Đồng nghĩa của deterring

Alternative for deterring

deters, deterred, deterring

Đồng nghĩa: discourage, hinder, prevent, prohibit,

Trái nghĩa: recommend,

Danh từ

The act of something that stops
stopping end finish ending halt discontinuance suspension pause closing check halting ceasing wait delay block desisting hesitation holding remaining terminating discontinuation cessation stoppage termination close shutdown arrest conclusion interruption closure stop cutoff surcease cease arrestment expiration shutoff lapse stay closedown breaking off offset standstill break desistance abeyance downtime layoff breather intermission recess winding up respite interval finishing rest hiatus immobilization dissolution break-off gridlock lull cutting short period let-up interlude abandonment immobilisation concluding time-out finale wind-up freeze completion finis windup wrap-up breathing space outcome terminus screaming halt grinding halt time out breath separation limit disjunction adjournment breakoff desuetude alternation disruption sit-down jam blockage occlusion snafu obstruction walkout holdup lockout hindrance down deduction hitch remission folding cloture disbarment disbandment curtailment shutting failure time off discontinuing shutting down closing down tie-up cession withdrawal dropping gap quitting hiccup discontinuity interregnum interstice hiccough parenthesis interim pausing resolution dormancy intermezzo doldrums suspense quiescence spell quiescency latency entr'acte abeyancy time smoko cancellation breakdown expiry abortion cesser denouement issue curtains cut-off result kiss-off consequence payoff ballgame breakup effect cancelation consummation breathing spell cut-off point culmination capper endgame homestretch mop-up summing-up end of the line stagnation inactivity summing up grand finale upshot omega wane final scene summation epilogue epilog catastrophe last act last part swan song coup de grace closing stages paralysis deadlock stalemate impasse logjam standoff letup stand Mexican standoff screeching halt lacuna execution fulfilment achievement accomplishment curtain fulfillment severance disconnection caesura moratorium blackout hold-up climax wrap lapse of time coda peroration winding-up determination retirement realization realisation perfection last word bottom line sign-off suppression leave holiday vacation lessening slackening vacay outro eventuality blow stopping point attainment target final thoughts bitter end dead stop dead end brick wall roadblock full stop disconnectedness disjointedness stopover incoherence disturbance obstacle beat end result final word disunion hush silence stillness pausation comma intrusion impediment cutout lack of coherence lack of unity break off happy hour rest period awkward moment coffee break rupture disuniting division rift split breach finalization fruition dénouement death liquidation finalisation last stage last final stage sewing up final part final act polishing off run-in end of the road

