Đồng nghĩa của sure thing

Danh từ

A large success or hit
winner hit success blockbuster megahit smash supernova cert sensation triumph smash hit knockout wow bestseller runaway success big hit marvel chart-topper biggie money-spinner moneymaker favorite sell-out number one crowd-puller roaring success tour de force belter smasher favourite cracker sellout masterpiece chartbuster smasheroo record breaker phenomenon achievement market leader masterstroke great success stunner SN fairy tale epic big success wonder success story feat coup attraction a top ten hot item chart-buster record-breaker hot seller mover succès fou master stroke victory accomplishment one for the books home run smash-hit something else show-stopper thrill prodigy best-seller brand leader splendor miracle portent splendour star attraction crowd puller box-office hit boffo clicko box-office success caution genius flash whiz wunderkind phenom spectacle wizard curiosity star rarity wonderment whiz kid legend child prodigy girl wonder boy wonder nonpareil icon whizz virtuoso wonderful thing whizz-kid polymath freak mastermind talented child gifted child superstar hero rara avis something to shout about idol personality attainment talent celebrity big name something to write home about natural wonder child sight figure ideal boffin bright spark expert nine-day wonder flash in the pan fifteen minutes of fame annus mirabilis doozy astonishment lulu great oddity beauty stroke gifted student high-achieving student the eighth wonder of the world comer quiz kid paragon act of God ninja eye-opener amazing thing stroke of genius marvellous feat supreme example coup de maître miracle worker ace nine days' wonder wonderful thaumaturgy unusualness revelation surprise vision dream monster astonishing feat supernatural occurrence amazing achievement Einstein grotesque monstrosity brainbox mutation abnormality up-and-comer intellect girl-genius child genius whizz kid brain boy-genius enormity rare bird one in a million starlet headliner draw lead luminary topliner fame standout conquest mastery win box office success notable face top name leading light dignitary leader best seller personage celeb VIP oner trend palm ascendancy acquirement walkover crackajack jewel big shot dandy jim-dandy crackerjack high muckamuck public figure big cheese nob megastar prizewinner household name treasure macher big noise somebody big fish gem V.I.P. pip kahuna important person bigwig score surmounting vanquishing takeover cinch homer vanquishment splash pushover gain enfant terrible bright star feather in your cap clean sweep grand slam feather in cap the gold big win hole in one shoo-in black swan

Danh từ

A statement or assertion intended to inspire confidence
assurance guarantee promise oath pledge vow commitment word affirmation statement assertion avowal bond declaration profession parole protestation troth undertaking lock reassurance shoo-in support warrant lock on rain or shine word of honor word of honour covenant contract agreement asseveration pact warranty attestation swearing deal guaranty compact stipulation obligation proclamation avouchment engagement pronouncement averment announcement solemn word claim security insistence swear espousal promissory note surety sacred word testimony charter affidavit certificate sworn statement maintenance affiance pawn understanding contention bargain settlement plight arrangement treaty deposition bail certification testament acknowledgment solemn oath gentlemen's agreement solemn promise testimonial disclosure acknowledgement report okay allegation stamp of approval betrothal token earnest insurance consent marriage gage transaction decision persistence concordat accord gauge stress emphasis reiteration resolution resolve confirmation adjuration collateral debenture convention ratification verification faith committal binder task solemn declaration sworn declaration written promise green light verbal agreement handshake concord concordance acceptance health toast meeting of minds gentleman's agreement meeting of the minds submission postulation thesis opinion argument utterance communication defence predication vindication stressing explanation articulation account asservation defense mouthful divulgence communiqué evidence revelation presentation recitation comment formulation promulgation expression positive statement say so two cents' worth verbalism verbalization narrative ventilation dictum observation speech wording bulletin recital vocalization rundown remark relation phrasing mention expression of facts charge vocalisation picture manifesto voice presentment reckoning blow-by-blow aside expounding description expression of views ejaculation confession representation plea pretence admission pretense document witness accusation legal instrument official declaration case sworn testimony narration story recognition pretension averral view stand position version belief sworn evidence written testimony notarized statement interpretation information intimation imputation hint implication indication insinuation suggestion idea hypothesis impeachment crimination overment censure maintaining discussion advancement contestation hurrah demurrer rumpus ground making out exposure unbosoming concession self-confession allowance telling enumeration revealing squeal assenting disclosing squawk song exposé publication owning up acceptance of blame acceptance of responsibility making public

