Đồng nghĩa của terminating

Alternative for terminating

terminates, terminated, terminating

Đồng nghĩa: cease, close, complete, conclude, end, finish, stop,

Danh từ

The act of something that stops
stopping end finish ending halt discontinuance suspension pause closing check halting ceasing wait delay block desisting deterring hesitation holding remaining discontinuation stoppage cessation termination close shutdown arrest conclusion interruption closure stop cutoff surcease cease arrestment expiration shutoff lapse stay closedown breaking off offset standstill break desistance abeyance downtime layoff breather intermission recess winding up respite interval finishing rest hiatus immobilization dissolution break-off gridlock lull cutting short period let-up interlude immobilisation concluding time-out finale wind-up freeze completion finis windup wrap-up breathing space outcome terminus screaming halt grinding halt time out breath separation limit disjunction adjournment breakoff desuetude alternation disruption sit-down jam blockage occlusion snafu obstruction walkout holdup lockout hindrance down deduction hitch abandonment remission folding cloture disbarment disbandment curtailment shutting failure time off discontinuing shutting down closing down tie-up gap hiccup discontinuity interregnum interstice hiccough parenthesis interim pausing resolution dormancy intermezzo doldrums suspense quiescence spell quiescency latency entr'acte abeyancy time smoko cancellation breakdown expiry abortion cesser denouement issue curtains cut-off result kiss-off consequence payoff ballgame breakup effect cancelation consummation breathing spell cut-off point culmination capper endgame homestretch mop-up summing-up end of the line stagnation inactivity summing up grand finale upshot omega wane final scene summation epilogue epilog catastrophe last act last part swan song coup de grace closing stages paralysis deadlock stalemate impasse logjam standoff letup stand Mexican standoff screeching halt lacuna execution fulfilment achievement accomplishment curtain fulfillment severance disconnection caesura moratorium blackout hold-up climax wrap lapse of time coda peroration winding-up determination retirement realization realisation perfection last word bottom line sign-off withdrawal leave holiday vacation lessening slackening vacay suppression outro eventuality dead stop dead end blow stopping point attainment target final thoughts bitter end brick wall roadblock inhibition full stop staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining disturbance obstacle disconnectedness disjointedness stopover incoherence beat intrusion impediment end result final word disunion hush silence stillness pausation comma cutout lack of coherence lack of unity rupture disuniting division rift split breach break off happy hour rest period awkward moment coffee break finalization fruition dénouement death liquidation finalisation last stage last final stage sewing up final part final act polishing off run-in end of the road

Động từ

Killing or executing
getting assassinating executing killing taking out bumping off dispatching knocking off murdering putting away whacking doing in icing liquidating neutralising neutralizing offing rubbing out slaying snuffing croaking eliminating slaughtering exterminating wasting putting to death doing away with destroying butchering massacring wiping out topping stiffing smoking blowing away doing to death eradicating taking the life of finishing off annihilating cutting down mowing down polishing off disposing of scragging erasing shooting down ending the life of finishing cutting to pieces decimating snuffing out doing for putting down putting to sleep zapping hitting causing the death of making away with getting rid of extirpating shooting garrotting felling guillotining waxing giving someone the works terminating with extreme prejudice blotting out obliterating hanging claiming lynching carrying off dusting off crucifying putting an end to beheading abolishing electrocuting decapitating greasing downing putting to the sword taking someone's life cooling gunning down ending expunging removing silencing chillin chilling blackballing taking immolating canceling extinguishing cancelling nixing smiting stretching out wiping from the face of the earth putting before a firing squad deep-sixing putting out of its misery euthanizing gassing sending to the gibbet strangling purging asphyxiating stoning to death sending to the electric chair sending to the chair stringing up sending to the gas chamber wiping off the face of the earth mutilating stabbing dusting frying bowstringing discarding dropping blasting killing in cold blood carrying out a sentence of death on killing off effacing seeing the back of vaporising vaporizing ethnically cleansing stamping out cleaning up sending to the gas chambers sending to kingdom come rooting out sweeping away blacking out murking stoning garotting smothering doing knifing taking a life defeating scratching sterilizing dragging excluding clearing away sterilising taking down dragging down suffocating sacrificing sending to the gallows taking care of putting end to gibbeting gibbetting razing devastating axing putting paid to hanging by the neck KO'ing trimming gutting kayoing ruining overcoming making swing routing overpowering worsting besting demolishing deleting driving to the wall taking off overwhelming bringing down moving in for the kill desolating excising wrecking squashing levelling scrubbing totalling leveling trashing totaling torpedoing marking out crosses out obscuring ravaging knocking out blanking out scoring out destroying root and branch rubbing off washing out sinking smashing removing all traces of bluing pencil blowing to bits blocking out taking apart wiping off the map cutting wiping off face of earth striking out covering blowing sky-high inking out

