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Alternative for verifiable

verifiable /'verifaiəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể thẩm tra lại
    • có thể xác minh
    • có thể thực hiện được (lời hứa, lời tiên đoán)

Tính từ

Existing in reality or as a matter of fact
genuine actual concrete real effective true certified existent factual authentic confirmed corroborated definite documented verified attested considerable proven substantial clear good indisputable undeniable realistic significant unquestionable veritable absolute essential fundamental tangible categorical certain established indubitable substantiated positive bona fide substantive valid demonstrable objective unmistakable evident empirical undoubted certifiable irrefutable demonstrated incontrovertible empiric experiential incontestable palpable observational authoritative authenticated tested manifest legitimate proved practical perceptible solid conclusive accurate direct applied reliable firsthand seen de facto unqualified dependable literal hard observed legit sure firm trustworthy patent proper inescapable existential supported establishable clear-cut final hands-on first-hand validated intrinsic pure sheer very express especial implicit tacit implied virtual unacknowledged active sure-enough shown unambiguous real-world believable real-life supportable field in the field provable non-theoretical sound unequivocal beyond doubt beyond question compelling unassailable learned verificatory confirmable scholarly faithful definitive inarguable open and shut truthful straight from horse's mouth convincing from the horse's mouth precise righteous respected circumstantiated well founded tried discernible distinct existing recognized checked veridical appreciable obvious material honest upheld accepted circumstantial striking observable intelligible measurable sustained quantifiable perceivable sensible detectable quantitative tried-and-true recognised experimental fact-based well defined well-grounded well documented honest-to-goodness physical visible corporeal unimaginary non-fictional noticeable fixed guaranteed fair reasonable explicit unarguable distinguishable decided plain pronounced dinkum corporal for real sure enough touchable tactile moderate non-spiritual phenomenal kosher honest to God real live everyday honest-to-god marked twenty-four-carat non-fictitious sizeable ascertainable recognizable discernable goodly apprehensible tidy current historical unimagined living bodily apparent good-sized healthy large sizable estimable live embodied rightful incarnate present recognisable irrefragable undisputable undoubting unquestioned detailed undisputed unchallengeable exhaustive complete uncontested exact set in stone uncontradicted right persuasive accomplished unanswerable unalloyed total secure settled hands-down decisive beyond a doubt as sure as eggs is eggs univocal black-and-white specific assured cut-and-dried convinced confident black and white crisp silhouetted ringing forthright clearly defined graphic well-defined severe bold as plain as the nose on your face not vague full vivid hard and fast straightforward cut and dried well-marked undubitable stated clean-cut known incisive noteworthy sharp crystal clear audible minute as plain as daylight

Tính từ

Nonstandard form of indisputable
undisputable undeniable indisputable incontrovertible indubitable irrefutable incontestable positive unquestionable definite conclusive unambiguous absolute clear undoubted unmistakable sure unequivocal evident plain true reliable inarguable unassailable demonstrable guaranteed fixed sound genuine real authoritative unerring ascertained confirmable destined determined establishable firm hard infallible known predestined provable set supreme trustworthy safe on ice salted away sure thing having down pat in the bag certain obvious unarguable irrefragable unanswerable unchallengeable accomplished patent manifest beyond doubt beyond question categorical watertight proven decisive convincing palpable final beyond dispute recognized confirmed not in doubt determinate transparent beyond a shadow of a doubt as sure as eggs is eggs recognised self-evident compelling airtight clinching undebatable emphatic clear-cut unquestioned settled frozen undisputed flat inexpugnable unchallenged hard-and-fast sealed accepted acknowledged uncontested stable definitive nailed-on not in question apodictic ultimate there are no two ways about it all sewn up assured unfailing inevitable irrevocable concrete foolproof surefire resolute doubtless secure accurate can't-miss solid fail-safe precise unqualified questionless inerrant sure-fire failsafe dependable exact effective impeccable faultless correct spot on decided deadly inch-perfect perfect flawless efficacious unimpeachable ensured insured certified never-failing tried and true tried and tested on target on the mark bang on direct tested established inerrable meticulous never failing dead lethal spot-on concluded affirmed cinched cast-iron bound tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary excellent good not disputed freely admitted sovereign warranted stated stipulated unbreakable idiot-proof tried goofproof unswerving error-free unshakable secured attested uncanny scrupulous open-and-shut a sure thing a dead cert iron-clad errorless just unmistaken invariable clinched copper-bottomed pinpoint pronounced racked close precision fine rigorous nailed on unbeatable hairline refined nailed down made certain absolutely certain sewed up delicate mathematical well aimed painstaking careful handy agreeable effectual right acceptable satisfactory helpful useful steady undeceivable always effective efficient omniscient satisfying a lock for sure for a fact sure enough

Tính từ

Based on correct or acceptable principles of reasoning
on the level fair honest legitimate proper straight true above board genuine sincere straightforward aboveboard accepted accredited authentic authorised authorized for real honest-to-goodness kosher lawful official reliable sanctioned square straight-shooting trustworthy truthful upfront valid fair and square on the up-and-up right as rain telling the truth on the up and up reasonable sensible justifiable cogent admissible just acceptable supportable coherent sound good tenable convincing sustainable compelling reasoned defensible congruent correct credible justified realistic warrantable legit believable solid pragmatic lucid appropriate warranted grounded plausible viable logical workable persuasive dinkum rightful understandable effective rational well-founded real pukka acknowledged well founded bona fide open guileless candid forthright frank like it is direct plain artless outspoken ingenuous unpretentious unaffected natural innocent unpretending naive round free-spoken unvarnished unreserved up-front plainspoken plain-spoken modest unassuming unequivocal uncontrived simple undesigning unconcealed faithful unambiguous no-nonsense veracious downright freehearted out-front unguarded openhearted forthcoming foursquare not afraid to call a spade a spade literal precise meaning what one says up front scrupulous straight from the shoulder true-blue veritable overt unimposing unpresumptuous unostentatious licit legal humble undissembled plain-dealing undisguised pretenseless right-on on the square two-fisted level plain-speaking laid on the line undissembling straight-arrow square-shooting naïve no fooling unhypocritical by the book homely laid-back self-effacing pure easy-going childlike without airs blunt explicit free matter-of-fact outright bald unsparing unrestricted brutal bluff accurate veridical errorless strict bang on dead-on as true as I'm sitting here exact on the line spot-on on-target so close spot on right undeceptive high-principled unelaborated as true as I'm standing here unerring factual on the nail lay it on the line easy flat-out apparent straight-talking unfiltered brazen familiar bare-faced call a spade a spade to the point warts and all upright saying what one thinks from the hip heart-to-heart uninhibited truth-telling righteous unfeigned

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