Đồng nghĩa của handsome

Alternative for handsome

handsomer, handsomest

Đồng nghĩa: attractive, big, considerable, generous, good-looking, large, liberal,

Trái nghĩa: ugly,

Tính từ

(of a man) Aesthetically pleasing to view or look at
attractive gorgeous fine stunning personable comely dishy knockout striking cute fanciable good-looking hot sightly aesthetic beauteous beautiful fetching fit hunky likely ravishing suave dapper elegant fair lovely lovesome pretty seemly spunky taking virile athletic bonnie bonny clean-cut drop-dead esthetic fashionable impressive noble pulchritudinous robust sharp smart smooth spruce strong stylish tasty drop-dead gorgeous good looking nice-looking well-formed well-favored well-dressed well-proportioned appealing charming alluring good goodly pleasing captivating bewitching prepossessing desirable delightful enchanting winning smashing seductive adorable engaging sexy luscious glamorous exquisite easy on the eye tantalizing foxy irresistible beguiling enticing nubile winsome tantalising arresting lush eye-catching sultry inviting tempting beddable graceful sensual arousing agreeable bootylicious divine sweet charismatic bodacious nice pleasant sensuous erotic shapely magnetic come-hither adorbs entrancing luring radiant sexually attractive dazzling well favoured as pretty as a picture out of this world well-favoured sexual likable fascinating likeable provocative fabulous come-to-bed delicate heavenly on fleek toothsome easy on the eyes wonderful glamourous intriguing fine-looking lovable dainty enthralling mesmeric splendid beckoning delectable sublime voluptuous scrumptious babelicious becoming buxom blooming sensational amiable yummy dreamy curvaceous very beautiful interesting affable congenial studly genial presentable admirable beaut flirtatious angelic grand teasing fab provoking resplendent statuesque wholesome magnificent coquettish titillating suggestive superb classy symmetrical refined ideal busty kissable dashing delicious a ten well favored ladylike gentlemanly darling compelling youthful young drawing attracting dear eligible decorative artistic goodlooking breathtaking trim dreamboat eyeful bijou young-looking ornamental tasteful excellent marvelous marvellous picture-perfect amazing incredible terrific fantastic flamboyant enhancing fancy a sight for sore eyes top jaw-dropping beautifying physically attractive aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing dollish photogenic good-natured telegenic in good taste canny couthy willowy sheen peng camera-friendly prettyish showstopping debonair sweetheart easygoing aces sociable okay gregarious friendly white-hat good egg all heart all right elfin drawing attention endearing disarming precious cutesy loveable chocolate-box enjoyable welcome delightsome blessed gratifying pleasurable dulcet blest jolly felicitous satisfying sirenic siren cherubic dinky choice cherubical cuddly innocent rapturous twee kawaii fragile pretty-pretty ingratiating insinuating beseeching childlike perky grateful palatable savoury savory mesmerizing spellbinding magical extremely attractive exciting hypnotizing hypnotic riveting sophisticated cultivated orphic polite cultured absorbing civilized ambrosial hypnotising mesmerising Orphean worldly witty well bred civilised magnetising larger than life electrifying worldly-wise magnetizing neat cunning spiffy swanky snazzy swank slight petite comforting cheery blissful groovy irie amusing acceptable cheerful commendable exhilarating mooi recreative peachy euphoric rewarding happy lekker favorable comfortable intoxicating glorious relishable great fun perfect fine and dandy favourable thrilling entertaining joyous refreshing heartwarming slim airy subtle rare select nuanced soft lacy thin ethereal superior well-made deft frail light tender recherche feeble diaphanous

