Đồng nghĩa của apparent

Alternative for apparent

Đồng nghĩa: clear, evident, obvious, plain, seeming,

Tính từ

Seeming real or true, but not necessarily so
seeming ostensible supposed outward alleged perceived presumed superficial ostensive assumed avowed evident professed putative reputed surface claimed declared exterior feigned illusory possible pretended purported specious likely plausible probable semblant suppositious so-called prima facie rumoured rumored reported thought hypothetical believed said conjectural illusive held accepted external suspect suspicious suspected presupposed designated supposititious theoretical suppositional soi-disant outside outer reputative asserted visible outermost obvious would-be stated implicated extrinsic self-styled incriminated understood out over involved given under suspicion exhibited manifest colorable notable demonstrative quasi credible appearing quasi- unambiguous clear clear-cut considered regarded recognized presumptive acknowledged deemed estimated ersatz imputed extraneous accounted cosmetic to all appearances commonly believed commonly regarded recognised reckoned judged peripheral outmost outdoor invented made-up fictional imaginary posturing phoney phony fabled gossiped suppositive suppository conjectured expected surmised hypothesized granted anticipated implicit inferred connoted postulated tacit hypothesised described unproven taken as known counted on taken for granted affirmed doubtful dubious unproved averred titular questionable symbolic named emblematic token official formal ceremonial paper honorary nominal simple mentioned puppet suggested perceptible noticeable observable discernible in title only in name only open from within toward the edge to the eye on the surface academic speculative notional ideational theoretic abstract contingent analytical formularized idealized ideological academical tentative unsubstantiated in theory idealised imaginative codified formalistic impractical general instanced in the abstract ideal as a premise vague assumptive untested philosophical logical intellectual imagined prospective hypothetic pedantic transcendental problematical unearthly quixotic transcendent uncertain on paper groundless unfounded based on guesswork intelle based metaphysical pure presumable admitted premised believable experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive just so predictable reasonable odds-on creditable postulational guesstimated figured guessing unresolved surmising conceivable verisimilar foreseeable awaited circumstantial convincing presumptuous on a hunch on a long shot whispered prevailing told broadcast circulating bruited rife postulatory going around given out all over town unreal equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed unconfirmed indefinite indeterminate casual contestable disputable stochastic debatable proposed pretending problematic made up