Phó từ

Correct and apropos
uh-huh yes absolutely affirmative agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly fine gladly good good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay positively precisely roger surely true undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail yea yep with pleasure right on indeed clearly obviously indisputably for sure without a doubt most definitely undeniably doubtless incontrovertibly truly plainly without doubt incontestably easily inarguably unarguably unequivocally really forsooth beyond doubt decidedly hands down doubtlessly sure so alright irrefutably unmistakably patently beyond question undoubtably evidently categorically verily undisputedly for certain by all odds beyond the shadow of a doubt without question manifestly no doubt emphatically conclusively with certainty transparently palpably no ifs ands or buts distinctly no question demonstrably actually unimpeachably come hell or high water apparently in reality for a fact as sure as eggs is eggs in fact beyond any doubt needless to say admittedly seemingly markedly noticeably well visibly honestly genuinely discernibly ostensibly overtly truthfully perceptibly de facto beyond a shadow of a doubt literally in effect frankly no ifs ands or buts about it openly nothing else but for real beyond shadow of a doubt there are no two ways about it in truth it goes without saying legitimately supposedly in sooth indefensibly cert posolutely far and away downright there's no denying it by a mile by definition necessarily acutely prominently conspicuously recognisably recognizably certes for fair as a matter of fact fairly authentically in point of fact decisively confidently flatly in actuality in all sincerity readily happily cheerfully entirely with decision fain blatantly unambiguously unreservedly in every way from all appearances in every respect one hundred per cent sure as can be a hundred per cent no two ways about it straight out sure enough to all intents and purposes obvs

Phó từ

Exactly as stated or indicated
precisely exactly squarely sharp right plumb dead prompt promptly smack absolutely accurately bang correctly directly due full just slap smack-dab strictly bang on dead on literally even expressly specifically spot on square sure on the button on the nose slap bang slap on smack dab smack on square on word for word as well for sure no mistake on the dot the ticket to the letter for a fact neither more nor less on the money the very thing to a tee no ifs ands or buts straight unerringly faithfully closely verbatim perfectly direct properly letter for letter punctually plump faultlessly on time immediately spang rightly truly flush unswervingly literatim without error on the knocker line for line point-blank in every detail ad verbum with strict attention to detail to the minute aright religiously punctiliously undeviatingly rigorously on the nail sic without flaws without deviation on target slam bang smack bang flawlessly by the book with a literal interpretation diametrically slap-bang distinctly headlong clearly without mistakes veridically spot-on fairly considerately straightforwardly objectively justly on the dot of … reliably minutely unambiguously validly explicitly authoritatively meticulously word-for-word on the stroke of … at close quarters close at first hand straightly fair beeline in detail true at the right time primly on-target as a crow flies to the second dead on time without deviating word-perfectly verbally ipsissimis verbis spot on time at the proper time bang on time without variation with precise aim appropriately verbatim et litteratim word by word fittingly really according to the letter word for word and letter for letter in the same words plainly actually simply appositely genuinely congruously suitably duly factually completely undisputably indisputably veritably unmistakably strictly speaking not figuratively letter by letter