Tính từ

Greater than average in size, amount, value or degree
considerable large substantial generous sizeable ample lavish liberal significant abundant big bountiful great plentiful princely substantive tidy grand hefty plenteous sizable voluminous bounteous extensive healthy respectable bumper largish major thumping whopping biggish full ginormous good goodly hulking kingly whacking bonny bulky outsize outsized oversize oversized unsparing thumping great whacking great whopping great not to be sneezed at massive huge vast husky immense enormous monumental gigantic colossal prodigious jumbo boxcar tremendous copious profuse astronomical heavy mammoth gross monstrous giant elephantine decent humongous serious mega king-size titanic gargantuan mountainous appreciable monster king-sized immeasurable excessive king size epic Brobdingnagian comprehensive superabundant mighty astronomic weighty ponderous rich stupendous capacious exorbitant very large herculean prolific comfortable boundless solid inordinate reasonable galore extravagant spacious very big burly Himalayan cosmic humungous decent-sized towering strapping infinite leviathan super walloping supersized supersize cosmical galactic pharaonic cyclopean overflowing super-duper cumbersome unwieldy unlimited aplenty overgrown oceanic gigantesque almighty heroic luxuriant vasty commodious heroical expansive planetary grandiose marked a dime a dozen teeming fat large-scale high imposing plenty cornucopian Herculean noticeable no end sensible numerous fair opulent immoderate extraordinary roomy wide flush inexhaustible good-sized broad limitless sufficient extreme lank dirty great giant-sized notable unstinting wealthy affluent stinking with no end in sight much long meaningful brawny awkward ungainly beefy sturdy worthwhile measureless deep sweeping mesomorphic hunky magnificent fairly large abounding well built powerfully built solidly built thewy far-reaching terrific cumbrous incalculable very great munificent extra-large endless multitudinous magnific lofty man-size of considerable size man-sized Gargantuan extremely large giant-size illimitable mondo tall full-size plenitudinous megalithic good-size super colossal a whale of a a gogo prosperous profitable lucrative advantageous adequate competitive entire rewarding whole material excellent complete paying strong muscular legit goodish lumbering clumsy steady maxi remunerative gainful populous not inconsiderable OS important phenomenal eternal flowing stout global wholesale extra large disproportionate billowing booming tolerable overabundant oafish lumpish buff portly robust ripped shredded in abundance in plenty productive fertile pretty exhaustive countless baggy stellar meaty thick measurable pronounced hulky fruitful loutish heavily built clodhopping clunky stalwart jacked widespread majestic glorious thick on the ground impressive splendid stately awesome expanded overwhelming interminable formidable stocky thickset Bunyanesque swelled great big socking great fair-sized family-sized family-size brobdingnagian whopper massy thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized mastodonic staggering over the top unco stark statuesque behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp wide-ranging wide-reaching unfettered striking noble superb far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending whale of a all-inclusive stretched-out detailed unbounded spacey loose-fitting cavernous mahoosive titan worth taking into account prodigal generously proportioned larger-than-life jumbo-sized extremely big barn door Cyclopean super-colossal exuberant legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple covering various palatial eminent rip-roaring proliferous fine regal august heightened severe above average intemperate unreasonable escalated abnormal increased unusual jacked up intensified resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud royal ambitious sublime gallant baronial dignified sky-high splendiferous exalted haughty illustrious unreal crawling with stink with no end of through the ceiling awe-inspiring something else Homeric unhandy unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy fantastic outstanding filling remarkable leaden hearty resounding open emphatic passable palpable decisive roaring square conclusive stodgy noteworthy unmistakable conspicuous OK obvious thorough not bad satisfactory moneymaking dramatic lush economic money-spinning astounding innumerable burdensome juicy myriad stiff luxurious fairly good detectable perceptible cushy steep memorable unqualified visible starchy moderately good out-and-out dense acceptable useful satisfying valuable discernible distinguishable beneficial evident clear prominent amazing consequential signal apparent distinct exceptional fulsome wonderful okay manifest marvellous recognizable constructive plain fairish miraculous estimable well-fixed sensational well-off well-to-do serviceable astonishing stunning definite purposeful uncommon well-heeled fabulous unbelievable incredible spectacular expedient breathtaking weighing a ton all right rife recognisable fructuous rare awful bold mind-boggling mind-blowing kenspeckle wondrous cracking brilliant marvelous worth having out of the ordinary rolling rambling high-cost inflated extortionate airy thrashing hard ponderable uncrowded presentable deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing daunting dilatable extended distensible expandable indigestible crashing powerful well furnished Moby very loud startling careful lumpy moving intense renowned irresistible dynamic appalling dreadful boldface bold face unrestricted whaling over the odds desperate loud terrible frightful fearful wide open flabbergasting distinctive loose convenient fantabulous easy earnest enough and to spare successful featureless immovable impenetrable intractable faceless characterless mortal ominous mass comfort calorific elegant rank multiple gushing manifold riotous in-depth universal nationwide consistent permanent monolithic paid surprising unexpected flourishing thriving prolix replete wordy verbose leading packed bull chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty across-the-board international awash all-encompassing unique mucho convincing undoubted sweet going well-paying win-win singular decided gracious pleasant worthy of attention of consequence of importance fatty creamy noted financially rewarding well paid middling patent deep-pocketed silk-stocking fecund well-endowed monied fat-cat moneyed loaded suitable alive with thick with assiduous considered scrupulous diligent profound meticulous paid off very productive in the black going concern blatant salient unparalleled average so-so helpful worthy full-bodied bighearted openhanded charitable jammy unimaginable inconceivable a mess of moderate well off well-situated clear-cut apprehensible perceivable ascertainable discernable graceless glaring justifiable superlative unprecedented surpassing mediocre heavy-footed slow slow-moving exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant unheard of uncustomary coming out of ears unselfish freehearted free freehanded free from hardship flamboyant noisy splashy showy bodacious grabby commanding pointed identifiable eye-catching catchy arresting supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good cranky blundering uncoordinated bunglesome laborious maladroit tangible observable medium ordinary common too good to be true out of this world extra special lubberly usable usual like a bull in a china shop oppressive onerous troublesome mean intermediate positive good enough pretty good fair-to-middling of use of service effective efficacious effectual of value written all over one fair to middling up to standard run-of-the-mill O.K. of help money-making invaluable worth the effort exemplary advisable of assistance meritorious priceless worth it giving philanthropic magnanimous beneficent more than enough