Tính từ

Readily seen or understood
clear obvious evident manifest plain visible distinct palpable patent unmistakable marked discernible noticeable conspicuous overt transparent blatant observable perceptible certain perceivable unambiguous unequivocal bold detectable glaring indisputable indubitable open recognisable recognizable understandable explicit nonambiguous prominent pronounced striking undeniable unquestionable decided distinguishable salient unconcealed lucid pellucid perspicuous seeable undisguised unsubtle notorious ringing straightforward unambivalent self-evident clear cut clear-cut crystal clear beyond a doubt open and shut bald-faced beyond doubt beyond question open-and-shut writ large as clear as crystal as plain as day barefaced much in evidence standing out a mile staring you in the face sticking out a mile out in the open standing out like a sore thumb staring someone in the face sticking out like a sore thumb written all over someone as plain as a pikestaff under one's nose make no bones plain as the nose on your face bald luculent broad bright-line luminous definite appreciable flagrant sensible tangible incontrovertible comprehensible apprehensible brazen categorical inescapable downright positive notable conclusive incontestable revealed plain to see undoubted exposed outstanding sure direct intelligible stark remarkable unhidden axiomatic measurable cut-and-dried signal significant irrefutable arresting self-explanatory absolute emphatic dramatic outright identifiable frank discernable discoverable audible gross visual sharp easily seen bare pointed definitive considerable candid obtrusive blunt graspable matter-of-fact well-defined real limpid naked on show avowed public unblurred as plain as the nose on your face black-and-white demonstrable particular well defined lucent shameless clearly visible simple as clear as day macroscopic unqualified distinctive egregious rank viewable seen express eye-catching noted ascertainable precise aboveboard arrant out-and-out straight truthful familiar unveiled artless honest veritable unreserved disclosed nailed-on univocal scrupulous natural easily understood big as life cognizable on view on display to be seen blinding well-marked no ifs ands or buts unrestrained substantial unexaggerated staring one in the face known articulate written all over one kenspeckle bodacious flamboyant brilliant noisy grabby commanding splashy catchy showy fathomable ocular glaringly obvious true outrageous unarguable forthright as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell plainly seen outspoken knowable standing out irrefragable unprotected proven undisputed graphic genuine sincere plain-spoken inarguable plain as day specific transpicuous in view in sight unchallengeable accomplished unanswerable unvarnished free guileless unsheltered uncovered authentic accurate crystalline unadulterated audacious undoubtable unmitigated plainspoken unrestricted assured sheer ingenuous undisputable undefended easy naive heart-to-heart upright bare-faced uninhibited exact not hidden inordinate stripped denuded peeled exhibited barren shown extreme excessive crystal capital unique wide open unshielded pregnable windswept for certain bona fide unmasked lay it on the line black and white dug up call a spade a spade open to the elements saying what one thinks showing wide-open crystal-clear unsealed flat-out bared without shelter cut and dried out open to the weather up front straight from the shoulder laid bare from the hip like it is clearly expressed for show fresh ill-disguised traceable well-known evinced divulged comprehendible perspicacious above board understood evidenced manifestly cogent classifiable decipherable exclusive controlled full plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming vivid provable comprehensive prima facie verifiable enunciated joined-up noncontroversial stunning right under one's nose sensational spectacular arrestive noteworthy clear as day telltale coherent defined runaway in evidence patently true inimitable crisp unquestioned clean-cut digestible attestable evincible undebatable unmissable easily distinguishable as plain as daylight guaranteed cinched unalterable material goodly tidy sizeable reasonable fair anywhere to be seen user friendly user-friendly easily grasped decisive published well-worn watertight compelling legible spelled out strong great sharply defined hard and fast right under your nose can't miss it in plain sight in full view crystalling sign-posted protrusive crying good-sized large sizable healthy estimable apodictic sure-fire concrete in the bag for sure on ice publicized confirmed verified well constructed beyond dispute uncontestable recognized special divergent discrete ponderable individual supportable sustainable confirmable checkable empirical empiric not in doubt beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question acknowledged round no catch utter pure publicised shared recognised broadcast upfront no holds barred no strings attached no fine print point-blank straight out shocking deducible inferable free-spoken no-nonsense in circulation out-front up-front freehearted openhearted forthcoming unguarded brutal bluff unsparing foursquare complete heinous freely available serious straight-talking unfiltered on the level straight-shooting to the point on the up and up not afraid to call a spade a spade warts and all shameful scandalous atrocious terrible grievous reprehensible disgraceful dreadful public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known visional beheld viewed observed chromatic imaged ophthalmic monstrous iniquitous exorbitant enormous villainous wicked major immoderate brass-necked out and out factual strict objective unassailable unembellished man-to-man correct faithful gospel undistorted veracious faultless flawless unimpeachable perfect dependable historical hard narrow documentary actual nonfictional pat well-founded settled cold superior reliable well-grounded flat established sure-enough straight-out word for word ordinary not figurative unembroidered literal written usual verbal unerring critical methodical down pat without doubt beyond a shadow of doubt accepted final firm uncontested unchallenged set beyond a shadow of a doubt extraordinary impressive authoritative unusual convincing rare uncommon sure thing inevitable ostentatious necessary sound memorable compulsory dinkum uncontroversial infallible predestined forceful out of the ordinary wholehearted ineluctable existing thoroughgoing unfeigned ineludible doubtless flaunting inexorable solid unavoidable obligatory astonishing unashamed fundamental ultimate admitted fated important veridical demonstrative surprising staggering astounding amazing unpreventable flashy realistic certified substantive incredible dazzling loud clinching predetermined unescapable preordained detailed phenomenal deliberate surefire gaudy garish mandatory required determinate airtight telling startling singular ascertained citable double-checked fixed minute exceptional mentionable namable nameable stated safe destined supreme establishable no mistake proverbial bound to happen sure to happen heavy having down pat in the cards as sure as eggs is eggs honest-to-goodness red-letter unshakable tyrannous dogmatic arbitrary bright awful unequivocable ineliminable infamous freely admitted not disputed unfailing imposing breathtaking immodest thick irresistible impregnable invincible binding nailed down harsh determined trustworthy awe-inspiring attractive awesome imminent doomed flagitious foolproof irrevocable well focused exhaustive salted away engaging well grounded well founded well-proven unfabled flagitous accessible unproblematic no two ways about it resolute last unconditional deciding odds-on irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad apodeictic exhibitionistic colourful lively glittery confident convinced gorgeous captivating beautiful attention-grabbing grody flaming in focus secure inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast severe incisive undubitable silhouetted peremptory lurid readily comprehensible inerrant questionless failsafe stone cold easily understandable on the nose that's a fact stick out like sore thumb hanging out no ifs ands or buts about it well marked colorful can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts clearly defined not vague true to life no ifs and or buts fail-safe can't-miss celebrated existent effective attested momentous given there are no two ways about it all sewn up unimaginary easy to understand clearly explained without explanation easy to follow circumstantial headline unforgettable interesting famous renowned very physical unabashed declared popular confessed kosher eventful distingué granted legitimate impudent unblushing quantitative valid legit certifiable brash unembarrassed insolent assumed wonderful sure enough non-fictional for real de facto honest to God real live unrepentant proclaimed identified common indemonstrable presupposed drop-dead proper snazzy without shame meretricious screaming overbold glitzy brassy different existential experimental fact-based observational experiential aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible well known self-confessed branded generally known received publicly known quantifiable of particular interest worthy of note charming powerful distinguished jazzy lofty wondrous dynamite fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre worthy of mention murder splash super something else major-league terrific boss the end worth mentioning hot mind-blowing meaningful utmost underlined stand-out worth taking a look at high-profile of note cool goes without saying well documented impending inevasible prescribed locked up

