Đồng nghĩa của dominated

Alternative for dominated

dominates, dominated, dominating

Đồng nghĩa: command, control, lead, rule,

Tính từ

Bị quân đội khắc phục, khống chế

Động từ

Phụ trách hoặc chỉ huy
led presided over headed commanded directed had control of had charge of supervised governed oversaw regulated superintended chaired ran masterminded ruled orchestrated controlled conducted guided held sway over took the chair of administered organized managed mastered reigned over domineered headed up called the shots bossed captained organised ran the show helmed subjugated influenced tyrannized overpowered hegemonized oppressed bullied intimidated leaded subdued subjected subordinated dictated vanquished swayed conquered eclipsed overshadowed monopolized pacified outshone outshined overruled bossed around pushed about run ruled the roost in played first fiddle led by the nose preponderated had the whip hand over pushed around kept under thumb had one's way had the upper hand over kept under your thumb prevailed over ruled the roost walked all over sat on top of monopolised laid down the law exercised control over run the show had the upper hand in had ascendancy over tyrannised had mastery over had upper hand bossed about handled trampled on called the tune overborne overbore was in the saddle ridden roughshod over rode roughshod over been in the saddle took over taken over were in the saddle wore the trousers worn the trousers overlooked overseen administrated operated stewarded tended kept looked after watched carried on quarterbacked kept an eye on watched over minded steered piloted cared for moderated guarded pulled the strings presided attended to tended to coordinated officiated monitored were responsible for was responsible for been responsible for ordered observed taken care of took care of inspected spearheaded ministered to run things protected manoeuvred engineered maneuvered judged refereed babysat mediated policed arranged manipulated maintained executed negotiated attended carried out umpired kept safe put together chaperoned been in charge were in charge was in charge arbitrated ridden herd on rode herd on sat with officiated at held the reins called the shots in took charge of taken charge of reigned advised checked contrived childminded had authority over skippered nursed safeguarded marshalled marshaled fronted ministered shepherded kept tabs on called the signals took the chair were in the driving seat dealt with taken the chair was in the driving seat kept watch over ran things called the tune in been in the driving seat cracked the whip held down planned adjudicated called took the helm taken the helm set disciplined owned methodized micromanaged measured tempered systematized legislated adapted set up reconciled devised wangled called the shots of standardized originated framed finagled conceived fixed fixt finessed machinated settled determined created taken the chair of ordained sat fit pulled the wires held office checked up on put over coached put on administered to looked out for wielded officered put in order put one on wrought facilitated worked systematised led the way standardised put on the right track baby-sat ruled over assumed command of come up with put through put one over driven drove drave druv took charge taken charge hosted seen to saw to limited introduced constrained contained curbed adjusted schemed caused allocated restrained plotted tamed assumed command over surveilled bridled brought about own inhibited pushed modulated implemented decided commandeered adjudged enforced served browbeat emceed balanced held mounted concocted mobilized choreographed effected mothered restricted pressurized railroaded bulldozed stage-managed brought off pulled off encompassed designed staged addrest stood reffed addressed fielded hatched forged initiated pulled in reined in fostered predominated tilled eyed concerted constructed hacked had sitten took taken generated nannied affected regimented bewielded besteered honchoed managed people carried out official duties had the say controlled the content of funneled scammed squared leaned on called the tune for sorted out exercised authority over jockeyed instructed taken the reins ordered about legalised had someone eating out of one's hand thought up rigged looked over used strong-arm tactics on mobilised kept under guard made conform instigated had a handle on pointed in the right direction kept in check kept under one's thumb plied lorded over classified acted had something in the palm of one's hand pushed buttons dictated terms shielded took the reins occupied throne had the bright idea of held the purse strings ordered around normalised ruled on navigated beaconed lorded it over had authority surveyed authored pulled strings pressurised edited pulled wires pointed rendered rode shotgun angled functioned tried to control controlled the affairs of rectified fitted fixed up held dominion swung waited on came up with told what to do treated puppeteered worked out cooked doctored channelled held sway planted legalized coxswained disposed readjusted paced upstaged had someone in the palm of one's hand funnelled kept a beady eye on had someone in one's hip pocket had a hold over held dominion over exercised power had control over minded the store performed official duties overwatched ridden shotgun held purse strings defended exercised authority done the honors trailblazed invigilated pulled things together thought of kept in view instrumented kept a tab on called the shots on played games kept one's eye on channeled kept under surveillance normalized did the honors wielded baton dreamt up served the people called upon played kept up herded conned maintained order seen saw holden browbeaten swang swungen taken the reins of took the reins of worn the crown wore the crown assumed command took in hand taken in hand engagde in took forward taken forward engaged in gave heed to given heed to taken control of took control of was responsible been responsible were responsible given orders to gave orders to gave orders given orders calle the play called the play

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