Đồng nghĩa của dejected

Alternative for dejected

Đồng nghĩa: blue, depressed, despondent, discouraged, downcast, sad,

dejects, dejected, dejecting

Trái nghĩa: encourage,

Tính từ

Sad and dispirited
down downhearted blue depressed gloomy miserable sad despondent downcast glum low melancholy wretched crestfallen disconsolate dismal doleful woebegone disheartened low-spirited cast down morose broken-hearted crushed demoralised demoralized desolate heavy-hearted unhappy forlorn hangdog heartbroken long-faced bad brokenhearted choked disappointed discouraged dispirited down in the dumps droopy heartsick heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable joyless melancholic mournful saddened shamefaced sorrowful sorry woeful abject atrabilious black bleak broody chap-fallen cheerless clouded dampened dashed dolorous dragged drooping fed up hurting in the doldrums moody mopey mopish sagging spiritless brassed off cheesed off down in the mouth bummed out shot down sick as a parrot all torn up in the pits despairing lugubrious distressed sombre pessimistic somber grief-stricken sullen anguished solemn dreary tearful upset funereal in low spirits saturnine comfortless hopeless grieving depressing in the dumps dark grim troubled morbid depressive elegiac oppressed devastated sepulchral dour gray elegiacal grey in pain dire godforsaken drear lonesome lonely rueful dull cold downbeat defeatist dreich afflicted murky darkening chapfallen tenebrous chill plutonian dismayed tenebrific sunless cloudy Cimmerian negative subdued mirthless mourning destroyed teary piteous sorrowing down and out weighed down out of sorts sulky wistful weeping pathetic regretful hurt daunted broken pained desperate cut up distraught grieved bereaved gutted in a blue funk tristful dispiriting weary agonized down-hearted oppressive austere tragic in despair heartrending sapped cast-down agonised shaken moping pitiful cynical defeated painful grumpy distressing bleeding dysphoric disheartening grave crummy listless lachrymose emotional unwelcoming bitter weepy crabbed humorless tormented heartbreaking humourless singing the blues taken down let down sick at heart with a long face drab as sick as a parrot suffering sour cowed overwhelmed pensive flat ripped plaintive aggrieved grievous helpless Eeyorish lamentable dim surly calamitous resigned stark sober bereft sunk dolent uncomfortable unenthusiastic on a downer saddening draggy sunk in gloom torn up displeased unnerved unhopeful disillusioned down-and-out shattered deflated pitiable thrown perturbed bothered enervated discontented low in spirits drearisome uninviting fatalistic uptight gloom-ridden heavy dolesome foreboding plangent bummed-out bewailing bemoaning wailing aching inhospitable dingy bare ruthful unfortunate bearish wounded bland harrowing suspicious distrustful heart-rending clinical frowning in grief in doldrums deplorable dejecting impersonal doubting low-down hapless overcome alarmist in tears bowed down doubtful wintry jarring wintery institutional in the toilet languid ugly undermined languorous unconfident humbled given to looking on the black side worried abashed drained concerned beaten deterred disgruntled sheepish earnest angry devitalized discombobulated overpowered down-in-the-mouth browbeaten anxious adust apathetic cross forbidding lamenting bugged shook tortured disturbed ticked off teed off browned off peed off lovesick vanquished disenchanted antsy suicidal funeral deploring traumatized disconcerted pining huffy serious brooding intimidated damp forsaken languishing angst-ridden shook up unamused sobersided dirge-like unconsolable discouraging ill-humoured powerless irked unsatisfied ill-humored regrettable unsmiling heavy with grief overcome with sorrow traumatised defenceless in a funk in sorrow in mourning uncommunicative frustrated mopy fierce defenseless down in dumps taciturn full of sorrow crabby harsh long-suffering without hope po-faced bad-tempered triste ill-tempered uncertain blue funk stony-faced sorry for oneself very sad sore burned contused without energy empty taken aback at sinister unmanned unoptimistic prostrated mortified remorseful emo torn-up discontent horrible ominous depressant reflective dirgelike lowered bowed dirgeful annoyed heart-sick misanthropic griefstricken dolorific afflictive cringing guilty off sluggish sorry for yourself afflicting churlish atrocious lost threnodic troubling tear-jerking affecting doomed down in mouth weakened sob story guilty-looking furtive forgotten homeless abandoned unfavorable unfavourable unmitigable fraught poor worthless dissatisfied luckless glowering friendless destitute uncared-for lorn frantic prostrate with grief sick ashamed embarrassed sneaking strained have the blahs companionless racked ailing phlegmatic unresponsive let-down not happy dragging solitary fruitless alone discomfited put off acheronian unable to be comforted unable to be consoled languished cowering humiliated conscience-stricken shot-down chagrined miffed no-win strabilious uneasy feeling down full of gloom unenthused beside oneself with grief having the blahs having blue devils aghast up the creek at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end crippled nostalgic worsted baulked objecting balked