Tính từ

Partaking of, or tending to produce, hallucination
illusory false misleading unreal untrue deceptive fallacious hallucinatory mistaken sham chimerical delusive seeming deceitful delusional illusionary deceiving fancied hollow non-existent bogus delusory erroneous fake fanciful illusive imaginary imagined misguided notional specious Barmecidal Barmecide fantastic fictional fictitious fictive float ideal ostensible semblant suppositious supposititious visionary whimsical blue sky pipe dream phantasmal dreamlike chimeric phantasmagoric blue-sky fantastical phantasmic pseudo mythical invented fabulous mythic phantasmagorical phantom pretend fantasied imaginal made-up make-believe psychedelic nightmarish surreal bizarre phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic Kafkaesque phantasmagorian mocking unread spurious beguiling misconceived deluding phantasm quixotic vain insubstantial in error unsubstantial ethereal fabricated romantic immaterial shadowy unfounded dreamy nonexistent legendary hypothetical vague intangible imaginative concocted irrational abstract storybook impalpable fraudulent figmental wild theoretical artificial groundless illogical airy fantasy distorted absurd weird incredible far-fetched aerial trumped up made up ridiculous out of this world indistinct ambiguous flimsy vaporous incorporeal baseless unclear unsubstantiated otherworldly mythological assumed spectral fairy-tale unsound tenuous sophistical misty extravagant mock ungrounded unreliable obscure unbelievable mad phoney imponderable phony dreamed-up devised without foundation capricious curious ghostly conceptual oneiric incorrect evasive ghostlike hazy bodiless faint traditional spiritual dim unreasonable unsupported utopian pretended unproven unbodied fabled empty wrong puzzling speculative uncorroborated foundationless volatile supposed ill-founded apocryphal sophistic nebulous formless nonphysical discarnate nonmaterial equivocal insincere indescribable extraordinary preposterous inexistent imagal inaccurate wonderful wistful invalid absent virtual without basis metaphysical unreasoned tricky eccentric unlikely off unrealistic idle synthetic reasonless fishy queer poetic product of someone's imagination all in one's head incomprehensible way off hyped up strange offbeat crackpot thought up marvellous marvelous deluded hoax allegorical epic filled with dreams inane trick idealized folkloric created mythologic storied simulated disembodied chimeral non-physical non-material unembodied subjective idealised created out of thin air improvised wraithlike in your head dream-filled conceived unwarranted confusing transcendental supernatural unearthly counterfeit ideational suppositional conjectural putative larger-than-life unjustified unprovable dreamt up unprovoked disincarnate conjectured theoretic trancelike trance-like faux reproduction reachy replica unnatural imitation fakey disingenuous impostrous casuistical uncorporeal unauthorized wanting lacking missing economical with the truth unstraightforward unjustifiable uncalled-for indefinable superstitious freety apprehensive fearful nonvalid questionable tall untouchable glib dead gone blank departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct negative lost perished extinct dreamish hypnagogic weightless wispy dishonest gratuitous bottomless uncalled for not backed up causeless casuistic bewildering misrepresentative distracting perplexing mistakable demagogic catchy confounding flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky floating outlandish left-field wondrous without justification without reason without cause unauthorised lying cheating cunning untrustworthy devious faithless pretending baffling ephemeral without explanation dainty rare frail rarefied diaphanous thin light frivolous fragile cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take imperceptible to the touch slender infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night enigmatic astounding pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine expressive passed on passed away elusory creative faulty flawed misinformed inexact imprecise sensational astonishing awesome spectacular stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque glamourous glamorous odd nonsensical implausible null and void few and far between fresh exotic original insane too little too late improbable ludicrous crazy inspired artistic inventive fancy quirky originative flighty dicey iffy weird and wonderful deviating surprising daydreaming unspecific oracular unthinkable dubious inconceivable peculiar doubtful dodgy musing preoccupied artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen indistinguishable indefinite abstracted pensive fugacious transient shy elusive fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling occult mysterious evanescent innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute blurry undefined unconvincing unimaginable foolish comical incredulous grandiose oddball dreaming distracted off beam full of holes blurred fuzzy far-out head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality Promethean unconceivable erratic wacky ambitious amazing uncompelling zany ruminative meditative inattentive thoughtful reflective distrait way off beam murky unrecognizable indeterminate bleary gauzy foggy opaque cockamamie barmy different potty daft singular extreme rapt absent-minded wool-gathering absorbed nebulose undetermined pale blear outré faraway unrecognisable cloudy out of sight off-the-wall cock-and-bull off the wall hare-brained cock-eyed apparitional excellent introspective far away in a reverie with your head in the clouds miles away lost in thought beautiful astral superb in a brown study introvertive lacking definition out of focus ill-defined fool's paradise figment of someone's imagination