Tính từ

Noble and generous in spirit
magnanimous noble generous big charitable kind kindly selfless beneficent big-hearted bountiful high-minded unselfish unstinting free great-hearted munificent open-handed ungrudging chivalrous philanthropic princely altruistic benevolent elevated forgiving gallant great greathearted high lenient liberal lofty lordly merciful natural self-sacrificing sublime bighearted bounteous clement considerate indulgent knightly large-hearted loose openhanded soft soft-touch upright worthy all heart Santa Claus has heart in right place lavish unsparing fulsome prodigal freehearted freehanded giving open free-handed extravagant wasteful thriftless profligate unstinted kind-hearted unrestrained immoderate unstinging wild willing hospitable over the top generous to a fault unreasonable rich eager overgenerous profuse abundant ample open-hearted improvident overabundant intemperate ready effusive eleemosynary casual openhearted exuberant free-and-easy full plentiful tolerant reasonable fair good honest helpful moderate excellent willingly given easy plenteous honourable kindhearted equitable just thoughtful honorable compassionate humane humanitarian sympathetic gracious decent benignant benign caring understanding loving tender gentle mild philanthropical forbearing warm-hearted good-hearted friendly warm obliging tender-hearted public-spirited incorruptible soft-hearted self-denying warmhearted extroverted amiable genial patient virtuous affable good-natured righteous tenderhearted disinterested devoted well-disposed denying self-effacing accommodating pitying self-forgetting goodhearted neighbourly do-good neighborly ethical softhearted upstanding self-forgetful principled easy-going cordial moral respectable supportive noble-minded human nice courteous civilized moralistic courtly pleasant approachable empathetic civilised empathic well-mannered feeling amicable conscientious well meaning polite sociable decorous accepting affectionate sparing concerned pure mellow congenial fatherly easygoing almsgiving right-minded sweet motherly sensitive immaculate responsive bleeding heart bleeding-heart holy brave chaste gentlemanly acceptable well-meaning broad-minded heroic valiant true favorable favourable permissive tactful solicitous reputable pardoning idealistic accessible distinguished proper refined dignified exemplary agreeable forthcoming high-principled meritorious mannerly compliant couth uncorrupted complaisant well-bred well mannered pleasing commiserative irreproachable scrupulous cheerful guiltless comforting proud ruthful laudable open-minded dutiful sympathizing condoling wholesome good-tempered commiserating maternal fatherlike well disposed sympathising loving and giving good-humored stand-up good-humoured heart in right place hearty vulnerable large unprejudiced lax civil right-thinking social-minded pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected approving inoffensive spotless unerring understandable useful beneficient valuable socially concerned patriotic contributing donating prosocial very kind pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred graceful pietistic light goodish good scout Robin Hood admirable long-suffering courageous unkind unrelenting cruel excessive inexorable procrustean substantial consoling diplomatic ladylike pitiful condoning perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring encouraging placable doting piteous chivalric intrepid bold valorous public- spirited virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful old softie having heart in right place well-intentioned irreprehensible morally correct reverent self-righteous sanctimonious genteel sentimental daring loyal highbrow composed venerable angelic soft touch cooperative propitious likeable unoffensive regardful well intentioned respectful sweet-tempered deferential lovable benefic brotherly calm likable delightful attentive engaging acquiescent breezy happy constant urbane bland bonhomous unctuous stately suave softie marshmallow classy willing to forgive gentlemanlike spirited manly quixotic cultivated redoubtable illustrious even-tempered outstanding willing to please favourably disposed extraordinary remarkable outgoing communicative talkative unreserved right conscionable blameless anti-corruption loquacious garrulous uninhibited innocent straight seemly truthful sinless pious faultless aboveboard spiritual saintly praiseworthy demonstrative commendable trustworthy kosher square chatty voluble extrovert conversational clean-living true-blue all right salt of the earth squeaky-clean law-abiding discursive talky effervescent unconstrained expansive gushy gregarious