can't win bummed downtrodden beat-down come-apart caved-in down-in-mouth beat unfriendly stern not a prayer in the soup feeling low looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny vexed agitated discomposed ruffled disquieted lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart severe harassed wrecked discountenanced flustered aflutter plagued tamed at end of one's rope at the end of your tether gruff with cold feet lost momentum haunted spooked harrowed worrying dishonoured ruined jumpy persecuted unglued in blue funk gone to pieces horrid disastrous dreadful poker-faced strung out awful catastrophic fatal appalling licked dishonored chilly deadly ruinous flinty intimidating ungentle louring steely rough lowering mean-looking rugged shocking terrible cataclysmic mentally defeated in a stew racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain disapproving stony unsympathetic moving agonizing galling devastating stirring disturbing unlucky distressful horrendous vexatious gruesome hard-faced hard stringent lethal adverse mortal crushing mooning spurned yearning deathly agonising fateful destructive temperamental irritable touchy jilted ill-fated ill-starred offended cantankerous crusty curt irascible petulant slighted neglected rejected testy sensitive tetchy lacklustre passive excitable splenetic mardy chippy agitable piqued impatient waspish insipid weak lifeless limp unrequited impotent paralysed fiery huffish mumpish crotchety tooshie neurotic kittle skittish meek characterless colourless irresolute feeble disarmed speechless dazed stunned submissive torpid unmoved spineless unimpassioned wooden dry vapid uninspired uninspiring passionless lackadaisical bloodless desiccated anaemic lovelorn crossed in love loveless unrequited in love slothful cowardly tame gutless dopey inanimate blah indecisive unconcerned boring lackluster indifferent drippy reduced colorless anemic short-tempered easily frightened easily upset hot-tempered easily agitated quick-tempered hot-headed high-strung drowned hit for six knocked for six brought to your knees prostrate immobilized knocked over paralyzed at a low ebb laid low open incapacitated fallen immobilised wishy-washy flat tire lacking in vitality upsetting unpleasant traumatic crying sobbing cruel horrific displeasing sniveling disquieting disagreeable sedate snivelling blubbering disappointing unsettled frightful distasteful unpalatable howling rotten foul unwelcome unpleasing uncongenial annoying whimpering blubbing disconcerting nasty daunting poignant ghastly difficult larmoyant troublesome abominable offensive unnerving excruciating repellent bawling close to tears ruthless unsavory vile mortifying repugnant yucky icky yukky abhorrent detestable unlovely unkind unsavoury on the verge of tears gut-wrenching jittery weighty demoralizing confused staid rattled muddled shocked irritated objectionable tense sourpuss muted greeting overwrought demoralising inconvenienced frightened alarmed tragical discomforting disgusting obnoxious apprehensive angered nervous atwitter repulsive hideous no-nonsense discomposing mean horrifying torturous odious revolting irksome grisly maudlin nightmarish execrable lousy perturbing tormenting monstrous wicked nauseating sickening hung up ill at ease loathsome macabre hurtful broken up irritating frightening inauspicious repellant off-putting unpropitious heart-breaking misfortunate spartan distracted choked up callous heartless insensitive shaky overemotional excited peeved exercised wired cranky bellyaching beefing grousing hysterical irrational histrionic disenchanting hyper fidgety up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait dismaying longing heart-wrenching derisible hateful affected testing alarming parlous yucko falling apart blubbery moist wet watery apologetic mawkish teary-eyed bewildering frustrating in a state bothersome dislikable pain drag paltry hankering missing longing for home with tears in one's eyes mephitical perplexing aggravating hellish vexing revulsive unamusing worrisome squalid heinous in a bad way sordid despicable contemptible stressful unsettling disgraceful unpromising shameful agitating unbearable trashy shoddy inferior filthy direful afraid cataclysmal scurvy impoverished derisory indigent scungy unsatisfactory abysmal hairy gross stinking lurid unacceptable undesirable diabolical troublous unendurable homesick grotty godawful grody unappealing uncool awkward hellacious nauseous easily moved guilt-ridden poverty-stricken hostile concerning beastly in floods of tears with tears in your eyes nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking insecure nervy edgy dithery queasy queazy fretted unquiet hassled savage verklempt unzipped hinky goosey isolated unrelenting burdensome tough chilling searing murderous trying onerous relentless stiff brutal hardhanded merciless inhuman ferocious in disorder put out amazed great remorseless outcast psyched out come apart intemperate intense rigorous inclement provoking at sixes and sevens het up withdrawn estranged unloved hard-hearted unpopular unwanted all alone unsocial unbefriended uncherished with no one to turn to without companions by yourself without friends without a friend in the world feeling friendless