Động từ

Present participle for to bring to an end
ending concluding finishing closing stopping ceasing discontinuing aborting axing completing winding up breaking off expiring lapsing closing out dead-ending determining dying elapsing going halting passing quitting rounding off rounding out wrapping up belaying abolishing adjourning annulling breaking up bringing to an end cancelling canceling cutting short desisting dissolving dropping eliminating extinguishing leaving off letting up prorogating proroguing recessing scratching scrubbing winking out wrapping bringing to a close bringing to a conclusion cutting off laying off putting a stop to winding down bringing to an untimely end putting an end to running out coming to an end pulling the plug on suspending interrupting packing in giving up abandoning knocking off calling a halt to breaking desisting from giving over cutting out finishing off culminating calling a halt packing up calling it a day settling drawing to a close fulfilling scrapping consummating shutting down dwindling bringing to a halt closing down pausing fading shutting off petering out checking arresting withdrawing crowning shelving sewing up topping off dying down cutting dying out abating dying away refraining from staying capping remitting delaying postponing giving the chop intermitting disappearing lessening holding up climaxing diminishing finalizing ebbing vanishing knocking something on the head dispensing with relinquishing receding slackening waning moderating subsiding nipping in the bud calling off bringing to a standstill coming to a close easing off coming to a stop easing deferring finalising putting the kibosh on fading away accomplishing bringing to a stop calling it quits declining curbing putting off decreasing pigeonholing dropping off surceasing ending up weakening putting on ice passing away getting rid of tailing off falling away doing away with melting away disbanding achieving holding over ditching tabling stemming freezing barring dropping away perfecting putting the lid on relenting kicking renouncing disconnecting doing mothballing getting done stilling leaving falling de-escalating fizzling out tapering lowering shrinking palling forgoing holding in abeyance stopping dead withholding carrying out quashing tapering off bringing to fruition packing it in coming to a halt biting the dust holding liquidating coming to a standstill setting the seal on running its course putting to bed holding back pulling up putting back laying off of adding the finishing touch to crying off polishing off draining away ratcheting down phasing down blowing over finishing with coming to a head capping off putting on the back burner taking a rain check on removing putting in cold storage suppressing phasing out resigning putting paid to rescheduling polishing nailing quelling subduing stifling impeding dumping putting aside obstructing evaporating executing performing effectuating putting a lid on frustrating blocking stalling refraining topping realizing complementing rescinding repealing killing curtailing revoking hampering getting shut of immobilizing eschewing evanishing immobilising settling down calming catching yielding severing peaking running down staunching actualizing getting shot of sinking restraining cooling off waiving quietening down retarding quietening pulling the plug coming to rest putting the finishing touches on sorting out making up bringing to maturity putting the last touches on going whole hog getting through making good doing thoroughly carrying off going through with making perfect going the limit adding the final touch to abdicating forsaking becoming invalid cooling it attenuating stopping short realising becoming obsolete becoming void suspending proceedings leading up to building up to reaching a finale cutting it out taking a break shaking ceasing to exist drawing up hanging up laying aside taking five taking a breather taking a recess selling out putting a period to laying on the table holding off coming to a climax coming to a crescendo reaching a pinnacle dropping out withdrawing from hanging it up fetching up rising to crescendo having done with giving notice throwing up retiring from interfering with putting