Động từ

Present participle for prevent the occurrence of
preventing stopping averting checking blocking hindering curbing halting impeding intercepting obstructing restraining arresting balking baulking foiling forestalling hampering keeping obviating precluding shutting out staving off staying counteracting damping fending off frustrating heading off inhibiting thwarting turning aside warding off debarring helping letting pre-empting prohibiting putting a stop to saving chilling chillin cooling dampening disadvising diverting forfending holding back nipping in the bud scaring ruling out turning off talking out of putting a damper on throwing cold water on acting like a wet blanket pouring cold water on barring restricting retarding stymieing slowing down interfering with hamstringing holding up handicapping encumbering fettering circumventing delaying constraining avoiding interdicting forbidding slowing crippling repressing trammelling trammeling shackling cutting off deflecting interrupting suppressing limiting stonewalling cramping contravening crimping hobbling stalling clogging withholding handcuffing hog-tying tying up putting a brake on standing in the way of throwing a spanner in the works of disrupting bridling putting an end to anticipating detaining derailing interfering preempting muzzling stifling smothering opposing manacling cumbering holding curtailing baffling embarrassing warding reining in short-circuiting keeping back hanging up shutting off holding down getting in the way of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of setting back controlling dissuading from containing eliminating excluding countering subduing scotching braking moderating regulating neutralizing discouraging scuppering discomfiting freezing parrying governing rattling taming borking second-guessing fazing measuring ruling neutralising gagging keeping under control confining bitting choking keeping in check picking off slowing up making late getting in before getting ahead of choking back putting paid to holding in bringing to screeching halt keeping in getting in the way beating someone to the draw closing off shutting down stealing a march on stemming the flow of providing against keeping within bounds screwing up lousing up boxing in beating someone to it beating someone to the punch keeping the lid on putting off fouling up defending against holding off forefending commandeering sparing reprieving freeing preparing for heading off at pass keeping waiting bottlenecking removing absolving postponing burdening retardating crabbing resisting keeping from causing to wait causing to stay exempting dispensing deferring protracting pausing intervening foreclosing interposing shelving remitting proroguing discharging throwing a spanner in the works throwing a spoke in the wheel of intermitting prolonging dissuading quashing disqualifying shunting turning shoving aside looking away veering turning from putting back holding off on choking off holding over bogging down taking down backing off obscuring outlawing sandbagging reducing tabooing enjoining estopping getting round making unnecessary making impossible discontinuing quitting making it impossible for making impracticable ceasing making it impracticable for putting on brakes putting an stop to taking away doing away with getting rid of forecasting foreseeing projecting preoccupying predicting monopolizing expecting envisioning taking out of play putting the brakes on reining corking monopolising ruining harnessing leashing bottling up straitening holding in check scuttling overturning invalidating snookering reining back putting away tying down gaoling circumscribing killing pulling in having on a tight leash guiding cracking down keeping down bringing under control delimiting pinning down locking up hemming in keeping in line boxing up hogtying sitting on hogtieing impounding imprisoning stemming pulling back jailing directing squashing nullifying repelling upsetting confounding nobbling repulsing checkmating undoing dashing spoiling outwitting counterplotting blanking crossing burying doing for disappointing defeating strangling muffling damming pegging disciplining upsetting the applecart beating down messing up getting the better of taking wind out of sails putting a spoke in someone's wheel putting end to putting the kibosh on putting the mockers on putting the stopper on causing setback chaining entangling disconcerting binding entrammelling entrammeling putting a limit on cramping one's style saddling with giving a hard time discounting discarding dismissing cooling off buttoning up putting the brakes on fighting back cutting back biting back keeping tight rein on keeping a tight rein on keeping a lid on keeping lid on cooling down excepting recanting rejecting abolishing disallowing proscribing revoking canceling suspending cancelling not considering closing out closing one's doors to banning forgetting about freezing out bating counting out leaving out tying silencing squelching diminishing quelling stilling crushing swallowing lessening extinguishing constricting decreasing damping down stamping out overcoming deadening tempering catching mastering capping decelerating cracking down on steering clear of clamping down on impairing ending throttling quieting abstaining evading refraining stumping forbearing putting down corking up stopping oneself inconveniencing calming overpowering dulling sabotaging quenching fixing jamming desisting destroying drawing up disadvantaging terminating forgoing concealing shushing pulling up weighing down beating eschewing fetching up cutting short circumnavigating conquering abjuring skirting sidestepping blocking out shutting in putting the lid on keeping secret snuffing out spiking slapping down breaking off giving up deflating putting half nelson on retaining garrotting depressing muting weakening sinking submerging pocketing incommoding quelching affecting discommoding influencing stultifying staunching settling wrecking cornering denying setting limits on imposing limits on modulating vetoing censoring stunting interning refusing hiding slackening bringing up bringing to a standstill laying off tying someone's hands forswearing escaping barricading setting simmering down dropping miring putting on hold abating occluding stuffing closing negating embargoing loitering blocking up clogging up blockading closing up shunning putting a lid on covering up cutting down forsaking bringing to an end congesting jamming up stopping up bunging up annulling bottling dragging your feet criminalizing putting out plugging up putting at a disadvantage gaining control over gaining mastery over toning down giving the run around placing an embargo on placing at a disadvantage criminalising jacking in giving a wide berth to making illegal leaving off resisting the temptation to fighting shy of swearing off dummying up managing composing straitjacketing getting out of overloading marring mitigating bypassing oppressing bothering charging fighting debilitating clotting sidetracking scrubbing bracing easing re-collecting offsetting bucking bilking enmeshing ensnaring netting capturing constipating demarcating preventing from making progress monitoring adjusting relieving sidelining making difficult puzzling crashing juking ditching unsettling taking wind out of snagging harshing keeping a rein on putting a crimp in keeping control of tiing one's hands allaying knocking off disturbing collecting getting bogged down bounding holding captive clipping someone's wings entrapping mystifying gumming up keeping on a string incarcerating tampering narrowing down keeping at bay keeping off staving keeping within the limits of blunting lulling inspecting recovering rallying soothing tranquilizing confusing keeping feeling inside oneself tethering nonplussing conflicting troubling putting out of commission taking out giving disadvantage lagging putting straitjacket on putting on ice refusing to pay lowering flummoxing screening throwing monkey wrench in standing fencing complicating concussing depriving locking in shotgunning necessitating fencing in closing in immuring cooping up embogging reefing qualifying procrastinating plugging confronting pigeonholing dead-ending benumbing icing hushing quietening tongue-tying mothballing immobilising immobilizing renouncing specifying demarking prescribing numbing sealing caulking delimitating defining girdling banjaxing bogging flagging hesitating dawdling loafing downing faltering poking rebuffing shutting up drying up filling up filling losing steam anchoring it losing speed letting down flaps winding down hitting the brakes hanging fire licking cauterizing devitalizing sapping reserving monkeying with placing a limit on shaking indisposing vanquishing overthrowing packing stanching choking up coming to a standstill slackening pace dashing one's hope rendering null and void petering out not moving standing off marking off keeping within limits drawing the line on letting up cowing wronging kicking finishing doing without dispensing with putting on back burner blocking off bunging cauterising throwing a monkey wrench into gridlocking putting chill on putting a lock on putting a stopper in passing on nixing zinging triumphing over gyving enfettering enchaining pinioning leaving alone dumbing stoppering clamping trampling overwhelming dominating annihilating clamming treating harshly chaining up clapping securing cuffing not touching taking the pledge taking the cure avoiding doing something not doing passing up sitting out going on the wagon having nothing to do with passing playing for time driving underground trampling on telling against inflicting a handicap on doing a disservice to putting in an unfavourable position treating unfairly treating unfavourably giving a disadvantage to clamming up holding out on keeping under wraps refusing to give holding on to keeping yourself holding out keeping hold of keeping under your hat deducting failing to disclose keeping to oneself putting lid on keeping inside putting kibosh on bringing to naught bringing to a stop saying nothing putting in irons clapping in irons docking shortening bringing to a halt foregoing putting in chains determining deciding declining cutting swaying belaying omitting conditioning forming dictating truncating retrenching sacrificing restraining yourself abstaining from going easy withholding from declining to refraining from giving over shaping moulding shrinking altering underlying modifying touching predisposing shepherding disposing acting on working on molding inclining abbreviating abridging eliding lopping paring down syncopating chopping trimming impacting on exerting influence on minifying tightening up clipping cropping slimming down contracting slashing downsizing being a factor in having an effect on having an impact on getting to meat putting in nutshell boiling down rolling back putting a restriction on steering clear

