Đồng nghĩa của disciplined

Alternative for disciplined

disciplines, disciplined, disciplining

Đồng nghĩa: chastise, condition, correct, drill, exercise, groom, penalize, practice, prepare, punish, train,


Conforming to standards of good behaviour
orderly controlled law-abiding restrained peaceable decorous well-behaved civilised civilized non-violent obedient peaceful polite quiet courteous docile nonviolent ruly well behaved amenable calm compliant manageable submissive tranquil well mannered well-mannered at peace good dutiful respectful tractable deferential biddable duteous harmonious friendly amicable strife-free honourable righteous honorable solid virtuous proper decent moral ethical acquiescent lawful cordial conformable conflict-free without hostility peacekeeping complying mannerly seemly pacifistic honest correct amiable nonaggressive pacific bloodless high-minded principled worthy right-minded clean-living upstanding upright free from strife unwarlike respectable straight just sociable above board on friendly on friendly terms on good terms well-trained meek yielding subservient pliant malleable ingratiating governable accommodating unresisting under control obeisant passive observant obsequious bootlicking tame pliable well trained servile well disciplined attentive in one's power devoted loyal regardful wrapped around finger venerating reverential resigned in one's clutches honoring honouring controllable docious willing faithful obliging complaisant hearsome sheeplike unquestioning at one's beck and call in one's pocket on a string noble reputable trustworthy true incorruptible right blameless scrupulous fair conscientious nice stand-up pure all right laudable exemplary irreproachable high-principled admirable unimpeachable morally correct guiltless anti-corruption meritorious praiseworthy equitable persuadable saintly innocent sinless angelic persuasible clean respected cooperative reliable commendable straightforward squeaky clean conscionable godly unassertive uncorrupted agreeable venerable trusty creditable right-thinking dependable self-righteous chivalrous moralistic kosher truthful immaculate on the level impartial holy manipulable pious teachable milky lofty elevated saintlike unbribable faultless distinguished humble squeaky-clean pure as the driven snow incorrupt whiter than white forthright easily handled inculpable estimable square aboveboard true-blue devout of good repute conformist ductile flexible reverent adaptable esteemed charitable mild sportsmanlike punctilious lamblike noble-minded easy sportsmanly of principle deserving spiritual irreprehensible lily-white subdued soft legal gallant fitting impeccable responsible legit chaste sincere up front in the clear unstained salt of the earth on the up-and-up unerring full of integrity knightly accepting responsive glorious assentient accordant consentient rectitudinous dignified notable circumspect practising orthodox receptive open susceptible magnanimous professional great untarnished without reproach of excellent character on the up and up eminent fair and square untainted balanced incorrupted favoring sound prestigious influenceable committed conforming cultivated sanctimonious above reproach honest-to-goodness guileless fair-minded above-board veracious wholesome clean-cut able to be influenced lenient favouring religious prim saving dinkum trusting suggestible workable sycophantic gullible easily swayed impressionable game evenhanded excellent justifiable first-class of good report model trusted fine A-1 worthwhile sterling justified valuable applaudable invaluable dapper alright goody-goody unmarred highly regarded unobjectionable inoffensive precious practicing proud unbiased unprejudiced non-resisting sporting nonpartisan gracious timid humane patient forbearing Christian self-effacing spiritless morally right morally acceptable gentlemanlike nondiscriminatory easygoing weak-kneed childlike gentle mellow usable complacent cool unassuming laid-back true blue slavish self-abasing spineless crimeless easily manipulated grovelling sporty according to Hoyle according to the rules supine under someone's thumb clear resistless easily influenced domesticated obeying kowtowing nonresistant disciplinable comformable abject surrendering giving-in lowly groveling fawning handleable trainable bowing down uncomplaining subordinate nonresisting menial placable under one's thumb longanimous uninvolved licit guilt-free without fault acquitted not to blame not guilty above suspicion beyond criticism God-fearing matchless godlike peerless philanthropical philanthropic


