Đồng nghĩa của taught

Alternative for taught

teaches, taught, teaching

Đồng nghĩa: coach, direct, educate, enlighten, guide, instruct, show, tutor,

Trái nghĩa: learn,

Tính từ

Having been provided with teaching or training
trained coached learned academic educated instructed literary literate scholarly schooled bookish erudite lettered tutored knowledgeable intellectual studious cultivated cerebral well-read well educated well read directed unintuitive donnish cultured highbrow egghead scholastic bluestocking widely read pointy-headed clerkly swotty longhair informed enlightened polished experienced discerning discriminating nurtured prepared developed professional enriched finished acquainted formed initiated scientific shaped brainy fitted intelligent corrected versed well-informed well-versed well-educated intellectually aware well-taught well informed clever wise thoughtful rational smart sharp sagacious sage astute knowing pedantic perceptive profound genius logical deep keen philosophical sophisticated sapient bright insightful serious brilliant accomplished civilized reflective perspicacious sensible able prudent shrewd civilised canny quick-witted recondite acute penetrating contemplative analytical esoteric earnest sharp-witted percipient gifted expert judicious alert exceptional precocious formal whip-smart quick philosophic savvy fast eggheaded creative pedagogic supersmart inventive illuminated ultrasmart nimble hyperintelligent masterly ingenious careful abstruse sound abstract intuitive deep-thinking foresighted book-loving talented highbrowed meditative understanding intellective theoretical with great knowledge full of insight ivory-towerish impractical cogitative solemn grave studied educational precise switched-on politic assiduous thinking eager well versed arcane calculating obscure pedagogical skilled intellectualist intellectualistic solid aware occult secret reasoned geeky hermetic hermetical nerdish blue nerdy in the know orphic acroamatic crack skillful elite adept skilful excellent virtuoso classical showing great knowledge superior heavy choice whip very smart resourceful first-rate first-class very intelligent witty quick on the uptake Einstein whiz kid whiz sussed well schooled cognitive labored introspective reflecting musing pondering deliberate measured considered pensive museful ruminative formalistic dry sentient clear-sighted astucious self-aware cagey foxy farsighted into didactic laboured academical conceptual magisterial wise up cunning metaphysical belletristic bookly ratiocinative book smart diligent hard-working over-subtle long-haired well versed in subtle sedulous weighty book-learned inkhorn schoolish schoolmasterly apt precisionist overprecise hair-splitting nitpicking overnice psychologic bookworm determined grubbing busy on the ball genial nimble-witted streetwise crafty cluey doctrinaire refined imaginative capable responsible alive together comprehending ready original all there know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on provocative gripping intriguing stimulating thought-provoking urbane genteel deliberated advanced artistic well-bred strategic tactful couth artistically aware desirable involved hidden mysterious dark difficult argute tactical appreciative polite chivalrous arty liberal tolerant high-class up-to-date sensitive savant blue-stocking mannerly elegant distingue gallant tasteful esthetic courteous traveled heavyweight riveting absorbing captivating fascinating powerful interesting complicated cabbalistic aesthetic travelled justified good well-advised well judged well advised with good taste au courant unfathomable complex impenetrable incomprehensible cryptic mystical concealed opaque well-reasoned well thought out well-founded well reasoned little-known mystic Alexandrian hard cabalistic out-of-the-way little known grounded posted well-rounded well-grounded conversant omniscient polymath pansophic professorial

Tính từ

Marked by a person's overall balance in skill and ability from a performance
complete methodic methodical efficient polished systematic competent expert master masterful refined capable effective effectual great masterly virtuoso adept gifted proficient skilful skilled skillful adroit dexterous dextrous ace educated experienced good practiced practised professed versed veteran able all-around all-round clever crackerjack deft employable fit fitted habile handy knowledgeable long-term multiskilled multitalented old schooled slick sure-handed talented trained tutored well-rounded accomplished qualified consummate seasoned mean workmanlike quick well-versed crack dynamite accurate reliable very well satisfactory useful proper suitable A1 apt savvy hot elite demon top-notch marvellous marvelous first class a hand at superb best class brilliant practical stellar balanced deadly nifty right on errorless dead-on sporting exact au fait spot-on on-target precise thorough first-rate trustworthy stringent topflight serviceable suited sure-fire well hardy compleat excellent professional wizard artful fine well versed tasty outstanding wicked first-class smart sharp bravura delicate genius magnificent pro up to speed impressive supreme formidable on the ball ingenious superlative learned exceptional equal a dab hand at whiz vet big league out of this world superior magic up to it with it up to snuff agile strong dazzling splendid equipped versant specialist peerless brainy leading intelligent world-class facile cool hotshot endowed there smooth adequate nimble-fingered well trained extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified wised up tuned in wonderful terrific tremendous effortless powerful eligible exercised nimble finished awesome familiar hardened long-serving smashing fab certified very good exquisite battle-scarred conversant ready prepared tip-top tested tried brill exceptionally good remarkable disciplined instructed know the ropes on the beam no slouch knowing the score top-drawer decent champion kosher quintessential sensational fabulous fantastic exemplary ultimate perfect happy pitch-perfect mighty virtuosic faultless licensed chartered fluent appropriate handpicked deluxe choice capital redoubtable preeminent transcendent certificated switched-on acquainted well-informed dominant invincible indomitable phenomenal extraordinary drilled phenom sussed hep hip artistic star top topnotch distinguished super supremely skilled right fitting time-served leet authorized well up desirable preferable ideal puissant amazing cut out for having a knack for class act shining at clean rounded accustomed sport licenced proved accepted authorised admirable astounding up on very able sharp as a tack know stuff no dummy top-hole cunning easy alert knowing bright keen in the know worthy responsible the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in sufficient neat established mature well suited well qualified adapted crisp astute highly endowed worldly-wise like a pistol having the goods knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task having the right stuff having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer nippy know backwards and forwards know one's onions hot tamale sophisticated worldly wise steady weathered long-time old-time inured all around know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school

