Đồng nghĩa của nailed down

Động từ

Past tense for to make a pledge or guarantee
ensured guaranteed assured confirmed established insured provided certified effected validated verified arranged set out warranted affirmed asserted asseverated attested authenticated avouched cinched clinched committed contracted corroborated guarantied iced pledged promised pronounced sealed secured setted the seal on sewed up sewn up stated swore sweared sworn vouched witnessed averred avowed declared endorsed made safe locked on locked up showed shown testified vouched for set put on ice had a lock on maintained completed substantiated professed claimed proclaimed laid down alleged vowed protested contended insisted purported made sure of made certain of sustained repeated encouraged said so predicated locked in announced crossed heart acknowledged okayed lay down known for certain knew for certain sworn up and down rubber-stamped swore on bible gave an undertaking given an undertaking sworn on bible swore up and down argued upheld sayed said deposed held put forward advanced supported suggested put forth proved represented upholden cited covenanted adduced postulated submitted pressed prest holden admitted pleaded pled implied bound oneself moved propounded confessed emphasized engaged answered for opined emphasised bore witness borne witness made out undertaken undertook indicated committed oneself charged pretended stressed backed up stipulated testified to prove proven advocated conveyed posited taken an oath took an oath plighted proposed intimated reasserted reaffirmed given an assurance gave an assurance made a deposition stated under oath backed signified sponsored owned told expressed justified sworn an oath swore an oath put beared witness to appeared recognized offered sworn to swore to stood up for volunteered reasoned dictated ventured agreed allowed recognised gave evidence given evidence signed for stuck up for owned up stood behind sweared on the Bible deponed put up argument stated on oath brought forward put about that gave one's word given one's word put oneself down for challenged seconded gave testimony given testimony buttressed connoted hinted insinuated accused imputed attested to laid recited recounted presented given your word gave your word bore out borne out defended voiced cosigned averted manifested uttered notified reiterated evinced disclosed presupposed hypothesized assumed were responsible for was responsible for been responsible for underwritten underwrote reassured own delegated allegated passed rendered informed invoked ratified evidenced spouted crooned stumped constated soapboxed spieled seemed supposed stood by syllogized vindicated stood bail for meaned meant wagered adjured pledged oneself gave credence to given credence to presumed impersonated intended imported countersigned opened up talked big come out solemnly promised soaked vouchsafed requested staked enforced made a case conceded granted rumored insisted on hypothecated theorized trusted promised under oath premised personated denoted laid claim betokened got behind gotten behind espoused bound assented championed pledged yourself sweared blind obligated acceded subscribed setted oneself up posed as pressed for rumoured given assurances gave assurances relied on declared publicly acknowledged publicly sweared under oath alleged that one is masqueraded as passed for setted oneself up as bound yourself made a commitment provided evidence of gave a pledge given a pledge sweared to the fact had confidence in made an affidavit deposed to mouthed off represented oneself as stood for proclaimed that one is shot one's wad feigned the identity of popped off selected pointed to crossed one's heart and hope to die implied that one is lived up to asserted that one is given your word of honour said under oath made a public declaration of theorised gave your word of honour guessed maintained that one is figured estimated speculated shot off one's mouth hypothesised dared say solicited passed oneself off as nominated putten spoken out spoke out shown the truth of showed the truth of given assurance of spoke for gave assurance of spoken for given substance to gave substance to sang sungen sung given grounds for gave grounds for bounden asserted under oath went bail for gone bail for given an affidavit gave an affidavit beared testimony acted as a witness came out acted as if blown hot air gotten off your chest blew hot air got off your chest gotten on soapbox got on soapbox sworn by swore by given witness gave witness given proof of gave proof of gave an undertaking to given an undertaking to drew conclusions drawn conclusions sworn to God swore to God threw your weight behind thrown your weight behind taken as a hypothesis chosen taken for granted chose took for granted took as a hypothesis given your oath gave your oath undertook solemnly undertaken solemnly gave word of honor given word of honor