Displaying outstanding skill, knowledge, or experience in a given field
trained accomplished competent experienced expert proficient qualified schooled skilled practiced practised equipped prepared able adept seasoned knowledgeable skilful educated professional good skillful pro vet veteran up to speed fit capable chartered licensed certificated certified talented efficient eligible equal suitable authorized adequate tested tried accepted licenced proper proved authorised instructed bred credentialed up to snuff aimed consummate hardened old long-serving master ace mature crack established worldly-wise masterly compleat masterful great versed virtuoso crackerjack professed complete battle-scarred mean exercised from way back wise long-time knows one's stuff old-time not born yesterday weathered sophisticated been around inured wise to ways steady practical well trained of the old school well versed worldly apt adroit appropriate gifted suited fitted right savvy deft fitting handy dexterous clever brilliant dextrous au fait effective befitting becoming acceptable useful smart polished wizard applicable excellent apposite worthy seemly ready serviceable adapted time-served intelligent effectual nifty meet relevant correct familiar tasty apropos bright usable workmanlike pertinent genuine up to it sharp dynamite well-versed on the ball happy stellar just satisfactory real decent strong learned actual deadly feasible preferable rightful bona fide employable ingenious due first-rate genius useable ideal habile expedient wicked elite with it convenient conformable slick felicitous amenable eager docile pretty top-notch approved accredited balanced sanctioned out-and-out effortless powerful impressive reliable empowered accurate agile outstanding functional sensible multitalented multiskilled deserving official fine kosher decorous exceptional specialist matured related endowed demon artful formidable correspondent available exact likely magic facile precise equitable congruous practicable good enough hot first-class marvellous sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded all-round refined all-around working superb germane conversant well suited class comme il faut marvelous knowing the score to the point old hand cut out for out of this world big league highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained to the purpose know the ropes tailor-made impeccably credentialed enrolled seeded nominated well credentialed desirable destined quick prodigious productive well qualified pitch-perfect organized very well leading dynamic ultraefficient supreme businesslike fluent mighty terrific tremendous rangé habituated redoubtable up to scratch allowed permitted organised switched-on well-informed acquainted honest pukka true authentic echt pucka dinkum sure-enough certifiable dominant invincible indomitable drilled phenom whiz toughened good for designed sussed conventional killer realizable realisable hyperefficient short-listed a dab hand at A1 best first class a hand at supremely skilled rounded sport accustomed right on errorless dead-on topflight well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire stringent orthodox formal versant matched cut out favourite reasonable promising favorite hopeful awesome on the beam timely teachable canny well up puissant amazing of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years sufficient broken in registered well up in worldly wise been there versed in astounding admirable remarkable regular crisp trainable tuned in up on hardy equal to up to capable of the right stuff knowing one's stuff belonging judicious having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer having know-how in the know legitimate senior full perfect having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform condign deserved justified helpful fairy-tale in the running in line for easy alert cunning knowing keen opportune like a pistol equal to the task up there de règle desired prudent fully developed full grown fully fledged full scale full blown responsible all around just right spot on made to order entitled pat harmonious highly endowed no slouch know one's business know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff know the answers for real well-suited well-chosen know one's onions fully-fledged know backwards and forwards franchised adult full-blown ripe ripened in keeping applied firsthand experient empirical legit privileged objective hands-on developed grown-up full-size full-term total well-developed full-grown grown active existential experiential experimental empiric okayed okay pragmatic heuristic non-theoretical factual full-fledged in the field how-to in full bloom completely developed exploitable operable bravura -worthy magnificent superlative wonderful dazzling leet delicate