Tính từ

Polite, well-brought-up, and having good manners
well-bred civil mannerly polite courteous cultured genteel ladylike well-brought-up well-mannered aristocratic cultivated gentle gentlemanly gracious noble polished refined sophisticated blue-blooded courtly gallant highborn patrician urbane well-born considerate trained upper-crust well-behaved decorous civilized well mannered elegant chivalrous well bred civilised dignified proper suave decent respectable affable obliging respectful formal seemly tactful diplomatic debonair correct cordial charming kind accommodating couth pleasant stylish befitting smooth nice thoughtful well behaved de rigueur upper-class honourable friendly honorable genial bland politic becoming complaisant graceful classy highbred self-possessed benevolent charitable cool poised modest svelte attentive posh sociable distinguished titled prim elite discreet well brought up wellborn grand great silk-stocking hospitable worldly worldly-wise fine glib ceremonious kindly stately slick good-mannered snobbish accomplished reputable amiable pleasing distingué gentlemanlike tasteful indulgent upright unctuous amicable appropriate suitable understanding magnanimous punctilious smart spruce good solicitous sympathetic well brought-up deferential impeccable soft-spoken proud condescending tender august privileged lofty conventional well born upmarket high-born concerned neighbourly venerable comely comme il faut neighborly well spoken conforming high-class top-drawer well-spoken royal done lordly smooth-tongued educated haughty smooth-talking finished agreeable silver-tongued cavalier womanly wellmannered soft fulsome oily ingratiating majestic handsome developed aloof caring flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing studied highbrow composed pedigreed purebred bluestocking cosmopolitan fit fitting warm-hearted beneficent benign kind-hearted unselfish county of gentle birth landed noble-born landowning of noble birth conciliatory mild amenable good-natured obsequious compassionate helpful media-savvy sedate honest mindful regardful selfless easy giving good-hearted congenial approachable big-hearted loving forthcoming bonhomous staid demure dashing admirable worthy thoughty cooperative heedful balanced metropolitan observant kindhearted social reserved confident self-assured affected in good taste respected virtuous trustworthy restrained right meet ceremonial moral au fait seasonable trim dapper clean-living presentable spiffy swanky fly attractive swish snappy sharp neat estimable accepted above board tidy fashionable patronising pompous ostentatious pretentious confined la-di-da artificial intolerant hollow prudish patronizing snooty priggish straitlaced precious prissy stuffy moderate highly regarded redoubtable sublime well-thought-of mediocre ordinary redoubted creditable of good repute trig well groomed well dressed well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly on fleek exalted blue silver-spoon aristocratical princely upper crust superior Brahmin queenly born with a silver spoon in one's mouth ennobled high regal knightly kingly dutiful obedient submissive compliant acquiescent tractable reverential orderly humble docile subservient tolerant reverent biddable obeisant manageable deferent careful orthodox straight protective disciplined law-abiding enlightened advanced conscientious toadying awed fawning humane good mannered devoted slavish yielding pliant puritanical ingratiatory willing responsible responsive in line strait-laced by the book by the numbers standard approved apt usual customary stiff stiff-necked stilted traditional starchy kosher OK persuasive ethical acceptable okay admiring incorrupt dependable generous smarmy together comradely altruistic facile collected venerating duteous upstanding righteous just principled right stuff companionable peaceable perceptive subtle judicious delicate sensitive unruffled silky possessed appreciative true coolheaded equable well-disposed on the up and up squeaky clean stand-up right-minded all right self-composed discerning prudent savvy skillful dexterous wise cautious deft insightful skilled tactical aware skilful adroit self-effacing dextrous treating something with kid gloves treating with kid gloves