on hold resigning from discarding binning failing junking disrupting doing for dying off abstaining dissociating resolving lifting calming down nullifying clearing cinching disturbing putting the stopper on sundering transpiring recalling calling bringing backing off turning back keeping from following through deactivating quitting cold turkey relieving disposing of switching off buttoning up buttoning down cutting loose folding up departing drawing to a halt bankrupting taking a breather from putting on a back burner swearing off forbearing withholding from forswearing relaxing dissipating stopping in your tracks reaching a standstill collapsing slipping away flying by drawing to close raising cleaning up coming to the end finishing up tiing up loose ends slowing breaking into cutting into saying goodbye to standing discharging reneging backing out shutting bringing down curtain playing out tying up putting the finishing touches to restraining oneself from stopping oneself from holding back from stopping midstream retreating interposing disuniting intervening dissevering separating disjoining parting sinking into oblivion disappearing slowly chilling out slacking decelerating unlaxing becoming weaker coasting cooling dulling avoiding putting into liquidation shuttering clinching knocks it off inactivating protracting putting in abeyance filing procrastinating omitting keeping in abeyance blowing off bagging it folding resisting the temptation to getting on the wagon kicking over forbearing from quitting cold kicking the habit doing without abstaining from taking the cure calling time dropping it taking time out rising sidelining taking ten rounding up coming to a conclusion shutting up putting on back burner ruling out staving off putting on the shelf laying over counting out hanging fire surrendering carrying through going by shunning jacking in trailing off ignoring forfeiting lulling divorcing sacrificing jilting having an abortion ceding putting the finishing touch to putting the tin lid on putting finishing touch on adding the finishing touches to closing the books terminating the account closing the door on wilting withering softening alleviating breaking short stopping cold slackening off easing up ending with concluding with closing with continuing putting over respiting bringing to a premature end stopping in full flow leaving unfinished wiping out breaking with parting from dusting off forgetting about parting with eighty-sixing turning your back on decaying descending degenerating evanescing terminating with resulting retrograding deteriorating crumbling drooping bating melting slipping backing out of dropping out of rising to a crescendo shooting one's wad going over the mountain coming to an end with going the route moldering mouldering dilapidating hitting high spot cresting succeeding reaching a peak reaching the zenith breaking the record satisfying towering maxing out contenting pleasing orgasming retiring inhibiting falling down levelling off taking a rain check quitclaiming handing over demitting going down wearing away going downhill growing less fading out going dead running low thwarting controlling limiting foiling preventing bridling reining neutralizing stepping down constraining hindering containing swallowing squelching reducing smothering muffling signing off throwing in the towel standing down walking out ceasing work bowing out standing aside handing in resignation bottlenecking repressing counteracting fighting back governing bottling up discouraging repulsing checkmating braking choking back regulating neutralising rebuffing taming choking circumventing keeping in check reining in slowing down hobbling pulling in keeping back slackening pace keeping under control keeping a lid on standing in the way of putting a brake on holding in stemming the flow of playing for time holding down biting back putting a spoke in someone's wheel hesitating faltering wavering teetering dithering scrupling vacillating wabbling wobbling staggering balancing limping stumbling whiffling bringing up blowing the whistle on putting a cork in bringing to standstill hanging back drawing to a stand shilly-shallying wiggle-waggling holding at bay stemming the flow