Done regularly and repeatedly
habitual customary normal regular usual common fixed ordinary traditional accustomed standard familiar routine natural wonted established set typical characteristic constant frequent general periodic periodical repeated steady time-honoured accepted addicting automatic consistent conventional cyclic expected iterated iterative long-term mechanical methodical ongoing perfunctory permanent practised practiced reiterative repetitious rooted seasoned systematic everyday stock commonplace popular average quotidian run-of-the-mill prevailing ubiquitous household settled garden-variety classic daily universal prevalent orthodox unexceptional common or garden workaday mainstream unremarkable prosaic classical plain predictable day-to-day widespread time-honored bog-standard standard-issue long-established cut-and-dried cut-and-dry recognized acknowledged garden variety recognised old ritual prescribed confirmed stereotyped stereotypical rife representative archetypical public mundane historic vanilla rampant ritualistic true archetypal pervasive current proven age-old going received chronic prescriptive regulation folk enduring ancestral lasting tried and true tried and tested idiosyncratic overall majority generic acceptable undistinguished sanctioned ruling garden humdrum typic native simple proverbial ancient staple formulaic widely used matter-of-course homespun dull middle-of-the-road inveterate agreed endemic symptomatic vintage taken for granted persistent long-lived old-world long-standing old-time approved recurring extensive admitted scheduled ingrained domestic traditionary essential favourite favorite inherent in character stable preferred collective well-known fashionable shared well established predominant uneventful distinctive proper old-fashioned emblematic so-so basic standardized mediocre indifferent immemorial characterless modest monotonous doctrinal humble standardised vulgar well worn old hat a dime a dozen no great shakes par for the course in vogue widely held true to type diurnal obvious respected gut default venerable comfortable discreet inconspicuous orderly seasonal diagnostic numerous recurrent acquired honored abiding known given used habituated perpetual OB hackneyed derived authorized immortal ageless in use boilerplate canonical staid endorsed understood acquainted chosen honoured timeless inferior fair mean ceremonial reiterated incessant profuse continual unsophisticated obligatory one-size-fits-all decided unadventurous conformist touted recognizable adopted family casual banal terrestrial unimaginative informal arranged specified past conservative unopposed passed legit okayed authorised recognisable anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable unpretentious colourless nondescript perennial memorable unforgettable undying deathless predetermined de rigueur whitebread likely unsurprising distinguishing of choice in the habit of well known uninteresting boring unmemorable pedestrian unprogressive determined appointed individualistic clichéd cliched dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty homely OK uninspiring plastic white-bread grind agreed upon prearranged appropriate inborn local inbred innate in keeping ornery common variety matter-of-fact true to form to be expected mass wide conforming old school colorless trivial arrived at defined only to be expected on the cards … all over broad congruous not up to much nothing to write home about planned old line quintessential national blanket communal overarching global joint outright assigned recommended backward-looking earlier generation exemplary signature comprehensive stipulated unmistakable model textbook definitive consummate symbolic absolute ultimate prototypical broad-spectrum across-the-board total in circulation across the board sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush all-round nationwide societal wholesale all-around official paradigmatic ideal fundamental supreme dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established at its best at her best at his best deep-rooted traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable vested valid certified authoritative legitimate lawful legal correct accredited licensed allowed documented validated authentic rightful bona fide undisputed kosher licenced genuine formal ratified renowned declared proved warranted verified hardened unquestioned supported confessed inured hard-shell firmly established deep-seated undoubted ineradicable professed permitted affirmed avowed exhaustive dominant irradicable just legalized traditionalist authenticated right verifiable worn credible legalised sworn real worldwide by the numbers catholic ecumenical all-embracing uncontested famous notorious existing statutory proclaimed straight backed present sincere reasonable OK'd admissible above board square pervading identified definite sensible overt trustworthy permissible constitutional self-confessed logical magisterial best cogent convincing preponderant regnant vouched for licit commonly accepted generally accepted stated good coherent solid widely recognized ceremonious explicit conclusive effective plausible rational omnipresent cleared in style in fashion unlimited pandemic ex cathedra precise cosmopolitan whole signed and sealed multinational indestructible within the law diffuse well-founded all-over undestroyable all-inclusive worldly unrestricted unremovable astronomical ex officio well founded widely believed lamestream empowered canonic central self-proclaimed core contemporary latest extant modern allowable open certain primary legendary famed believed strict tralatitious statutable enrolled qualified seeded eligible nominated perceived mutual voted for regimented express net realized remembered avowedly asserted sop wont done val in established usage realised reigning cashable self-evident axiomatic circulating embraced united like pro forma made official bonafide same old ceremonialistic formalistic tried and trusted noted binding reputed infamous superior commanding sovereign standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle honest celebrated intermutual commutual certifiable sanctioned by law by the book going by the rules indelible stubborn ineffaceable trusted afoot contractual veritable actual usable commonest returned answered complete full imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic departmental administrative notable about predominating international thorough inclusive unexpired straightforward conceded unchallenged carried compendious influential operative main preponderating principal bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of panoramic entire encyclopedic cyclopedic tested published unsuspected true-blue legally acceptable in effect legally binding permeating embracive on everyone's lips aboveboard straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful upfront for real short-listed tried demonstrated publicized inescapable omnibus finest greatest unanimous in-depth encyclopaedic wall-to-wall broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in attested checked dependable publicised revealed patent manifest branded firm inannihilable superlative ultraconservative reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative publicly known widely known generally known sure establishable upheld demonstrable right as rain telling the truth on the level fair and square on the up-and-up derivative down pat sustained pious religious punctilious mother of all justifiable cosmic planetary celestial all empyrean stellar bien pensant on the up and up supportable tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible straight arrow in line pragmatic lucid believable congruent warrantable viable workable grounded justified realistic signed sealed handed down according to the book tried-and-true persuasive understandable dinkum ordered suitable decisive cathedral positive okay fitting and delivered weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent pukka telling satisfying sober thoughtful satisfactory straight from the horse's mouth all there holding water watertight profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together faultless well grounded together intellectual commonsensical unassailable accurate flawless levelheaded impeccable advisable right-thinking standing up well-grounded exact cool right-minded most common most typical most reliable most complete most scholarly most usual most frequent most perfect most significant


(discipline oneself to do something) Past tense for to train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way

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