Động từ

To have explained or demonstrated something
shown coached demonstrated educated explained instructed trained tutored advised counseled counselled directed mentored shown the ropes clarified lectured prepared described developed developt explicated expounded given instructions given lessons indoctrinated pointed out given the facts drilled briefed enlightened inculcated informed nurtured schooled supervised instilled guided showed put someone through their paces showed the ropes disciplined edified illustrated grounded ground upskilled versed illuminated learnt learned imbued lessoned sharpened initiated imparted gave lessons exercised reared pounded into improved mind taught school gave the facts implanted formed dinned something into demonstrated to catechized polished up lectured in inculcated with made clear familiarized someone with opened eyes informed about equipped with brainwashed communicated gave lessons to given a grounding in given lessons to gave a grounding in broke in broken in gave instructions gave instruction given instruction gave someone an idea given someone an idea cultivated fostered helped holp given instruction in given instructions in gave lessons in gave instruction in given lessons in gave instructions in acquainted with led drummed into let in on equipped promoted primed supported shope moulded shaped honed molded told acquainted put in the picture apprised let know familiarized clued in familiarised filled in cleared notified hipped put wise caught up groomed updated put in the picture about leaded improved wised up tipped off warned made aware clued put through the grind conditioned bettered illumined kept posted clued in on genned up on cared for inspired bred programmed raised readied accustomed forewarned uplifted elevated parented piloted revealed tipped shed light on put through the mill cast light on filled in on looked after put someone on notice licked into shape alerted illumed tamed civilized influenced habituated rehearsed instructed in mothered disclosed practised posted cautioned announced to apprised of made aware of practiced worked over clued up about made conversant with kept up to speed with sent word to clued up kept someone posted walked through civilised provided for brought up refined polished sophisticated planted elucidated humanized introduced interpreted tended reclaimed socialized convinced demystified presented acculturated shapen reminded oriented unriddled propagandized fit advanced shepherded made conversant defined imparted to grounded in advised of divulged made known to informed of leaked to given notice spelled out brought up-to-date socialised made fit made familiar with laid it out put on to steered put on guard propagandised laid it out for reported to put wise about signalled prompted made suggestions to put on the alert familiarized with made recommendations to waked hinted schooled in clued up on humanised explained to spelt out worked out let know one gave information to kept up to date put on the line genned up cleared up broke down made explicit levelled with given information to tuned up communicated to whipped into shape got across gave notice signaled made ready sent word taken care of took care of given the lowdown drilled into gave pointers dinned gave information about given information about given pointers gave instruction to hammered into gave the lowdown given instruction to exemplified displayed exhibited domesticated regimented tailored based softened crammed made familiar announced proselytized persuaded intimated equipt prepped holpen seasoned ennobled idealized enriched spiritualized ethicized accustomed to orientated related nursed ostended construed walked one through radicalized related to mellowed appraised aided fitted predicated rested primed on touted simplified rationalized broke broken brake qualified matured preached made cognizant helped forward communicated knowledge gave the low-down gotten across gave the low-down on made knowledgeable cherished brought up to date on given the low-down kept up to speed homeschooled made something clear to taught in given warning grassed up notified of tutored in gave the gen given the gen hardened gave warning offered information introed impressed upon provided brought up to speed indoctrinated in made known pulled one's coat trained in enlightened as to plugged into watched over gotten into shape levelled gave counsel to given counselling to snuck on updated on gave direction to explained the circumstances to initiated into given advice to welled up on raised the alarm leaked tattled coached in attended to drilled in explained things to expressed proselytised gave someone tips given someone tips offered suggestions kept up to date with gave counselling to made recommendations opened up given direction to supplied with facts nourished taught information gave the gen about woke brought out taught about opened someone's eyes updated about managed rubbed the rough edges off told about fanaticized sponsored fixed up knocked down given the word engineered come out with described the state of affairs to given counsel to bolstered given the low-down on offered opinions got up to date given insight into woken filled someone in radicalised educated in tempered given insight demonstrated something to praught primed in backed welled informed about leveled brought up to date kept abreast rationalised run by gave insight into gave insight gave the word got into shape sounded the alarm kept posted one declared to upped to date with broken down hanged irradiated idealised gave advice to hung extremized inured nursled briefed as to gave someone hints explained the situation to given the gen about given someone hints gave orders given orders gave character given character broken someone in broke someone in gave a rundown of given a rundown of gotten together came out with got together ran by gave intelligence given the rundown given intelligence gave the rundown gave details to given details to broke it to broken it to got used to gotten used to gave somebody the lowdown given somebody the lowdown blown the whistle on blew the whistle on gave the low-down to given two cents gave someone to understand gave two cents given a tip gave a pointer gave a tip given a pointer given the low-down to given someone to understand gave fair warning to given fair warning gave the high sign given a warning to gave a warning to given the high sign gave fair warning given fair warning to given the rundown on shown the lay of the land gave rundown showed the lay of the land given a rundown given rundown gave the gen on gave a rundown gave the rundown on given the gen on gave an idea of given an idea of shown the way to showed the way to gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of given counselling given direction gave hints given hints gave advice gave direction gave counselling gave guidance given tips given counsel given advice gave counsel given guidance gave directions gave tips given directions

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