Động từ

Present participle for to discourage someone by removing their enthusiasm or courage
disheartening discouraging daunting dismaying dispiriting crushing depressing dejecting casting down dashing demoralising demoralizing sapping throwing desolating unmanning unnerving chilling chillin cowing disappointing enervating frustrating saddening shaking subduing undermining weakening damping dampening disinclining disparaging humbling humiliating indisposing making crestfallen making dejected making dispirited making downhearted weighing down bringing down getting down knocking sideways putting down weighing heavily on giving someone the blues knocking for six making someone fed up putting a damper on throwing cold water on knocking the stuffing out of pouring cold water on throwing a pall over clouding bringing low casting a shadow castrating gelding petrifying devitalizing lobotomizing desiccating dehydrating deadening blanketing stamping out upsetting distressing oppressing burdening bumming out afflicting troubling grieving bothering chagrining aggrieving disturbing making despondent making sad vexing making gloomy perturbing ailing abashing trying tormenting mortifying bugging harrowing disconcerting psyching out beating down making unhappy enfeebling disempowering irking abasing debilitating deflating hurting paining getting to breaking one's heart dampening spirits hanging over taking the wind out of your sails bringing tears to your eyes dashing hopes overwhelming suppressing defeating overcoming overpowering destroying breaking annoying appalling shattering exasperating crippling disgruntling extinguishing squashing wearying flattening quashing irritating fazing embittering agonizing dulling chastening harassing narking making miserable haunting disobliging reducing to tears hacking off dragging down making blue dampening the spirits of making desolate agonising turning off burning up casting a gloom upon putting into a funk letting down causing suffering to breaking someone's heart intimidating emasculating flooring dispraising discomforting devastating subjugating lowering stifling lying downing deploring pressing lying heavy on preying on diminishing squelching smothering disillusioning dumping shaming quelling curbing worrying ruining disenchanting infuriating angering degrading busting casting a gloom on damping down bearing down on taking the heart out of vanquishing demoting smashing maddening casting a pall over torturing impairing disrating incapacitating reducing downgrading souring dissatisfying aggravating knocking the wind out of draining concerning harshing one's mellow impoverishing taming miffing alarming dashing the hopes of beating dragging darkening wounding agitating stinging shattering the illusions of scaring running down routing discommoding pestering plaguing gnawing at stressing discomposing rattling racking riling straining fretting breaking the heart of causing anguish to making wretched galling driving mad driving crazy making discontented awing aweing confusing cutting to the quick displeasing keeping under disorganizing unzipping jumbling disarranging muddling discountenancing unsettling embarrassing snarling unglueing ungluing disordering nonplussing winding up overawing harshing someone's mellow bringing to ruin causing instability bearing down prostrating repressing drooping sending up taking apart blowing out blowing up snubbing belittling debunking bringing someone to their knees taking steam out giving someone the hump melting softening touching shooting down puncturing balloon taking down knocking down cutting down to size causing to lose heart letting down easy arousing sympathy letting wind out of sails arousing pity tugging at the heart taking down a peg or two tugging at your heartstrings