Động từ

Past tense for to sow or place in one's consciousness
infixed implanted inculcated instilled planted bred enrooted inseminated sowed sown impressed introduced placed set engrafted entrenched fastened ingrained inserted inset insetted affixed anchored bound bounden caught cemented congealed connected consolidated coupled embedded glued grafted hardened installed linked located lodged moored pinned positioned rigidified riveted rivetted rooted secured settled solidified stabilised stabilized steadied sticked stuck stiffened thickened tied drummed into froze to frozen to stayed put put set up joined clamped established bonded situated clipt deposited nailed hitched bedded deposed intrenched disposed imbedded engrained laid bended bent clipped lashed emplaced bolted tacked stationed make fasted tied down fixed fixt made permanent screwed putten imprinted etched branded engraved impacted stamped set in hammered in infused printed seeded imbued wedged offset buried inlaid plunged rammed in found founded dug in thrusted in put down put into incorporated debossed reseeded hammered registered recorded suffused seated instituted drave driven druv drove steeped ensconced sunken sank sunk inscribed designated offsetted braced drummed prest enclosed pressed surrounded immersed pierced submerged battened indoctrinated taught radicated driven in drove in fixt permanently pollinated impregnated fertilised fertilized promulgated held fortified become anchored become implanted fixed in place jammed drilled protected dinned in defined become embedded tacked on grounded embedded itself constructed defences bred in the bone drove home pushed in become settled anchored itself become stuck become caught driven home confirmed drilled in tucked in fenced stuffed in strengthened become fixed ground come to rest holed up drummed in dug trenches made firm stuck in holden sown the seeds sowed the seeds sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of became implanted became anchored became caught became stuck became embedded got stuck came to rest gotten stuck became settled became fixed