Tính từ

Lifeless, not or no longer living, dead

Tính từ

Humble or lower in rank or status
abject base contemptible degraded worthless despicable debased ignominious vile low sordid humble ignoble mean menial reprehensible servile slavish unworthy detestable dishonourable scungy shabby deferent deplorable dishonorable dismal gloomy grovelling groveling hangdog horrible humiliated meek outcast self-effacing subservient wretched shameful disgraceful execrable dirty nasty disreputable degenerate scurvy low-down disgusting discreditable snide low-minded currish abominable abhorrent paltry odious unprincipled immoral sorry cheap loathsome heinous foul bad lousy corrupt miserable offensive wicked depraved infamous unscrupulous unsavoury villainous rotten wrong unsavory revolting shocking shoddy dishonest lame nefarious scummy beastly sleazy vulgar degrading vicious pitiful hateful scandalous poor grubby distasteful shady ratty scabby evil sinful undignified uncharitable appalling squalid dastardly pathetic unpleasant petty underhanded underhand pitiable cruddy repugnant coarse unethical cowardly obscene sneaking crooked no-good humiliating dissolute beggarly unfair despisable disdainable dreadful lamentable treacherous notorious shameless lowly ugly cruel iniquitous awful horrid repulsive louche deceitful atrocious repellent monstrous unrespectable inglorious stinking nauseating tawdry reprobate impure common filthy indecent outrageous lewd sneaky crass deceptive unlawful slimy egregious useless good-for-nothing off-color mortifying demeaning meanspirited disagreeable improper horrifying abandoned terrible no-account gross blameworthy illegal inferior obnoxious perverted opprobrious unspeakable sad shy unbecoming sickening dark debauched unrighteous measly diabolic diabolical fiendish black seedy rascally graceless inelegant illegitimate seamy caitiff inequitable illicit flagitious beyond the pale shifty beyond contempt low-life not cricket callous thoughtless unheroic unsuccessful crude rude shiftless unseemly blithering shaming failed malevolent malicious disrespectful uncouth incompetent feckless hard-hearted narrow-minded craven cursed flaming slipshod malignant base-minded smutty unchivalrous infernal accursed confounded trashy indelicate plebeian footling hateworthy ungodly wrongful decadent swinish irreligious sacrilegious profane impious unholy blasphemous peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain stupid erring fallen unskilled good-for-naught meritless no-count sleazoid avaricious skanky murderous barbarous godless fraudulent low-status boring calculated venal mercenary covetous criminal untrustworthy sullied tainted roguish bent lawless unsporting crafty dull routine off-putting suspect questionable disorderly scoundrelly warped malfeasant double-dealing ungentlemanly peccable sly cunning devious wily humdrum of bad reputation dubious suspicious slippery unwholesome self-seeking embarrassing Machiavellian cheating conniving designing calculating guileful impoverished destitute fishy dodgy yucky black-hearted deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike gut-churning hellish icky sick-making God-awful damnable devilish in low esteem licentious in the doghouse no good derogatory in bad libidinous morally wrong needy poverty-stricken knavish slick scheming vomitous sick bogging noisome noxious fawning yucko disgustful loathly humiliatory indecorous low-grade sycophantic below the belt ill-gotten against the rules Janus-faced out of order debasing discomfiting indigent penniless beggared vomit-inducing obsequious blue-collar penurious impecunious horrific baseborn basic tedious obeisant ghastly hideous skint needful pauperized dirt-poor broke necessitous threadbare down-and-out famished distressed frightful horrendous hard up harrowing dire nightmarish alarming scaring terrifying grisly frightening grim gruesome meagre meager intimidating daunting dismaying fearful unnerving astounding grewsome lurid unpardonable petrifying godawful macabre terrific distressing tremendous nightmare unforgivable disheartening hellacious grotesque heavy grody inexcusable formidable upsetting beneath contempt below contempt from hell dirty rotten