Động từ

Present participle for to discourage or overwhelm
daunting discouraging disheartening dismaying dispiriting abashing dejecting demoralising demoralizing disconcerting distressing fazing overwhelming throwing consternating discombobulating discomposing disquieting frustrating perturbing unsettling discomfiting panicking rattling sapping thwarting unnerving upsetting baffling chilling chillin confounding alarming unmanning putting off shaking up taking aback throwing off balance putting into a flap putting someone off their stroke pouring cold water on throwing cold water on throwing into a tizz causing someone to lose their composure frightening intimidating scaring terrifying appalling terrorizing awing aweing cowing terrorising browbeating scaring off agitating horrifying shocking scaring away flustering startling affrighting spooking frighting alaruming disturbing scarifying scaring to death bullying subduing confusing petrifying demotivating nonplussing overawing ruffling shaking perplexing discomforting bothering bulldozing worrying repelling stiffing unhinging astounding psyching out striking terror into mystifying curdling the blood making teeth chatter scaring the bejesus out of chilling to the bone making one's blood run cold making one's hair stand on end making someone jump out of their skin driving away frightening away chasing off warning off buffaloing impressing blinding someone with something taking your breath away dissuading embarrassing discountenancing throwing into panic mortifying scaring stiff scaring witless surprising filling with fear freezing your blood giving someone goose pimples getting the wind up throwing into a panic making one's flesh creep giving one the creeps putting the fear of God into throwing into a fright putting the wind up chilling to the marrow giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off annoying throwing into a blue funk scaring someone out of their wits scaring the living daylights out of scaring someone half to death puzzling vexing dumbfounding flabbergasting muddling irritating springing on staggering springing giving someone a jolt giving someone a fright giving a turn making jump giving a shock bewildering scaring the daylights out of making anxious troubling making uneasy destabilizing unbalancing jolting flummoxing destabilising blinding pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under distracting flurrying ailing flooring getting to concerning bemusing bugging stumping irking graveling gravelling frazzling fussing undoing addling fuddling stupefying stunning foxing beating befuddling harassing distempering exercising derailing hagriding getting hassling plaguing bamboozling amazing mazing fretting wildering afflicting freaking out weirding out posing making someone scratch their head astonishing tormenting disorienting needling fogging befogging causing to be at a stand chagrining saddening depressing pestering oppressing aggrieving dazing muddying throwing off agonizing stirring up grieving displeasing setting someone thinking obfuscating catching off balance trying agonising mixing up exciting offending burning up knocking sideways angering knocking for six burdening giving a hard time provoking humiliating shaming harrying miffing hurting sickening peeving straining making uncomfortable outraging bowling over exasperating weighing down gnawing at torturing blowing your mind disgusting paining stressing besetting galling wounding nettling making nervous working up pothering putting out of countenance putting someone off their stride ticking off blowing away setting someone back on their heels making waves going to your head riling beleaguering discommoding rocking affronting affecting bedevilling bedeviling aggravating disgruntling dumfounding crushing disrupting thunderstriking disarranging putting out disappointing surprizing teasing chafing disorientating niggling desolating harrowing bringing up short rattling one's cage crazing taking by surprise stymieing piquing abasing causing anxiety to striking dumb leaving open-mouthed lying heavy on making unhappy eating at picking on hurting somebody's feelings giving someone grief getting at stinging hurrying bustling racking stirring anguishing moving scandalizing haunting disordering balking demeaning jumbling baulking rousing eluding persecuting making self-conscious interrupting nauseating badgering dazzling riding dashing tearing narking turning stimulating stopping someone in their tracks letting down flipping scandalising hounding making punchy intoxicating inebriating ridiculing nagging putting down tantalising tantalizing leaving aghast arousing fouling up dogging throwing into tizzy enervating knocking out dampening winding up getting across hacking off indisposing turning off nagging at screwing up weighing heavily on weighing on throwing into a tizzy giving a bad time balling up turning on pushing buttons egging on debilitating boggling the mind of making your head spin flipping out causing concern to causing suffering to bumming out grossing out casting down messing with one's head cutting to the quick causing discomfort to knocking the stuffing out of driving up the wall making a scene wringing heating insulting revolting sticking it to making fretful confusticating inciting inflaming putting on edge confuscating inconveniencing snowing worsting dizzying defeating paralysing disillusioning fearing stewing sweating boggling the mind catching unawares delighting throwing for loop disenchanting causing anxiety grinding incapacitating cramping paralyzing snafuing devastating disarming sending into a spin keying up rocking the boat laying up getting on your wick firing up getting someone thickening complicating involving tangling fermenting cursing disorganizing disarraying dementing rummaging downing displacing deranging knocking for a loop hacking you off preying on your mind disobliging repulsing excruciating jarring slighting possessing entangling encumbering injuring examining ventilating lousing up filling with consternation messing up mucking up taking the wind out of your sails mucking raveling ravelling stumbling pushing strapping martyring pricking breaking nit-picking deflating humbling undermining weakening enfeebling uncalming mourning causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting making miserable doing a number on arousing anxiety in causing anguish to making wretched making it tough for cutting up bringing down throwing into confusion niggling at knocking the wind out of harshing one's mellow bugging up making flip mixing you up eating grating frosting rasping itching spiting griping pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at giving offence to cutting setting back throwing into uproar throwing into disorder discrediting dishonouring snarling up muddying the waters making awkward making ashamed owning showing up furbelowing blustering wearing frilling abrading degrading disgracing belittling dishonoring taunting wearying draining taxing numbing besotting baiting jeering hanging up making someone fed up casting a gloom upon dragging damping beating down harshing someone's mellow running down getting down making gloomy darkening giving someone the blues hanging over making sad reducing to tears making desolate making despondent bringing tears to your eyes dampening spirits bearing down breaking someone's heart dashing hopes dulling keeping under taking the wind out making someone eat humble pie getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg putting to shame taking down despairing besieging barracking booing catching one short shouting down making a monkey of putting on the spot putting in a spot putting in a hole testing importuning knocking senseless hitting like a ton of bricks hectoring goading dunning hissing hazing fluttering hustling quickening gibing chivying dissing influencing conquering sweating out jibing at shouting at heckling inspiring shouting catcalls at butting in making game of striking grabbing touching overcoming galvanizing swaying reaching impacting overpowering telling on feeling admiration scoring cutting a figure slaying carrying enforcing making an impression on showing off making a hit galvanising leaving a mark on making an impression killing grandstanding registering making splash pushing around feeling respect electrifying thrilling enthusing having an impact on hindering upsetting the applecart