Tính từ

Not able to be disputed
incontestable indisputable certain irrefutable sure undeniable incontrovertible indubitable unquestionable airtight clinching compelling convincing inarguable positive self-evident unarguable watertight beyond dispute categorical clear-cut emphatic irrefragable unanswerable undebatable accomplished beyond doubt clear conclusive decisive definite definitive demonstrable final proven unambiguous unassailable unchallengeable unequivocal unmistakable absolute apodictic ascertained authoritative beyond question confirmable destined determined establishable evident firm fixed genuine guaranteed hard infallible known not in doubt obvious plain predestined provable real reliable safe set sound supreme true trustworthy ultimate undisputable undoubted unerring verifiable on ice salted away beyond a shadow of a doubt having down pat in the bag patent manifest transparent straightforward express marked pronounced palpable accepted acknowledged nailed-on as plain as a pikestaff staring one in the face binding necessary actual obligatory compulsory for sure open and shut unquestioned recognized settled frozen undisputed confirmed flat inexpugnable unchallenged hard-and-fast sealed determinate uncontested stable established demonstrative observable unshakable uncontroversial not in question no ifs and or buts recognised unequivocable accurate surefire uncontestable authentic as sure as eggs is eggs nailed down no mistake there are no two ways about it all sewn up no two ways about it assured decided explicit unqualified complete perfect apparent distinct precise confident outright total downright resolute pure convinced thorough crystal clear direct secure dependable thoroughgoing concrete doubtless out-and-out sheer valid unalloyed open-and-shut veritable fair utter satisfied unconditional flawless conspicuous specific consummate striking unmitigated implicit overt glaring undoubtable rank nonambiguous unambivalent open cocksure all-out exact barefaced clean tangible undoubting cut-and-dried bald-faced foolproof unwavering full persuaded categoric stark unadulterated axiomatic profound regular simple arrant blatant exhaustive unimpeachable cotton-picking plumb sure-fire pellucid perspicuous dead unrestricted free from doubt undisguised sanguine factual very stone ringing bodacious deadly dreadful blooming distinguishable crashing blank no ifs ands or buts clear cut flat-out undoubtful straight-out right unfaltering prominent noticeable perceptible attestable evincible faultless resounding impregnable verified bold supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric visible discernible wholesale overwhelming tried whole unhesitating solid cold entire self-confident unquestioning lucid luculent forthright irrevocable inferable assertive univocal well-founded well-grounded bald forceful black-and-white double-checked luminous all out unmodified peremptory broad in no doubt tried-and-true bright-line as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell writ large cut and dried right-down without loopholes questionless point-blank straight tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary specified adamant insistent defined quantified unbreakable as plain as day beyond the shadow of a doubt noncontroversial well defined freely admitted not disputed capital limited grand comprehensive well grounded well-proven well founded resolved deducible comprehensible ascertainable point blank out and out unshaken unvacillating unfailing invincible irresistible self-assured self-conceited strong invulnerable inevitable unshakeable affirmative clear in your mind full-blown overall full-scale intent determining forcible telling irrebuttable ironclad odds-on apodeictic pat superior sure-enough nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it salient systematic unimpaired maximal undivided unabridged tested fail-safe inerrant can't-miss failsafe perceivable demonstrated detectable recognizable down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain without doubt bona fide certified attested checked strict dictated mandatory carved in stone exacting written set in concrete unbending veridical unfabled good steady calculable no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact proved upheld supported steadfast blinding inescapable sustained tried and true easy responsible trusty able shoo-in unanxious tried and tested locked on trustable carefree hopeful unconcealed frank flagrant testable unsubtle self-explanatory exposed understandable public staring someone in the face written all over one sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb plain to see recognisable right under one's nose as clear as day standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb unreserved last deciding wholehearted unstinting uncontradicted persuasive deductible unlimited stone cold dinkum uncompromising holding the unwavering view having no doubt easy in one's mind secure in one's belief believing having no questions about unshaken in one's belief unconstrained extreme without reservations through and through in every respect no holds barred no catch no kicker no strings no strings attached no fine print one hundred per cent plenary undiluted wide full-bore deep-dyed straight out black and white crisp well-defined severe as plain as the nose on your face well-marked undubitable sharp minute as plain as daylight silhouetted clearly defined graphic significant not vague vivid hard and fast stated clean-cut incisive noteworthy audible hands-down beyond a doubt

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