Động từ

Past tense for make sad or dispirited
depressed discouraged burdened dampened dashed daunted disheartened dismayed dispirited oppressed saddened demoralised demoralized bummed out got down weighed down cast down upset distressed afflicted troubled crushed put a damper on bothered desolated grieved perturbed aggrieved vexed vext worried made despondent ailed tormented brought down hurt tried made sad made gloomy put into a funk cast a gloom upon beat down enervated chagrined disturbed mortified abased harrowed bugged harassed abashed chilled made unhappy devitalized deadened damped shattered humbled made miserable unnerved fazed pained prest pressed beset cowed wearied dampened spirits stressed debilitated made blue dragged down haunted deterred disparaged strained unmanned plagued brought one down irked frustrated dulled cast a gloom on put off cut to the quick beat cast a pall over appalled reduced to tears turned one off weighed heavily on made desolate hung over beaten down brought tears to your eyes made your heart bleed psyched out shaken shook poured cold water on caused suffering to cast a shadow dehydrated gelded gelt desiccated castrated petrified lobotomized broke one's heart broken one's heart sapped floored lowered overwhelmed subjugated stifled subdued suppressed dispraised devastated weakened squelched smothered diminished tortured intimidated downed deplored knocked the wind out of deflated flattened concerned harshed one's mellow overpowered overcome extinguished quelled defeated curbed palled tired disconcerted squashed discomforted agonized agitated wound wounded taxed disappointed pestered gnawed at discommoded discomposed nagged inconvenienced lied damped down drained overawed riled made wretched caused anguish to annoyed got to exasperated galled narked fretted racked agonised irritated clouded bedevilled incommoded bedeviled lied heavy on preyed on made downhearted shamed displeased hacked off chastened dragged darkened drug overcharged weighed frightened deprecated bullied scared prostrated awed confused alarmed drooped repressed run down thrown cold water on threw cold water on caused to lose heart kept under knocked for six knocked the stuffing out of given someone the blues gave someone the blues dished out stuck it to got someone down made someone fed up knocked sideways dashed the hopes of harshed someone's mellow dished it out caused trouble to broke broken brake overcame stung bore down on borne down on burnt up gotten to broke the heart of burned up broken the heart of dumped beaten ran down given it to gave it to took the heart out of taken the heart out of bore down broke someone's heart broken someone's heart borne down disquieted harried beleaguered unsettled flustered weighed on hassled rattled perplexed aggravated obsessed fussed made anxious hounded niggled persecuted flurried frazzled exercised unhinged distempered derailed hagrid caused anxiety to freaked out weirded out made uneasy anguished besieged pressed down on possessed cut discomfited teared distracted discombobulated nagged at despaired sweat ruffled teased needled alarumed pricked grinded ground tantalized tantalised chafed spooked stirred up niggled at caused concern to made uncomfortable caused discomfort to cut up hagridden hagrode wrung gave a hard time given a hard time touched moved taken over took over recurred stabbed torn tore maddened preoccupied infested nettled took control of taken control of festered peeved offended miffed threw cursed thrown badgered discountenanced feared sweated stewed tyrannised tyrannized angered importuned tested confounded injured come back to rankled gnawed puzzled martyred strapped dogged undone indisposed goaded pushed hectored dunned undid psyched rankled with caused disquiet to provoked stayed with interrupted got at picked on aroused anxiety in preyed on one's mind eaten at ate at made waves driven up the wall caused anguish flipped out hacked you off caused someone distress made it tough for drove up the wall pushed buttons caused pain sweated out ticked off caused anxiety wringed came back to worn wore gnawn nit-picked threw off thrown off gotten at gave a bad time given a bad time given someone grief gave someone grief done a number on thrown off balance threw off balance did a number on

Động từ

Past tense for to diminish the confidence or courage of
demoralised demoralized disheartened discouraged daunted dispirited unnerved shook shaken depressed undermined unmanned dismayed weakened sapped crushed enfeebled chilled cowed devitalized disconcerted enervated frustrated rattled subdued threw thrown cast down disempowered abashed crippled damped dampened debilitated deflated disarranged discountenanced disordered disorganized disparaged disturbed embarrassed jumbled muddled nonplussed snarled unglued unsettled unzipped upset brought low knocked sideways blew out blown out blew up blown up got to gotten to knocked for six sent up took apart taken apart psyched out took steam out taken steam out knocked the stuffing out of deterred dashed disappointed saddened made downhearted made dejected disinclined put down put a damper on poured cold water on desolated humiliated made crestfallen humbled indisposed made dispirited weighed down brought down got down weighed heavily on made unhappy threw cold water on thrown cold water on made someone fed up gave someone the blues given someone the blues thrown a pall over threw a pall over let wind out of sails cut down to size let down easy chastened mortified squashed chagrined flattened debunked quashed destroyed belittled snubbed punctured balloon knocked down shot down took down a peg or two taken the wind out of somebody's sails took the wind out of somebody's sails took down taken down taken the wind out of someone's sails took the wind out of someone's sails taken down a peg or two

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