Tính từ

Needing very little effort
easy effortless simple straightforward painless unchallenging uncomplicated unproblematic breezy elementary obvious quick rudimental attainable facile mindless smooth uninvolved untroublesome basic cheap fluid perspicuous undemanding downhill evident light palpable piece of cake unambiguous unmistakable weightless workable a bludge a breeze accessible a cinch a doddle a piece of cake a piece of old tackle a pushover as easy as ABC as easy as falling off a log a snap a snip cinch clear clear-cut distinct duck soup easy as pie easy-breezy easy-peasy idiot-proof kids' stuff money for jam money for old rope not difficult ready slight snap transparent trivial trouble-free unequivocal user friendly user-friendly bed of roses hands-down idiotproof no muss no fuss open-and-shut patent child's play easily done inconsiderable little manageable manifest mere no bother no problem no sweat not burdensome nothing to it no trouble paltry picnic plain plain sailing pushover royal simple as ABC wieldy yielding unexacting as easy as pie direct unsophisticated nothing easygoing unfussy down-to-earth soft leisurely a five-finger exercise stress-free a cakewalk a picnic a gift a walk in the park modest rudimentary primitive unpretentious unrefined routine basal minimal ordinary unadorned unornamented unostentatious unembellished a doss natural a snack homespun understated fundamental underlying uncomplex undecorated austere unelaborate homely undeveloped cut down graceful pure simplistic straight parsimonious not hard fluent uncluttered rough and ready short without frills comfortable simplified clean humble inelaborate bland self-explanatory easily learnable economical efficient untroubled artless fast easy to learn uncivilized flowing easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride easy-care easy to care for feasible well-ordered inherent intrinsic spontaneous instinctive intuitive cursive unforced running offhand uneventful easily accomplished crude shortened sheer well ordered easy as ABC uncivilised unadvanced precise specific rough-hewn make-do unspecialized interpreted abridged reduced lowest untaxing rude trim starting moderate low-maintenance minimalistic elegant undermost bottom ground non-complex cobbled together classic unpresumptuous made plain restrained streamlined symmetrical bearable tolerable endurable low impact everyday lowest level essential exquisite tasteful cushy superficial elemental introductory wholesome honest workaday acceptable homey practical without airs fresh no-nonsense unassuming penny plain hearty conventional shapely definite regular primary benign mellow soothing middle-of-the-road tender nonabrasive balmy beginning clean-cut well defined indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal characterless foundational abecedarian initial spartan adequate preliminary original ABCs primo prefatory substratal simplest simplex meagre folksy boring vanilla rustic pure and simple your basic normophilic unexciting insipid dull meat-and-potatoes meat and potatoes bare-bones meager stripped down