Tính từ

Not capable of being denied, challenged, or disputed
incontrovertible certain indisputable sure irrefutable positive undeniable unquestionable incontestable indubitable undebatable decisive definite definitive proven unambiguous unequivocal unmistakable beyond doubt beyond question clear clear-cut conclusive final obvious plain straightforward transparent ultimate unarguable demonstrable demonstrative established evident inarguable irrefragable manifest not in doubt observable palpable patent self-evident unanswerable uncontroversial unshakable accepted accomplished acknowledged categorical clinching compelling convincing emphatic express marked pronounced unassailable unchallengeable accurate airtight apodictic authentic beyond dispute nailed-on surefire uncontestable unequivocable watertight beyond a shadow of a doubt as plain as a pikestaff no mistake sure thing staring one in the face no two ways about it absolute unqualified deciding last unconditional perfect completing state-of-the-art settling finishing straight out reliable closing precise concluding actual downright real terminal limiting flat-out ending determining terminating complete undoubted decided true apparent genuine sound confirmed authoritative distinct assured valid telling conspicuous firm forceful fixed open and shut set persuasive open-and-shut tangible striking verifiable flawless credible factual dependable plausible nonambiguous foolproof undisputable unambivalent unquestioned guaranteed discernible barefaced perceptible uncontested cut-and-dried settled bald-faced axiomatic cogent crystal clear binding hard undisputed veritable overt well-founded strong recognized explicit blatant solid effective inescapable glaring pellucid perspicuous visible noticeable concrete doubtless unchangeable not in question irrevocable recognised unchallenged open undisguised unimpeachable infallible safe lucid powerful bald provable ringing verified immutable sure-fire impregnable writ large undoubtable irresistible perceivable bona fide unfailing flat unalterable salient unconcealed sheer determinate cold satisfying confirmable luculent understandable luminous comprehensible broad believable without loopholes bright-line black-and-white as sure as eggs is eggs outright sticking out a mile standing out a mile as clear as day standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb irreversible as plain as the nose on your face faultless unvarying detectable convinced confident weighty potent undoubting prominent obligatory without doubt recognizable unfaltering rigid unappealable unerring faithful rational satisfied unwavering persuaded uncompromising unchanging trusty reasonable invariable impressive unquestioning changeless inflexible free from doubt peremptory questionless straight secure blinding double-checked influential pure exact self-explanatory inexpugnable flagrant steady right cast-iron establishable resolute efficacious distinguishable trustworthy unbreakable implicit plain to see specific direct out-and-out well grounded recognisable sensible determinative hard-and-fast sure-enough very substantial acceptable satisfactory realistic written all over someone inerrant fail-safe can't-miss no ifs ands or buts authenticated de facto certified clear cut substantiated literal demonstrated existent certifiable inalienable material tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary inoppugnable overpowering unvarnished reasoned appreciable imperative commanding safe to say freely admitted not disputed notable bare necessary compulsory authenticating attestable evincible strict stringent manifestly invincible inevitable veridical unfabled for sure validating discernable apprehensible compulsive insistent exhaustive invulnerable glaringly obvious prima facie pat superior well-grounded stark gross rigorous irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic well reasoned colorable ostensible seeming remarkable arresting that's a fact plain as day supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric uncontradicted total fair unalloyed legit kosher proper well-proven as plain as day self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating plain as the nose on your face failsafe down pat for certain patently true independent rank affirmative no ifs and or buts sober deducible ascertainable inferable beyond the shadow of a doubt enduring steadfast unshaken abiding constant never-failing for a fact tacit hands-down cocksure thoroughgoing consummate thorough forcible determinant revealing resolving irrefrangible permanent iron no ifs ands or buts about it virtual implied beyond a doubt can bet on it in the bag beyond a shadow of doubt absolutist blunt unreserved litmus test all out essential unacknowledged irremediable unreversible nof ifs ands or buts resounding candid unblurred set in stone real-life objective real-world attested validated univocal intelligible logical serious lasting indelible unrectifiable finished unrepealable known ascertained hard and fast especial legitimate intrinsic lucent crystal limpid likely what you see is what you get stable frozen sealed no catch unbeatable one hundred per cent probable unmovable well defined for real crystal-clear point-blank supreme black and white straight from the shoulder in black and white non-relative non-variable tried and true handy agreeable effectual correct useful always effective inerrable tried and tested helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing assuasive suasive verisimilar easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed having down pat colourable moving true-to-life possible carrying conviction swaying presumable believeable hopeful there are no two ways about it all sewn up bold frank unsubtle exposed public right under your nose staring someone in the face written all over one clear as a bell

Tính từ

Not moving or not intended to be moved
stationary immobile motionless parked static unmoving standing stock-still halted immobilised immobilized inert still stopped fixed frozen inactive moored nonmoving unstirring inanimate lifeless anchored at rest immutable nailed not moving pat permanent stagnant unmoveable at a standstill like a statue rooted to the spot at a halt at a stop transfixed dormant steady sessile quiescent stable fixed to the spot not moving a muscle as if turned to stone without moving torpid dead immovable idle passive sluggish quiet unmoved rooted latent immotile stalled deadlocked paralysed firm slack paralyzed unmovable steadfast lethargic numb dull stabile fallow riveted attached in place not active stale brackish perfectly still suspended unresponsive not working impassive unreactive as if rooted to the spot without moving a muscle phlegmatic staunch unwavering statuelike constant turned to stone unvarying changeless stuck gridlocked sticky unfluctuating rigid format slow flat declining stopped dead in your tracks depressed stagnating standing still moribund dying stock still as still as a statue unable to move secure silent serene peaceful smooth resting petrified safe drowsing slow-moving deactivated asleep slumbering undisturbed calm in abeyance placid tranquil inoperative sleepy fast balanced deathly still gentle unruffled unagitated secured solid sure unshakeable braced jammed cemented unused tied unshaking sturdy settled set unshaken unoccupied vacant free unemployed disengaged solid as a rock set in stone abeyant mothballed off on hold low-key turned off not in use in holding pattern out of use