Động từ

Present participle for to mark out the boundary or limits of
bounding demarcating delimiting circumscribing limiting defining demarking marking off restricting confining fixing delineating marking out determining restraining straitening establishing marking specifying setting girdling cramping barring distinguishing trammelling trammeling curbing outlining surrounding enclosing delimitating encircling encompassing hampering prescribing hemming in measuring setting the limits separating deciding classifying designating identifying settling stipulating differentiating checking compassing detailing capping dividing enveloping setting the limits of flanking edging belting laying down setting bounds to girding staking out rimming fencing in setting the boundaries of verging setting out bordering walling in controlling regulating drawing isolating detaching segregating discriminating constraining bridling hindering arresting inhibiting constricting pegging holding fettering freezing governing corking distinguishing between bottling up tying down putting a brake on placing a limit on keeping within limits keeping the lid on keeping a tight rein on drawing the line on holding down holding in check keeping within bounds environing prelimiting nailing down containing measuring out repressing describing holding back keeping under control obstructing impeding suppressing marking the boundaries of marking the limits of pinpointing subduing stifling handicapping reining in taming moderating narrowing smothering putting a ceiling on setting limits on imposing limits on keeping in check cooling putting away pulling in pinning down interfering with indicating setting a limit on clarifying stymieing slowing hamstringing encumbering tying hobbling mapping out rationing chalking out fencing off concentrating diminishing hanging up shortening modifying chaining clipping someone's wings coming down on tethering reducing shutting in contracting tempering binding shrinking cutting down on sending up qualifying inclosing putting on ice decreasing cooling down thwarting narrowing down keeping within the limits of muzzling preventing dampening reining quelling keeping bitting curtailing harnessing ruling leashing choking back debarring focussing localizing centring focusing centreing centering localising staying retarding reining back gaoling keeping in killing gagging having on a tight leash guiding cracking down keeping down detaining bringing under control locking up keeping in line boxing up hogtying sitting on hogtieing impounding deterring imprisoning stemming pulling back jailing directing stopping stopping from spreading holding in keeping back gaining control over hog-tying simmering down putting half nelson on gaining mastery over keeping lid on

Động từ

Present participle for to discharge from a job or position
dismissing sacking firing discharging cashiering releasing removing axing retiring bouncing mustering out turning off letting go laying off sending packing ousting giving the heave-ho kicking out booting out expelling booting showing the door giving someone the boot giving someone the sack making redundant giving someone the push giving someone their marching orders giving notice giving someone the bullet giving someone their cards dropping throwing out getting rid of giving someone their notice giving the elbow displacing giving notice to giving walking papers giving the old heave-ho deposing impeaching suspending bumping turfing turfing out giving someone the pink slip unseating cutting disqualifying unfrocking discarding deselecting pensioning recalling defrocking disfrocking shelving furloughing disemploying deponing outing paying off letting out washing out shutting out giving warning turning away giving the chop giving a pink slip giving marching orders giving the gate giving the ax evicting shipping throwing moving on severing connections drumming out putting away giving someone his or her walking papers chasing out shedding dehiring unhiring ejecting casting out breaking heaving retiring early giving the axe giving their cards eighty-sixing giving bum's rush giving the sack to giving pink slip handing walking papers giving one's cards court martialing court martialling excusing supplanting nixing superseding busting replacing freezing out declaring redundant relieving of duty locking out riding out on rail running out of town depriving of office hatchetting decimating hatcheting polling downsizing tomahawking reducing putting an end to scaling down cutting back slimming down defenestrating kissing off giving someone his giving someone the air binning off giving someone the big E dethroning turning out dislodging removing from office excluding forcing out driving out downgrading demoting pushing out toppling degrading relegating rejecting banishing chucking out giving the bum's rush throwing out on your ear barring banning disrating debarring blacklisting overthrowing overturning unthroning uncrowning depriving unmaking blackballing lowering declassing bringing down routing slanging chasing flinging out discrowning thrusting out benching eliminating running off expulsing stripping of rank removing from power unsettling disbarring disenthroning usurping disthroning taking over stepping into shoes of blacking slinging out purging heaving out dispossessing fordriving moving asking to leave transferring abolishing repositioning driving away shifting evacuating detaching expunging relocating pulling giving the hook showing you the door seeing the back of budging dislocating taking down abstracting chucking upsetting subverting unhorsing giving heave-ho snubbing ostracizing vetoing repudiating kicking downstairs exiling deporting voting against embargoing humbling demeaning devaluing demeriting lowering in rank dumping irrupting tossing unloosing ditching moving down downing killing disallowing negativing shunning boycotting forcing to leave driving off kissing goodbye throwing overboard sending off squeezing out reducing in rank reducing to the ranks kicking down the ladder holding back setting back disfellowshiping spurning disfellowshipping cold-shouldering doing away with showing the gate to giving someone their P45 throwing someone out on their ear shooting down ostracising keeping out giving the cold shoulder to giving the cold shoulder leaving out in the cold