Tính từ

Showing good aesthetic judgement or appropriate behaviour
tasteful refined elegant cultured discriminating graceful stylish beautiful charming cultivated fastidious harmonious smart artistic exquisite pleasing restrained attractive becoming chic delicate fit fitting polished sensitive classy courtly fine majestic pretty stately aesthetic urbane chaste classical discerning esthetic gratifying in good taste nice plush posh precise pure quiet rich snazzy sophisticated spiffy splendiferous subdued swank unaffected unobtrusive uptown aesthetically pleasing fashionable swanky luxurious opulent grand sumptuous suave gracious modish dignified distinguished genteel lovely comely dashing fancy high-class superior ritzy civil civilized polite gentlemanly decorous aristocratic debonair flattering dainty ladylike couth gallant courteous august select well bred well mannered well-bred civilised schmick expensive a la mode sharp on fleek poised appealing comfortable well-off with good taste lavish royal ceremonial flashy accurate advanced evolved improved pinpoint airy spot-on close forward mathematical developed high accomplished late rigorous higher progressive punctilious sublime well-mannered quality flash high-brow high-minded experienced fetching exclusive upscale plushy upmarket high fashion snappy showy neat presentable enhancing mod trendy swish in dicty cool tony agreeable cute pleasant chivalrous formal ceremonious high-toned in vogue classic well-chosen honourable obliging affable honorable choice noble ornate rare ostentatious affected ornamented recherche overdone stylized highbred gentle lofty prim proper high-bred preux adulatory imposing studied complimentary conventional well-dressed well-designed

