Đồng nghĩa của quantifiable

Alternative for quantifiable

quantifiable /'kwɔntifaiəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể xác định số lượng

Tính từ

Denoting or consisting of physical objects rather than the mind or spirit
material physical worldly concrete substantial corporeal earthly solid fleshly mundane tangible temporal real sublunary bodily carnal earthborn earthbound non-spiritual terrene terrestrial actual incarnate lay nonspiritual palpable perceptible factual measurable objective secular visible appreciable phenomenal sensible true definite manifest positive genuine evident discernible legitimate distinct veritable hard clear authentic undeniable veridical legit confirmed valid verifiable certified demonstrable verified obvious certifiable categorical undoubted firm honest unquestionable substantive unmistakable indubitable absolute indisputable striking patent proper intelligible observable certain perceivable detectable clear-cut well-grounded well documented well defined honest-to-goodness bona fide mortal human profane unspiritual earthy telluric tactile tellurian corporal sensual touchable materialistic somatic global uncelestial earthen geotic terraqueous alluvial animal subastral noticeable in all creation under the sun base natural existing non-religious existent nonreligious gross tactual significant brutish reasonable fleshy vile sordid bestial civil laic banausic unsanctified non-church visceral unsacred unhallowed effective unimaginary brute of this world de facto anatomical ponderable moderate ungodly practical low subcelestial nonsacred everyday state subsolar native earthlike Terran laical unconsecrated irreligious nonclerical non-fictional non-fictitious intrinsic profound deep intense current historical unimagined living honest-to-god distinguishable marked considerable live irrefutable embodied rightful sound present dinkum for real greedy grasping acquisitive sizeable ascertainable recognizable pronounced discernable fair goodly apprehensible tidy twenty-four-carat sure enough consumerist avaricious rapacious apparent good-sized healthy large sizable estimable plain capitalistic money-grubbing inborn feral biological innate mammalian intuitive wild recognisable animalistic untamed instinctive organic subconscious beastly instinctual bourgeois money-oriented appetitive coarse object-oriented possessive earthly-minded yuppie money-orientated covetous subhuman unrefined uncultured inhuman beastlike precise explicit conclusive unequivocal accurate very unambiguous fixed definitive decided detailed sure-enough set in stone

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