Động từ

(of a train, bus, or boat service) Present participle for to end its journey

Động từ

Present participle for to put an end to, especially formally
abolishing cancelling canceling ending destroying dissolving eliminating eradicating quashing voiding obliterating repealing annihilating extinguishing invalidating overturning annulling axing ditching doing away with exterminating nullifying rescinding wiping out expunging getting rid of junking revoking abrogating dropping extirpating shedding stamping out stopping discarding erasing overthrowing scrapping suppressing jettisoning trashing deleting throwing out vitiating countermanding discontinuing excising putting an end to removing repudiating retracting scrubbing subverting withdrawing abating avoiding blacking out blotting out chopping cleaning up disannulling dispensing with dumping effacing liquidating negating nulling rooting out rubbing out snuffing out sweeping away vacating deracinating disestablishing finishing inhibiting killing nixing prohibiting rolling back squelching striking down superseding undoing zapping calling off closing down setting aside giving the chop putting kibosh on knocking something on the head putting the kibosh on bringing to an end reversing declaring null and void rendering null and void finishing off taking out recalling neutralizing rendering invalid neutralising decimating squashing wasting doing in vetoing obviating ruining wrecking demolishing cutting torpedoing shattering smashing totalling totaling wracking dismantling taking back wiping off the map wiping off the face of the earth overruling overriding suspending disallowing devastating rejecting casting aside reneging counteracting razing pulverizing desolating counterbalancing offsetting discharging knocking out nuking creaming breaking off bleeping bluing pencil scratching slaughtering lifting vaporizing putting a stop to phasing out cutting out washing out vaporising pulverising pulling down tearing down taking away putting paid to striking declaring invalid declaring abnegating banishing recanting renouncing relaxing backtracking on disaffirming reneging on disclaiming going back on abjuring calling back waiving undermining weakening getting off the hook defeating impairing unfitting circumducting disqualifying stunning raising getting shot of driving out casting out killing off sinking offing blowing sky-high obscuring incinerating burning putting out countervailing rebutting burning away compensating limiting restricting cancelling out nigging canceling out confining quelling dismissing dispatching disrupting forgetting it upsetting checking crushing taking off calling all bets off butchering massacring disbanding drawing back pulling back bringing to naught adjourning ceasing putting down aborting wiping from the face of the earth blue-penciling blue-pencilling concluding proroguing crosses out deleing striking out disuniting breaking up winding up putting the lid on editing shooting disorganizing severing destructing postponing loosing closing splitting up collapsing unmaking winding down editing out unpublishing eliding resolving into rendering void fading out scoring excluding trimming sanitizing rubbing sterilizing snipping omitting decontaminating cleaning scratching out sanitising stroking out scoring out sterilising whiting out ruling out passing up inking out putting a line through ruling against backpedaling backpedalling making void counterpoising redressing counterchecking balancing denying compensating for making ineffective making up for abandoning disowning forswearing crying off backing out of making null and void negativing retreating correcting altering counterweighing balancing out refusing contravening crossing frustrating blackballing calling ignoring outvoting counterordering weaselling out weaseling out inverting bringing down going against turning down censoring divorcing discounting disregarding dishonouring disobeying forgetting backwatering bringing to a close holding a funeral interring putting to rest burying inhuming entombing putting six feet under laying in the grave dishonoring withcalling refusing to fulfil wangling out remitting hushing up bottling up shutting down corking up doing a U-turn on unsaying spooling back backing up winding back breaking crawling out of pulling the plug blowing KO'ing putting damper on equalizing redlining refuting retiring calling in belaying turfing purging prevailing dominating predominating defying flouting overcoming counterweighting defusing equalising deactivating rendering ineffective subduing conquering impugning traversing dinging stonewalling belying opposing disproving blacking shooting down opting out worming out standing down throwing over backing out backtracking riding roughshod over trampling underfoot evening up squaring up trampling upon blanking out blocking out Xing out breaking with turning thumbs down rendering inert upending wiping slate clean going back on your word banning changing oversetting forbidding flying in the face of prostrating downing laying to rest barring debarring embargoing blocking proscribing knocking down rewinding rebuffing destabilizing remedying disavowing supplanting unsettling sabotaging toppling equilibrizing evening out tabooing saying no to outlawing precluding zinging disacknowledging throwing unseating deposing ousting dethroning stabilising responding halting righting lessening countering counterworking reducing rectifying bucking stabilizing fixing keeping back giving the thumbs down to shutting out passing on undercutting damaging levelling destabilising leveling tumbling rebelling capsizing wreaking havoc on depressing bringing about the downfall of

