Đồng nghĩa của mired

Alternative for mired

mires, mired, miring

Đồng nghĩa: muck, mud, slime, slush,

Động từ

To have involved or engaged in deeply
lost immersed engaged involved absorbed absorpt engrossed consumed enmeshed obsessed occupied threw affected assimilated connected enraptured enthralled hooked preoccupied interested committed devoted busied bothered embroiled associated implicated thrown concerned entangled imputed participated inculpated wrapped linked attended entailed enwrapped bound wrapt distracted bounden drawn drew fascinated gripped intrigued bemused diverted held caught up captivated rivetted riveted amused beguiled entertained mesmerized arrested enchanted mesmerised bewitched charmed employed attracted spellbound hypnotized hypnotised lured entranced grabbed piqued engulfed monopolized monopolised tempted pleased tantalized titillated excited pulled caught tantalised transfixed bedazzled buried kept busy tied up aroused moved held one's attention delighted allured won fixed enticed fixated compelled magnetized filled enamoured inspired overwhelmed ensnared soaked invited put under a spell gladdened held the attention of magnetised stimulated held spellbound enamored snared touched perked up mattered to turned on sat up aroused one's curiosity taken up engaged one's attention lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite caught one's eye took up floated someone's boat captured one's imagination captured appealed to cheered plunged regaled dominated gained seized ravished enveloped disported solaced witched killed wiled grasped recreated infatuated got lost in gratified drowned made merry held your attention become lost overpowered kindled thrilled stirred become an obsession with kept amused transported tickled enslaved inspirited got wrapped up engrossed oneself tickled one's fancy enlisted hogged applied cracked up enlivened comforted used up humoured slayed tickled your fancy ecstasized cornered fired interested greatly satisfied animated elated indulged provoked lost oneself in swamped seduced appealed upped on concentrated subdued humored possessed knocked dead relaxed held attention aroused the curiosity of intoxicated aroused curiosity became lost sewed up sewn up given pleasure to slain gave pleasure to slew threw oneself into thrown oneself into sunken sank sunk thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in gotten took in taken in took control of taken control of became an obsession with

Động từ

Past tense for cause to become stuck in mud

Động từ

Past tense for cover or spatter with mud
dirtied soiled begrimed muddied besmirched befouled bemired blackened daubed distained fouled gaumed grimed mucked smirched smudged spattered stained sullied bespattered smeared made dirty made muddy caked with dirt caked with soil defiled polluted contaminated tainted tarnished spoilt spoiled spotted discoloured discolored marked corrupted tarred splattered blotted splashed blotched debased messed up made impure blemished injured ruined damaged besoiled adulterated made filthy blacked bedaubed marred slushed darkened disgraced made sooty mucked up vilified denigrated debauched got filthy clouded encrusted coated draggled smutched made mucky made black made dusty made darker made unclean streaked flecked striped blobbed dotted specked made grimy splodged splotched blurred tinged besmeared poisoned littered caked with mud covered shaded got dirty gotten dirty defaced infected blighted distorted slopped plastered painted riled roiled murked mussed degraded bedraggled messed ebonized maculated shamed crumbed inked beclouded desecrated made murky made dark clouded up made smoky mussed up made cloudy made blacker vitiated speckled hurt impaired touched disfigured sprinkled mottled dappled scarred harmed marbled stippled perverted dashed wrecked depraved put a damper on rusted freckled peppered shot flawed upset bloodied slabbered destroyed bruised wet profaned faded sprayed put the kibosh on scattered plashed sploshed crippled scratched undermined endamaged crabbed besprinkled trashed compromised demoralized mangled maimed sabotaged queered fouled up warped crossed up anointed loused up cut dented demoralised spread scorched shotten studded bedabbled strewed showered mutilated bleached sloshed alloyed dishonoured dishonored scotched crushed wetted doused scuppered bastardized devastated abased rotted nixed banjaxed disrupted weakened prostituted cast a slur dished demolished shattered cast a pall over cast a shadow over cruelled euchred violated broadcast made a mess of screwed up annihilated cankered put an end to corroded played havoc with split put a stop to bastardised put paid to put the lid on brought to naught dulled colored dyed undone undid imprinted broke broken brake pitted impressed notched charred gashed chipped scored scraped nicked swartened weathered blazed chalked stroked checked bespeckled radioactivated stigmatized discredited branded deformed pimpled festered bestudded scuzzed up bestrewed bestrewn coloured made foul washed out strewn drowned soaked sopped drenched plunged moistened squirted dusted frustrated torpedoed blasted spritzed patched variegated swashed ended stigmatised bent dinged tweaked bended detracted prejudiced subverted demeaned lessened cheapened devalued consumed brutalised inflicted deteriorated brutalized prevented quashed quelled mullered smashed detracted from vandalized gutted toxified infested spangled discharged emitted dribbled dispersed sputtered spluttered broadcasted totalled ravaged wound wounded totaled stymied envenomed embittered got wet roughed up dragged through the mud razed disfeatured incapacitated nullified disintegrated lacerated scathed abused wronged burnt maltreated teared gnawed dismantled knocked battered cracked vandalised burned lured seduced ballsed up afflicted decayed disappointed brought to an end stabbed blew a hole in blown a hole in covered with blotches tampered with smashed up banged up thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of led astray bestialized glitched up played merry hell with thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of scourged wreaked havoc on sored wasted away watered down made degenerate made a hash of caused injury animalized pockmarked sowed sown did in done in shook up shaken up gave a bad name given a bad name gnawn torn tore gnew ulcered wrought havoc on did damage to wrought havoc wore away done damage to worn away drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of done for did for took the edge off took the shine off taken the shine off taken the edge off took the pleasure out of took the enjoyment out of taken the pleasure out of taken the enjoyment out of