Tính từ

Free from anxiety or doubt
secure reliable assured dependable solid certain settled calculable confident definite established fixed good sound steady sure safe steadfast able absolute carefree conclusive hopeful resolute responsible sanguine trustable trustworthy trusty unanxious undoubtful determined easy shoo-in tried true well-founded locked on tried and tested tried and true tried-and-true in the bag firm unwavering stable constant staunch unfailing faithful enduring unfaltering durable strong lasting unswerving permanent guaranteed fast loyal long-lasting long-lived deep-rooted infallible continuing abiding foolproof long-term unerring honourable honorable confirmed honest long-standing proven sure-fire unassailable fail-safe immutable reputable recognized true-blue sturdy tested stout indubitable decided persistent persisting recognised unshakeable positive ingrained unhesitating approved upright clear never-failing goofproof doubtless old committed eternal effective indestructible stalwart airtight perennial indelible unbreakable perdurable well-built remaining undying imperishable immovable irrefutable proved devoted cast-iron unshakable certified faultless set everlasting unremitting unquestionable dedicated convinced unfading unvacillating well-established surefire lifelong categorical undoubted satisfied inveterate attested trusted prevailing decisive inflexible persuaded sensible virtuous ethical assertive cocksure implicit righteous pious devout straight conscientious consistent down-the-line classic failsafe allegiant ardent liege tried and trusted questionless always there in no doubt time-honoured free from doubt safe as houses up front protected reliant safeguarded covered creditworthy straightforward bold lengthy extended predictable credible marathon watertight flawless perfect efficacious vigorous redoubtable hard-working sterling go-to poised composed idiot-proof never failing competent rocklike copper-bottomed tough stiff unrelenting dogged adamant iron obstinate relentless tireless unflagging deep-dyed irremovable unflinching indefatigable unyielding good as one's word to be counted on carrying the load demonstrated robust compelling steely used perpetual toughened tried out put to the test reinforced cogent holding the unwavering view having no doubt easy in one's mind secure in one's belief believing undoubting valid having no questions about self-confident undoubtable unshaken in one's belief surviving impregnable fortified inured unceasing unending unshaken hardened unchangeable irreversible never-changing invulnerable rigid ceaseless immortal never-ending changeless dutiful pure true-hearted strengthened dateless endless unbroken timeless ongoing uninterrupted interminable unchanging ageless non-stop right just moral decent stanch sincere nice indisputable undeniable unambiguous inevitable unequivocal invincible substantial inexpungible sempiternal inexhaustible indissoluble incessant longstanding forever continual supportive right-minded rock-solid well-defined well-made well fortified well-constructed unmistakable irrevocable incontrovertible genuine palpable authoritative concrete balanced worthy truehearted veridical scrupulous creditable wholehearted all right undistorted estimable high-principled square clear in your mind obvious confirmable verifiable real patent manifest equable determinate incontestable demonstrable no lie on the up and up sealed ensured bulletproof traditional transparent accurate inerrant convincing precise unqualified accepted lifetime principled truthful unimpeachable incorruptible impeccable clinched as sure as eggs is eggs can't-miss well balanced well-balanced mature livelong in for the long haul till the cows come home orthodox nailed-on lifetime's official saintly dyed-in-the-wool insured racked pronounced clear-cut cinched usual level-headed long-running customary time-honored fly right straight-up above suspicion boy scout on the level for all your life rock solid as good as one's word to be trusted all-time worthy of trust true blue down home full of integrity for life common normal nailed on entrenched habitual general accustomed familiar beyond doubt made certain absolutely certain sewed up on ice wonted popular expected routine universal classical regular typical long-established acknowledged historic conventional mainstream acceptable widely used widespread standard traditionalistic stock rooted old-fashioned sanctioned vested old-style officially recognized upstanding noble respectable high-minded fair fervent proper law-abiding zealous earnest passionate blameless stand-up fanatical fervid uncompromising equitable stubborn laudable patriotic single-minded exemplary conscionable enthusiastic obdurate keen admirable serious deep correct inexorable irreproachable tenacious immaculate undeviating hard-core kosher anti-corruption intense strict vehement intent impartial persevering unbending sinless guiltless purposeful moralistic intransigent strong-willed praiseworthy meritorious complete angelic commendable bound authentic card-carrying impassioned thorough brave squeaky clean clean courageous elevated innocent thoroughgoing chivalrous spirited respected indomitable close bona fide insistent aboveboard emphatic implacable profound morally correct deep-seated right-thinking