Động từ

Present participle for keep at bay
fending off averting avoiding deflecting discouraging fighting off holding off keeping away rebuffing rebutting rejecting repelling repulsing resisting spurning warding off keeping at bay beating off driving back holding at bay keeping at a distance keeping at arm's length keeping off parrying rebuking refusing snubbing staving off turning aside checking foiling driving away forcing back frustrating beating back thrusting back turning away turning back putting to flight seeing off sending packing holding back brushing off putting down defeating fighting back nixing overthrowing heave-hoing forcing away setting back throwing back fighting declining opposing confronting disowning preventing traversing dueling cooling dismissing duelling disputing kicking standing off cutting driving off casting aside turning down knocking down forcing off chasing away giving cold shoulder to standing up against blocking stopping defending against forestalling intercepting fencing countering curbing defending drawing away protecting against hindering delaying glancing obstructing rebounding glancing off sending away sidetracking redirecting giving someone the brush-off refusing admittance to giving the cold shoulder cold-shouldering halting precluding eluding shirking bypassing anticipating shunning putting up a fight controlling bottling up containing suppressing concealing repressing retaliating riposting replying restraining defending yourself thwarting bulwarking arresting forfending guarding dodging diverting escaping evading screening baulking fending keeping ducking covering warding balking heading off shielding against safeguarding against shielding yourself from pre-empting standing up for putting a stop to defending oneself against guarding against skirting round

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