Động từ

Past tense for to delay or hinder an action or process
set back delayed hindered impeded retarded arrested slowed decelerated detained embogged held up slowed down slowed up bogged down hung up checked handicapped restricted obstructed curbed stalled restrained inhibited held back hampered postponed put back slackened kept back reduced stayed decreased lessened loitered choked interfered with put a brake on shut off let up shut down put the brakes on cut back let down flaps hit the brakes cut down clogged braked encumbered deferred hamstrung hamstringed stunted tempered interrupted curtailed limited trammeled trammelled cumbered regulated moderated lagged abated diminished retardated loafed baffled fettered baulked downed hesitated poked bogged crimped flagged balked faltered dawdled qualified procrastinated quieted reefed reined in backed off choked off closed off lost speed lost steam kept waiting brought to screeching halt wound down brake took down taken down got in the way of gotten in the way of anchored it thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of blocked cramped stopped stymied thwarted prevented put off frustrated shackled constrained halted barred hobbled bridled handcuffed foiled hog-tied put on hold manacled embarrassed tied up short-circuited forestalled controlled crippled repressed suspended put an end to put on the back burner put on ice deterred borked derailed suppressed shelved prohibited withheld put over held shut out cut off put on back burner put in cold storage rescheduled stood in the way of contained stifled confined disrupted held off stemmed stonewalled dammed counteracted held over opposed set aside put a stop to kept adjourned remitted averted prorogued protracted staved off stove off held in held down caught held off on burdened tied interfered smothered governed intermitted straitened scuppered tamed cut short tabled prolonged debarred interdicted pigeonholed warded off weighed down mothballed withholden holden laid over put at a disadvantage nipped in the bud kept lid on held in abeyance laid on the table stilled paused circumvented countered discontinued staunched muzzled reined disadvantaged ruled measured bound forbid pulled up fetched up made late avoided kept under control kept in check choked back hemmed in bottled up corked pulled in respited brought to a standstill extended headed off defended against stemmed the flow of hung fire gotten in the way got in the way sabotaged discouraged crabbed neutralized muffled defeated bottlenecked ruined inconvenienced put paid to beat precluded sandbagged constricted chained subdued stanched frozen froze evaded overloaded neutralised terminated fazed circumscribed circumnavigated nullified oppressed entangled brought up resisted contravened fought back leashed gagged bit bitted skirted sidestepped imprisoned put a limit on shut in continued warded steered clear of boxed in put the stopper on upset put the kibosh on spoiled spoilt kept a lid on jailed gaoled put aside ruled out kept in dragged one's feet cramped one's style eased up dallied locked up put on brakes put an stop to saddled with carried over kept within bounds cooled off kept in abeyance put a spoke in someone's wheel took a rain check on kept the lid on waived put in abeyance put out of commission put in an unfavourable position put half nelson on quit taken a rain check on put away cooled brought to an end placed at a disadvantage put on the shelf drawn up drew up bounden forbidden forbade saddled loaded given rain check gave rain check ended lumbered caused to stay caused to wait throttled straitjacketed obscured screened complicated fenced stood ceased swallowed squelched laden laded weighted slacked freighted overtaxed strained taxed stressed netted strangled captured ensnared enmeshed escaped bypassed impaired pegged disciplined quashed dissuaded snagged incarcerated interned rattled discomfited incommoded checkmated repulsed rebuffed overturned scotched entrammeled entrammelled entrapped occluded overwhelmed overburdened disconcerted debilitated dissuaded from tethered enjoined outlawed tabooed charged discommoded bothered dropped braced sidetracked fixed fixt scrubbed monkeyed with deflected setted limits on imposed limits on congested jammed closed clotted dampened slackened pace locked in disallowed immured shotgunned concussed necessitated fenced in closed in deprived cooped up banned denied sidelined recessed disbanded dissolved prorogated wronged come to a standstill withstood become slower petered out not moved stood off harnessed canned barricaded outwitted stumped blocked up wrecked juked ditched crashed unsettled loused up screwed up fouled up tied one's hands bitten back bit back temporized temporised made difficult held in check knocked off cooled down reduced in speed kept in line slammed on the anchors prevented from making progress quitted forfended laid aside omitted boxed up gummed up laid off kept off chilled cracked down directed treated harshly delimited got slower killed turned aside pulled back anticipated made slower impounded kept at bay intercepted sat on played for time plugged up told against stopped up lingered dillydallied blockaded pinned down treated unfavourably brought under control left to another time called a halt to tarried inflicted a handicap on kept a tight rein on guided counted out got bogged down buttoned up tied down hogtied obviated reduced speed clogged up slammed on the brakes reined back lost pace had on a tight leash bunged up filed slacked up kept down kept tight rein on staved fended off slackened off inactivated treated unfairly stove lengthened loaden gotten out of got out of beaten sank sunken sunk stuffed broke off broken off came to a standstill became slower taken wind out of took wind out of done for did for gone slower went slower given a hard time gave a hard time threw a spoke in the wheel of threw a spanner in the works thrown a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spanner in the works pink-slipped lay off broke up broken up given a rain check gave a rain check taken a raincheck took a raincheck took out gave disadvantage given disadvantage taken out done a disservice to did a disservice to gave a disadvantage to given a disadvantage to

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