squeaky-clean out-and-out rock-ribbed through and through unfeigned bred-in-the-bone undaunted knightly heartfelt sworn attached adherent reasonable resolved pertinacious unquestioning avid lofty even venerable valiant strong-minded unstained bulldog plucky chaste circumspect lawful courteous mettlesome gritty strenuous diehard assiduous diligent fair-minded uncorrupted fitting invariable incorrigible untiring red-hot incurable noble-minded stout-hearted same behind one equal conservative die-hard above board spunky incorrupt mad keen clean-living unadulterated pure as the driven snow through-and-through dead set on meaning business reverent unalloyed rational natural driven undiluted unlimited torrid intrenched great intrepid true to life warm untarnished unvarying revering fiery daring utter bosom veracious venerating unflappable gallant magnanimous supreme boon seasoned obedient forthright chronic legit objective continuous unprejudiced unbiased unbribable confiding loving affectionate pledged direct big purposive unfluctuating inculpable ineradicable whole-hearted humane godly saintlike deliberate punctilious uniform deserving unapologetic unashamed unmovable eager homogeneous wholesome of principle benevolent explicit dinkum perseverant holy spiritual of good repute manful all-consuming compulsive string along with indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan disinterested on the up-and-up orderly well-mannered candid indurate gutsy dispassionate hard-line distinguished unbendable unalterable instilled adoring goody-goody self-righteous infixed whiter than white four-square well established hell-bent on fair and square bent on bent upon out and out deeply ingrained deep-down do-or-die deep-set full-fledged salt of the earth hell-bent upon unswervable humble uncontrived unpretentious right-hand important principal main favorite honored fundamentalist sane attentive concerned religious believable impervious prayerful intimate discreet admiring consecrated adult immobile inseparable capable definitive powerful abject burning acute God-fearing patient quality upfront active in good faith Christian heightened severe extraordinary extreme exceptional consuming seemly full of determination grim godlike philanthropic matchless peerless charitable philanthropical perfervid morally right morally acceptable full-bore unrepentant rightful as thick as thieves arrant right-down sedulous decorous capable of being trusted worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic stirring excessive inflamed rousing grave on one's side boundless heroic valorous chivalric cohesive importunate stiff-necked to the core keen as mustard congenital impersonal doting rabid fond exuberant embedded audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse forceful unafraid resilient coherent deeply felt refined purified greathearted gentlemanly high lordly sublime on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square goody two-shoes honoured favourite excellent valuable worthwhile possessive mulish unforgetful pristine veritable fine dapper alright unmarred unobjectionable clean-cut esteemed lily-white highly regarded inoffensive precious applaudable model thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual exact neutral even-handed non-partisan open-minded legitimate justifiable justified invaluable hanging tough bound and determined courtly dug in set firm of good report A-1 first-class anti-discrimination non-discriminatory studious intemerate conformist bottomless gentlemanlike manly great-hearted quixotic well grounded from the horse's mouth unmixed unstinting full total unreserved observant delivering there come-through virginal uncolored nondiscriminatory maidenly unmitigated unrestricted unconditional undivided hearty sheer hard single-hearted old faithful virgin modest dominant in earnest unmalleable raw out unsullied inexpugnable domineering true to the end going bent counted on undefiled outright doctrinal true to type as keen as mustard given over to stainless spotless unblemished entire fullhearted hard-and-fast guileless unspoilt unaffected tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on hang tough stand pat quickest shortest linear 24-carat celibate continent vestal white unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted kind obliging impenitent irredeemable unreformable obsessive longtime similar static helpful neighbourly of the true faith of the faith accommodating habituated staid lily white wide-eyed sustained identical unvaried matching equivalent invariant generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable hundred percent whole-souled sicker above reproach agreeable indulgent kindly unselfish amicable civil comradely altruistic benign sympathetic monotonous pure as driven snow babe in woods G-rated wet behind ears sociable polite pleasant without reservations ordered fated unmodifiable fateful well-proportioned ossified plumb symmetrical systematic consonant level undiversified of a piece compatible methodical smooth monolithic genial regardful peaceable companionable mannerly well-disposed neighborly well mannered well-brought-up beeline straight line straight ahead bee-line not crooked horizontal hard-shell firmly established irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character