Tính từ

Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious
specious deceptive fallacious misleading casuistic false sophistic unsound beguiling deceitful deceiving deluding delusive delusory plausible sophistical baseless bogus captious colorable credible empty erroneous flattering hollow idle illogical inaccurate incorrect insincere likely meretricious nugatory ostensible ostentatious phoney phony presumable presumptive pretentious probable seeming sham sophisticated spurious unfounded untrue vain wrong seemingly correct apparently right plausible but wrong invalid fabricated mistaken flawed fake illusory mock unreal unreliable inexact fraudulent misguided distorted counterfeit faulty unsubstantiated fictitious pseudo untruthful groundless artificial imaginary unsupported imprecise without foundation off flimsy invented defective weak unreasonable manufactured factitious trumped-up ersatz pretend ill-founded faked concocted trumped up iffy shaky imitation simulated questionable in error unproven ungrounded unjustifiable dodgy unjustified chimerical unwarranted counterfactual implausible illusive foundationless uncorroborated synthetic irrational apocryphal untenable wide of the mark forged plastic without basis contrived out made up substitute feigned pretended tenuous off beam full of holes fishy fanciful unnatural falsified dummy way off glib indefensible insupportable unconvincing superficial dubious off target imagined dishonest fallible fictional mythical suspect unconfirmed misrepresentative made-up visionary fantastic misinformed fabulous improper not genuine reasonless put-on nonvalid untrustworthy dicey uncalled-for gratuitous bottomless ambiguous economical with the truth off-target off-base not exact not accurate unsustainable unwarrantable off base way out doubtful disingenuous make-believe illusionary inexcusable unforgivable assumed untested unverified unattested unpardonable chancy rocky disreputable risky strained forced mechanical affected conjectural notional chimeric imperfect mad faux lying undependable unreasoned truthless uncertain speculative ideal discrepant colored absurd unauthentic inexpiable snide queer inauthentic coloured faithless cod imitative man-made unacceptable senseless preposterous cooked-up flakey unstable flaky adulterine reproduction mimic mythological ungenuine without justification abroad replica supposititious open to doubt askew way off beam falsie all wet open to question off-beam not backed up by evidence hyped up wide way off-beam deluded unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible cooked up hallucinatory chemical cast unprovoked fakey confusing unfitting impostrous evasive unfactual nonfactual unauthorized delusional misconceived without substantiation without merit off the mark contrary to fact amiss manmade tricky nonrational illegitimate unreasoning fancied non-existent insubstantial quixotic copy pirated casuistical not trustworthy so-called nonnatural shallow duplicate quasi unstraightforward unbacked inconsequent inconsequential uncalled for not backed up causeless unfaithful careless wild non-natural facsimile pat awry cunning devious cheating pretending copycat copied unsubstantial incongruous Barmecidal Barmecide whimsical fictive semblant suppositious float adrift mendacious engineered unassured unsure without cause unauthorised without reason counterfeited hypocritical equivocal garbled unoriginal crooked dud pinchbeck erratic cynical without explanation way-out not true way-off doesn't wash not right perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy distracting confounding puzzling erring wrong number all off devised fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal phantasmic arbitrary fluffed blue sky pipe dream dissimulating dissembling not precise out of line astray on the wrong track not working out of commission at fault misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated treacherous insignificant prepared bad double-dealing hollow-hearted devoid of validity two-faced slick framed bum pirate bent laboured labored mannered pseud quasi- stilted put on overdone stiff worthless model studied trick exaggerated actorly toy improvised wooden not kosher hokey self-conscious phony-baloney professed purported overripe fantasy Hollywood plant brummagem crock fantasized dream duplicitous pseudo- knock-off dreamed-up adopted won't fly soft shell avowed alleged theatrical supposed underhand pseudonymous overworked ham hammy crafty guileful shady sharp unspontaneous quack virtual hoax play-play shifty unscrupulous illegal imposturous imitated constrained unprincipled would-be fast underhanded rogue fantasised representative phoney-baloney bootlegged rehearsed legendary unauthenticated unqualified repro surface uncanonical campy miniature derivative overblown elaborate planned debatable wannabe self-styled made makeshift constructed apish not what it is cracked up to be low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior ostensive semi- nominal allonymous experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated mealymouthed posed near reported not real not legit terminologically inexact voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged lookalike gingerbread posey as it were mock-up conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated not the case knock off to all intents and purposes sly sneaky scheming null stagy overly planned perfidious Machiavellian rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible null and void void nonbinding inoperative subtle slippery foxy wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked slim not binding uncollectible double-faced Punic false-hearted in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique astucious indirect wily acted swindling criminal corrupt illicit dishonourable unlawful Janus-faced defrauding unfair dirty unjust unethical shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable against the law

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