Động từ

(of a business) Present participle for to go bankrupt
failing collapsing closing crashing folding ending fizzling flopping declining defaulting finishing dropping miscarrying retiring bombing going plummeting plummetting foundering toppling languishing slumping buckling flatlining crumpling perishing tumbling ceasing trading going bankrupt going broke closing down falling down falling through going bump going under shutting down bellying up caving in folding up giving up ceasing production going bust losing big becoming insolvent going wrong not succeeding shriveling up going belly-up going to the wall coming to a halt going belly up going into receivership grinding to a halt closing one's doors losing one's shirt dropping a bundle going into liquidation going out of business fizzling out coming to grief aborting breaking down going awry coming to nothing coming to naught coming a cropper going down like a lead balloon failing to happen misfiring not coming off tanking fluffing flunking flagging cratering floundering falling flat flaming out falling short screwing up turning out badly missing the mark slipping up tripping up lacking success coming apart at the seams going to pieces fouling up falling by the wayside coming unstuck meeting with disaster backfiring biting the dust going astray running aground suffering defeat not coming up to scratch boomeranging going up in smoke rebounding going amiss going pear-shaped missing blundering going phut recoiling slipping falling going down striking out disappointing yielding giving deteriorating petering out waning underperforming missing the boat washing out falling to pieces nose-diving going downhill going down the tube ending in failure underachieving ending in tears dying out hitting the skids meeting with failure going adrift falling apart going badly going off course missing the target going haywire going on the rocks disintegrating flummoxing losing blowing it sinking without trace failing miserably bombing out bringing to naught falling short of expectations dissatisfying not showing falling short of bungling not working coming to a sticky end coming to a bad end imploding hitting rock bottom going by the board falling flat on your face laying an egg not making the grade not passing abating degenerating decreasing going out submersing wallowing plunging wrecking diminishing weakening withering backsliding going down swinging losing out losing control hitting bottom backing wrong horse playing into ganging agley losing status exploding going to bottom dwindling busting dying down dropping off dying away falling away ricocheting having unwelcome repercussions for bouncing back backlashing springing back redounding on ricochetting not going as planned coming back having an adverse effect pooping out fizzing out disappearing ending in defeat dying ending in disappointment dissolving coming to an end fading away vanishing failing to go off

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