty plain insufficient skimpy paltry dry forbearing inexpensive retiring isolated modest bridled curbed contemplative exacting fuel-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving nonindulgent solemn cenobitic conventual quiet introverted unsociable antisocial seclusive misanthropic recluse single refraining straightlaced forgoing self-possessed eschewing constrained abnegating meditative monachal cloistral coenobitic secluse reserved lone eremitical standoffish virgin unmarried oblate self-sacrificing virginal strait-laced husbandless spouseless unwed wifeless pure shut away maiden intact nunnish maidenly thrifty virtuous provident saving careful prudent unwasteful canny parsimonious scrimping sensible cautious miserly penny-pinching forehanded ungenerous grasping close-fisted stingy tight cheese-paring tight-fisted economizing mingy cheeseparing penny-wise chary economising conserving meticulous discreet wary preserving tightwad mean close penurious chintzy avaricious closefisted illiberal tightfisted spare uncharitable stinting pinching near greedy pinchpenny pennywise Scrooge-like money-grubbing skimping curmudgeonly selfish skinflinty petty covetous churlish costive grudging acquisitive ungiving careful with money scrimpy miserable circumspect ironfisted shrewd wise far-sighted efficient cost-effective time-saving work-saving money-saving grabby watchful prudential methodical practical cheapskate hungry snoep money-grabbing on the rims skinflint rapacious beggarly money-conscious hard-fisted narrow financially savvy economic budget-conscious Scotch mercenary tight-wad stewardly hoarding cost-conscious extortionate ignoble sagacious forearmed politic equipped judicious well-prepared vigilant commonsensical foresighted forethoughtful far-seeing expedient prepared

Tính từ

Unmarried or not involved in a romantic relationship
single unmarried unattached unwed free solo spouseless partnerless uncommitted uninvolved alone available husbandless lone lonely sole unwedded wifeless bachelor celibate chaste companionless eligible independent maidenly spinster unbetrothed uncoupled unengaged unhitched divorced footloose maiden marriageable separated unaccompanied unescorted unfettered unloved virgin virginal widowed monastic monkish monklike nunlike nunnish a bachelor a spinster by oneself by yourself on one's own on your own without a husband without a partner without a wife fancy-free living alone not married not spoken for not tied down all alone on the shelf with no ties footloose and fancy-free not going out with anyone young, free and single left on the shelf on your tod footloose and fancy free going one's own way having missed the boat without a spouse neglected desirable nonmarried loner continent a free agent pure abstinent unpledged unpromised intact self-restrained self-denying ascetic virtuous loverless matchless unbound unconfined loose unrestrained unrestricted easygoing free and easy go-as-you-please modest innocent decent undefiled sinless vestal unsullied moral immaculate uncorrupted wholesome pure as the driven snow clean G-rated decorous demure unblemished incorrupt good austere upright proper spotless restrained guiltless unaffected squeaky clean righteous uncontaminated honest honourable honorable noble refined quiet elegant simple ethical exemplary upstanding impeccable inexperienced neat prudish impotent intemerate controlled subdued monogamous irreproachable blameless seemly reputable angelic stainless unstained clean-living platonic nice untainted flawless sober abstemious abstentious temperate self-abnegating free from sin saintly true pious worthy guileless unspoilt wet behind ears wide-eyed above reproach pure as driven snow lily white babe in woods unblighted inculpable inviolate white unprofaned squeaky-clean anti-corruption unspotted inhibited bridled curbed respectable principled dignified just unimpeachable estimable moralistic redoubtable incorruptible irreprehensible unobjectionable morally correct high-principled high-minded whiter than white right-minded faithful free of sin

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