Tính từ

Accurate or correct in all details
exact accurate true correct precise faithful veracious literal right faultless identical perfect unerring authentic close particular strict definite detailed impeccable specific unequivocal clear downright errorless explicit express good proper thorough distinct sharp verbatim dead-on error-free blow-by-blow inch-perfect on-target spot on spot-on bang on clear-cut dead on bull's-eye on the button on the money right on on target on the beam on the mark on the nail on the numbers meticulous absolute direct factual certain complete definitive unambiguous truthful genuine defined veridical reliable valid scrupulous realistic actual unvarnished categorical rigorous minute flawless unquestionable sure infallible painstaking appropriate full undistorted so concrete careful just unembellished lifelike on the nose honest exhaustive pinpoint matter-of-fact straightforward unmistakable convincing credible regular veritable conclusive punctilious very word for word solid established comprehensive hard real legitimate plain conscientious authoritative particularized true to life circumstantial undeniable ideal set unimpeachable elaborate methodical undisputed natural determined unadulterated fixed letter-perfect undoubted itemized irrefutable fitting word-perfect suitable unqualified particularised undeviating unfailing effective dinkum sound outright rigid fact-based delicate systematic model judicious kosher trustworthy special inerrant pure fair objective unrefuted naturalistic deadly dependable well defined verisimilar indubitable certified whole itemised immaculate narrow obvious acceptable in-depth consummate manifest nice positive without error sensible crystal clear bona fide telling it like it is picture-perfect specified as it really happened unabridged picture-book fine word-for-word refined conventional formal unblemished certifiable assured total standard verifiable scientific extensive diametrical just right documentary nonfictional unbroken extreme historical unelaborated determinate unembroidered unexaggerated guaranteed univocal clearly defined punctual accepted similar limited irreproachable veristic unmistaken true-to-life thoroughgoing logical official stark reasonable even confirmed all-inclusive requisite sure-enough legit indefectible apparent graphic all-embracing rational seamless clocklike intensive critical satisfactory final sweeping black-and-white supreme commonsensical levelheaded cut-and-dried entire cogent prudent watertight vivid individual understandable lucid efficient peculiar well-defined satisfying round cinematic filmic free of error stringent fastidious required dead right sheer well-grounded undivided discriminating discriminative skillful deft skilful given unalloyed photographic simple expected surgical ultraprecise typical rich flat mathematical reserved letter-for-letter hairline usual restricted discrete proven elaborated best apt bounded echt near tailor-made lethal in depth letter for letter seriatim secure decisive incontrovertible representative amen pukka pucka single moral blunt circumscribed recognized living exemplary speaking opportune optimal measured emphatic righteous believable stainless selective dead profound naturalist distinctive to the letter sincere upright justifiable reasoned commonsense fit existent finite encyclopedic archetypal photo-realistic three-dimensional normal sure-fire just so quintessential spotless commonsensible informed specialised textbook orthodox foolproof analytic analytical specialized exquisite defensible defendable firm classic encyclopaedic virtuous stated plausible thoughtful coherent safe sober open definable intellectual clean inerrable de facto all right well-founded on the right track desired right-minded right as rain on the ball predetermined fail-safe recognised clearly expressed unblurred transparent exactly right well-advised well grounded polar on the level as true as I'm sitting here for real spelled out as true as I'm standing here severe assiduous tough all the way royal plenty whole-hog from A to Z all-out soup to nuts full-dress slam-bang especial canonical florid case intrinsic topical singular separate isolated bare resembling straight preferable like unswerving gospel precision unfaked pictorial alike uncanny inevitable vérité line-for-line unwavering what really happened what actually happened prepared invariable