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Alternative for incommoded

incommode /,inkə'moudeit/ (incommode) /,inkə'moud/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm phiền, quấy rầy, làm khó chịu
    • ngăn trở, cản tr

Động từ

Past tense for to irritate or upset, typically with repeated or unpleasant acts
annoyed harassed aggravated antagonised antagonized bugged exasperated galled got gotten goaded irked irritated narked nettled peeved pestered riled ruffled vexed frustrated nagged upset angered bothered displeased disturbed hassled incensed infuriated maddened made angry needled provoked teased agitated got to gotten to made cross molested perturbed troubled worried badgered bedeviled bedevilled broke brake broken chafed distressed enraged frosted gnawed gnawn grated harried henpecked nudged persecuted piqued plagued rode ridden rubbed up the wrong way spited beleaguered burned up burnt up drove crazy driven crazy drove to distraction driven to distraction gravelled graveled rankled bummed out drove mad driven mad ate eaten exacerbated got at gotten at got under your skin gotten under your skin got your goat gave someone grief given someone grief gave someone the hump given someone the hump hacked off humped made your blood boil miffed rasped teed off ticked off wound up cheesed off drove round the bend driven round the bend drove round the twist driven round the twist drove up the wall driven up the wall egged on fired up got in your hair got on your wick got your back up gotten your back up got your dander up hacked you off heated up made someone see red made waves turned off worked on asked for it got on your nerves gotten on your nerves gave someone the pip given someone the pip put your back up hit where one lives rubbed the wrong way made somebody's hackles rise put out raised your hackles ruffled one's feathers got up someone's nose gotten up someone's nose put someone's nose out of joint rattled someone's cage got across gotten across rattled discountenanced griped itched browned off abraded inconvenienced discommoded fretted tired disgusted bored rubbed you up the wrong way wearied depressed disheartened sickened nauseated made someone fed up made discontented lost patience grated at become bored grated on had had enough tried the patience of grope gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves bore gave a hard time given a hard time eaten at ate at became bored gat vext gnew rid het up offended inflamed excited crazed stirred up affronted outraged beset disquieted alarmed wound wounded tormented disconcerted flustered unsettled roiled madded enflamed ired unnerved dismayed discomposed empurpled hurt aroused steamed up worked up concerned flurried distracted discomforted fazed ailed unhinged frazzled fussed derailed distempered hagrid alarumed discombobulated psyched spooked freaked out weirded out turned on hurt somebody's feelings disgruntled hounded mortified bristled grilled crossed grabbed ignited pricked attracted awaked absorbed absorpt motivated quickened interested acerbated baited burnt boiled burned embittered raised hell grieved dunned incited made sore lost one's temper mithered frightened got someone gotten someone importuned disappointed stimulated roused afflicted indisposed got a rise out of gotten a rise out of incapacitated saddened pothered debilitated bewildered confounded turned cramped flipped floored undone hagridden undid hagrode exercised irritated greatly harped on at flipped out picked on fermented keyed up layed up laid up examined made anxious moved sent into a rage bugged up made flip pushed buttons rocked the boat made a scene caused anxiety to confused ventilated umbraged stung gripen awoken awoke blew up blown up given the business gave the business shaken shook threw thrown gone on at went on at thrown off balance threw off balance

Động từ

Past tense for to impede the work or progress of
encumbered hampered cramped hindered handicapped impeded inhibited obstructed restricted clogged inconvenienced checked retarded trammelled trammeled constrained delayed embarrassed fettered handcuffed hobbled hog-tied limited manacled overloaded restrained shackled short-circuited slowed slowed down stalled stymied disadvantaged blocked bogged down bothered charged discommoded held back held up interfered with oppressed tied up weighed down hung up made difficult saddled with got in the way gotten in the way frustrated thwarted stopped foiled baulked cumbered disrupted balked prevented opposed baffled affected disturbed suspended remitted tampered influenced confused jammed conflicted intermitted troubled interfered stood in the way of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of got in the way of threw a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of gotten in the way of curbed hamstrung hamstringed put a brake on bridled set back crippled barred arrested interrupted borked confined shut down halted tied derailed stonewalled crimped curtailed forestalled shut off put off cramped one's style cut off deterred detained stayed braked prohibited bound entangled put back put at a disadvantage put an end to held burdened scuppered crabbed repressed sabotaged kept back tied down slowed up choked shelved choked off closed off decelerated circumscribed caught stifled constricted postponed straitened ruined brake discontinued deferred leashed sandbagged paused chained reduced debarred fazed forbid let up put straitjacket on spoilt spoiled averted contravened counteracted upset withheld interdicted backed off dragged your feet put paid to placed at a disadvantage put out of commission shut out brought to screeching halt put on hold put in an unfavourable position put on back burner nipped in the bud put on brakes put an stop to put a crimp in put the kibosh on held down gave a hard time given a hard time controlled regulated stilled moderated impaired throttled obscured screened complicated slackened discouraged snookered netted ensnared captured enmeshed setted limits on imposed limits on puzzled defeated capped snagged suppressed bottlenecked downed decreased loitered hesitated lessened bogged loafed mired sidelined poked flagged faltered dawdled mystified confounded stumped entrapped muzzled neutralized frozen froze dammed rattled discomfited debilitated clipped someone's wings held captive monkeyed with scotched nonplussed delimited hemmed in tethered stood fenced retardated entrammeled neutralised resisted entrammelled disconcerted precluded tied someone's hands quashed dissuaded smothered flummoxed warded off forbidden forbade reined in dead-ended wronged cornered pigeonholed tied one's hands brought up protracted dissuaded from withholden warded enjoined outlawed bitted tabooed bit pulled up taken down took down overturned screwed up fouled up fetched up prorogued prevented from making progress loused up boxed in not moved stemmed the flow of staved off held off treated unfavourably threw a spanner in the works inflicted a handicap on kept within the limits of hung fire treated harshly petered out narrowed down come to a standstill kept in made late prolonged stove off held over stood off treated unfairly thrown a spanner in the works held off on told against held in taken out took out gave disadvantage given disadvantage drawn up drew up threw monkey wrench in thrown monkey wrench in thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw a spoke in the wheel of gave the run around given the run around thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into came to a standstill done a disservice to did a disservice to gave a disadvantage to given a disadvantage to

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