Tính từ

Magnificently impressive in nature
splendid magnificent grand imposing impressive luxurious rich sumptuous superb costly dazzling gorgeous lavish resplendent glorious ornate deluxe elegant expensive majestic noble opulent palatial proud regal spectacular stately beautiful fine plush splendiferous kingly posh princely swanky august baronial brave epic gallant grandiose heroic heroical imperial magnific massive monumental plushy ritzy royal splendacious splendorous splendrous swank swish magnolious palatian baroque flamboyant Homeric magnifico splashy solid gold luxury glittering fancy high-hat classy aristocratic toffee-nosed elitist upmarket lush snobby fancy-pants snooty lavishly appointed potty glamorous persnickety snobbish glitzy stylish snotty elaborate chic exquisite ostentatious Lucullan refined dignified ornamented overdone stuffy cultivated snazzy high-class choice sublime excellent marvellous fabulous marvelous great awesome divine heavenly terrific amazing stunning tremendous sensational fantastic super awe-inspiring perfect wonderful smashing stellar striking fab remarkable brilliant extraordinary wondrous out of this world outstanding commanding supreme arresting ace fantabulous first-rate first-class swell dreamy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extravagant phenomenal towering sightly delightful elevated lofty lovely exalted amazeballs brill peachy enjoyable bosting topping admirable neat dandy wizard capital beaut corking incredible dynamite keen dramatic superlative superior jim-dandy breathtaking stirring statuesque staggering blissful transcendent exceptional unrivalled cool unrivaled peerless matchless unsurpassed inspiring solemn prodigious colossal celestial top-notch A-OK eye-catching too good to be true palatine formidable ominous queenly stupendous considerable distinguished pleasurable fabby magic portly venerable powerful ripping bonzer champion high ideal rapturous beezer beauteous goodly spiffing frabjous top-hole mind-blowing big eminent lordly uplifting transcendental moving outrageous holy inspirational sacred abstract spiritual beyond compare unparalleled unmatched paradisiacal unequaled unequalled incomparable unsurpassable nonpareil unexcelled paradisiac out-of-this-world second to none to die for without equal unexampled idyllic inimitable the most too much profound astonishing far-out prominent notable startling arrestive surpassing special fantastical out of sight fascinating electrifying confounding showy unmitigated mega noteworthy prime quality bodacious chillin' rad inspired groovy frontline hot gangbusters righteous classic sterling immense prizewinning hype slick schmick gangbuster radical dope nifty mean optimal phat cracking prize optimum crackerjack down gone sik bonny primo bonnie boss top famous bumper boffo banner supernal exo solid belting brag bully barrie pearler top-shelf world-class tip-top top-of-the-line out-of-sight topflight gilt-edge gilt-edged blue-chip bang-up first-string five-star blue-ribbon of the first order on fleek state-of-the-art par excellence peachy keen number one of the first water the very best numero uno a standout the best

Tính từ

Exhibiting strong, masculine beauty
hunky brawny masculine muscular solid stocky well-built strong strapping robust powerful buff ripped sturdy vigorous rugged shredded muscly husky burly jacked beefy well built lusty stalwart manly powerfully built athletic thewy hefty sinewy Herculean tough able-bodied hardy thickset stout stark virile mesomorphic broad-shouldered hulking energetic red-blooded all-male macho healthy male well muscled manlike big vital hunk beefcake fit muscle-bound bulky mannish butch man-size man-sized hearty hale manful two-fisted powerhouse hale and hearty well knit gallant bold brave studly stout-hearted sporty courageous active physical substantial agile nimble lithe sound peppy dynamic flush potent gingery well-developed forceful sturdily built generative bruising hulky mighty aerobicized jock stud herculean firm staunch tiger well-knit in good shape fighting fit in trim in good trim in good health solidly built in fine fettle bursting with health as strong as an ox as fit as a fiddle in rude health as fit as a flea as strong as a horse portly gorillalike meaty lean fleshy resolute hard ultramasculine heavy ape adult stallion honourable boyish hairy caveman honorable full-bodied built rude musclebound wiry muscled ropy stringy swole lion-hearted colt audacious jockstrap stately confident he-man self-reliant noble dignified undaunted wholesome bouncing iron trim roaring rough flourishing thriving pumped up well-conditioned fit as a fiddle alive and kicking as strong as a ox in the pink well-proportioned in tip-top condition chivalrous swashbuckling valiant daring fearless intrepid heroic valorous lionhearted as strong as a lion chunky chiseled chiselled big and strong strong-featured well made fertile fecund laddish vibrant reproductive procreative driving sexually potent tall hulk ox well set-up

Trái nghĩa của handsome

handsome Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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