relevant visual retentive hunky-dory well aimed verbal ordinary written reputable in accordance with the facts significant literatim deep utter failsafe in accordance with reality to a T polished out-and-out thoroughpaced irrefragable undisputable pertinent prototypical personal immediate plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample overt copybook on the dot intense photogenic acute camera-friendly picturesque unquestioned undoubting perfected to a turn creditable last unconditional deciding intricate experienced guileless ingenuous archetypical characteristic not figurative without blemish without fault unchallengeable line for line line by line liberal sufficient just what the doctor ordered just what we need inveterate universal vested accustomed mainstream familiar rooted acknowledged OK unmitigated dead-center artless unaffected developed patent indisputable incontestable uncontested crimeless unspotted intact unguilty exclusive peremptory O.K. uncompromising weighty consequent unpretending average unpretentious undesigning admissible arrant perspicuous enumerated finicky okay equitable stone honest-to-goodness well-suited ultimate telling absolutely right exactly correct very accurate penetrating firsthand unarguable persuasive uncontradicted accomplished tangible unanswerable unambivalent evident nonambiguous solemn identified point-by-point by the book to the point the real McCoy based on facts straight from the horse's mouth stone cold no ifs ands or buts nailed-on dinky-di made to order just the job demarcated unadorned all there holding water holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together together unassailable advisable right-thinking standing up cool sole identifiable straight-out designated essential elemental along the right lines for sure on track right stuff real McCoy practical at length terminable delimited necessary approved earmarked select representational broad-ranging in detail legible comprehensible well-marked graspable audible intelligible lucent true-blue undeceptive diametric on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle in every respect due hands-down black and white open-and-shut sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried surefire unbeatable can't-miss efficacious enlightened sagacious circumspect philosophic reflective collected deductive thinking synthetic intelligent discerning ratiocinative trustable reasoning cerebral perspicacious principled intimate conditioned assigned convinced prescribed authorized forthright frank candid original unprejudiced unbiased justified custom-built purpose-built as sure as eggs is eggs beyond question beyond a doubt easily understandable applicable ethical settled substantiated shrewd corroborated colorable knowing validated verified determinable first-hand recommended outspoken honourable suggested predictable subject to limitations confined bound not infinite maintainable calculable supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive empiric tried and true handy agreeable useful helpful steady undeceivable omniscient effectual always effective apodictic tried and tested never failing high-principled true-life card-carrying high-minded upstanding beyond doubt optimum upfront harsh unconcealed brutal undisguised unveiled on the line on the up and up like it is intended prerequisite chosen preferred needed describable known ascertainable perceptible becoming suited befitting meet qualified felicitous pretty arranged honorable anti-corruption conscionable noble incorruptible agreed straight from horse's mouth warranted warrantable raw peak top prime selected rightful de règle well-thought-out well-reasoned decent respectable explicable idyllic foremost ruled vindicable straight from the shoulder trusty thinking twice extremely careful heedful fair-minded looked-for anticipated finest balanced plain-spoken warts and all open and shut choicest choice sought after called for authorised best possible pre-eminent best-case sinless blameless incorrupt untarnished innocent guiltless cleanhanded inculpable white uncorrupted lily-white squeaky-clean ten aces beyond criticism unsullied A-okay unflawed note-perfect squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless apple-pie above suspicion above reproach whiter than white as pure as the driven snow

Trái nghĩa của nailed down

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